Diary of a Lovable Mad Woman

Harleen Quinzel

KEY: (Later entry in the same day)

Nov. 20th, 20XX

If even half of what Peter told us last night was true, he's an astounding individual. He claims, and Red confirmed, that he came from another dimension. He's from a world similar to our own, however without a Gotham City. He came from New York, and has been a hero since the tender age of 15. That puts him roughly around my age, as I was in high school myself around that time.

Apparently another cape from his world named Wanda was the reason he was here. She must have some serious power to be able to break into another dimension. Either way it left Peter here, and now he's with us.

Red created a new seed which she planted on his brain stem. She can kill him or stop him at will now, as well as keep an eye on him. I actually felt pretty bad for doing this to our hero, but I'll get to get to know him now. Of that I am excited.

I fell asleep late last night listening to his adventures. It shocked me just how calm he was about this, even if he's been through sim9ilar situations in the past. In my professional opinion he uses comedy and talking to mask his insecurities, like many of us do. Even with that being said, his stories had me in awe until I finally dozed off. He's been to so many places, done so many things, and from my guess saved hundreds, if not thousands or more. This is actually a perfect opportunity to learn what drives heroes, I can learn from Peter, and I'm sure it'll be a delight along the way.

He woke me up by covering me in a blanket, he's so sweet. Even if I am his captor, and a criminal, he still treated me with such kindness. I didn't stir, I didn't want his act to be diminished, but what happened after shocked me even more. He confronted Red, questioning her about his role, even going so far as to challenge her. He paid for it, but then the most amazing thing happened, he got her to joke. It may not have been anything big, but it's more than she's responded to me for a while. Now he's really got my attention. He fell asleep in the recliner, I took one last glance at him and couldn't help but smile.

~ Despite his circumstances, Peter slept so peacefully. I can't fathom how much trauma he went through last night, and yet here he is asleep in a chair like a child at rest. I couldn't fight my compulsion to be nice to our new captive. I made us breakfast. When he woke up the dreamy look on his face made me smile. It was a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast, but he ate it with vigor, and complimented me on my cooking. He's so cute and polite. Then he asked me what happens now. He had no identification outside of his wallet, which wouldn't help considering he doesn't exist in this world. He offhandedly mentioned not having anything to wear, and that solidified what we were doing today. I was gonna take Petey shopping. This is gonna be so much fun.

~ I can't believe how much I've written today alone in here. The last two entries have more written than all last month. I realize Peter is the main focus here as well, but he's something exciting and new, and very worth writing about. I really really want a costume made up of the material Peter has for his. He can actually morph it by thought into street clothes. I'm half tempted to steal his costume for my own.

Peter was a good sport on our shopping trip, he was genuinely surprised at my willingness to pay for new clothing and guy stuff he would need. He was so curteous, and did everything I asked without much question, even if the quips came out regularly. I like that about him, he jokes about life, himself, and the most random of things. I find myself relating to him on that level.

He told me in his world he lived on the bare minimum, which I immediately reeled back at. I couldn't imagine the life such a man as Peter could be living over there. I even have the feeling he would be living in some abandoned building with just his costume, hadn't he been taken in by us

Our shopping trip today was interrupted by the pyromaniac Firefly. I was left carrying the bags, but I was also left with a rather intriguing phrase Peter told me before he became Spider-Man. "With great power comes great responsibility". Those words struck me as incredibly important to his drive as Spider-Man, especially as how somber he was when he said them. I felt I caught a glimpse of who Peter Parker and Spider-Man really were. I returned home hoping he would come back safely.

~ Selina surprised us today with a visit. She doesn't come by much unless there is a need, but she said she had an interesting run-in today. She met Spider-Man today, telling us about his run in with Firefly and her first impressions. I could barely hold back my want to tell her about Peter. She told me of their meeting, calling him an adorable goofy do-gooder. I finally broke down, unable to contain my news for her. Her expression will forever be etched into my mind. Boy I wish I had a camera on me..oh wait I had my phone...damn.

Peter returned home a few hours after Selina. Lets just say you had to be there to see the shock on his face. Red and I explained Selina's partnership with us, even if Red threw in some less than friendly comments about Kitty Cat. Still it was a fun evening, involving more stories from Peter...and flirting by Selina. I know she's naturally that way, but I had the urge to whack her with my mallet several times. I don't want to admit I was jealous, but I saw him first.

Nov. 21st, 20XX

It was a pleasant way to start the day this morning. Peter got up before either of us, and made breakfast today. It was basically the same thing I made for him yesterday, but waking up to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee is always a good way to begin the day. Red even took a plate of food begrudgingly, when Peter brought it to her room. He's such a sweetheart, even to her and her cold uncaring attitude towards him.

We decided that the downstairs storage room would become his new room. It was much smaller than ours, packed with stuff, concrete walls and floors, and barely a foot by two foot window, but he gladly accepted it. We spent the better part of the next five hours clearing stuff out and rearranging things. His strength is impressive, but I already knew that. Still watching him lifting heavy objects with ease was...mmmm.

Peter left on his 'patrol' after he finished putting his stuff in his room. He told me that he couldn't take a day off, even in this new world. What could drive such a kind soul to be this vigilant? I think I'll ask him after some time has past. Maybe it has something to do with that saying he told me the other day.

Nov. 22nd, 20XX

Selina came over again today, she wanted some backup for her transaction of the information she stole. Considering it was taken from Black Mask's men, after he put so much work into stealing it himself, she wanted to be cautious.

Red 'volunteered' Peter for the job. He began to protest, but was paralyzed and told he had no say. Both Selina and I cringed at the show of force. I know that Red hates men, and that she thought of Peter as nothing but an object to be used, but still. After she explained his role amongst us again, she left and told us to take care of the rest. Peter just brushed it off. I could see the defiance and anger in his eyes, and didn't blame him for it. Not more than a moment later he asked where we should start.

I went to Red after Peter went on patrol. I wanted to get her opinion on our new roommate. She told me to not get attached. He was nothing but a tool, and was already wearing on her nerves. She blamed me for spoiling him and being way to friendly. She said I need to distance myself from him before I end up getting hurt again. I know she was referencing my relationship with the Joker, but Peter wasn't anything like the Mr. J, was he? Was he just biding his time till he found a way out of Red's control? Only being friendly with us so we would let our guard down? I'm not so sure, but then again, I haven't been the best judge of character in the past, as Red reminded me.

Nov. 23rd, 20XX

I woke up to the smell of heavenly coffee again this morning. I could get used to this. Peter left early today to go on patrol, saying that he had to do something since he was both jobless and technically lifeless. That got me wondering if maybe we could forge an existence for him. I reminded him that we still needed to work on his new identity, and he said he'd be back after a few hours.

I went to Red with this idea. She was less than enthused, and told me to leave the matter alone. She can be a real meanie during the winter months. So I decided to ask Kitty Cat when she got here for Peter's training.

Selina agreed, albeit with much coaxing, to give Petey an Identity. When he got back we started with fighting techniques. Neither I nor Kitty Cat could land a blow on him, even when we fought him together. It was like he could predict our attacks beforehand. He reminded us of his six sense, he calls his spider-sense. He's more than capable in hand to hand, so we worked on other aspects of his yet to be named persona.

When Red finally joined us, saying we were making to much noise, she took Peter aside and explained how he was to act while working with us. I get the feeling she really didn't want him to be anything more than silent muscle, which I agree would be nice, but part of his charm is his badinage. Still when she explained it was actually for the greater good, as we didn't want any connections to his hero identity, we relented. It was one of the few times I've ever seen Selina and Red agree completely on something.

After training Peter left again for patrol. I wanted us to talk, so I could get to know him better, but he said he needed to be out there for now, and promised that tomorrow we could talk. I'm looking forward to it.

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