A/N: Yeah, so I'm going to be honest I have no idea where the hell this story is going. I so should have kept it as a one shot. I guess I can try Elsa, and Anna rekindling their sisterly bond while working through their love for each other while complications, and hijinks ensure. I'm spit-balling here. Tried to change the crappy summary as well.

The days leading up to the weekend were hectic and painful. Forced back into the darkness of my-ever-growing royal duties, my heart ached from being separated from my dear sister. The past two mornings we sat in silence I was shoving my food around my plate, her eating without a care in the world. Today was like that as well. I wanted to desperately to spend some sisterly time away from chilling meeting rooms. "Anna," I began, reaching out for her hand.

She looked up from her plate, "Yes, Elsa!"

"Maybe," the words lingered on my lips, but it was hard to form words most of the time. I ignored my fears, going with my heart. "Maybe, if I am not too busy we could do something today."

A joyous smile light up her face, "That would just be-"

Before she had a chance to finish, my damn annoying royal adviser strutted into the hall. "Queen Elsa, do not forget you have a meeting today with a dignitary from Sweden."

I let out a sigh, raked my fingers through my hair, and gave Anna an apologetic look. Our love my have been set upon a heaven of snow, but our bond as sibling had become a rugged as the mountains themselves.

After wiping her mouth off with a napkin, Anna excused herself. As she made her way out she ran a hand over along my shoulder, before leaning down to my ear. "Don't take too long," she whispered, her breath warm as kissed my ear.

Damn, where did that come from, I wondered.

"Queen Elsa," my adviser beckoned, "We do not want to keep them waiting."

"Of course, tell the guards to show them in, and to the meeting room," I ordered, leaving my own seat.

"Now, my queen, Sweden nor other kingdoms know of your 'powers' so please do whatever it takes keep them well, concealed."

Carrying on towards the gates a thought struck me. "I do not remember inviting anyone from Sweden," I said dryly.

His face began to flush, and started to yank his collar from his neck. "Well, you see your highness. You are twenty-one, which is a fine age to rule a kingdom. However, after your, um-"

Words failed him, but I knew what he wished to express. "My what?" I snapped. From the corner of my eye I saw frost cover the table, and windows. "Abandonment, or to a lesser extent my childish snowy tantrum." Frost turned to snow as my anger rose, and the floor sheeted into ice. Jurgen fell to the floor, fear illuminated his eyes. The temperature dropped further, but as I gazed into those green eyes of the sniveling coward. I withdrew.

The ice melted and the snow stopped, relaxing I repeated the infamous and shameful mantra. Conceal, don't feel thinking this only led me to further my belief that no matter what I did I would never be accepted as nothing more than the Snow Queen: a monster. Backing away from Jurgen, "I will meet this royal, but do not expect me to become enraptured in a loveless engagement that is based on emptiness and lust," I spoke, my words filled with venom.

Entering the meeting hall I saw to my surprise not a man, but a woman. Long flowing brown hair sat under her crown, steely gray eyes locked onto mine. I stood in the doorway accessing her as she did with me. Of course where my gaze scanned with disdain, and ice. Hers seemed more like a wolf eying a lamb. A raw hungry that sent a shudder down my spine her gaze lowered as if she was undressing me with her eyes. After moments of silence she walked over with grace. Light graceful steps in her heels clicked upon the wooden floor. "Ah, Queen Elsa, we meet at last. I am Queen Nadia of Sweden.

I held back the involuntary eye roll. Holding out my hand as a regal gesture. She took between her distastefully rough hand and placed a kiss upon the back her dry lips brushing upon my smooth skin. They were nothing like Anna's who lips are soft like a gentle snowflake kissing the ground. Pulling it away I had to keep my mind off Anna or my secret would be exposed. "I am glad to have you in my castle Queen Nadia." Acid dripped from tongue even speaking to this man was going to be difficult.

"Then shall we discuss our future?" she gestured to an empty chair. The one where you are sailing away never to come back again

"Of course, I myself would love know what brings you here in the first place."

"A trade deal of course, your highness. Also, to perhaps court the lovely queen during my stay," she winked

"St-stay? I inquired shocked. "How long are you staying in Arendelle."

"One week, I hope my stay will not interfere with your life. I shall be quarter in my ship, so not to intrude in your domain."

"No, not all," I lied. There went our weekend plans. "You are welcomed to stay as you see fit, your grace." If she expected me to offer her a room, she was sadly mistaken. I did not want this woman anywhere near me or my sister.

"Then I shall take my leave, your mind seems occupied elsewhere. It was a pleasure meeting you, Queen Elsa," she purred, taking her leave.

I felt the sudden disgust of her motives plague my mind, I knew one thing to be certain. I needed a bath.

After that meeting with that wretched 'Queen' I left for my royal bath chambers for some peace and to wash away the disgust. I though did not account for Anna to already be there half undressed. My cheeks turned red heating my face if it got any hotter steam would probably come out of my ears. My eyes followed those freckles that dusted her shoulders, and further down her back only my vision was halted by the robe. I wanted to reach out to trace my fingers along her spine to get that squeak she does when surprised. The room dropped a few degrees, betraying my emotions, and position. I heard a small noise escape her lips, at the sudden cold air. Stopping Anna glanced back over her shoulder, a seductive smirk crossed those lush lips. Where did she learn that? "Like what you see?" she taunted.

I attempt to remain composed, "Hardly, are you going to finish fooling around with your clothes or do you need help?"

She allowed the robe to pool at her feet turning that smirk never fading, "I can undress myself."

I rolled my eyes. "Dressing must be harder then," I laughed.

"Oh, you have no idea," she purred sauntering over. Each step seemed time to enhanced the seductive taunting she was committing. I could see the primal hunger in those eyes. I gulped knowing how deep the lust could take us. There she stood stark naked in front of me she ran hand through my single braid, untying it. I let out a soft moan as her hand touched my bare neck. "It's especially hard when a certain minx is always looking at me with heated gazes." Her lips touched my neck, and I reached out forgetting about her being naked. As groan vibrated against my neck creating a haze in my mind, dropping the temperature once more. I felt a shudder from Anna. I could not tell if it was from the cold or the ecstasy.

In her ear I whispered, "Maybe, you should get into the bath. I'm sure it is warmer than I."

She nuzzled my neck, "Okay."

After we got comfortable in the tub, the water temperature was still a tad too warm for me. I would suffice though, seeing how it would please Anna to know I still cared. I then proceeded to tell Anna about Queen Nadia her reaction could not have been more endearing. "Stupid bitch," she huffed. "Why is this happening? It feels like Hans all over again."

I could barley hide my smile knowing that my dear little Anna was green with envy. "Anna, it's only for a week, then we can get to the normal sanctity of our lives." I bit my lip hating what I was about to ask of her. "Also, Anna we should keep our antics of our forbidden love down in the halls, closets, and anywhere we might be discovered.."

"But in the bedroom it will be fine, right?" She hugged my arm, "I can't lose you again."

"Of course," I replied.

Her hand left my arm and began to dip into the water and stroked my thigh. I gasped at the contact. That gods awful smile graced those lips, and her hand moved between my open legs. I could felt the water wave as her hand moved, and every slight movement the water hit my core. Closing my eyes to focus on something, anything besides the immerse pleasure and utter frustration her action were causing. Her hot breath reached my ear, "Is something wrong Elsa?"

I shook my head. Damn, for someone lacking just as much experience as I, but she sure knows how to toy with me.

"I see, then I guess I should get out."

I grabbed her hand, "No, stay."

Then I felt her hand over top my center applying the tiniest bit of pressure. I bucked my hips wanting more, but to my disappointment her hand left. I let out a whimper at the lose of contact. "E-Elsa," Anna voice chattered. "Y-y f-froze t-the tub."

Opening my eyes I saw that the water was sheet of ice. I blushed seeing what my powers had done. "Sorry," I waved my hand, and the ice melted.

Anna though leap out probably from the intense cold. "Geez Els, I just wanted a bath not an ice rink," she teased. Placing a quick kiss on my neck Anna said, "You relax, I'm going to the kitchen to steal some chocolate."

She her robe around her, went to the door, turned, and winked. Once the door was shut I sank into the water just wanting the pricking stress at the back of my neck. I hope this queen does not cause too much trouble.