Chapter .3.

Bella's POV

"My Aro", I say pulling away from his kiss

"My Isabella. How?" Aro asks

"Let's go to your study. I will explain there. Of what I have now learned", I say, "Coming brothers?"

Caius gets down first and hugs me.

"Welcome back Isabella", Caius says

Marcus is next.

"Welcome back your bonds are as strong as ever", Marcus says hugging me

"Why don't you two get Athenodora and Didyme? I want to see my sisters", I say

"We will go and get them", Marcus says leaving with Caius

Aro and I hold hands and go to his study I marvel at how the Castle hasn't changed much in all the time I have been gone.

"My love where have you been all this time", Aro asks kissing my neck

"Wait to the others arrive it is a now long story", I say kissing him

We were making out when squeals come from the door. I pull away from Aro and turn towards my siblings Didyme and Athenodora

"Did, Dora!" I say as they rush to hug me

"Isa where have you been?" Didyme asks hugging me tightly

"Never go away again", Athenodora says also hugging me tightly

"Never this is my home with my, mate, siblings and kingdom", I say smiling

Aro pulls me back down to his lap. Caius takes Athenodora into his lap and Marcus takes Didyme into his lap.

"Tell me your story first my love. I need to figure a few facts out before telling mine", I say

"When the Romanian's evaded they killed lots of the guard I saw you perish in fire and felt our bond snap", Aro says looking sad and distant

I put my hand to his face.

"I am right here and I am not going anywhere again", I say

Aro kisses me.

"I screamed your name. I wanted to kill myself but Marcus and Caius didn't let me. They said you would have wanted me to carry on", Aro says

"And I would have. Thank you Marcus, Caius", I say to my brothers

"Anything for you Isabella", Marcus says

"My life ended then. I put on a mask to make people think I am happy. At night I would excuse myself to my room and sob with a picture of you are me. I won't lie I lived recklessly for a time hoping someone might kill me so I can be with you", Aro says

I kiss him remaindering him I was here.

"Then Caius would bring these women to me hoping to find another mate for me…", Aro says

I growl at Caius, "He is mine"

Caius puts his hands up, "In all defence I thought you were dead. I was trying to make my brother happy again"

"Was anyone interested or were you interested?" I ask softly

"Never. There is this one woman vampire who has become a stalker. Her name is Sulpicia. She really wants to marry me. But I said no. She comes nearly every week to offer herself to me. But I have stayed true to you my one and only Queen and love", Aro says nuzzling my neck

"Well when she comes again I would like a little chat with her", I say determined

"Are you going to kill her?" Didyme asks

"If she doesn't leave Aro alone I just might. I have become a fighter over the years", I say

"Please Isabella tell us your story", Aro says, "Please my love, my queen, tell us"

I sigh, "It starts in the year 1004…"

Aro's POV

Isabella sighs and starts, "It starts in the year 1004"

"But that was a year before the evasion", Marcus says

"I know. I had been receiving threats. I never took them seriously. But I guess I should have", Isabella says with a sigh

"Do you still have the threats?" Caius asks

Isabella nods and closes her eyes and a jewelled box and an ordinary box appear in her hands. She hands me the ordinary box.

"Those hold the death threats in order of when I got them. Only ready the one I say. Read the only from year 1004", Isabella says

I open the box to find at least 50 letters in here maybe even 100. All in different types of paper and condition showing their age. I pick up the one that says year 1004.

"Read it out loud", Isabella says

Come over to our side and your mate won't be killed come to our side and YOU won't be killed

I growl.

"Next one", Isabella says casually

I pick up the next one.

I warned you now all you love will perish in fire. Prepare to lose your heart and those you hold dear.

"In that one he was talking about the lot of you. It wasn't signed. Neither was. So I didn't know who sent them to the evasion. I thought the Romanian's killing dozens. When two powerful newborns grabbed me. I saw you get killed by fire. Now I know it was an illusion on both our sides to think the other dead. It broke my heart to see you ripped apart and burned", Isabella says a venom tear in her eye

I wipe it away and hold her tight. I never thought she would think me dead too.

"After the battle the Romanian's took me too their camp. I was broken heart and body. They kept me prisoner there for 500 years…", Isabella says

We all growl.

"What did they do to you?" I growl

"I will show you", Isabella says getting off my lap and dropping her clothes

All over her were bite marks. And scars from where flesh had been bitten away and healed. There was also whip makes.

"The whip make are made out of Werewolf. The one thing that can harm us", Isabella says

I touch those scars and growl. They hurt my mate they will may with their lives. I will find them and torture them like they did her.

"Somehow I got the will to escape. I left one night when a weak newborn was on guard. He was new and didn't know he needed to watch me closely. I was weak they had starved me from blood. But I used my powers to get out. I went to the nearest village and I couldn't help myself I slaughtered the whole town in bloodlust. I hadn't had blood in over 500 years. I regrated it later. All those pull innocent souls that died children, women, men I killed them all", Isabella says realising another tear

I kiss it away
"You couldn't help it", I say nuzzling her neck

"I made a vow that day to only drink from the evil doers. The murders, rapists, child molesters or the sick who wanted to died peacefully. That's what I have done for the years I have escaped. But the Romanian's knew where I was. They sent me threats. They are in that box too. They always threatened to kill Marcus and Caius but I knew they could handle themselves. I couldn't go back to Volterra it was too painful for me to think about Volterra even more you", Isabella says

"We understand", Caius says softly

"After all mated pairs can't live without the other", Marcus says

"And we did. So that should have been the clue we were alive", I realise

Isabella frowns, "It makes sense. I thought I was just living on in your memory. I travelled the world seeing what changes had been made and remembered everything I wanted to do with you. I cried in Paris and other cities you wanted to take me"

"I will take you now. Anywhere you want my love. Anywhere", I say kissing her

"I just want to stay here for now. I have missed you so much", Isabella says kissing me

"So what happened with you and that Cullen?" Marcus asks

"Well I finally decided to go to school again. You know see what it was like now. I changed my appearance and made myself human. I tricked a human to become my father. I gave the human memories of me as a baby and the town itself. So everyone thought I was the long lost daughter of Charlie Swan. I started Forks High and I meet the Cullen's. They didn't know who I was but I knew their eyes and what they were. Edward nearly killed me on my first day because I smelled to good. Over time he saved my life. At least he thought he was. I was never in any danger. I had trained hard in my powers and to fight so I would never go back to being the Romanian slave again. Soon they told me what they were. Well I said I knew. They told me they hunted animals", Isabella says

"Did you hunt animals while you were there?" Athenodora asks

"No I didn't I went to cities to hunt. Like I said I would go for the criminals. That reminds me. My love I want everyone to start taking the blood of criminals not innocence's. You can make deals with the prisons. Or get donated blood. But I won't be killing an innocent again after I slaughtered that town", Isabella says firmly

"We will do it that way. Marcus can you sort it out with Heidi?" I ask anything to please my mate

"I will. I'll do it after Isabella's story", Marcus says

"And way the Cullen's held a birthday party on the fake day I was born. I spilt blood on the floor and Jasper lunged at me and Edward knocked me into a take of glass. Since I was playing human I bleed. Carlisle stitched me up and I sure the painting of all of us. It took everything I could not to cry. I remembered that day so well. Anyway Edward left me three days later in the forest. Saying he never loved me, I was a distraction and more things. Then he disappeared. The Romanian's came and laughed at how loveless I was. I nearly destroyed them but they got away. Scared by a black wolf. The black wolf turned into a man named Sam Uley. He was part of the Quileute Shape-Shifters that turned into wolves to protect their tribe from vampires. He had seen I was a vampire and told me never to step foot on the reservation or they would kill me. But months later I saved them from a vampire named Laurent. They trusted me after that. I am the one exception onto the reservation. And as long as I take blood of criminals they ignored my blood preference. Then Alice had the stupid vision that lead me here. I didn't know why I show save Edward. But something was calling me back to Volterra. So I followed my gut and here I am", Isabella finishes her tale

"I will show Edward Cullen how to treat a woman", I growl

Isabella kisses me, "I thought about you the whole time. To me you were always with me. I had a few things that I had on my in the fight and they survived after all these years"

"What is that jewelled box?" Didyme asks

"My most precious possessions. The ones that survived the battle", Isabella says opening the box and showing us worn photos and sketches and painting. And rings that I gave her.

I pick up the engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring and turn to Isabella.

"Isabella will you do me the honour of being my wife and my queen again?" I ask in Greek

"I will my love. I will", Isabella says kissing me

I place all three rings on her finger and kissed her hand. And pulled her to me tightly. Now I had her back she wasn't going anywhere without me. I didn't even notice Caius, Marcus, Athenodora, and Didyme leaving. As Isabella and I kissed I pulled her down. In the first time in centaury's I was whole again and I could feel Isabella was whole again too. She screamed my name loudly as I did hers. Finally we were one again…

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