More Than Just Sisters (Ep. 1)


WARNING: Elsanna wincest ahoy!

Episode One: Can't Hold It Back Anymore

"Anna, we can't just do this! I-It's not right!" Elsa stuttered as she backed up against a wall. "There's so much at stake if everyone found out what we feel!"

The redhead walked closer to her, her blue eyes filled with an emotion that her older sister knew too well. "If they found out, Elsa. But we aren't going to let them find out... No one will discover this, even our servants. Not even Kristoff!"

The Queen's heart raced even faster. As much as it pains her to think about it, she too has the same feelings for her sister. But she had to keep those feelings concealed for Anna's safety. Her brain and heart were warring with each other, threatening to tear her apart. Anna went in closer to her, trapping her against the wall. The older wanted to push her away, even considering knocking some sense into her by force.

"Anna, don't you know what will happen if the people found out about us? About what we're doing?! Elsa warned, her fear betrayed by her quivering voice. The horrifiying images of bloody riots and the sisters' overthrow were already forming in her head. And that was just the least of her worries. Frost started to form on the wall as Elsa was starting to get consumed by fear.

Anna sensed her sister's panic, and she backed up slightly to give her space. She took her hands into hers to try and calm her down. "Elsa, please... I-I don't want to be alone again..."

"But we're sisters! Anna, for your safety- "

Tears started to form in her younger sister's eyes, and Elsa immediately regretted trying to convince her how wrong her feelings for her were. "It doesn't matter Elsa! You promised me that you were not going to leave me again! That you weren't going to shut me out anymore!" Anna sobbed.

"Please Elsa... Don't leave me alone again..."

Her sister's heartbreaking plea struck the right cord. "Anna..." the blonde whispered softly as she pulled her into an embrace. "I-I... I made a promise. And I intend to keep it." Elsa pulled her sister's face up so she can face her. Traces of a smile formed on her lips, and the blonde involuntarily returned the gesture.

The younger girl tenderly nuzzled her face into her sister's pale neck. "I love you Elsa..."

"Anna, I love you too bu-"

Anna placed her hands on the Queen's hips, drawing a soft gasp from her. She'd been never touched like this, and the way it felt nice was something Elsa could get addicted too. Elsa involuntarily rested her hands on the small of her back and pulled her in a bit more. Her brain was losing the war of morality, giving into the dark temptation. The Queen softly touched Anna's chin, and pulled her so she was looking at her.

Slowly, their faces came closer. Their eyes fluttered shut as their lips made contact for the first time. Anna's lips felt warm, hot almost, as Elsa's cool ones met hers. They delved deeper into the kiss, their cheeks turning scarlet by the second. The little voice in Elsa's head yelling at her about how wrong this was was silenced by lust.

Elsa was the first one to pull out of the kiss. Anna however, wanted, no, needed more. Without giving her sister a rest, the redhead crashed her lips onto Elsa's once again. The Queen's mind raced as her sister ran her hands all over her body, drawing more soft moans from the blonde. Her mind tried to shake Elsa out of her trance one last time.

This is wrong.

This is beyond immoral.

Anna's tongue forcing its way into her mouth silenced those doubts in Elsa for good. Her eyes widen from the sudden and surprising intrusion, before fluttering shut. A subdued moan escaped Elsa's throat. The sisters' tongues entwined together in a tango, battling for dominance in the heated kiss. Elsa's hands wander down to Anna's rear and squeezed them softly. Anna gasped, and Elsa took her chance.

She twisted them around so Anna was the one pinned against the wall. Her sister whimpered softly as Elsa took command of the kiss, pushing her tongue between Anna's lips. A deep red blush colored her cheeks. It felt good,very good to be able to kiss her like this. The fact that it was taboo added even more to the excitement.

Anna's eyes fluttered shut and she wrapped her arms around her older sister's neck. "Oh Elsa..."

The fire that was lit inside Elsa when her sister had kissed her burned even hotter. Hearing Anna moan like that made her drunk with lust. Elsa took her sister's skirt and lifted it up, exposing her smooth legs. Her cool hand felt very nice against her skin, wandering all over her thighs and calves. She wrapped her legs around her waist, and Elsa responded in kind. She droved her up the wall and kissed her with abandon, all the while feeling Anna up hungrily.

A warm feeling started building up between Anna's legs. Her skirt had hiked up all the way up to her waist. Her older sister's soft hands wandered down to her bottom, and the redhead sighed happily. Suddenly, Anna couldn't feel the wall against her back anymore. It took a second for her to realize that Elsa was carrying her.

Elsa sets Anna on her bed softly, getting on top of her sister and claiming her soft lips once more. The blonde was kissing her powerfully, vicious even. She was nipping her lips before subduing Anna's own tongue. Waves of heat started building up in Elsa, especially between her legs. For the first time, Elsa felt what it was like to be hot.

Abruptly, Elsa pulled out of the kiss. Anna whined softly at the loss and was about to complain when she suddenly felt a pair of hands on her breasts. The Queen's hands quickly untied her bodice, and Anna sat up to allow her sister to take it off of her. Elsa grabbed the hem of Anna's light blue blouse and paused for a moment. Anna nodded her head, and Elsa lifted the blouse off of her. The redhead's cheeks blushed deep red as her body was exposed to her.

"Beautiful..." Elsa whispered softly as she inspected her body. The blonde pushed her down again while she played with the redhead's petite breasts. She kissed her lower this time, nipping her neck teasingly. Anna shivered lightly under Elsa's cool body.

"Elsa... That feels so good... Don't stop, please..." Anna whimpered lightly. A predatory smile creeped into the blonde's lips. If this is how Anna reacts when she's touched, how will she act when they delve deeper into their desires?

The Queen kissed her way down to her breasts. She softly blew a cool breath on Anna's nipples. Anna's reaction was delicious; the redhead letting out a high pitched moan as her nipples hardened with desire. Smirking, Elsa leaned in and started to suck on her breasts.

A breathy moan escaped Anna's lips. "Ohhhh Elsa..." The redhead's hands went up to her sister's head to cradle her against her chest. The heat between her legs started burning hotter with every flick of Elsa's cold tongue and every pass of her cool breath. Her panties started getting wet.

There's no turning back now, Elsa thought as she placed her hands on Anna's skirt. She deftly removed the blue skirt off of her sister, taking her panties off as well. Now Anna was fully bared to her and was at her mercy. Without thinking, the blonde reached out and gently teased the entrance of her sister's most intimate place. Anna sucked in her breath, the chill of Elsa's finger only serving to feed the flames of desire.

"Elsa... Don't stop touching me... Please don't..." Anna said breathily.

"Who said I would? We're just beginning..."

The Queen gently slides her finger in her. The redhead bit her lip to stiffle a loud moan and her back arched in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back from the sensations. "E-Elsa..."

"Yes Anna?" the blonde asked huskily. She increased the speed of her fingering, and her sister moaned even more. She relished with sight of her sister enjoying the pleasure, the way her eyelids fluttered with every motion.

"Whatever you're doing... Don't stop it..." Anna's chest rose and fell with every breath, while her hips bucked with every motion of her sister's digit.

Elsa smiled wickedly. Something in her enjoyed the way Anna begged for her. Whatever it was, it was starting to hijack her mind. "That's right... Moan for me Anna..." she purred. She drove her fingers in her more, picking up the passion.

Anna couldn't think coherently as pleasure overwhelmed her. Elsa was playing her like an instrument and her moans and whimpers were her music. Suddenly, Elsa's finger rubbed her just the right way. "Fuck!" the redhead gasped. She never swore in her life before.

Lips came crashing down upon hers, silencing the redhead. However, Elsa didn't stop touching that area. In fact, she started fingering her like there was no tomorrow. The younger girl screams into the kiss as she was sent over the edge. The best feeling she had ever felt overwhelmed her body and stars exploded in her vision. Had it not been for Elsa's kiss, there would have been no doubt they would have been caught.

It seemed like an eternity before Anna recovered from her orgasm. When her senses refocused, she noticed Elsa was nibbling her neck softly. "You're so beautiful Anna..." Elsa purred.

"I'm so sorry Elsa..." Anna suddenly whispered, shaking her head furiously. Elsa tilted her head in confusion. What is her sister sorry about?

"Elsa, I'm so sorry I was so loud! If you didn't shut me up, we could have been cau-"

Elsa's lips silenced her again, cutting her sister off midsentence. She was kissing her more lovingly this time however, unlike the way she was dominating her earlier. "Shhh... Don't be sorry Anna. Besides, I like the way you moan..."

Anna smiled at her and pulled Elsa up for a kiss. The heat inside her was satisfied for now, but Anna has a feeling it would return with a vengeance later. Her hands wander down her sister's body, feeling up her elegant form.

"It's my turn, Anna," Elsa whispered when she pulled out of the kiss. Anna smiled at her, eager to pleasure her sister.

The Queen gently twisted them around so Anna was on top of her. The redhead did the same thing her sister did to her earlier, feeling her up through her ice gown. A low moan slips past Elsa's lips.

Hearing her sister moan like that was like a drug for Anna. She played with her hair gently while embracing her. She didn't care about her sister's perpetually colder body. Her arousal for her kept her warm.

Elsa's own pale hands were running over her sister's nude back. Oh God, she's warm. Her sister's name escapes her lips in a breathy moan, softly encouraging Anna to continue what she was doing and more.

Alien heat coursed through her body, going faster with every touch of Anna's warm hands. She felt a tugging on her gown and Elsa pulled out of the kiss. "Need a hand, Anna?"

With a wave of her hand, the ice gown melted into snowflakes before disappearing completely. Anna had always been slightly jealous of her sister's regal body, of her pale skin, and her blonde hair. But seeing her like this, seeing each other the way only lovers do, was different. It fed her lust for her even more. "Oh Elsa, your body is so beautiful..."

The Queen smirked at her and lied back against the bed, arching her back. Anna's hands gently reached out to touch her breasts. Elsa groans softly, placing her hands on top of hers. Another soft squeeze of Anna's hands fed the growing flame between her legs.

"Your hands feel so good Anna..."

The younger girl leaned her head down and starts kissing her breasts softly. Elsa sucks her breath in and arched her back, giving Anna more of her breasts. The way the redhead worked her hard nub with her mouth was driving her crazy, fanning the fire even more. Fractals of ice started forming on the ceiling, the characteristic sound of it expanding accompanying it.

Sweat started to drip down Elsa's face. "A-Anna. Kiss me lower... Please..." As if they had a mind of their own, her legs spread themselves wide, opening up her most intimate parts for her sister.

More than happy to fulfill her sister's plea, the redhead started peppering her sister's body with soft kisses. She felt a pair of hands playing with her auburn hair, gently twirling braids in encouragement. The scent of Elsa's arousal drew her in between the Queen's legs. She planted a kiss right at her center, her lips lightly touching the slick, wet folds.

Elsa's eyes widened and a soft cry slipped from her mouth when she felt Anna's tongue start stroking her folds. The erotic novels she had secretly enjoyed reading had described how good it felt, but to experience it first hand was very different. She hooked her legs over her sister's shoulders and her hips bucked up to Anna's hot tongue.

As the redhead started to lick and stroke her with more fervor, Elsa found herself clawing at the bedsheets under her. Her azure eyes fluttered with every lap of her sisters tongue. The ice on the ceiling started forming even more elaborate patterns and grew even thicker.

"Ohhh Anna... K-keep going..." Elsa moaned as she arched her back. She bit her lip to stop a sharp cry when Anna licked her clit passionately.

The blaze in her body grew to uncontrollable levels. Her heart was beating uncontrollably, almost threatening to burst out of her chest. The Queen's hips bucked up to Anna's tongue, driven by desire and pleasure. "Ohh fuck... Anna!"

The way her sister swore and screamed her name was too much for Anna. She started eating her out like there's no tomorrow, probing her tongue into her before lashing her clit in vicious strokes. It was too much for the Snow Queen to handle. Elsa shutted her eyes tightly as ecstasy ripped through her. Her silent scream was accompanied by a blast of cold and snow throughout the room.

After a few minutes of bliss and silence, Elsa finally recovered from her high. Her eyes open and she noticed that the ice on the ceiling captured the moment she was in the throes of pleasure. She was mesmerized by how detailed the engraved scene was, when suddenly, a voice spoke between her legs. She looked down and saw Anna shivering and she had snow on her hair.

"E-E-Elsa? I-It's fre-e-ezing here!" the redhead said between chattering teeth.

The Queen blushed and willed all the snow and ice in her room away. She took a blanket and wrapped Anna in it before pulling her into her arms. Her sister cuddled up to her, finding comfort in her loving arms. They stayed there in that position for a few moments.

"Elsa?" Anna asked, breaking the silence. Her sister kissed her forehead once before turning her to face her.


"What does this mean for us?"

A smile appeared on the Queen's lips. "Well it means we're more than just sisters now."