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Last Time

The island had fruit, and dense trees with soft ground. It was a good spot to set up camp even if Aang wasn't entirely happy on stopping, "We'll set up camp for tonight and get some food when we wake up, then we'll go right to the Fire Nation." Aang said as he floated off of Appa's back upon their landing

"Just be careful alright Master Arrowhead?" Zuko joked, chuckling.

"He's right you know, we'll get Katara back but we have to be smart about it though." Suki said after she and Sokka got off of Appa.

"Katara knows bloodbending, my sister is a prodigy firebender. What a duo." Zuko laughed, trying to lighten the mood in Katara's absence.

"Wait, when did Zu-Zu start telling jokes?" Toph asked with a playful smile on her face, hearing Zuko try to lift the spirits of the team.

Zuko smiled sheepishly. "Blame my trip to the Boiling Rock with Sokka."

"Hey my sense of humor has that effect on people." Sokka smiled, proud of his sense of humor but Aang wasn't in the best of moods. He was still angry at Azula, worried about Katara, and couldn't wait for the morning to come so he could resume his flight.

Tiredly, Team Avatar settled into bed for the night, fractured but not yet broken..

End Flashback

Early the next morning, Aang and his friends were flying in mid air with nothing but blue sky and sunshine ahead of them while they looked for the ship that held Azula and Katara as they began their first day without the lovely, talented, waterbender with them on their travels. Sozins comet could afford to wait a while. They had to rescue Katara right now.

"This is not my idea of a wake-up call." Zuko laughed.

"Aang wanted us to get searching first thing in the morning and thats what we're doing," Suki pointed out while Sokka agreed, "and the faster we rescue Katara the faster we can plan for the comet especially since we know Azula's taking her to the Fire Nation.

"I'm with Zuko on this one Twinkle Toes." Toph answered, clearly half-asleep.

"Look I'm sorry about waking you guys up so early but we know that Azula is taking Katara to the Fire Nation and who know what she's going to have Katara say, or do, or something," Aang said with urgency in his voice. He had just barely enough sleep to function but that was it before he woke everybody else up.

Toph groaned loudly. "Wake me in 6 hours..."

Aang couldn't really get mad at Toph for being focused on sleep but at the same time he didn't want to lose any track on Azula and Katara. He kept his eyes focused on the sea below, looking for any sign of a ship, but was finding nothing. Aang sighed, it looked like he was in for a long day...

Meanwhile, Azula and her sister Katara were on the upper deck this crisp, bright, morning enjoying the sun and the gentle breeze of the sea on their way to the Fire Nation palace.

"You're going to love the life of a proper Fire Nation Princess." Azula smiled, watching the ship they were on sail through the calm and peaceful waters. "No more getting that nice hair windswept and smelling like dirty, filthy, flying bison for you sister."

Katara smiled. "I can only imagine. Being of royal blood has major perks doesn't it Azu?" She snickered.

"You have people waiting on you hand and foot, you can tell people what to do, and you don't have to lift a single finger." Azula smiled smugly.

"That will be awesome..do you have any idea how much manual labor I did back in the Southern Water Tribe? It still sickens me..." Katara grumbled. She hated being robbed of her true lifestyle.

"I can't blame you, any sane girl would feel that way especially if she's royalty." Azula nodded in agreement. "All you to do is represent the Fire Nation as a warrior with abilities, a leader with your strategies, and a lady with your elegance. All of which I know you can do." Azula added, eagerly feeding her sister's ego.

"Aww..Azu you flatter me. Your a far better strategist than me." Katara answered modestly.

"Nonsense. Even before I found you I know you were the smartest person in the Avatar's team. You were the brains and sanity in the group of numbskulls and idiots." Azula laughed, her tone full of smug arrogance and pride for her sister.

"What about Toph?" Katara asked.

"Hm? Oh you mean the blind earthbender girl." Azula smirked. She had to remind herself of just who Toph was in her own arrogance. "The only thing she's good at is throwing rocks around, which is appropriate since she's as smart as one." She laughed.

Katara snickered a little. "That's all you got?" She teased.

"Please that dirt monkey is barely even worth my time insulting." Azula sneered before a smirk graced her lips. "But if you can do better than be my guest, sister." She smirked in challenge.

"Is that a challenge Azu?" Katara purred.

"Why yes, yes it is Kat." Azula purred back.

"Well she is nothing but a blind bimbo.." Katara smiled haughtily, mirroring her sister.

"Not bad." Azula nodded pleasantly. "Something tells me that when you were with her and the rest of your captors you two were friends. But I love how your shedding your false image sister, it's a joy to watch you belittle a girl you were friends with." She smiled proudly.

"We were, which is why she'd be invaluable to our conquest sister, being the world's only metalbender." Katara smiled maliciously.

"Which means when they find us which I'm counting on knowing them we can get Toph too!" Azula said with an evil smile. "Sister that is a great idea!" She exclaimed gleefully.

"I learned from the best, you Azula. I love you." Katara cooed sweetly.

"I love you too, Katara." Azula replied sweetly.

"Have I ever told you how devious your mind can be?" Katara cooed.

"No, but it's true. Thank you." Azula smiled happily.

"Not to mention you have an incredibly bewitching smile." Katara smirked.

"You think so?" The firebender asked while walking just a little closer in Katara's personal space.

"Yes...I wouldn't lie to my big sister." Katara beamed.

Azula's heart was beating fast. Possibly due to the fact that she was feeling one emotion she'd never felt before, love. Katara was her sister and kissing her romantically would usually be seen as weird, but that didn't matter to her now, she was in love with her sister. Following her heart and nothing more she quickly moved her lips in for a quick yet passionate kiss .

Katara was surprised by this, but eagerly and happily kissed her sister back.

Azula relaxed, happy that Katara accepted the sweet kiss. It was a sign of her love for Katara and the emotion in her heart.

"Sister...I...I like this feeling...but I can't describe it. What is it, Azu?" Katara asked softly.

"It's...love." Azula sad with innocence in her voice.

"What...kind of love?" Katara asked, innocence lacing her voice as well.

"Romance sister, romance." Azula smirked at the Waterbender. She was happy to admit her love for her sister.

"Wait...romance as in us...dating..like girlfriend to girlfriend?" Katara asked, seeing a gleam in the firebending prodigy's eyes.

"That's right, girlfriend and girlfriend." Azula smiled, wrapping her arms around Katara''s small waist.

Katara smiled brightly at her, getting lost in Azula's eyes. She felt...safe. Happy and safe with her sister.

"Kat, I was wondering. How long have you had these feelings for me?" Azula asked, her voice in a sweet coo.

Katara blushed. "Whatever do you mean?"

"Did you think about me when you were with the Avatar and his friends? We've only been with each other for a couple of days so I can't help but ask that question," Azula said with a pleasant smile.

"To be honest...yes. You were so calm and deadly when you were chasing me down...it well.." Katara started, blushing.

"Yes, my dear sister?" Azula purred. "What is it?" She cooed sultrily.

"It well...it turned me on." Katara replied, giving a wink.

"Really? Me chasing you halfway around the forest turned you on?" Azula asked, her lips curled into a smirk while walking closer to Katara.

Katara bit her lip as she blushed more. "Yes Azula...it did. Very much so." She answered quietly, feeling her heart beginning to race once more.

Azula smiled, sucking on Katara's lip in heat as she began happily teasing her sister with the contact of her lips.

Katara moaned quietly. "Azu...Azula.."

Azula slowly broke the contact of her lips on Katara's "I'm going inside, to get something to eat. I will see you again later, sister." She whispered against Katara's lips.

"I'll come with you sister.." Katara answered dreamily as Azula could make out a visible wet spot on Katara's pants, much to her amusement and glee.

"Sure, just waterbend that wet spot away first." The Firebender smirked as she turned around and walked away from Katara in direction of the upper deck door, ready to find some nice food with her wet sister behind her.

"You didn't just go there sister.." Katara laughed as she followed her.

"Why yes, I did go there." Azula smiled, entering the deck door first but leaving it open for her sister to enter right behind her. They were on their way to have their first meal together as not just sisters but something much more.

"I can't help that your turning me on!" Katara whined playfully.

"Don't worry, you won't have to wait long for things to get more...intimate." Azula smiled, flipping her hair in playful arrogance. She was enjoying making Katara wait a while. "It'll be worth it." She teased, giggling.

"You can be such a bitch." Katara teased lovingly.

"I love you too sister." Azula said with a smile in her tone.

Katara chuckled, jogging ahead to catch up. Their day was going to be very interesting once they reached the palace...

"STOP!" Came a voice in Katara's head...it was her own but her inner conscious, her mind trying to break free from it's brainwashed state, "I need to get off this ship and find Aang and the others!"

Katara groaned, holding her head in pain. It felt like she had a massive headache spring up out of nowhere.

Azula turned around at the sound of Katara's groan and rushed to her sister's aid, "Katara, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Get away from me, Azula! I need to get off of this ship!" Katara's inner voice said, fighting for dominance in her mind. She was starting to break free from the brainwashing she had earlier.

"I...don't...know. I was fine until just now...my head is killing me.." Katara groaned in anguish.

"Don't worry, your sister is here Kat." The Fire Princess said in a calm loving tone as Katara's inner voice started to fade away into a whisper...and then nothing...

"Thank you sister...why is this happening? I thought this was foolproof perfect.." Katara murmured softly, frightened.

"So did I." Azula said with worry in her voice but she soon relaxed. "Don't fret sister, I'll take care of it. Trust me." She happily reassured.

"How Azu?" Katara asked.

"Another brainwashing, just to make sure you can still know the truth about the Avatar." Azula answered.

Katara smiled. "Would you please, my sweet amazing sister?"

"Of course." Azula nodded and smiled. "Anything to make sure you know the truth." She giggled.

Katara's smile widened. "I love you Azula. My guiding light, my savior." Katara answered in a sweet dreamy tone.

"I love you too Katara. The love of my life, the princess of my heart." Azula cooed lovingly.

"The flame engulfing my soul.." Katara mewed dreamily.

"Come on my water maiden, lets get some food to relax your mind." Azula smiled.

"Of course sister, let's go have our first breakfast together." Katara smiled.

Azula nodded and held her sister's hand in hers. They were going to eat breakfast and try to get that brief, unfortunate, moment out of their heads and put things back to normal.

They were more than sisters now. They were a couple, and somehow they'd find a way...

To be continued...