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She came to the realization with startling boredom:

Maka was sick of her job.

She had always thought working at a bank would be… somehow glamorous; or maybe even exciting now and then. She liked working with people, even more so she liked helping people which she had originally thought position would allow her to do.

Now she just felt like an idiot for thinking something like that.

She scribbled an amount onto the back of a check and placed it in the appropriate small drawer. Sighing, she walked back to her station and gave the man standing on the other side of her gated counter a receipt. He didn't smile, didn't thank her, didn't even say anything: just gave her an annoyed look and walked away,

"You're welcome," She muttered, looking over at her computer and typing the transaction into their online files.

It wasn't the jobs fault everything was so horrible, it really was just this branch. She was moved her from her last position as a teller: a promotion. Not only was this bank regarded as the third safest in Death City, it protected the money of some of the biggest (questionable) monetary players in town.

Maka knew there was something seedy going on with the whole thing. Besides her rough and obvious high-class mobster customers that came in, there were all sorts of transactions that she was specifically told time and time again, were meant to be off the books.

She stretched her neck, toying with her pigtailed hair as she regarded the general suffocating environment around her. It was a very old building, something you'd see in a movie to show how important a character was when you saw that THIS was his bank. It had a traditional gothic architecture, which meant (to her utmost dismay) no windows. Large revolving doors at the front and office in the back in which half the wood framed walls were glass. The tellers were gated in, the gates attached to their large lacquer desks.

"Makaaa," A voice next to her sang. A smile pulled at her lips: there were, however, a few good things about working here.

She leaned over her desk to see her co-worker a few spaces down doing the same thing, her head poked out from her un-gated window, her upper body propped over her desk,

"What's up Tsubaki?" Maka smiled at her,

"I brought some cookies in today!" Her friend chirped, "They're in the back room if you want some! I made them myself," She beamed,

"Oh! I'll have to go try them!" Maka replied, "I was just going to take a break actually," she pursed her lips,

"Great! I'll watch your desk for you!" The dark haired woman tilted her head,

"Really? Thanks so much!" Maka replied. She lowered her gate over the window and walked back behind the other tellers and over to her friend, a few co-workers making annoyed comments about unprofessionalism and boisterousness.

She ignored them with practiced ease.

"I'm excited to try them," She said, passing her friend who nodded back happily as she made her way to the back.

The break room was almost connected to the vault for a reason Maka couldn't fathom. They had probably just run out of space and needed to combine the two. Bathrooms, vault full of cash she was sure was illegal. Maybe it made sense to someone.

As soon as she entered the room, she wanted to turn around and leave. There he was at the table, his feet up as he lay lazily in his chair, eating the aforementioned cookies. Her boss: Giriko.

"Oie, Maka," He said, removing his feet from the table, sharp teeth crunching on half chewed food,

"What is it?" She said, not looking at him, just walking straight to the coffee maker and pouring herself a cup.

"Just saying, isn't that skirt a little long for you?" He sauntered up beside her and leaned on the counter, looking down at her legs. She felt her lips curling into an involuntary scowl,

"Shouldn't you be worried about the opposite?"

He shrugged before laughing,

"I'm just asking," He was still staring down at her, "Wear shorter ones." He commanded.

"Isn't that a little unprofessional?" She turned to him, anger filling her, "And isn't this workplace harassment or something?"

He laughed again,

"So report me," He shrugged, "But if you want to keep your job, you're gonna start wearing that short shit I like,"

Her hands balled into fists at her side. She hated all this, but she did need the job. She needed to support herself, and as much as she hated him, she knew his superiors loved him. And what's more, all those customers that were such bad news adored the man.

"So you'll do that, right?" She said, taking another bite of his cookie, now looking away disinterestedly,

"Yes," she gritted,

"Yes what?" He sang back. She paused for a moment before replying,

"Yes sir."

He guffawed just as another employee walked through the door. Maka sighed in relief; normally Giriko left her alone when other people were present.

She turned to leave, nodding to the man wearing an orange suit jacket: Fisher.

"Oie," She heard behind her and froze, turning slowly back around Giriko made his way over to her, his eyes on Fisher for a few moments before turning back to Maka, a sickening expression on his face,

"And another thing Albarn," He said, reaching up to her blouse. It took everything in her to grit and bear it as he, in one quick motion opened the top button of her shirt, revealing a patch of cleavage, "You're gonna wear it like this now,"

He stood back and admired her, grinning. He looked over at Fisher, who suppressed a laugh. Maka was trembling with anger as Giriko looked her up and down,

"Well?" He said aggressively,

"Okay." She said, her lips pressed into a firm line.

"Okay, WHAT," He challenged,

"Okay. SIR." She gritted.

She turned and stormed out as the two men erupted in laughter. She could hear her superior say something about 'improving the look of things around here,' to which the other man laughed and agreed.

Maka was seething by the time she made it back to her desk and buttoned up her shirt. It was obvious that many of the other clerks, including Tsubaki, had heard the conversation as they awkwardly feigned busyness. She opened her gate,

This is what it's always going to be like,

Maka thought angrily, stamping a letter with more force than necessary. She stamped a few more just as heavily, the sounds reverberating through the large room.

The bank had gotten busier when she was in the back, but no customers approached her now. She was focusing on her stamping and data input as the general crowd began to die down. She had calmed down a fair bit before she noticed him:

The man sauntered in through the front door, the lower half of his face covered with a black bandana, a hoodie pulled up over his head. Dark aviators hid his eyes, all of it in stark comparison it the bright white hair poking out from around his face.

Maka paused for a moment,

Another shady customer?

The man's head turned slightly and the large automated gate door beside her, that led behind the desks, swung open.

Her eyes darted back to the man, a fire in her stomach igniting as he lifted what looked like cell phone slowly from his pocket. Every action in the room seemed to slow as she saw him swipe the screen once. Suddenly: the lights snapped off. Pitch Black. It was a suffocating kind of darkness that immediately elicited screams from many of the patrons.

She heard Tsubaki's voice, loud but gentle as she announced:

"Everyone, calm down; this is just a power outage! I'm sure everything will be fine in a moment!"

Maka couldn't find her voice for only a moment before she slammed her gate closed, locking it with a loud bang as she shouted into the darkness,

"No, it's not! It's a bank rob—"

Before she could finish her statement there was a hand slapped over her mouth, an arm roughly around her waist as she was pulled backwards. She didn't scream, but shivered when she heard a low voice in her ear,

"So you noticed," the man seemed to purr, his covered mouth inches from her. She was now being pulled backwards into darkness, tightly against the man's chest. Her eyes adjusting only to see vague shapes around her, she quickly realised the direction he was taking her.

She tried to speak but it was muffled against his hands. She was almost positive he was wearing fingerless gloves and rolled her eyes despite herself.

"What was that, pigtails?" The man removed his hand from her mouth slightly,

"I SAID I'm not opening the vault for you!" she spat. He chuckled darkly, still pulling her to the back of the building, away from the other tellers.

"Who said I needed you to do that?"

She drew in a quick breath to retort but his hand was suddenly over her mouth again. She struggled against him for a moment before he whispered into her ear a definitive:


The two sunk to the floor. She was disoriented now.

There was loud yelling; she could hear Giriko's voice as he commanded some employees near to him to go into lockdown.

Confused shuffling. Doors slamming shut.

Giriko was swearing loudly, she could hear him cut through the silent darkness,

"Maka! Don't you fucking touch the vault!" Just the sound of his voice made her stomach churn.

Still listening, she stayed completely still against the man, not exactly scared, but filled with a strange curiosity. She was sure if her day had gone better, if it hadn't seemed like a 'final straw' situation, she'd feel differently . His voice was deep and husky as he spoke once more,

"Which one is Giriko?"

She knew she should try to protest, make a scene, scream, kick... instead she just hissed back:

"The asshole who's yelling,"

"What does he look like," The white haired man replied.

"Spiked hair and stupid sharp teeth," she muttered.

He chuckled before replying, "Sharp teeth eh? Sounds horrific,"

She opened her mouth to answer, but was met instead by the gentle glow from the man's cell phone-like device. She could see his covered face above her in the dim light. He had removed his sunglasses, she noticed. She also noticed that she really hadn't realized how close she was to him. A further revelation made a blush creep up her face: he wasn't holding her forcefully anymore; instead she was leaning against his chest quite comfortably, his free hand draped around her and holding her in an upright position on the floor.

Before she could scramble off of him, he was on his feet. He swiped his cell phone and the lights in the vault room suddenly came to life: blinding light flooded the hall.

He turned towards her, looking down,

"Well," He said, pulling down his bandana; revealing a jagged smile that seemed to shoot right through her heart, "It's been fun,"

His appearance caught her off guard. Although the sharp teeth she was used to, she had never seen it… pulled off? Giriko was frightening in the way he had them, but this man had a handsome charm and they seemed to add to that. The bright red eyes were another thing. She stared up at him from her place on the floor. His black jeans, his hoodie with his dark leather coat over top: he looked… Really cool, Maka found herself thinking. She was sure the moment didn't last longer than a second before he pulled the bandana back up, turning back and sprinting towards the vault room.

She watched him from her place on the floor, stunned.


She had wanted excitement. Hadn't she?

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