A Castle For Two

Better Summary (at least I hope): Elsa becomes the queen forced into the daunting and mundane royal duties. After a rough day Anna suggests a trip to her Ice Palace for some fun. Harboring secrets feeling for her younger makes her hesitant, but she agrees. Upon the snow the two confess their feelings for the others. However, love is one thing, but rekindling a long lost sisterly bond based on trust is completely different. For Elsa suffers from nightmares choosing to hide them from Anna. Can the two loving sister have their kingdom of love and trust, or it will crumble from lies and fear.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, and is told in Elsa's POV.

I entered my chambers after another rough day of counseling the kingdom. Even after proving to them I am no longer a frozen monster of ice and snow the people still seemed to shiver with fright at the sight of me. I landed face first upon my bed and onto the royal blue sheets. Too tired from the day to move hardly I blindly removed my crown to place it onto the night stand. Something warm grazed my fingers and I sat up quickly to see that it was only my younger sister Anna. Her face was alight with her dazzling infectious smile. I couldn't stop from smiling myself. Her red hair removed from its tie back fell like waves over her shoulders. I blushed as I imagined running my fingers through it. Anna must have seen this and I started to become quite nervous of what she exactly might think of my hidden desires. "Oh, Elsa you look absolutely exhausted. I think tomorrow you should skip on the royal duties."

Relief flooded through me, then once I had time to process her words an icy spike went through my blood. I had spent months regaining the trust of these fickle people after my accident, and if any of them sound out that the queen decided to drop everything for a quiet day with her dear, and loving sister could cause some trouble. I began to protest, "Anna, I don't think it would-"

She interrupted me placing a finger upon my lips. "Just for one day," she pleaded.

If it was not for my title as queen I would gladly leap over the moon for my sister. She stuck her lip out in a pout and gave me those sweet, innocent, and manipulative teal eyes. The blush got deeper, and my heart skipped a beat. Biting my lip I answered, "Okay."

She bent down, giving me a quick hug, and brushed her lips against my cheek.

As she walked away she listed everything we were going to do. "This will be great Elsa, we can have snowball fight, go ice skating, make snow angel-" she had faded out the door at that moment.

I brought a hand up to my cheek still able to feel the warmth from where her lips touched. I fell back to the soft sheets with my mind only thinking about all the fun we were going to have. I hoped that my distasteful thoughts would not come and ruin the joy.

The next morning before the sun even had a chance to rise Anna had a woken me. She had already dawned on her cloak and was ready for the day. I grabbed mine, and we sneaked out before the chamber maids could stop us. Once we had hit the forest's edge I removed my hood, and Anna followed. "I'm telling you this is just what you need Elsa. A nice day out of the castle, just the two of us," she laughed half out of breath.

I covered my mouth to hide the chuckle that wanted to escape. Taking a more serious tone, I asked, "Where are we going?"

"To your castle silly," she replied, taking my hand leading the way. That damn blush crept back up to my cheeks, and the icy monster of lust began to taunt me. Those soft finger laced together with mine as we walked side by side up the snowy hill. We walked up the staircase I had created during my own exile. With a wave of my hand I fixed the broken railing from the summit siege Hans rained down to bring my demise. Once she saw the castle created by my icy powers she let go of my hand running towards the door. The empty warmth in my hand tingled, and soon faded away in my cold palm. Shaking away the thoughts I raced after her. Anna had already entered and was spinning around in the middle of the floor where the snowflake was. "I love your castle so, much, it is just so free and it reflects your personality," she gushed.

"I am glad you love it," I cracked a smile.

She raced up the stairs, following closely behind she stopped seeing all the carriage from the battle. The shattered chandelier, broken door from when I almost killed a man by shoving off the balcony. Anna turned and waited to see horror in her eyes, and leave me alone once more. To my surprise her calm smile never faded, there wasn't a glimmer of fear as she took hold of my bare hands. "I'll gladly help in any way I can to fix this, your castle should be a place where you can experience the freedom you did when you first built it. Not one of misery over silly past mistakes."

"I have thought about adding a new wing for family," I joked. I honestly figured I would never have to come up here and face the past. Anna once again let go of my hands, and started to examine the damage. Though seeing her love a place that one represented my own selfish anguish actually made me feel better about the castle. To me the place only reminded me of what happened to my little sister. My own emotions seemed to have spoken for me already as snow began to flutter around the room.

"See, Elsa I told you this was great idea!" Anna said joyously, as she stuck her tongue out to catch one. "But you could have waited!"

"Then shall we get started?" It was going to take all my will-power to remain composed. Not to think about her tasting more of snowflakes I created, or how her warm body would feel against mine. The snow came down faster to signifying my heighten feelings.

"Yeah, I want to make a snow fort, then I'm going to beat you in a snowball fight," she challenged."

"I doubt that," I told her, accepting her challenge.

Anna left the room, and went back out I followed, to see that she was already working on her fort. I laughed, as I flicked my hand and one stood in the snow ready for battle. She looked up from her tiny mound to see mine, "Hey, that's not fair."

"All is fair in snow and war," I contoured.

Not too long later Anna had completed her snowy lumpy fort. "Are you ready, Your Majesty?" she called over the wind?"

I threw one of the balls over hitting her fort directly. Part of it crumbled, and she tossed one only to have it break once it hit the ice wall of mine. This 'war' of ours continued on until her fort had been demolished. "Do you want to call it quits?" I asked as snow covered her hair.

"That depends, are you having fun?"

I was having fun indeed, and I had yet to think of my sister lustfully. With a legit smile I called back, "Yes, this has been enjoyable."

The wind had picked on its own accord, and when it let up a little I had lost sight of Anna. My heart sank. I rushed over calling her name. All that was left was her destroyed fort, and piles of snow balls. I yelped as something grabbed me around the waist, and bringing me to the snowy ground. "Do we call it a truce?" Anna whispered in my ear.

I shook my head, but she began to run her hands over my sides causing me to start laughing.

I managed to free myself, and pinned her to the snowy ground. I felt her shiver, not from my touch, but the weather itself. "We should get you inside," I voiced my concern

She grabbed my waist beginning me closer, "No, it's fine, besides I don't want to ruin the fun."

"But, you could freeze," I told her.

"Then help and warm me up." Then she placed her lips on mine, sending a shock through my core. I pulled back surprised, overwhelmed, and overjoyed.

"I have been wanting to do that for a while now," she admitted, blushing a light pink from embarrassment.

"You too?" I inquired, dazed.

"Yes, I love you Elsa. I just never thought you would ever feel the same."

I placed a kiss on her lips, feeling her tongue run across my bottom lip I compiled and allowed her to deepen the kiss. We both pulled away, "I love you too, Anna."

"I still want to help you build that new wing you suggested," she said with a childish smile.

My powers seemed to want to conjure her wish as the loving emotions from my heart, and her returned feeling's. I glanced up too that an ice wall had encased us. "Then let's do it together," I said kissing her again.

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