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-October 31, 1981-

Two figures watched a young Lily Potter with her son. "This is weird."

"Oh shush you were a very cute baby," the young brunette woman said. "I wonder what our own will look like."

"No way of knowing, now," the dark-haired man said. "We have to tell her."

"I know. Do you think she'll believe us?"

"I am her son after all," he pointed out.

"She's on the run from a vicious dark lord you dolt. Everyone is an enemy. Now let's go before we waste any more time."

As he usually did he followed his wife. And so a seventeen year old Harry Potter and an eighteen year old Hermione Potter walked up to a twenty-one year old Lily Potter and a one year old Harry Potter. "Mrs. Lily Potter?" Hermione kept her voice kind and soft. No use frightening the life out of her mother-in-law. "Mrs. Potter I'm Hermione Potter and this is your son Harry. We're from the future."

Lily Potter was a witch. And she knew time travel was possible, across short periods of time. The fact that a young man claiming to be her son from the future was in fact standing in front of her made her highly suspicious. "It's not possible to go as far back in time as you claim."

"It is when you're married to the smartest witch of her age and determined like no other. You know about time turners?" Lily nodded and Harry continued, "We built our own. I'm just glad Hermione was so good at Runes and Arithmancy. I'd have been clueless. Listen, Mum, we don't have much time and I really, really need to tell you some things."

Hermione squeezed her husband's hand, "Tonight this house, you, your husband, and Harry are going to be visited by Voldemort. He is going to find out about the fidelius charm from your secret keeper, Peter Pettigrew, who is going to bring him here."

"Peter betrays you and you and dad are killed," Harry said, "I'm left with this scar," he showed it to her, "but after you sacrifice your life for mine Voldemort somehow dies. We're not sure how, to be honest. But he's not really dead. He'll come back. Then Dumbledore shows up and makes Hagrid take me to the Dursleys. He wouldn't let Sirius have me, the result of which is Sirius goes after Peter and winds up in Azkaban when the filthy rat frames him for murder. Sirius doesn't even get a trial," Harry swallowed hard. Hermione rubbed his shoulder and he gave her a small smile.

Lily still doubted their story but she could believe that they were a couple. And they meant her no harm. She let Hermione continue, "Harry was then subjected to abuse for the next ten years courtesy of your sister and her bigoted pig of a husband. Your nephew is no better and participates in a sport called 'Harry Hunting' in which he and his friends chase Harry through the neighborhood and then pummel him. On top of that if he performed any accidental magic he'd be locked in the cupboard under the stairs where he was forced to sleep. He was forced to cook and clean for the Dursleys though they fed him table scraps like a dog and told him that his parents were no-good drunks who died in a car crash. He never even saw a picture of you growing up."

Lily's eyes started to water as Harry picked up where his now very angry wife ended after pulling her into his arms, "I didn't know about magic until I was 11 and wore my cousin Dudley's hand me downs. They were way too big for me because he was the size of a baby whale and they never gave me birthday presents or Christmas presents. I didn't know my name until I was five. I didn't know the date of my birthday until I was seven."

"When he entered the magical world he became a pawn for Dumbledore. Dumbledore who knew about the abuse, Dumbledore who let it happen. Dumbledore who set Harry up to die. The bastard then made every year a 'test' for Harry to overcome. He faced Voldemort again in our first year at Hogwarts but Dumbledore refused to tell him why. He said he wanted Harry to have a 'normal childhood'."

"Everyone that was close to me because they loved me died, except for Hermione. Meanwhile Dumbledore kept the Weasleys near me to 'keep me humble'. They would start fights with Hermione and try to keep us apart."

"Harry was given a love potion to get him to stay with the Weasleys and their youngest daughter, who was in love with the 'Boy-Who-Lived' myth. I figured it out and made him a neutralizing potion. A strong one so he couldn't be dosed again."

Harry smiled at his wife and kissed her on the forehead, "We realized that we couldn't trust anyone but each other. Dumbledore kept trying to keep me from Hermione but she wouldn't let him get away with it. We got married on my sixteenth birthday, sneaking away to Gretna Green on Sirius' motorcycle. He left it to me when he died," Harry felt Hermione's arms tighten around him. "Dumbledore was raising me to die. He never helped me train."

Hermione took a calming breath, "Harry, it's okay. If we can change this then it won't happen again."

"But I could lose you," he whispered. "I didn't think about that before but I can't lose you Hermione."

"Do you think I didn't think of that already? Dumbledore and Voldemort haven't been able to keep me from you, my love, a little thing like time won't have a chance."

He looked at her with a look that Lily recognized as lust and admiration. Harry leaned in and kissed her, "I love you," he whispered. "You're brilliant."

Lily wiped her eyes before speaking, "Say I believe you. How do we avoid that future?"

"You are going to come with us and we're going to get you to my parents' house," Hermione explained. "Do you have a mirror to contact James?" Lily nodded and Hermione continued, "Good, that will be useful."

"Are there things in the house you want to keep? I'll pack them for you," Harry offered. Lily sent him to the safe and he kissed Hermione before leaving the room.

"My sister didn't raise him well at all, did she? He should be taller."

"He didn't tell me about the abuse until it was too late to give him the potion that fixed the malnourishment," Hermione looked at baby Harry, who was asleep in his mother's arms. "I would do anything for him and he would do the same for me. The thought that going through all this might end up with us not being a couple terrifies him. I'm the only one who hasn't wanted something more out of him than just being Harry."

The love for Harry emanating from this young woman was very visible. "My poor Harry," Lily looked down at her son, "what happens when Voldemort doesn't kill us?"

Hermione sighed, "Harry and I are going to be here tonight. We've both been training. We know about Voldemort's horcruxes and after we came back in time we destroyed them all. This isn't our first trip back in time. We know how to change the future without severe problems like seeing ourselves. The first time Harry thought he was his dad," she smiled at the memory of that night, "Voldemort will never see us. Harry and I have created the magical equivalent of a bomb. We're going to put them in the house and then once he enters we'll blow it up."

"What will happen after that?"

Hermione pulled out a book and enlarged it, "Harry and I will be entering our younger selves. We'll still be Harry and Hermione, but we'll have all the memories from the last timeline. I brought this for you to see."

She glanced at the passage Hermione had highlighted before looking up at her, "You're stalling the merge with your younger selves."

"We are," Hermione nodded, "It's not easy but we have runic bracelets that are doing it. It won't harm our younger selves. I couldn't not come back and give him the chance of a real childhood. If doing this meant that Harry and I weren't a couple I would still do it. But Harry would never consider that as an option and I knew that so I came up with this. The future we came back from was horrid." Lily looked at her for a long moment, "I know this will be weird. I have a letter to my parents that tells them things only I would know. Personally I'm not looking forward to being two again but maybe this time Harry and I can have a relatively normal life. You know, normal for wizards and witches."

Lily chuckled at that. She understood that feeling. "Dumbledore knew about Peter didn't he?"

"Severus Snape told Voldemort about the prophecy. After discussing it Harry and I are certain Dumbledore knew and did everything he could to set the prophecy in motion. He wanted Voldemort to know about it, he wanted Harry unloved and downtrodden. He knew nothing of you and I think if he knew his parents were good people and he didn't deserve to be treated so poorly he would have walked out into traffic," Hermione closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "To answer your question succinctly, yes Dumbledore knew. He did nothing to give Sirius a trial and everything to see him kissed. It was my quick thinking that saved his life."

Lily shook her head, "He wanted my baby boy to become his weapon. He'll be lucky if I don't kill him."

Hermione smiled. Sirius had once said Lily was a spitfire. He'd even compared Hermione to her when it came to protecting a certain Harry Potter. She liked seeing that for herself. Her mother-in-law was a formidable witch in her own right. Harry returned with the things Lily had asked for, "Well I have all the things you indicated. I put them in this mokeskin bag."

"Should we tell James about all this?"

"No not yet," Lily shook her head, "he'll need more proof. He's very suspicious of everything these days."

"Unfortunately not of the right people," Harry sighed, kissing his wife as he helped her up, "We can take you directly to the Granger home."

"Maybe you can explain to them about being a witch? Like my mother-in-law, I'm Muggleborn."

Lily smiled and nodded. She put together Harry's diaper bag while the couple talked quietly. "Have a nice chat with my mum?"

"She wants to string Dumbledore up by his ankles."

"Ah so you get along nicely," Harry grinned.

She rolled her eyes and smacked him on the back of the head before kissing him, "When we merge things are going to be weird, Harry."

"I know but we can't go forward in time to a different time so what other choice do we have?"

Hermione shook her head, "My concern is Hogwarts. We'll know so much, Harry. School will be very boring for us."

He nodded. That was true. "To be fair, you knew it all before anyway." She blushed and Harry tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, "We'll figure it out Hermione. This time we'll have four parents looking out for us, nothing more. My first kiss, first date, it'll all be with the right girl. I'm looking forward to that."

"To us it won't be a first kiss or first date." Harry kissed her, "Okay I get your point. To everyone else it will be. I just don't know if I can sleep alone again. We've been sharing a bed for two years."

"That will be hard," Harry admitted. "Here's hoping our parents get along and yours accept you being a witch."

"They did last time," she stood up and pulled him up with her, kissing him again, "I love you."

"I love you," he smiled, hugging her. "You know we'll make it, Hermione. We always do. There will never be anyone I love like I love you. I think we'll be childhood sweethearts and it will surprise no one when we marry at the age of seventeen with your dad able to walk you down the aisle this time."

Hermione smiled. That sounded much better than running off to get married and lying to her parents to protect them. She nodded and savored the closeness. They wouldn't get to enjoy this in the same way for a long time. "Harry I swear as soon as we're able…"

"No arguments from me," he promised. The couple took Lily's bags from her and they all Disapparated.

The Granger house was impressive. Harry had actually never been there before, but he was glad to know that Hermione's family clearly had a bit of money. Maybe not as much as the Potters but they looked quite comfortable. With Harry and Hermione wearing glamours to mask their true selves they knocked on the door. Hermione didn't trust herself to speak first so Harry handed over the letter, "I have this from someone you know very well," Harry said. "This is Mrs. Potter. May we come in please? I swear we'll explain everything."

Emma Granger read the note while a much older Harry and Hermione watched a much younger Harry and Hermione smile at one another. "I think it was there from the start," he told his wife. "Without all the meddling I would have asked you to be my girlfriend much sooner."

"You wonderfully stupid dolt," Hermione affectionately ran a hand through his hair, "we both know that I asked you out."

"Well I bet 5 galleons that I ask you out this time."

"Harry we're technically right over there playing with those blocks. Neither of us has five galleons."

"Time travel gets so confusing," he muttered. "I still say it'll be me that asks you out."

"Keep dreaming handsome," Hermione teased before going to see her mother and removing her glamour once she was out of the room, "Mum, I swear you're not seeing things. You know all those things I've done when I get emotional? It's because I'm a witch."

Harry, meanwhile, watched as his mother played with Harry and Hermione. He didn't think Hermione's conversation was easy or simple at all. But they'd agreed that only Hermione was to talk to her. Well, and Lily. Harry looked through the beaded purse she'd left with him. The bombs were ready. He looked at Lily, "Contact James now, tell him not to go back to the house and that you're safe. I'm sure you have some kind of code word. Make sure he tells no one."

"I will," Lily looked at him, "Despite all that happened to you, you turned out well."

"My wife wouldn't let me turn out any other way," Harry smiled. "If after we're done, though, we aren't a couple anymore…" he shook his head, "Then this wouldn't be worth it. She's my everything."

"If these two are any indication you're going to be fine. Won't you have all your memories?"

"If everything goes according to plan. That doesn't typically work out for me."

Emma looked at the ring on Hermione's finger. "You're married?"

"To Harry, the little boy in that room who's currently playing with the blocks with me," Hermione nodded. "You and Daddy knew we wanted to get married, and gave permission for us to get engaged. We ran off to Gretna Green without telling you because we wanted to protect you. I had to wipe your minds of all knowledge of Harry to protect you," she wiped a few tears away, "I love my Harry. We've always been by one another's side." She took a deep breath, "Tonight we'll kill the man who's hunting Harry. He'll be really, truly dead. Then Harry and I will enter our younger forms. If all goes according to plan, we'll remember everything. But if we're wrong, if we don't," Hermione shuddered at the thought, "If we don't, Harry and I each have a letter to our younger selves we want you to give us on Harry's seventh birthday." She handed her two letters. "I know this is a great deal to take in. Lily, Harry's mum, she knows everything. We thought we'd leave you two to get settled and talk while we leave to prepare for tonight. By now hopefully Lily has contacted James. Once he's definitely not returning to their house Harry and I can destroy Voldemort."

Emma had no choice but to believe the woman claiming to be her daughter. She knew everything about them and about Hermione's 'accidents' ranging from her picture books flying into her hands to the house shaking when she was angry. The assurance that it was magic and there was nothing wrong with her was far better than the thought she had some obscure illness. "And Lily's like you, born to parents who aren't magical?"

"Yes," Hermione nodded, relieved her mother seemed to be buying this. "Please insist-no, demand- that the Potters stay here tonight. Don't let them leave. With you and Lily wanting them to stay, plus the adorable young Harry and Hermione being close, James and Daddy can't refuse."

"If anything goes wrong will the Hermione that is playing with baby Harry be hurt?"

"No but if anything does go wrong then you have to promise to give those letters to us. You can read them if you want, we want no secrets between us. Me being a witch doesn't change the fact that I'm your daughter and you're my mother."

Harry and Hermione left after Harry promised to take care of Hermione to her mother. They were careful to avoid using names where the miniature Harry and Hermione could hear. Emma looked at Lily, who was watching the children play together, "She said you were a witch, that my Hermione is a witch too."

"She is," Lily nodded. "And I daresay their fears are unfounded." Emma smiled as she watched the two toddlers sitting almost on top of one another, playing together as Hermione talked to him. "Your Hermione is quite bright for a two year old."

"Dan and I are convinced her intelligence is on the high side of the scale. She's too young to test of course, but I've never met a two year old quite like her."

"So this little one," Lily indicated two year old Hermione, "says you're dentists." Emma nodded and they began an afternoon of getting to know the future mother-in-law of their child.

Harry and Hermione, the adult version, placed the bombs around the house. "This is a highly potent gaseous potion. Nothing in here will be able to be taken. We'll have to destroy the house."

"Mum took everything of sentimental value. Everything else can be replaced," Harry shrugged. "How about one last shag?"

"Let there never be any doubt that you're my husband," she laughed, pulling him to her for a kiss, "We have one last thing to do, Harry."

He pouted, "But I really, really am not looking forward to being unable to until I'm 12. That was when I first…well you know."

"You can bluntly ask me to shag but you can't talk to me about your first erection or wet dream?" A blushing Harry shook his head. His wife rolled her eyes and kissed him, "I love you Harry James Potter. Even if you're a pervert one moment and unbelievably shy the next."

He gave her a smile before frowning, "Wait, we've destroyed the horcruxes, set the bombs, and given your mum the letters we wrote to one another. What more is there to do?"

"Make sure we don't forget our love for one another," she answered, pulling him to the guest bedroom. Harry smiled. He might have a dirty mind but his wife's was downright filthy. Harry didn't understand how anyone could complain about a girl reading so much when that knowledge could be used for such amazingly pleasurable experiences (this of course in addition to her getting him out of dangerous situations time and time again). Her dirty little secret was her collection of smut books. Harry had been surprised that Hermione read them but after his first blowjob he decided he would never, ever, ever complain about her thirst for reading or try to embarrass her over them.

James Potter arrived at the Granger home very confused. "Lily we should go home."

"No one knows we're here and Emma's little girl Hermione is a witch. Besides she and Harry are very close," both mothers had quickly thought of what to say to their husbands to get their immediate agreement. "They're down for a nap right now and refused to be parted. Emma was telling me about Hermione's magical outbursts. She's invited us to stay for the night."

"Lils he's after us!"

"James Potter are you telling me that you told people where we are?"

"No of course not."

"So no one other than those of us in this room, and Emma's husband Dan when he comes home, knows that we're here. Can you think of a better place to hide than in plain sight?"

"My Hermione is happy to have a playmate in your very handsome little boy. I might be worried about her stealing his heart though," Emma fought a grin at the last statement. She caught Lily's eye and the redhead winked at her. For now it was an inside joke. They weren't sure about telling James and Dan. Both were hardheaded. If, or rather when, the adult Harry & Hermione arrived they could figure it out themselves. They certainly had planned well thus far.

Harry kissed his wife's bare shoulder, "You're a vision in perfection."

"I love you too Harry," she turned and snuggled against him, "I'll miss this just as badly as you my love, I promise."

"One last shower together," Harry said, sitting up in the bed, "come on love." Hermione really hoped this worked. She at first wasn't sure if it would be worse to be trapped in a toddler's body with memories of sex with her husband or to wake not knowing Harry. The latter scared her more. The rest would come in time. Besides there were other things they could do before full intercourse. They'd have to wait a decade but so long as she could still be in Harry's arms she could wait.

No one had ever tried what she and Harry were doing before (and if they had they'd never written about it), so it was up in the air what would happen when they did merge. They made sure the house appeared occupied and then snuck out the back just as Voldemort arrived. They felt his anti-portkey and anti-apparition wards go up. "What do you want to bet the floo is blocked too?"

"Again, not betting."

"Oh come on."

"Fine if you ask me out first then I'll go flying with you anytime you want."

"And if you ask me out first?"

"My entire library of dirty books? I want a replacement set and I want it in a library trunk."

"Yes dear." They watched as Pettigrew and Voldemort looked around. Hermione easily sealed the house so that they couldn't escape and then they moved away, Harry casting the spell to detonate the potion bombs. The inside of the house flashed and he and Hermione put on gas masks before entering. A dead Peter Pettigrew and Voldemort were collapsed on the floor. "Fiendfyre?"

"Once we're out of the way. The containment spells will make sure it burns everything and then dies out. We've got both wands for proof and we'll drain their memories."

"We should thank Snape for that idea," Harry cast the spells and they bottled them all. "Time for some fire then. You have the wands?" Hermione showed them to him and he smiled, kissing her before they left, watching the fire consume the house, disillusioned.

The fire died out and she looked at him. "We have to go. The bracelets will soon break."

"They gave us a good run," he said, wrapping his arms around her and silently Apparating.

When they returned to the Granger household they put on their glamours again before entering. "Lily?" Hermione called.

Emma and Lily entered the kitchen, "Did you do it?"

"It's over," Harry smiled. "The house is destroyed but so is the dark lord. He won't ever bother anyone again. The body isn't even ash anymore."

"You'll want to call Sirius and Remus, tell them you're safe. We have a feeling that Dumbledore is going to make some pretty big mistakes in the next few hours."

"Snape is going to be furious but we left Director Crouch some interesting memories about Snape."

"Snape's own memories," Hermione added, "He made Harry watch him send Voldemort to your house. Bastard had no clue what we could do with it."

Harry slid his arms around his wife, "Are our dads here?"

"We haven't told them anything."

Harry looked at Hermione, engaging in a silent conversation before speaking, "We'll tell them. Are our younger selves out of the room?"

"Yes they're asleep."

"Probably because our time is disappearing," Hermione sighed, "I'm going to miss this."

"Me too my love," Harry kissed her forehead, "I am really going to hate sleeping alone."

"Let's get this over with Harry. We have just over an hour left by my calculations."

Sure enough, both dads were enraged. Harry and Hermione both removed their glamours and then they shut up. It was hard to argue when James with Lily's eyes, nose, and lips stood in front of James Potter. "You're really…"

"My future if you'd been at home tonight was only pleasant in that I met Hermione and we fell in love beginning ten years from now. Sirius would have been in prison. Now I know you have questions but we have to give you a brief summary or we risk losing our souls. Really rather not do that."

In twenty minutes they'd given them enough details to put everything together and told them what had happened that day. Every detail that could matter. "Contact Sirius and Remus, tell them you're safe. Hermione and I really have to get into those bodies because we can't retain this form any longer."

Emma and Lily led them upstairs, the teens entering and gazing at the toddlers snuggling, "Harry I think we were worried for nothing."

"I think you're right, brilliant wife of mine."

"Only wife of yours you arse."

"Hey hey no swearing in front of…"

"Us?" Harry shut his mouth. There was some snickering from their parents which they both pointedly ignored.

Harry leaned in and kissed her, "Fair warning folks. We haven't slept apart since I was 15. That's two years of snuggling and lovemaking."

"We're going to drive you crazy the first time you try to separate us."

Harry gazed into his wife's eyes, "My Hermione," he whispered.

"My Harry," she hugged him tightly, fighting against the tears that threatened to emerge. They removed their bracelets, becoming translucent, and kissed one last time before entering their younger bodies.