Story postscript:

When I originally posted this story, I was immediately asked for more stories about Linilya and her history. So I promptly wrote A History To Tell. I finished that one and began several others that were never completed.

Inspiration has struck again after seeing The Hobbit movies and I'm working on more of these stories again. I hope you enjoy them.

However, in doing the research for my new stories, I discovered that I made a fairly serious error with this story. Elves as a culture abhor pre-marital sex. Now, Linilya is not entirely a product of Elven culture so her attitude isn't entirely problematical. Legolas, on the other hand, definitely is. It is possible that his time with the Fellowship and his friendship with those from other cultures has mellowed his attitude a bit. But not entirely. Elves are very much a "one partner only, ever" culture - there's only one known instance of an Elf remarrying after losing a mate.

So I made a few changes. There are some places where I indicate that he is thinking seriously about what is between them and the likely reaction to it. I hope it works out well.

I will address this further in another story. I have one in progress called "In The Light of Day" that picks up where this one left off. I had originally intended to post stories more or less chronologically, aside from this one. But it's looking unlikely at this point. I will just post them as they get written.

Thanks for reading and for sticking with me this far! I appreciate all the reviews as well.