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Megakat City was a vast land ruled by the strong and wise King Ulysses Feral and the kind and gentle Queen Callista. They ruled with wisdom beyond their years and were loved by all, except one. That one was known as The Pastmaster.

A great sorcerer in his own right, The Pastmaster sought to rule Megakat City and make Queen Callista his bride. However no matter what he tried nothing seemed to work. He was ready to give up when he heard news that gave him a cunning idea.

The queen had just given birth to a kitten and a grand celebration was going to be held at the palace that night. This was perfect. If he took her child and refused to give the kitten back unless Callista married him, she would have no choice but to accept his marriage proposal. It was brilliant.

That night while the queen was being congratulated, he snuck into the nursery which was guarded by Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, two of Feral's less experienced knights. He had wanted T-Bone and Razor, also known as the SWAT Kats his best and most trusted knights, standing outside his child's room, but when the queen argued about their brothers not getting enough responsibility he reluctantly agreed to allow them the duty.

It was a duty the two kats took very seriously. They allowed no one into the nursery except the king and queen. The rest of the time was spent keeping vigil outside. Despite their resolve and unwavering devotion in their task, they were unable to prevent The Pastmaster from entering by the use of a spell from The Tome of Time.

He stared down at the innocent kitten, its eyes closed as it mewed softly while it slept. The necklace around its neck shimmered in the moonlight. He carefully scooped it up and began making his escape. Quietly. Luck was not on his side, for as he was about to jump from the window the kitten awoke and let out an earsplitting wail. Chance and Jake rushed into the room only to see the child disappear out the window. They immediately informed the king who dispatched the SWAT Kats and Enforcers to retrieve his kitten.

The little gnome defeated the Enforcers in no time, but he couldn't escape the SWAT Kats. They cornered him at the edge of his castle and were about to attack when he recited a spell, causing a portal to appear next to him. They froze when he threatened to toss the young one into the swirling time vortex. At that moment the king and queen appeared.

He promised the Pastmaster no harm would come to him if he returned their child. That caused him to laugh and sneer. He dangled the child inches away from the glowing portal, causing the queen to cry out. Feral once again ordered the child be returned to him.

The undead sorcerer taunted him and said if he wanted the child so much to come and take it. He threw the child into the portal and was about to leap in after it when T-Bone tackled him to the ground. At that moment the portal closed and their child was lost…forever.