Chapter 15) Reach outs…

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Caroline POV

Safe to say the all you can eat buffet was a very uncomfortable breakfast. It just felt so strange being there having idle conversation with Klaus and the other Originals while all of us are clearly in need of our own private family matters to straighten out. The looks my father and uncles were shooting us clearly showed they weren't happy with any of our behavior. Lily was probably the most mannered and she's the child of the family…

Finishing up my food, I couldn't help but eye how Klaus and Elijah are still so deep in conversation with my father. He was explaining to them some of the processes of how we were involved with politics and the economy. I don't get it. When I last talked to each of them alone, they sounded so suspicious of each other but their talking as if they're buddies now. ..

Why does this give me a bad feeling?

"I'd be more than happy to call a board meeting with some of the cities other figures." He suggested to them while finishing his coffee.

"Yes, that'd be quite an honor" Klaus nodded, but it kind of looked like he had the devilish smirk to him.

"My daughter Megara actually works closely at my side. She partakes with the countries oil industries, which benefits our living alongside the government and business figures." He motioned to my sister, leaving her to nod.

"How extraordinary" Elijah looked to her before motioning to the rest of us "Are all your daughters involved in these fields?"

"Well Tatianna works with the studies and collection of antiquities for various universities and museums, Stasya dedicates herself to the fashion industry, various things really" he described to them some of their lines of work but suddenly he held his hand up towards me "…and Natalia is currently beginning her work with performing arts at the Bolshoi"

"So you're a performer now… You always were one for attention" Rebekah teases me with a giggle, I send a sarcastic smile her way. Oh, look who's talking…

"Caroline's gonna be Belle in Beauty and the Beast" Lily randomly bursts out.

I couldn't fight back a small blush that came to my face at the random outburst "W-well I haven't gotten the part yet. I still have my audition coming up" I twirl my fork.

"I'm sure you'll do well, Caroline…" hearing that voice, I looked up to lock eyes with Klaus.

Its weird that this is the first thing he's said to me since I came down to eat. I saw him smiling to me but all of a sudden he turned away.

"…Thanks" I can't help but feel like he's acting differently around me now.

It's not like I'm not the same Caroline I was before he saw me stabbed with that frame edge. When we met again last night, the way he talked to me, the way he checked that I was ok… he had a look in his face that kind of felt exactly like the last time I saw him. Sure, I'm positive both of us have moved on now but at the same time he was the Klaus I always knew. Now it's a new day and I kinda feel like there's a… distance between us.

I also couldn't help but notice he didn't call me love like he usually does.

Most of the table was empty now. Some of my sister's and cousins knew it was best to eat quickly so it was just down to me, Tatianna, Lily and Stasya.

My uncle Feodor had gone to handle the body count situation while the twins went with some of the aristocrats to show Marcel and Kol around the city. Rebekah wanted to go with them but for some reason she changed her mind in the last second.

While Elijah talked with my uncle Maxim, Klaus continued to speak to my dad. Honestly it feels weird… I might as well be picturing my human father talking to him.

"…Uh Klaus" I think maybe I should ask him about this. He didn't hesitate to turn to me though when I called his name "Can I talk to you outside?"

I was about to stand up but I didn't expect what he said next. He looked back towards my dad "Can I get back to you, sweetheart? Your father was just about to show me his study" his politely voiced, motioning to my father on their other plans.

He nodded, smiling my way "We'll be right back down, princess" they stood to walk out.

I was a little frozen for a second. Uh-what just happened?

Why does that feel like they just said 'go get a candy bar Caroline, the grownups are talking'

This is weird..

I just sighed, shaking my head and stood up to walk out of the dining room.

I need some air.

I made my way out of there, walking through the open floor archways of the dining room, around to the courtyard. The autumn air was really chilly but at least the sun was bright with a clear blue sky today. I may be a creature of the night but something tells me, the sun really does give you the vitamins you need to be active and happy. I let out the biggest sigh I had no idea I was holding in and it felt amazing.

I needed a walk so thumbs hanging from my pockets; I paced around the stone walkways, kicking a pebble or two that I came to. I should really be off practicing for my audition but I just feel so drained for the moment, not literally of course but my mood. Thank goodness I haven't had any power act ups since last night. Maybe the extra blood really did help but that still doesn't change what I helped do to that poor guy...

I have no idea what I'm going to do about my sisters. This new rivalry could give the Originals a run for their money, except we don't have daggers… And let's not forget I have my next cravings to prepare for soon. It helps if I don't use my powers but I want to learn to control it completely. I can't afford to keep having these weird outbursts or I'll end up making the city look like it has a poltergeist.

I ran my hands through my hair. Get a grip Caroline, there's never been something you set your mind to that you can't pull off. Pep up, you weren't cheerleader captain for nothing!

I make a sharp stride forward and suddenly I hit something that showed up right out of nowhere on the walkway.

I let out a gasp because I didn't even realize I wasn't alone out here.

"Good morning…" he chuckled, holding my upper arms.

"…Kristoff" with all this craziness I didn't expect to see him "Hey uh, morning…"

"Are you alright?" he ponders skeptically "I called your name and you didn't even notice me walk up to you"

I close my eyes, kicking myself with a chuckle at this. And I'm supposed to have strigoi vampire senses?

"You seem a little tense" he notes and I rub my eyes, managing to crack a smile.

"You will not believe the crazy night I had…" I wasn't expecting to run into Kris this morning but I can honestly say it's refreshing to see a friendly face that isn't part of this drama.

"I've heard what happened" I instantly looked up at this "some of the other aristocrats are talking about it" I guess it's easy to forget sometimes that we don't live here alone in the Kremlin. Our own witches were involved and the people that live with us heard it all last night.

"How are you fairing with all this?" He seems both lean against a nearby stone wall as we talk.

"Very confused and stressed out" I automatically burst and we both can't help but chuckle, before I sigh.

"You can talk to me about it" he tries to comfort me.

Looking back at him, I've already figured out what a nice guy he is and I can talk to him really easily. Although he was technically like my ex, I've grown comfortable talking to him. I actually thought I would get to vent about all this with Klaus when I asked him to come out here with me. If anyone knows what I'm going through, he'd be the expert; but being here with Kris he can probably help me just as much since he's had such a history with us.

"Ok so first I get a surprise visit from Klaus and his family, then suddenly I find out that my last sister has appeared, which was exciting until I see my father go medieval on us and force her to turn within the first five minutes. Then I get impaled by some of my father's bloodline while they chase down my sister. My powers go haywire with a mind of their own and when we're both back on our feet, we go all Dracula on an innocent server boy. From there I decide she and I are going to tackle our new life style together but suddenly she and Megara spiral into a feud that's even worse than what I thought I had with her. Then I wake up this morning and the three of us bicker in a room of 15 frozen corpses. Then when I think I have Dimitra on the right track, she had the impulse to fight back with Meg after the scolding she gave her. Then Stasya continues to mock my animal feeding and I get the vibe that none of my family actually likes it. And all this while the Originals our watching us like we're part of a comedy reality show. And now Klaus is all buddy-buddy with my dad, and I can't focus on my audition for the role of Belle, and I'm kind of freaking out here…!" I pant after my theatrical rant. We stand in silence for a few seconds…

"….does that make sense?" Actually I wouldn't blame him if it didn't.

Suddenly, he's fighting back a wide grin, chuckling internally "Wow, your life sucks right now"

Argh… I let the upper half of my body hang forward dramatically.

He pats my back, amused at my theatricality "Oh and don't forget there's the Ball coming up"

I shoot back up at hearing this "What Ball?"

By Ball does he mean some kind of party?

He reaches into his pocket and I see him pull out a small antique scroll that rolled out a decorative invitation to what looks like a Masquerade Ball here at the Kremlin.

"It's the traditional Pureblood Ball that is hosted to welcome back each newfound member. You and your sister are the celebrated ladies of the evening" Woah, no one thought to fill me in on this…

I had no idea…

"They were just sent out last night. It is set for the night of All Hallows eve and the entire clan has been sent an invitation. All of the aristocrat society will be there, as well as the Originals…" You mean Halloween night? That's just in a few days. And all of the higher ranks have been invited? That's almost 500 strigoi vampires from all over the country! And Klaus and his family have already been told about this?

Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to jump up when it comes to a party. I love getting dolled up. I'd honestly be excited if it wasn't for the timing…

Is this really the best time for such a big party? A ballroom full of vampire's just screams trouble. Moscow better evacuate while it has the chance…

"…Well I can just add this to my Wonder woman 'To do list' for things to take care of" I joke, resting my eyes.

~Start Playing A Waltz for a Kingdom, Final Fantasy VI

"Natalia," I look back to him at hearing him use my old name "I know you have a lot on your plate right now but you can rest assure that you'll be fine" he consoles. "What I said about your singing is true. I'm confident your audition will go great. If you only knew the things that I've seen you take on in our past life… these worries would be nothing to you" What sort of things did I face as a human in the 14th century that can be harder than this? Just what can he mean by that…? "Your father has only ever wished what's best for you" he went on "Caroline, I've known your family for a very long time… and though I wasn't heavily present in your childhood years I've come to know very well each of your family. I assure you that your sisters will patch things up soon" he sounds so sure and it's really very comforting to me. I just wish these stupid memories would hurry up. I want to understand them all…

"You think so…" I couldn't help but ask…

He reaches down to hold my hand in his "…I don't know if you remember this or not… but I remember the last time your family was all together" I was eager to hear what he had to say with this.

"Before all the tragedies… you, your sisters, your cousins; including Vikenti, Ivan and Daniel. It was the night of Daniel's fifteenth birthday" Daniel… I hadn't really heard anything about him but he's supposed to be 2nd youngest Aleksandrovich, right before Lily.

"The music began very upbeat, there was food, dancing and merriment… And all of your family was there, happily together" I could hear his voice at my side and tried to imagine it.

"Liliana wanted to dance and you sprung at the idea before you and I even finished our small talk. Together you pulled Dimitra onto the dance floor and twirled together each holding Liliana in the center while you gathered attention with your high spirits. From there you linked hands with Tatianna, bringing her in to join your dance and Dimitra did the same with Megara…." And they both went along with it?

"She had been standing at her husbands side but let herself be swept away with all of your infectious smiles. You linked hands and traded partners while the twins rushed in with young Daniel and even Stasya had convinced Ivan to dance with her. With this, you took your turn dancing with Daniel, and Dimitra and Megara found the ability to pull Vikenti into the merriment. I could see their stone cold facades melt at the joy of their sisters and cousins dancing with them…. It was the next generation of the House of Aleksandrovich all together…"I pictured every detail he recalled for me and felt myself flutter at the thought.

"That sounds so nice…" I smiled.

"Some of you even fell to the ground in laughter…" he chuckled. Without my even realizing it, I rested my head against his shoulder while my mind was off in wonderland. All of my sisters dancing together in our duchess gowns, with our cousins…

Now that's a true fairytale…

"I wonder how different things would be if Vikenti, Ivan and Daniel were all with us now.." It sounds like they were always looking out for us.

"You were particularly close to the youngest, Daniel" he noted. I was?

I do vaguely remember him. Basic appearances and personality; he was a good kid. But I haven't had anything specific about him yet. I also know a lot of us looked up to Vikenti and Ivan, they being the oldest, around their late twenties.

I may not be getting any flashbacks right now but I believe exactly what he's saying.

"Why can't it be like that now?" I buck up.

"I think they will be. You all may have had your differences but I don't doubt that your family loves each other. I've seen it. Your sister's love each other very much, and they all love YOU" he assured "No family is perfect but I'm positive this will all blow over and you girls can go back to being the way you were the night I just told you of" he smiled so comfortingly.

Looking up at him those few seconds, I suddenly sit up straight while also realizing I had been leaning on him. "You know what, yes we will! And I say that night is going to be recreated at this ball!" I assert, suddenly feeling the energy course through me. "It will if I have anything to say with it. And when Caroline Forbes plans a party…" I paused for dramatic effect, holding my finger up to Kris "…you better watch out"

We both couldn't fight back the humor and burst out laughing.

"I've seen this side of you before. You might be stressed out but I get the feeling there's a tiny part of you that likes the drama, so you can fix it…"

"Shut up.." we continue to laugh.

I honestly felt so much better. I thought my day had been shot down before it even started but now I'm coursing with energy. Not only this, I'm also dead set on landing this role that Lily is so eager for me to have…

We pulled ourselves together and I couldn't help but shoot him a smile. We stood straight up to face each other.

"…Thanks Kris. I needed this…"

"You can always talk to me, Nat-er..Caroline" he corrected before leaning in to give me a hug.

I hugged him back to thank him but then a realization made me falter a little in the hug. It came flooding back that it was technically my ex-fiance that I was hugging and here I am probably giving the wrong message. I would hate for him to think I was playing him but it felt good to have someone to talk to. Right now I kind of see him like I did Matt…

I think he felt me suddenly stiffen and realized what I was thinking. He pulled back a little.

He sighed "I know you feel it's best we break free from our past but I'm not just going to forget you Caroline. I'll be here however way you need me"

What girl wouldn't swoon at that? I know that in no way do I believe I'll fulfill a 650 year old arranged marriage with someone I'm not completely in love with but…

"Thank you Kris…" for understanding I finished the hug, lifting off my feet for a second to make us chuckle. But who knows maybe he doesn't have a 0% chance…

Once I pulled back, before anything else could be said I noticed over his shoulder way across the courtyard to another open floor hallway at the opposite wing that there were a few people talking, and a known face stood out from them…




Klaus POV

~start playing Mystical Night Class by Haketa Takefumi


We sat in his study, looking over several maps of the world, as we conversed the history of our land conquers over a brandy. Curious each of these continents and city paintings are stored behind revolving pillars and torches. It calls to question what else is hiding behind the walls and floorboards of this estate.

His private office was vast with shelves of archived documents and books, with décor of vintage relics and large windows among the wall though they were currently shut. This left the room dim

"Other than our last and current empire in America, our most prominent rule was over England through the middle of the last millennia. We were somewhat nomadic over the centuries, and our time in Paris was primarily visits for pleasure." I share as we look over a dated map of Europe… "My brothers and I were lords there for quite a time…"

He nods in interest "I say the title still stands…"

We clinked glasses "Debonair men of the world we've lived as" he chuckles "I realize you and your brothers are much older and experienced then we, yet I truly see you as younger versions of ourselves" I dare say I have to nod in agreement.

"I know you're well-traveled, and I recall your earlier mentions of not reaching out much to the west. You've stayed on this side of the globe yet what of your greatest influence outside of Russia?" I inquire, taking a sip of my own glass. It's still quite odd to know we never ran into each other before…

He walks in thought, before motioning his arm along the central Europe painting on the wall. "I spent much time out of Russia primarily when I was still a new vampire. During the time I encountered my eldest daughter had been reborn, I was a Count through regions of Budapest and Galicia" he shared.

Well isn't that impressive? I suppose it's how his vampire's reach the Ukraine and parts of Eastern Europe. From what I've gathered, it's very miniscule as you go further to the west, yet it still has branched out roughly to what were once the borders of the iron curtain and knowing this… it really irritates me.

He may have kept his species small but for it to still slip by my notice…

"But now you have regained everything you once lost…" I pace about motioning to their historic possessions and the map of Moscow "…your home, your lovely daughters, what now?"

There has to be more to what he wants than just this…

I waited years to reunite my family, I waited till I had killed my father with my own two hands before I un-daggered them. We would all live together as one and from there our home would become a kingdom…

(A/N: I know what all is currently happening on TO with Mikael and Esther, even Finn back but I'm going to avoid mentioning that stuff since we won't know the outcome for quite a while and it's really not necessary to this storyline)

Vladimir already has all this. He established an underground empire but he has continued to search for his daughters, and the way he turned the last one makes me question his motives. Was it truly to keep her safe? From us… or from some other foe? He found Caroline once again, already a vampire, yet he unlocked her power and restored her past essence…

"I allow my race to live without bounds" he smiled "And I celebrate my family's reunification" he opens his drawer to pull out a vintage scroll. Handing it to me, I unroll it. We've been personally invited already yet the formal invitation is presented in my hands with details over the event. It even emphasizes Caroline and her sister's presentation.

He unveils the windows to allow light into the study now.

"Our kingdoms could be great partners, Niklaus" he offered a refill, taking our glasses to fill them with brandy once again "An honorable mention to your family will be announced to all our upper crust."

"An alliance sounds most fitting" I smirk "one never knows when a powerful friend can come in handy"

We chuckle before Vladimir receives a call. And the stronger the friendship, the greater the trust, and the greater the secrets shared…

While he momentarily turns away, I place the invitation away and retrieve my refill of brandy. Taking my drink, it is in mid gulp that out far ahead of me, I catch a glance down below onto the central courtyard. Not too far from where we had previously been eating, I catch glance of two figures standing below us. This sight looks all too familiar but this time the distance is farther, and I'm not on a balcony.

I walk up closer to the window yet eyeing Vladimir as he's momentarily distracted.

Looking out below, I can see Caroline outside in the courtyard and that being the spot she wished to speak with me earlier. I don't know if she was waiting but it now looks like someone is standing in my place and the sight of them unconsciously makes the grip on my glass tighten.

My mouth slightly parts while my jaw tightened at what appears to be him consoling her by taking her hand into his…

I realize she's been troubled since this morning and now to see her lean against him for support…. It makes me want to growl; cracks are quietly forming at the edges of my glass. Did I just push her into his arms? If it weren't for our partnership intention with her father it would be me down there right now…

She wanted to talk to ME

Who does this tosser think he is?

"Goodness it's been so long since I've seen this" I realize Vladimir had ended his call and approached his window with his arms crossed behind his back. I try to shrug it off as if I hadn't just been caught up with the sight below and he lets out a proud sounding laugh…

I cock my head at this statement. Since he's seen what?

I walk up to his side as if I'm just now seeing this like he is…

"What do you mean?" I ponder, innocently.

"My daughter and her companion there, Kristoff" he declares to them. I can feel myself wanting to fume with the rise in my blood pressure, seeing him make her smile.

"Yes I briefly met him last night" but my voice still sounds charming and laid back "who is the chap?"

I took a rather large swig of my drink to compose myself.

"An aristocrat and former prince himself from our timeline" he informs me turning away from the window. So he's a first generation aristocrat that has known them from the very beginning…

But what is this connection to Caroline…?

"He's a trusted cohort of mine and quite literally the son I never had" I looked his way as he sat back down at his desk "Well…son-IN LAW" he shrugs.


I feel a very negative feeling riling up my blood pressure and though my expression is currently stoic, I'm really not happy to think of what this means…

"So he and Caroline…" my voice was still very put together.

Seeing him nod with a smile at this next statement really made me want to hiss "…They were engaged" he finishes.

I wanted to spit at the term… Courting was one thing but engaged..

So then it was called off?

"…He asked me for her hand and the date was set… How unfortunate that our family tragedy struck before they made it to the alter but… perhaps this new sight before us may signal a rekindle..?" he explained, looking content at the idea. I took every fiber of will to keep my werewolf eyes from flashing…

Caroline entering what was no doubt an arranged marriage?

I finished my drink, calmly setting it down on the bar; crossing my arms behind my back before closing the window once again. I caught sight of him taking her into an embrace but let out an amused chuckle, shaking my head. I looking back to Vladimir with a wicked smile

That'll never happen….

He eyes me curiously for a moment, slowly standing from his seat before making his way around to me. A smile creeping onto his face too…

"You think so?" I voice, we both don't let our smile drop.

Instead of answering my question he then casually paces about as if to return to idle chit chat.

"You tell me. She's told me of how you met and it sounds like you know the present version of my daughter better than I…" That's very true. Father or not, he doesn't know her the way I do.

"…Then again" he playfully looks reassuring "I did restore the fragment of her soul that was, Natalia"

I could very much feel my smile wanting to drop entirely. Even so, it matters not who she was. She is now Caroline Forbes…

"I wouldn't let yourself be too swayed by the idea, Vladimir" This time I take my turn to sit upon the grand chair, caring not of how he perceives this and prop my legs onto the desk. "Caroline is a very caring and affectionate person. Her friends can always find comfort in her presence. The sight looks very innocent…" I dismiss to him that the entire sight is simply her kind nature that she expresses with her companions.

He cocks his head.

That is nothing like how Caroline appears when she's driven by the desire and passion of a strong connection….

I just shrug to him innocently expressing my viewpoint on this before standing from his place.

"I have faith" he laughs before eyeing me "But seeing as how she once looked at you so passionately, you would know…" I freeze at this…

My smile somewhat faltering; it isn't often that I'm taken by surprise.

"My daughter has already told me of the rendezvous you shared in your last encounter" I may be a centuries old vampire… but standing across from a man who's daughter I've made love to.., who also happens to be a powerful vampire… I never thought I'd be in this type of awkward situation.

He chuckles "I know how the world works, Niklaus. And my daughter's are grown enough to make their own decisions on these matters." He reassures.

"But still… as her father" he approaches me directly. We stand at even heights "..and as each other's new partners, which I take very seriously" he then clicks the remote to once again conceal the maps and archives "I'd say the level of your friendship with her is within my right to know…"

It's very clear that he wants this Kristoff to regain the hand of his daughter and wants me at a distance.

The way he now shut things away called that if I wanted his allegiance and insight, I would have to stay away from his daughter.

"We did once have a close involvement and your daughter will always have my deepest respect. What is it exactly you want to know, Vladimir?" I play along.

"It is true that I wish for Kristoff to win back my daughters affections…. But how do you see my daughter now, Niklaus?" his tone that of a concerned father but there was an underlying insecurity to the question.

I couldn't help but smile

Is he afraid I can turn her against him?

I am a threat to him after all. I'm the Hybrid and Caroline now possesses an extraordinary ability. As delightful as the idea of taking his daughter from him is, a partnership is still technically my best option. Caroline truly seems to care for him and for her new family so I must keep this peaceful and to Vladimir's comfort. Not to mention being enemies could bring about a supernatural apocalypse. I'm as ready for war as any ruler, but until I find reason to doubt they genuinely want to live happily as a family with Caroline, we will be partners; and in being so, I will learn how to ensure that these people can never turn the knife. I'll learn how they function, how they operate, and for insurance… how they can be taken down….

"Caroline is a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman that you should be very proud of" I begin, eyes in full contact "But our involvement is nothing more than a respectful friendship" I assure, before holding my hand out. "And as new partners, I do hope you now consider us friends Vladimir…"

It isn't long before his expression turns into a smiling nod, and he shakes my hand.

"We are…" or so he'll thinks…




Caroline POV


It's been a while since I first met him again but I can clearly recognize him. That sleek brown hair; that clean cut tycoon way of dressing. He had left for St. Petersburg but I didn't realize he was back in town. Does Meg know he's back? Right now he looks to be discussing work matters with some of the other aristocrats here at the Kremlin. This could be a good opportunity to start this whole healing process. I definitely know that he and my sister have a rough history together and it's safe to say their marriage ended in a disaster. The big question is, why?

My father just made it sound like they grew apart and Megara wanted out of marriage life. But then this morning, she made it sound like somehow he was the one that destroyed their relationship.

Come to think of it, my relationship with my sister was slowly coming along fine until he first returned. When I first asked her about him she completely shut herself out. I get the feeling that the really bad attitude we've been seeing from our sister isn't just because of daddy issues. She genuinely sounds like she's carrying a weight and I'm going to find out what it is…

"Kris…" I discretely nod my head to look in their direction "…so you know Filip, right?

I don't mean to turn into Gossip girl all of a sudden, but there's no way I'm going to get it out of Megara. Kris has been around this whole time so maybe he know something.

He turns to look they're way, noticing who it is across the estate "Your former brother-in law? Yes"

I look back at him a little more curiously "We're each from noble families that ruled over these regions. We've worked together on various occasions so we are friends, though other times closer than some. Recently not as much…"

So they're not best buddies but they still know a lot about each other. This is good.

"Well listen, I'm trying to figure some things out" we were speaking in very silent whispers to each other to make sure they couldn't hear this part of our conversation. He listens for me to go on.

"I know she's my sister's ex-husband now but I remember planning their wedding, how in love my sister looked and my dad even says they picked up right where they left off. So what is it that happened?" I asked.

He bites his cheek in thought, contemplating how to answer "Well, I've never actually heard it directly from either of them…" he notes " but it's primarily certain that they're union involved many love affairs"

So my hunch was right?

"Near the end of their union, they were hardly ever seen together anymore"

It does look like they both work a lot, but that's still no proper excuse. Tatianna and Erik do also and they're just fine. So if adultery really was involved and the way Megara made it sound…

"Who cheated on who?" my voice was now harsh but still a whisper.

He shook his head "It was never actually proven. There are several rumors of which of them it was and rumors of who these affairs involved" he shrugged "I've never had interest to dig into it but if you truly want to know, I guess the best thing to do is ask one of them. They broke things off a long time ago" but there's still some old feelings there. At least on Megara's part but it did look like a tease game when I saw him speak to her.

"Well Megara's not gonna tell me anything so that means its him I'll have to talk to" it'll be weird but I think my wanting to know is reasonable.

"Neither of them have ever really spoken about it to many others" he noted.

"Well I was their family" I assert my position "And in a way, I'm kind of the one who married them the first time so I say there's reason for me to know"

He finished a few form look overs with the others before turning to leave in the other direction. Breathing in confidently, I'm going to have a talk with him.

"Thanks for your help, Kris. It did mean a lot. I'll see you around" we nod before I walk set to walk across the courtyard.

"Let me know how your audition goes" he calls before making his way in the opposite direction.



"Thank you, sweetheart" The server at the bar smiled back with an arched brow at his flirty tone before walking away.

He casually sipped his martini before closing the files he briefly scanned over at the bar.

"Care to join me for a drink, lady Natalia?" my eyes widened at this. I was all the way across the lounge and only spotted him seconds ago while he sat with his back to me. He said this knowing my vampire hearing would pick it up.

I lost sight of him when I finished talking to Kris and went in the general direction he took off in. I didn't know where he was going but luckily some aristocrats I ran into told me he was heading out for a drink. So he knew I was behind him the whole time?

Well this is awkward. I hope he doesn't think I'm up to anything weird by trailing him. Shifting a little awkwardly, I just decided to take up the offer and crossed the lounge towards the bar.

Looking over his shoulder when I approached, he shot me a dazzling smile motioning to the seat next to him.

"Hi, I hope you don't find my following you here strange. I was just hoping to talk to you" I explain, taking my seat.

He smiled reassuringly, waving his hand to signal one of the other bartenders. Filip motions to me if I'd like a drink and I nod to have what he's having served before me.

"Well what's strange is we were never too close in the past but this encounter is quite refreshing" he raises his glass to me and I take mine to clink our glasses "…to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Hmm… so Meg likes the sexy, refined and clean cut studs. Sounds like her type…

"Well I was just wondering about something. As you know, as a new pureblood I'm still going through a huge part of the memory returning process. And I've now seen you were my brother is law…" he nods with a sigh..

"We were indeed family at one point…" he confirms "unfortunately that is past tense. Sometimes things just change, but you all still have my great regard and loyalty…" he declares. The way he said this really sounded like he's sad at the thought that he isn't married to my sister anymore, and even as an actress I can't fully read if its genuine or not.

"… I remember parts of your wedding with Megara as humans. And I know how you guys were reunited too" I noted, trying to see his reaction to the memories.

He smiled, "Yes, so recklessly in love" he takes another sip. His expression really looks fond at the thought. Does he maybe have some left over feelings for my sister too?

"…so then…" I shrug bluntly "what happened? You guys divorced…"

He swirls his glass for a moment at the thought "I guess my love wasn't enough for your sister…"

This confused me, making me narrow my eyes. I'm pretty sure Megara is still in love with this guy. And yes, she's the one that wanted a divorce but now he's saying she had his love the whole time?

"What do you mean?"

He looked at me skeptically about this topic. I sighed.

"Come on, we were once family, Filip. I want to know why you two decided you weren't meant to be together" I urge, him to go on. Yes, it could be weird and uncomfortable for them but that just means they still feel the effects of it. Otherwise it wouldn't be so difficult to talk about.

"Your sister was the only woman for me, Caroline. But it takes two to make a marriage work. And over our work we ended up drifting apart…" From what I heard that can't be all of it.

I shake my head. "Ok, I know this may sound offensive but if it really is just a rumor then set me straight right now. I heard there was an affair… or several affairs…" I tested out but without fully pointing at which one of them it was.

He actually didn't look too bothered by this, casually motioning for a refill "there were"

I was suddenly surprised to hear him say it out just like that, I could actually feel a hurtful anger grow inside me but before I could even make any huge assumptions he went on "from both of us…"

My mouth was gawking opening and close, trying to organize all this in my head.

"I'm sorry to say this since we are talking about your sister but we drifted apart. Eventually even the time we had together, we realized we were so distanced and consumed with our own concerns and needs. I still loved her but she shut me out, completely closing the doors of our bedroom to me" so this meaning she wouldn't even sleep with him anymore.

"We separated, but although we were still married we found solace in other people. It went on like this for years, and hurtful shots were blown but in my last attempts to make it work, she finally asked for divorce…" he sounds so sad about it but he even owned up that he committed wrongs in the marriage too. I was confused on who was the victim in all this…

First I thought he was the hurt one…

Then I thought Meg was the hurt one…

Or… did they both just screw it up, together?

I put my elbows on the bar, running my hands through my hair thinking things over.

"…that's unfortunate" I really wasn't sure what to say.

"It's my greatest shame considering how closely I work with your father" he noted on the work he does with the higher rankings of our species.

Well I don't think he really has to worry about that. From the looks of it, my dad favors his side over Megara's in the failed marriage…

"This whole things sounds like you guys let this get the better of you because you weren't communicating well…" I try to think over what they could have done better. It sounds to me like a lot could have been prevented. He said it himself, it takes two to make a marriage work. Yeah, maybe Meg could have done more but he isn't a saint either….

Actually I'm still more suspicious on his side of things…

I have to remember it's the guy I'm talking about and over course he's going to defend himself. I need Megara's side on this…

"Perhaps a large part of the blame is on me…" there were traces of a chilling grin that vaguely reached the corner of his mouth but only for a second… "but what I said was true, Natalia. Your sister is the only woman for me…" he finished his Martini…

I got a weird vibe from that…





Megara POV


"Guests will already be arriving in these next few days. I want all of them taken into account and warned against large scale feeding or killing. With this many vampires in one city, we don't need any headlines drawing unwanted attention" I harshly instructed our strigoi officials that look over hospitality and tourism of Moscow. This isn't like the past ages where human massacres or disappearances can go unnoticed and unsolved by the rest of the world. After this morning's indiscretion of only 15, it's certainly proven difficult damage control. The humans certainly won't be too happy but my uncle is meeting with them to make amends.

Today in place of work, I was already beginning to help with the preparations for the upcoming ball, but truthfully it's the last thing I want to be doing right now. I've been in a bad mood all morning and I have reason to be. Father has put even more of a load on my shoulders with inviting the Originals, possibly our greatest threat, to stay directly under our roof. He is exposing our kind to the supernatural world when who knows what could be out there waiting for us. Then not only do we have Natalia's arrival but Dimitra's as well. The control of both their powers run a thin line, hunger as well and I am now forced to endure both their issues. They have done nothing but frustrate me so, and especially the younger of the two. And to add the cherry on top, my ex-husband is once again operating here in the Kremlin…

I strut my way towards my father's office, possibly leaving fire in my trail when I am stopped by the presence of my uncle and one of the Originals before I reach their private lounge.

"Where is my father?" my voice clearly on edge.

"He has gone with Lord Niklaus to assemble a faction meeting. Whatever it is, it'll have to wait, sweetheart" I wanted to groan out in irritation but still nod respectfully before making my leave.

A walks away I call to one of the maids "Edna, bring me a lemon tea" I demand.

"Yes, mam" she scurries along as I lean against the railing overlooking the bottom hallway.

"Are you alright?" I had noted a nearby presence and turned to this newfound company.

I instantly nod, giving a slight bow "Lord Mikaelson, how can I help you?"

"Elijah" he insists "We've already been properly introduced so there's no need for formal titles" he reassures.

"Very well" I agree.

"I don't mean to pry but seeing you like this. I take it you are… still upset about the rocky morning with your sister." He ponders, though still sounding respectfully "It seems the two of you have gotten off on the wrong foot…"

I cross my arms, trying not to scowl at the thought. I am her elder sister yet she dared to disrespect me in such a manner; and in front of our guests too. At this thought I'm not only irritated with her but I'm irritated at myself for engaging in a sibling bicker right in they're presence.

"I apologize for our immature behavior. You must think our family is overrun with frivolous girlish squabble" Our display was no doubt a show of weakness for people who have lived for centuries, despite being frozen as young adults.

He gave a friendly laugh before smiling "You needn't feel embarrassed. I understand perfectly well how feuds and rancor can run in a family" his eyes looking distant at the thought "…it isn't easy." Can he understand what I'm going through? He hasn't seen my past and from what I've gathered so far he seems like he's the wise and peace-loving of the family…

"Forgive me, but you don't cross me as the type that's been troubled with sibling grudges…" I look down onto my entwined hands as he leans back against the railing "…they call you the honorable one, after all…"

"Well that's just the thing…" he sighs before letting a grin peek through at the side of his mouth.

"We aren't perfect. I'm truly no better than any other murderous vampire half of the time. And no one out there know's this better than my siblings…" Looking back at him, it is admirable how he's able to own up to such a thing. Admitting to someone's own flaws isn't easy for people. But there is definitely a wisdom in his ancient eyes.

"To the rest of the world, we are seen in many different images but it is our family that truly gets to see all of our sides. No one knows us better than they and that's why it's so easy for disputes to up rise. And that is why it is so easy for us to be hurt by them…" I was a bit at a loss for words. Yes, we're new allies now but there's still a precaution both our families are watching our backs for. It strikes me odd for him to be sharing this...

At that moment, the maid had returned with a tea tray, offering a cup to Elijah which he nodded to.

He swirled the lemon in his own cup, while we stood side by side on the railing "My siblings and I have done unspeakable acts and especially cruel things to one another" he then turned to look down my way but only stared at the dark water in my hands "…it is the emotional cut of knowing it was them that cuts deepest"

I'm not really sure I understand this. From what we've learned about them over the centuries, the Originals were always known for staying together. It's a quality my father always admired and longed for in us… But from the tone of his voice… exactly how bad were the things that they've done to each other..? I couldn't help but wonder before straightening up and clearing my throat.

"I'm don't understand why you're telling me this…" I sip my cup, finally looking his way with an apathetic expression.

"Well you do love your sister's, right?" He started off first.

I got the urge to roll my eyes, with a sigh. Alright I'll come out with it "Honestly my siblings and even some of my cousin's and I haven't ever seen eye to eye. Yes we grew up together, yes we've tolerated each other and even shared tender moments here and there. But a majority of the time there was distance between us. Even after being reborn, and living under the same roof, we have our own lives that aren't that affected for too long when one of us rejoined" From a line I heard them speak this morning, we don't have an 'Always and Forever oath.' I know it's been father's dream but I can't say for sure if it's ours.

"I think you do love them very much" I'm a little taken aback by this assumption "You wouldn't have stayed at your father's side for such a long time and work so loyally if you didn't wish to see this yourself" W-what? Well, he's my father. The man gave me life…

"I've done that out of the great respect I have for my father. It was for him" I dismiss it.

He somewhat smiles to himself, and I couldn't help but cock my head at this. It kind of looks like he doesn't believe me and it's irking…

"Well I'm speaking to you about this because over the course of my long life, I have come to believe that we are bound forever to those with whom we share blood. It may start off as simple sibling bickering but here is where betrayals and tragedies can take root. You've each claimed that there has been bad blood between you all in the past already. And this relation that binds you can either be your greatest strength or… your deepest regret" Is he trying to say we'll turn on each other one day?

(Some of this paragraph was actual TO narration. I do not own)

"I've tried to make things right from past sins. My family is not something I'd ever let myself lose and so I have fought for our redemption in our darkest hour. I can see the distance you speak of, but I'm telling you this because you don't want to see your family be so broken. I may not know of your past, or what you're going through right now, but you should make things right with your younger sister, both of them…" I arched my brow, more confused than ever.

I don't understand this man.

Why does he even care?

If this happens, it would a benefit to the Originals.

Am I expected to believe this advice is entirely from the goodness of his heart?

"If my sister's and I detest each other, what is it to you?" my voice still respectful but somewhat sounding my confusion. Why does it seem like his words really struck deep with a part of me? Especially when they can be fake for all I know?

"We are allies now." He declared so genuinely. "I don't believe you detest Dimitra, or Natalia, or any of the other girls. I don't believe this cold demeanor you have with the others is who you really are…"

He sounds so honest. I really do have a new found respect for him

"I thank you for your words, Elijah" So maybe I was unfairly harsh with my sisters this morning. But this is who I have to be.

Its how I've run things with my father, how I've succeeded at his side with our species and city, and how I'll ensure the love of my…NO, the former love of my life, or anyone else cannot ever turn their back on me…

He stays looking back at me, as if searching in my eyes that he was able to reach a part of me with our talk. It's a little unsettling so I don't allow myself to fully face him, staying forward to lean against the railing with my cup. He too continues with his tea.

The Kremlin still sounds with its usual business of the various politicians and aristocrats at work while the servers busy themselves with their own duties as well.

All of a sudden I feel my foul mood heighten again at seeing who walks through the hall below our railway. I couldn't even stop myself from extending my hearing.

"There you are. Nice to see you back…" Frederick shook hands with my former husband who I discovered just last night returned to Moscow. He would be here until after the Ball and it displeasures me to know this. He is based in St. Petersburg, and a big reason being so we don't have to see each.

"Duty calls. I flew in last night" he noted his three friends/colleagues.

Gaston nodded "Once business is handled, we should take some indulgence at the Sky lounge" They nod at the suggestion. They began their walk towards the boardroom

"I was just there actually. I'm running a little off time because one of the Purebloods, Lady Natalia, asked to meet with me" I suddenly felt my eyes widen and I gawked, almost letting the cup slip from my hand.

As they past beyond the next door way in their turn, I even caught sight of Filip looking over his shoulder right up to where I stood on the second floor railing, shooting me his all too familiar sly wink.

My sister had just gone to speak with my ex-husband...







"I'd say this is our preferred night spot" they led us in further to where we were met with the guards of entrance. Upon seeing us, they instantly smiled with a respectful bow, letting us make our way inside.

Lenora and Theodora strut in like dignitaries and we were instantly met with recognition from the other individuals. We had been led to see various attractions and a majority of the most popular and exclusive nightclubs in the city were run entirely by vampires. These locales were quite tasteful, the bars, the luxurious lounge, food, the exotic dancers, the feeding and recreational activities on the many floors. It was daytime and it further proves how everyone here is a vampire, although we've been told that almost every aristocrat has a daylight ring.

"Many of our higher ranks will begin to arrive, as we'll see here." They told us how the invitations for the Pureblood Ball had already been delivered and this city's inhabitants will have an influx of predators of the night for the next week.

We were greeted by many of the others here, receiving bows and instantly offered beverages. My family's presence in the city was disclosed as well.

"Now this is what I call special treatment" Marcel chuckled and even I had to grin.

Theodora, stepping up to one of the higher floor areas, raising her hand and attention was instantly directed on us.

"Hello friends. I'm sure you've all received the news and your invitations" she smirked, speaking in her native tongue "We are so proud to once again host the traditional Pureblood Ball in honor of my cousins, the final members of our family to appear. The strigoi will now live much more unbound in this world, and to help us celebrate these proud developments, I'm proud to have here with me our new allies, and friends; two of the members of the Original family. Kol Mikaelson and Marcel Gerard" She waved a glass to us and the room then filled with applause, and waved glasses.

Now that's proper respect. I chuckle

We ordered our own drinks and the twins introduced us to many of their companions. I have to admit it's very impressive. The indulging attractions of Moscow are to die for, yet…. this wasn't entirely what I was looking to discover today. At breakfast, I had proposed the twins tour us around the city because they seemed the easiest to get talking, recalling the last piece of information they disclosed to me. It would have been easy to get them sharing but then their father insisted some of their aristocrat friends join us. It's obvious the Pureblood brothers don't want us getting too deeply involved with their daughters. I can fully tell this means he's having us watched over and any conversations or activity that crosses a line will get straight back to him. They'll only let us know what they want us to know. This city is crawling with their private sources and I know this because that's how Nik has New Orleans structured…

It seems even the chatty twin's know when to be tight lipped, as well. Any conversation I feign with simple curiosity over their family or species they avoid or claim to not know anything. I've known everything there is to know about witches and the fact that their existence and abilities still have parts unexplained and potentials barely shown to us, this bothers me. These girls might not have lived aware of their witch heritage but at this point, they've got to have learned something. What did their coven practice? Who are these secret witch outcasts that serve now serve under them? Exactly what potencies do their individual abilities have? How did the father's pioneer this new form of magic?

I believe this is where their weaknesses lie…

"So is your recluse witch faction a part of your family's old coven?" Marcel pried, asking Lenora casually in conversation while we sat ourselves on the vintage sofas.

The people around us continued with their own conversation but it can be noted the aristocrats Jameson, Griffin and Clarissa were very tuned into our chat.

She shrugged, looking to her sister while sipping her cocktail "Perhaps, we didn't really know any mentionable names"

"Well from what we know, witches tend to be big on the ancestor and loyalty stuff" he noted with a casual laugh "they put us through some rough times"

"Yes very troublesome but useful" she smiled to him.

"You've kept hidden from other witches, making your story only a fairytale to them" I swirl my scotch, looking back to Theodora sitting at my side "yet you have a closed circle of them in your service. How did you triumph that?" I grin.

"It's all in the strategy of our great father's" she asserts smugly "they're the ones that have it all worked out" I wanted to groan, exchanging glances with Marcel.

I recall it's been said that these girls also weren't reborn as witches either but it's still part of their species now. Aret they truly ignorant of it or is it just well hidden?

I had to keep in mind of Griffin sitting on Theodora's right.

Maybe I should try a new angle.

I had my arm draped around the sofa to the side where Theodora laid back on.

"It's just so intriguing. What about you?" I tease, somewhat lowering my voice.

She arches her brow, lowering her drink and very slightly leans further into my arm.

"What about me?" she declares smiling.

"Well I know you have this incredible hold on Magneto kinesis" it's an expansion of elemental abilities "It's such an incredible power… your truly divine like" I compliment, making her chuckle softly.

"How did you truly harness it?" I twirled a strand of her hair with the hand that was stretched out behind her. "Bend it to your will?"

"It takes quite a while but, eventually it recognizes who's in control" she cooed the last few words.

"I take it you like being in control, darling…?" I tease, both of us laugh to ourselves.

The twins are quite lovely, as are all the Aleksandrovich girls. It's quite clear Theodora is absolutely relishing my close proximity to her. Too bad this is all to dig up an advantage over their kind.

"Have you tried any chants before? Or have you discovered any expansions of it?" I continue to inquire as if an innocent conversation. We were much closer now. It may be a fraction of magic that they're essence was granted but I feel there is far more to its potential than each of their one manifestation.

She shakes her head "Oh such old fashion magic concepts bore me. Why trouble ourselves with those long gone things. We're vampires now; and entirely immortal which is all that matters" she dismissed, apathetic to any other potencies that relate to their father's magic. Still finding herself wanting to lean closer in to me, we both heard a throat clear.

Griffin who had made it appear as if he were in conversation with Clarissa pretended it was a casual act from his drink but Theodora did catch his eyes, before coming to a realization and sighing into her drink, leaning a little away from how close she'd been.

I was honestly growing somewhat irritated. I wanted to simply knock they're little spies out and compel them to sod off with their mouths shut or dagger themselves but I knew they were all on vervain. Even then, I'm sure there are more naughty little birds waiting to get back to their father's and it was quite clear Theodora herself had been given instructions by them to not disclose anything too detailed, or get too cozy with any of us.

How very annoying…

I finished, taking a swig on of my drink. Marcel didn't seem to be having much luck either and we thought it would prove an advantage talking to them since my sister wasn't currently at his side.

Nik and Elijah are doing as much as they can to unearth the dictating side of these vampires rule through a partnership with the brothers. It's best this way considering I'm probably the most suspicious Original they're precautioned for. And since Marcel and I are more knowledgeable on witch matters, we were looking to learn more from this angle but so far we've reached a blockade.

Well played…






Ximena POV


This is actually pretty nice. The wind feels good and it's quiet out here in the park. I just needed to get away for a while. You could cut the tension in the dining room with a butter knife. This so called family reunion wasn't really the emotional, tear jerking group hug of different personalities you see in comedies.

The main topic of conversation was politics, world history and the city.

Not even a 'so hey it's been 650 years. How's life?'

And only having fractions of my last one confuses me. Can vampires have headaches?

As soon as people started getting up, I decided to excuse myself. Caroline, Lily and even Tatianna suggested they accompany me but, I'd insisted I'd be alright. Even my father snapped out of his chat to look my way. He asked where I was going… and his tone sounded kind of hesitant… What do they think I would hop on the next plane out of Russia?

I threw a pebble, from a few that I gathered, into the pond watching it skip.

Apparently 'Daddy' thought so seeing as how he had his minions follow me without my even realizing it. After I decided to take a walk closer to the city, I was still very fired up and accidently bumped into someone causing me to actually freeze half their body, starting from where our shoulders touched. They started to panic after the initial shock and I gawked, unsure of what to do, until the guy was snatched.

They would compel him, let him thaw and told me not to worry about it before they took off. It's crazy…!

I'm just left there looking around like, what just happened?

Seeing the new things that I'm capable of causing, I don't think there's a way I could ever go back home now.

My father and uncles checked on how I was earlier but they barely talked to any of us during breakfast, they seemed far more consumed with the Originals, who were awkwardly sitting across from us. They seem like ordinary young adults but there's an air to them that can somewhat send chills down your spine. I can somewhat sense a similar new aura that's like this around my family, but since I now feel a strong recognition with them, I'm obviously not scared of my family...

All of a sudden, some of these wacky knew senses picked up something. Don't ask me how I can tell but someone was close by. I immediately stood from the stone steps, dropping the little rocks, and faced defensively a figure that appeared right on cue.

It was one of the guys that swooped in earlier.

"My apologies, lady Dimitra I didn't mean to disturb" his hands up signaling he wasn't up to anything, although technically I can tell he is. He could have just walked over casually like a normal person.

"Who are you? Did my father send you?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"I am Logan, milady. And I am simply here because your father requested that on your day out," he sounds like he's trying to smooth out the words "…that some of us, check in on you" he worded it but I still understood the full meaning.

I fought the urge to roll my eyes "Oh so technically you're my babysitter?" That's probably the primary reason he had to swoop in and take care of that little situation I had earlier. "Or would stalker be a better word?" Does our father do this with Caroline and the others too?

I sat back down, resting my elbows to my knees.

"Lady Dimitra, your still a newly transformed Pureblood. He is simply concerned for your new stability" he insisted.

I groaned. If he's so concerned then why isn't he the one telling me this? He gave Caroline and I gifts this morning and there's his fatherly input for the day? "He sure didn't look concerned…" I laugh.

"He very much is so. He wants to be sure your powers aren't overwhelming you and that neither is your hunger" he went on, stepping closer to me with his arms behind his back "With this being so, you've been out for a while now and he's sent me to inform you its best you return to the Kremlin now" he informed me as if on an official message delivery.

I scoffed, hands in my pockets I began to walk along the pavement the way I was going.

He's off doing his Vampire Prince work at the capital yet he's using his father authority to say when its time to come inside? I don't think so. Sorry, the third daughter wants to spend more time out.

"I don't think so" I've been trying to turn this day around and I don't need my new nanny here killing it.

"He wants to know when you'll be back" I heard him walk behind me.

"Later? Eventually.." I keep it vague. Even if I do go back now I doubt he'll be waiting to talk to me.

I walk faster away but I can still here his footsteps behind me.

I sharply turn around at a speed I didn't even know I had "I don't like being followed…" I assert with a glare for him to leave me alone and begin backing away.

Talk about overbearing parenting when he's not even here.

But then he continues to move forward "But your father is insisting it is time for you to go back home now. It is for your own well bein- ARGH!" My eyes widen, startling back a bit at hearing a loud crunching snap.

Logan tumbles to the ground right in front of me and I look up to see a smirking blonde girl dusting her hands "Huh, your stiff neck nearly ruined my nail…" she waves her hand before kicking him into the pond.

I was surprised to see it was the Original sister that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and how she just got rid of the guy.

"Oh he'll be fine, but we certainly can't leave him lying here dead out in the open" she shrugs playfully.

I looked back at her with uncertainty….

Around the area I could sense we were the only ones in this part of the park but why was she here? I thought I saw her about to go out with Theodora and Lenora before I left the breakfast table.

"Rebekah, right?" I stepped away from the pond, keeping my arms folded to myself.

Honestly, I'm not sure how to act around her. I didn't say much to the Originals when we were sitting with them, the proclaimed oldest and first vampires to ever exist. Not the ordinary guests over for brunch…

She nodded, smiling confidently with her hands inside her long coat

The way my father is so preoccupied with their stay here, negotiating and making an alliance while still being suspicious of them… Everyone else seems so caught up with having them here while Caroline knew them saying they aren't any threat and can be trusted, well… most of them. The one called Elijah, who was wearing a suit, seemed nice and had a comforting voice, he did ask me how I was feeling. Marcel, I think he's Rebekah's boyfriend, high fived my appetite saying its nothing that should bother me, which I awkwardly returned. And the one I met first, Kol, I didn't sit near him but we did lock eyes for an instant and that same devilish smile of his I saw the first time we crossed each other on the yacht really gave me unsettled chills. I immediately looked away this time; in fact I kept my eyes from looking anywhere to the right end of the table, which I think I heard a low chuckle to.

"Now that you have more spare time, care to join me for a little girl talk…" it wasn't really a question, and she made her way around me, shooting back a glance to signal we were walking.

I didn't really get to talk to Rebekah or the one called Klaus directly but they're the two that Caroline qualifies closely as being friends. All this really leaves me confused on how to act around them but seeing how my family's been acting lately, I guess I'll take Caroline's word for it.

By now the guy had sunk to the bottom. Stuff like this is kinda twisted but I guess I'm gonna be seeing a lot of this...

With a sigh, I begin walking up in pace beside her. She walks so confidently, and she's very pretty but I can't help but feel like there's something familiar about her. It's strange, it's kind of like I've seen her before…

"I thought you were going to tour the city with my cousins?" I wasn't expecting she'd want to talk to me all of a sudden.

"I was, after all I hear this country's booze is to die for" she grinned. It is Russia, one of the highest ranked alcohol consuming countries. I think it's famous for vodka "…but then my brother, Elijah, requested I stay behind. He pointed something out to me, and I guess it struck a chord with something's I've seen before…"

I gave her a questioning look at this notion.

"Dimitra, right?" she asked about my name. Well Dimitra is what everyone here's been calling me, except Caroline of course who calls me Ximena; I guess I'm alright with it like this.

"Yeah" I shrug nonchalantly.

"That was quite a clash you had with Megara. I take it you like the taste of a little retribution…"she teased.

I groan. Just thinking about it makes me kick along the rubble stones on the pavement. I don't regret what I did. How could she be that unfair with me..?

"Elijah told me what happened last night…" she sounded somewhat humored, nodding her head at the thought "I guess I'd be pretty cranky too" Psh… well cranky is putting it mildly.

"And now that your back, I take it you and your sisters have some 'unresolved issues'…" she pondered. It's kinda strange having her ask me this stuff. I can't help but wonder why she wants to know about it.

"She's your elder sister, you were somewhat disrespectful…" her tone sounded somewhat… testing.

After this morning, I should really watch my back with Meg. If being a vampire amplifies who you really are, she could have a hit called on me now.

"Look, I don't know what crawled up her ass and died, but she has been completely cynical with me since all this started. I've been trying to keep myself from falling apart with all this but she just added way more pressure…" I exclaim, feeling good to express it.

"So she was cruel…" she asserted, somewhat sounding in thought..

"SHE struck me first" I cross my arms "I don't bite my tongue when it comes to people like her…." I know that Megara could probably pummel me no problem, she's clearly very strong, but it's why I did what I did.

And I know what good morals are. I know that two wrongs don't make a right but isn't she supposed to be the eldest sibling? Not to mention centuries old. You'd think she would be supportive on this. Even the little I have back about her in the past is rocky. What did I ever do to her? Or what is it that's made her so hostile, what made her this way…? It doesn't make sense…

"Careful there, love; your little dispute with your sister is small right now but trust me when I say when you play with fire, you'll end up burned yourself" I gave her a confused look at this. What's that supposed to mean?

"You mean her powers?"

Rebekah actually paused walking at this, somewhat realizing what I was referring to and shook her head out "OH, right, she has pyro kinesis… Well uh, I wasn't referring to that but now that you point it out, I guess it could happen to you in both senses" her smile looked amused at the irony of the idea.

Before she could begin walking again, I stopped and shook my hands out all-together.

"Ok, Rebekah, not to be rude but why are we talking about this?" There's gotta be more to this than small talk. She's wondering about our sibling issues but I don't understand why. What is she getting at?

"What does any of this matter to you?" my hands hit my sides.

"Who says it does? Maybe it just struck my amusement to see girls like you and your sisters tear each other down…" she arched her brow in a somewhat mocking way but her voice sounded somewhat defensive. Right now I really couldn't handle getting into something like this.

I scoff "Oh, well I'm glad everyone around here finds my distress so amusing" I turn sharply to get out of here "happy to entertain, tip your waitress" I'm about to stomp away but before I get too far she calls out.

"…And maybe because I can relate" I stop in my tracks at hearing this but don't turn back. This showing I wasn't expecting to hear what she called out of the blue but it caught my attention. It was silent for a few moments, just hearing the rustling park leaves, before she went on

"Maybe I saw that our families have more in common than what is initially seen…" How is that? Is she trying to say she's gone through this? All of the Originals seem so …organized.

"What do you mean…?" I finally turned around.

"You think in a thousand years I've never been hurt by someone close to me?" she began to step by step walk up to me "That I don't know what it's like to be the troubled little sister who's feelings are often disregarded by the rest of the family…"

Hit the mark….

Looking back into her eyes, I was suddenly really puzzled. She had strong and confident features that other women would hate her for but in her eyes… There's definitely an intensity there that shows vulnerability, that she's being honest, and that she's been emotionally wounded herself. My eyes somewhat scattered down to our feet, unsure how I would word the questions the suddenly came to mind.

So she understands what I'm feeling… It kind of gives me a heaviness in the back of my throat that I'm trying to swallow back.

"You lashed out not because the slap hurt you but because it hurt that after your horrific night, a person who's supposed to understand you was cruel about your struggle…" I guess it kind of sounds like something a kid would do. Caroline and Lily had done so well to cheer me up earlier but I guess those leftover bad feelings were still kind of lingering when I saw my older sister. Argh, it's so strange how she's reading me like this…

"Hurt by your own family; that's known as a form of betrayal, and it feels good to get back at them. To give them a taste of their own medicine so that they may understand you, but over the years the exchanged shots become a cycle and each time the consequence is worse and worse…" she warned, speaking from some kind of experience that made me wonder what she's gone through. A thousand years… is a long time to be with the same people, even if they are your own blood…

I was finally able to look back up at her "Have you had bad feuds with your brothers?"

We were now near a fountain area and she took a few steps to sit against the wide stone rim, nodding.

"Especially Klaus…. Klaus and Elijah, me and Kol, Kol and Klaus, even Marcel has been dragged into our quarrels… We've done horrible things to each other" She turned to face me and by the sound of all this, it made me prop my legs up, resting my chin on my knees at the thought of it.

So this is why she came and talked to me…

Not to mock me or lecture me but… reach out in a sense "So you think this is where we're headed?"

She nodded her head in a convinced matter about the possibility of it "People like us are cursed, Dimitra. Much like us, everything that's happened to you girls is your fathers doing. Elijah views you all as victims of an irrational act… and I'm talking to you now because it is in your hands how far you let yourselves fall…"

I stared at the spurting fountain while I thought over what she was saying. It's just one rivalry I have, but Rebekah makes it sound so ominous. Like the calm before a storm or a daunting tragedy. Maybe this would be overdramatic if we were humans but the way she worded it with being a vampire…. I did just see people get killed and wounded like it was nothing. Caroline was stabbed, I was killed on a whim and every vampire has these dangerous abilities…. so what kind of macabre life does a vampire FAMILY live? Rebekah looks around my age but I can tell she's no ordinary teenage girl…. None of us are ordinary…. Not anymore.

I'm not sure where the concern is coming from but it sounds like they really want this alliance with us to work. Original to Pureblood, she's giving me advice right now.

"Elijah sounds like a good man…" I note this whole set up. I get a good vibe from him… and from Rebekah as well.

The corner of her mouth rose "Yes, he is quite the honorable and kind part of the Mikaelson family…" I couldn't help but quirk a grin at this, raising my brow. I don't believe for one second she did this only because of the common ground her brother pointed out between us.

"So are you" I note quietly, making her turn to me with a bewildered expression.

"…You know at first I thought you might be like Meg or Stasya but…" I smile sincerely "I can tell you have a caring heart Rebekah.." This thought left me to sigh, staring out at the rest of the park while letting my legs slide to the ground and I lay back against my hands. There's a part of me now that wishes I'll find this half is inside my eldest sister as well.

She didn't respond but I could tell she was a little surprised by my notion. None the less she stayed seated and sighed, leaning back the same way I was.

Call it naivety if you want but from my own little evaluation, I'm taking Caroline's side on the Originals. I don't know if our families will be besties but I do think we can trust them. They don't seem all bad and I hope this new partnership will work out, I can't be for sure how the family patriarchs feel about each other but I think we can trust them. Caroline said she was primarily friends with Klaus so that's a good sign; Elijah and Rebekah seem very nice but… I'm not sure what to think about the last two. Then again, I'm about as suspicious of them as I am about my own cousins.

"Are you happy as a vampire Rebekah?" She may look strong but I can tell this is a delicate topic for her.

She looked to me with narrowed eyes, showing confusion because she wasn't expecting this kind of question. I nodded, meaning to ask exactly what the question implies. If she's lived a thousand years through what's worn me out in a day… there's just gotta be some bright turns on this journey. If she's lived this long she must have just been an innocent girl from the medieval ages.

Finally managing a shrug "I am now…" she did smile "…it wasn't easy by any means but…my family and I are united, at peace with each other, I'm in love… and it's the happiest we've ever been in a long time" her voice was sincere, and it did make me smile to think that happiness can be achieved. If she did it than it gave me hope for my sisters and I… It's kind of like what Caroline and Lily were trying to explain to me earlier.

"It's really nice to hear that your family is doing so well…" I nod. The mood finally seems to lighten and we both stood up to continue walking, now near the exit of the park and near the sidewalks entering the downtown.

"Oh trust me, Elijah still pesters me, Klaus still teases me and Kol still annoys me…" her voice now sounding comical.

I tried to hold back a grin but soon we both couldn't help but chuckle at the thought.

"You know I kinda got more of a vibe that your boyfriend was the laid back funny guy in your family" his appearance, his personality; the way he did approve of my killing, he made it sound like it was a badass keg binge.

"He's my sweetheart, but yes he is. He gets along so well with Klaus and Kol, those three are nothing but trouble" she shakes her head at the thought.

"I can kind of see that. After last night, your brother Kol kind of leaves me… jumpy" I didn't really know how to describe it.

She laughed "Oh just ignore him. Each of my brother's has their own ridiculous way of acting when it comes to the pretty faces. Just ask your sister, Caroline…" What? The pause almost left me to bend my ankle in my last step but I steadied myself.

Why would Caroline know about something like that? The way she worded it, she made it sound like Caroline was involved with one of her brothers before. She did tell me they were friends, and Klaus was the one she noted the most on. Hmm, strange.

I didn't ask on it further because thinking of Caroline, it really left me feeling like heading back to talk to her. My memories are miniscule and I've technically known her a day but I already know that I love her like a sister. She's been there for me every second and I do owe her a better apology for how I did a 180 and lashed out at breakfast. Argh… and I guess that means apologizing to Meg too…

We were walking in silence for a while, just enjoying the sights of the small part of Moscow we had walked into "Thanks Rebekah…"

She looked at me with a questioning look

I stuffed my hands into my pockets "…for coming to talk to me"

"Are you going to talk to your sisters?" I nodded, reluctantly.

What Rebekah told me really did strum a chord with me but at the same time I dreaded the idea "Why do I have to be the bigger person?" I joked with a frown making her laugh. Meg and I may not be each other's favorite person right now but it's really something I've got to think about… there is still that tiny speck of sisterly love that's possible. Looks like I'm gonna have to dig for it…

She cleared her throat "Well, since I didn't get a change to try the local attraction, and you're in need of a boost, care to go for a drink?" she motioned over to one of the bars near the street ahead of us.

Well I am 18 now so technically I could get in here, but I'm kind of afraid to put anything else in my stomach right now. I shook my head, backing up a step with a laugh "Thanks, but I feel like I really should go see Caroline, Megara and the other's now" Especially while I'm still in this non-thirsty, non-icy stable condition. I don't know how long I'll last like this…

She shrugged.

"You know Rebekah, I can't help but feel like this isn't the first time I've met you…" I finally voice the slight familiarity I had with her. I don't know what it is really, not personality wise but maybe in the way she speaks and acts?

"Oh, that's right. You have" my eyes narrowed in confusion at the newfound bluntness.

"Your last night in Paris after the runway show, you bumped into me after your indifferent try on the runway" she turned to walk across the street to the bar "I'm thirsty…"

My mouth fell open in disbelief "That was you?"





Caroline POV


I need some tea or something after that voice training. I have my audition tomorrow and it would be alongside another actor auditioning for the Beast. Nervous, I definitely was but I'm also determined.

After talking with my ex-brother in-law, I headed out on my own to work on my voice lessons and the job hunt should things not work out. Everyone else was pretty busy doing their own thing today so I took most of the time to myself. It's well into the afternoon now but the skies now bleak over with the oncoming cold air. The feel of it makes me think back to Ximena, I wonder if she's been alright on her own today. I need to find some way for her and Meg to talk to each other and patch things up. But now this type of wall brings to mind how most of it was put up. After everything that Filip told, I'm not entirely sure I believe every little part of the story. Its something I need to hear from my sister as well… when it comes to guys, I'm going to side with my sister but I just wish she'd open up to me. This divorce affected her way more than she lets on, and having him here really left a strain on her moods. I mean one minute things were fine between us and next she practically wants to put me back in the fireplace after Filip is brought up. I don't know what sort of grudges she has with our younger sister but maybe this is also a factor that affected her behavior with her return. Not to mention she took off from breakfast to go organize more of our father's negotiations and plans. She's his right hand, it feels like she's just so eager to please him… but she never seems to take out any of her frustrations on him. I love my father, despite what happened last night it's just… something I can't deny, but a lot of the struggles that the four of us have faced, especially Megara.., kind of root from him…

I mean now he's so caught up being Klaus' new partner in crime when it's clear he doesn't trust him, and he's completely neglected my feelings, Ximena's feelings, Megara's feelings, even Lily's, in some indirect way, with all this…

We're grown up but it still isn't easy. I guess we're on our own with this…

Not much was going on in our private family side of the estate. They were either busy with meetings, work or out in the city. And I'm not sure where Lily's wandered off to so I was pretty much on my own right now. When I passed through the main entrance, it full of commotion with diplomats, business men and politicians. Vampires, humans, witches, etc… and talk of guests and preparations. The upcoming Ball is already being set under way, it's amazing how fast trucks of decorations are already being brought in.

Walking by it, all the planning and authorizations look so scattered it makes me kinda anxious at the thought of it. Party is being thrown for me and its exciting but really nerve wrecking…

I've always been the one to do the organizing stuff but I've never hosted an ALL Vampire gala…

This could either go like a fantasy or a nightmare… so it's really unsettling not being in on things.

What am I gonna wear? What are WE gonna wear? Time, food, my sisters…? Are there any special dances that I should be remembering?

I made myself that tea and stood looking out onto the many towers of the kremlin palace, the red square walls and the churches… It looks so beautiful at night; maybe to see fireworks, or snow that day…

To enter the ballroom in a gorgeous dress and mask…

To dance with my sisters… my cousins… my uncles…my father…

It sounded so perfect…

Hey maybe even a handsome masked stranger.

Gosh, it may not be official anymore but technically I am a princess… Lily was right, we've got our own fairytale to write.

Just thinking about this made me look back on my studies today…

"Certain as the sun, rising in the east…" I sang softly, leaning against the window.

"Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast" This isn't one of the songs I'll be doing, but it just fits… It's the ballroom scene that I will be dancing to with Beast if I get the part…

"Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme… Beauty and…the Beast" I smile, before sipping my cup.

I hope this ball will be a good thing; a truly memorable celebration…

"Well aren't you a dreamer…" I turn to see Megara had entered the room.

Her arms were crossed and her face expressionless with her voice sounding hard. I recognize this position so it's clear she's very serious right now. She can't still be dwelling on the breakfast incident, right?

"Hey…" I nod to her, stepping away from the window. The last conversation we had in here didn't end to well, so what is that gonna mean this time around? "Busy day?"

"Well the Pureblood Ball isn't going to organize itself…" she snapped, voice monotone but with a cold quality "Everything representing our family has to be flawless"

She asserts it but she doesn't sound like she likes the idea that a large part of it falls on her shoulders. She doesn't have to take all of this on all on her own…

"My own line of work, then accounting for guests, the food spread, the private orchestra, public relations, so on and so forth…" she notes, walking around to the bar table. I thought she was reaching for the cast iron tea pot I boiled but instead reached for a stronger drink, pouring her a brandy.

I walk around to the couch, hoping she'll sit with me to talk from the armchair about everything that went on today, "Sounds like quite a load to take on" Even more so than Stasya, Tatianna, or me, and heck, the twins are kind of like land lords of Russian regions but they don't really work only vacations.

"Yes.." she notes. But at least I can tell my cousin's enjoy everything they do. With Megara, she's hardworking and all, but it's hard to say…

I sighed, swirling my tea "Look, this morning…"

"While you lot are busy calling your significant other, or rendezvous out on the town with our guests, go strolling in the parks…" Is that what the others are doing right now?

"Look Meg…" I try to start but couldn't finish.

"Or singing to a silly fairytale…" she mocks.

"Hey..." There is an art to Theatre, as well as this particular play.

"Scratch that… meet for a private drink with my ex-husband" My head shoots up to turn in her direction. She sips her glass with her back turned to me while she paces.

She knows I talked to Filip…

And she doesn't sound at all happy about it…

"Is prying just a natural instinct for you or do you and Dimitra simply enjoy causing me stress?" her voice very sarcastic with the sweet tone.

"We've done nothing to you" I shoot up "and YES, I talked to Filip" I assert. No small talk, let's just directly address this large wedge between us, starting with her attitude.

Her blank stare could practically shoot knives the way she eyed me over her drink, sitting on the armchair to cross her legs boldly before looking away from me.

"You want to know why? Because it's obvious that him being here affects you; he's a touchy topic for you because you haven't forgotten him, and having him around puts you on edge. Him and the stress our father piles on you is why you've been in a mood and you're taking it out on US." I huff, and the very next second the glass in her hand shatters, along with the fireplace roaring high up in a blaze of flames and ash. The room was already dim because of the grey skies outside so the fire creates long reaching shadows across the room.

I didn't back down but if I didn't know Megara, I'd probably think she was the devils mistress with all this…

None the less, the flames finally lowered to a low crackle but she still didn't look at me.

"What did you say to him?" her voice chilling but I still came closer, crossing my arms.

"I didn't say anything. I know you divorced long ago but I just wanted to know why it didn't work out and he told me his side of the story" I explained from start to finish what had happened when I met up with him, and his view point on the whole thing; from the drifting, the separations, the affairs, right down to the present and how they avoid each other.

She scoffed at certain parts of what I retold.

"And you so swiftly feed off of every word he tells you" she still wasn't looking at me and stood away to claim another glass while stomping over the crumbled shards.

"I never said that" I defend, taking to sitting against the coffee table.

"I didn't go to him to pry, I did it because you're my sister and if this hurts you it hurts me" I declare, this actually making her pause from pouring the bottle. I took this as a good sign to go on.

"…It affects all of us, Megara. I'm on your side; don't make it like we're against you" It felt good to vent on all this and I'm hoping she can do the same…

"We're you family. I know dad hasn't really been doing well on talking heart to heart with us lately but we should be able to express these things…" I give one final plea "Meg, tell me what happened with Filip?"

It was quiet for a while. She was stuck, looking down onto the tray of liquors but I think the very low flames in the fireplace signal that her wall of hostility is coming down.

She finally looked back up to me, thought without serving herself the brandy.

"It's partially true… mainly just missing certain details" I tilted my head at this, waiting to hear more of an explanation.

"In our work and immortality we did realize a space was growing between us, healthy communication began to somewhat lack… but his affairs started far earlier than even I'm sure of…" my eyes widened.

"…So he cheated first?" that no good, low-life…

"I never cheated" she sat back onto the arm chair "…ever. Rumors spread because I did find support from good friends but there were no affairs on my part. I was heartbroken, but I loved him so much I came to endure and ignore it, although at the same time things couldn't just go back to the way they once were… I couldn't love him the way I did before so I shut him out. Just the idea of us sharing a bed felt so tainted… So as much as it hurt me, we stayed married but I kept him further and further at a distance, and this encouraged his prideful, selfish behavior…" her eyes looked so distanced and just imagining all this in my head, it made my own heart slice…

"He wasn't the man I fell in love with in our era anymore…" there wasn't a single sign of a tear on her face but her voice did have more of a vulnerable sound to it.

"That no good cheating liar; and he kept going on and on how you're the only girl for him and…" I walked around feeling very angry and betrayed myself…

"Well…" she notes "…over the years he has asked for me back… Marriage and all" ok that's… confusing. You'd think he'd relish in being a single bachelor "I suspect just to set things right with our father, though I don't understand why since it doesn't appear to be necessary" Even after all that our dad still seems to favor Filip? Does he even know the full story of it?

"Happy now?" she dismisses on why I suspected this wound has made her the way she is…

I walk up and place my hand on her's in a sisterly way, and she actually let me.

"I'm so sorry he did that to you Meg…" we locked eyes it was clear we were both very sincere about what we just vented. She doesn't look upset with me at all anymore. There was definitely a sisterly connection here, just like that early morning we talked. I hope we can see more of this…and not just with me.

She cleared her throat, standing up… "Well I should be off. Father is still attending to the Originals, alongside city representative and I'm meeting with several composers before dinner. The designers are to be scheduled for tomorrow morning…"

That's another big issue that's driven this wedge between us all; this daddy insecurity…

"You don't have to push yourself so much for our father…" I voice without even realizing it. She pauses and I awkwardly sit up. I know she loves our father for everything he's sacrificed for us… I do too. We're proud of our name… but does everything have to be so perfect like how he wants them to be?

With a roll of her eyes, the mood seems to drop back to normal "We're his legacy. Someone has to take charge, even on matters such as this…"

Hey I take charge! If anyone invented the word bossy, it's ME.

With one final nod to me, she turns to walk away and now I make my decision "Then let me handle all this… I'll take it off your hands" She turns completely back to me, looking completely baffled at the idea.

"YOU want to plan the Pureblood Ball…" she crosses her arms, shaking her head "this isn't an ordinary cocktail party and besides, your one of the celebrated girls, do you have any idea how many…" I didn't let her finish.

"Just tell me what's necessary and I'll handle everything else from there…" I declare, short and sweet.

She was very reluctant and objecting to the idea but when I wouldn't back down, I wore her down to the idea. Clearly my past self was as domineering, determined and headstrong as Caroline Forbes is…

Her handing things over is not only a relief for her… it shows that Megara and I just took a step forward with this complicated sibling relationship. I got her to tell me about one of the most emotional parts of her life and I'm going to help her move past all of it. I can tell there are still strains between us, and daddy issues that are rising in all of us but at least I have an idea how we can move forward from here. I don't know what personal feuds went on with her and Ximena in the past but now that Megara is expressing herself more, I'm positive our sister will understand. On both of their accounts, there's a saying implied 'don't judge me tomorrow for how I'm acting today'; I'm going to get those two to open up to each other if it kills the three of us!

Then we'll stand up and clean the mess, afterward…



I picked up right that very next moment. I'm gonna give the Kremlin Grand palace a celebration like no other.

"I want all human run late night facilities closed down early that night. Send out a public curfew if necessary. I want all the aristocrats told that on behalf of the Pureblood family, there is to be no large scale killing in the city we're based in. In fact, none would be perfect. No wide scale compulsion either, have more of the restaurant's use garlic.." I had just met with the composers and just picked out the musicians to provide the waltzes. Leaving the boardroom, the hospitality and tourism representative were back on account of my request; walking behind me, I told them all this updated info because I'm helping the human's board up. We need to ensure there are stronger safety precautions with all of our most powerful strigoi running one city "stock up on blood wines for feeding, make sure our guests are still comfortable. Take down lobby mirrors…"

"Yes, milady" I dismissed them, checking off another part of my extensive list.

"Greta" I call a maid to me, now in the ballroom "tell the other maids to have me informed when my little sisters return." I instruct.

"Yes, ma'am" she scurried off.

The ballroom was filled with workers sprucing it up and cleaning before any extensive decorations were put up "I can see dust from miles away, I want every corner, mirror, chandelier, and ceiling painting spotless" my voice vibrates out the large scale room as they continue working.

Let's see we have newly arrived hospitality gifts, decorations and I just ordered more of them…

"Keep them set aside, set ups and building will begin tomorrow" I instruct while they were still bringing them in.

The designers would be here for our personalized gowns and measuring tomorrow. I have a list of Stasya and Meg's most trusted hair stylists…

Snapping my fingers, they instantly heard me which is something I could get used to. I had some organizers and coordinators here at the Kremlin come to my side "Bring me records of the strogoi performing arts…" technically this is my area but I'm still new to all of it.

"I want acrobats, magicians, fire performers, blackjack tables.." This would extend to the rooms around the ballroom as well. They nodded before setting off.

I need to meet with all our head chiefs about the food selections and now that I have the formal music taken care of, I need to set up the more laid back modern music plays. I need to look up some people, maybe I should have Tatianna reference some.

"I always enjoyed this side of you…" my head snaps up to hear a voice come from behind me. I automatically know who it is and my lips slightly part at remembering a familiarity in the situation.

(START PLAYING: Back Against the Wall by Cage the Elephant. Eeepp! ;)

"It shows you dominate others…"he was walking closer.

I close my mouth and stay tuned into my clipboard, flipping my hair in his direction, refusing to even look his way.

"Well, we both know what it takes to make sure a party is good" I simply state before walking away, head held high.

As expected though, he doesn't take the hint that I'm not up for pleasant conversation.

"We were wanting to talk, love…" I still haven't looked up at him but I can tell he's grinning.

I scoff loudly. Oh so NOW he's back to calling me love. NOW, he has time to talk to me… only 8 hours later!

I finally stop in my tracks and sharply turn around to face him "I am very busy right now, no time for chit chat. Can I get back to you, sweetheart?" I mock him with the exact same line he used on me this morning, even doing an English accent impression, though it probably didn't sound too good. Whatever…

He somewhat chuckled at my attempt to imitate him "Oh come on…" he tried to reason with an apologetic tone "your father and I needed to talk, there is much for me to inquire about your kind and the city…" he tried to defend in the name of him and my dad's new partnership.

"The lists and archives our laid out for you in your office, milady" one of the archivists called to me. I don't really have an office, I just kind of claimed a work room.

"Thank you…"

I was trying to ignore him but I could still feel Klaus trailing behind me. He cleared his throat trying to get my attention again.

"Well it sounds like you have your work cut out for you. As my dad's new buddy, I don't see why you're standing here with me when you should be getting back to your vampire overlord strategizing." I quip sarcastically. There was a brief moment in my walk where I heard the his footsteps stop but before I could even think on it I heard a familiar whoosh of vampire speed pass around to stand in front of me. In the blink of an eye, I had to stop to see Klaus now standing right in front of me.

I was a little startled to see his eyes look intensely at me like he was deducting something but he didn't look at all upset about anything. I stood tall, giving him an annoyed look but something then changed in him. What's running through that head of his? I don't like that look in his eye…

The hints of his signature cocky smirk were starting to form on his face. Argh! Why does that grin of his haunt me? He took a step forward but I didn't back up, not letting myself look nervous…

"Does it upset you, to think that I don't have time for you, love?" his husky voice now low with his familiar annoying charm.

"What?! I don't need your attention!" I retort, fighting with myself to not turn away from him like a nervous teenager. I wasn't going to give him the ego inflating satisfaction, even if it is fidgety standing so close to him… He even decided to take another step forward. My glare wasn't fazing him. Crap! The last time I was this close to that smirk was right before we did the deed…

Don't you dare step back, Caroline! "In fact it's relieving to not have you fawning over me with one-sided concern" I remark…

"I know you've been through a lot these past 24 hours, Caroline. I'm sorry I couldn't be at your side, I really wanted to step in…" he went on. This did set me back a bit. Was he even listening to me?

I couldn't stop the glare from melting off my face.

Then why didn't he…? Urg-..NO, stop it that's not the question I should be asking.

"Stop trying to be nice to me when I'm being mean to you" I snap in a low voice.

"But I can assure you you'll always have my time and concern…" His smile was now fading but his eyes looked glossed with sincerity "…everything I'm doing…YOU are why I'm in Moscow, Caroline" he whispered, taking one final step towards me making my eyes widened because we were practically nose to nose.

On automatic reaction, I couldn't fight back from letting out a quiet gasp at the declaration, and the close proximity made me cave in stepping back, hoping he can't see the heat rising in my face. Damn it…

So h-he…he… still cares about me? The same way as before..?

I cleared my throat, looking away from him for a bit. While walking away from him, we were now alone in one of the halls that had open archways to the courtyard on the left…

He took another step closer and I decided to just let myself back up. I guess he wins this round…

I cleared my throat, trying to stay looking composed "I have my family and friends here at my side. I don't need your concern, Klaus" unfortunately this didn't come out sounding as assured as I wanted it to; and I think he caught that.

I DO have these things. …right now we're just kinda going through a rough spot…

"I know…" he takes one step forward and I take one step back… "…but you can't ask me to take it back"

What kind of guy today has this kind of devotion? It's been 10 years, give up! How does he keep doing this to me? My blood is racing and I feel like all of me is blushing furiously…

Ok, calm down, calm down… Klaus is obviously good looking, he's just using the physical attraction to his advantage…

"I know your struggling with your sisters, I know your father's mindset worries you, I know these new powers overwhelm you… you wanted to share this with me…" with one final step forward, our routine continued but the very next second, I felt the hard surface of one of the arched pillar walls against my back "…open up to me, Caroline…"

A large sense of vulnerability fell over me and feeling how I let myself be backed up like this. We were both once again practically nose to nose…

It was only because of his new friendship with my dad, right? No…. I sigh. My gaze dropping down to our shoes, I did want to express all of this to him… Since we're known each other we've been able to talk heart to heart…

In our close range, I felt his hand move over my wrist, flinching slightly I let myself drop the clipboard that was in that hand. It clattered to the ground but I didn't care to reach down to pick it up with Klaus enveloping my now free hand in his.

I could feel his cool breath on my face and I was so frustrated with myself on how it made me want to melt! I could feel our bodies so close together and I felt securely preserved between him and the arched pillar. I couldn't look back up at him but it was intense… and I couldn't deny, this wasn't just physical attraction.

After this whole fiasco…standing here with him, he made me jittery but secure at the same time…

I thought I was past this…

I moved on…

It's what I wanted; it's why I made him promise to never go back to Mystic Falls… It's why I shredded that drawing, which I suddenly think I miss….Er… no….

I could feel him intertwine his fingers with mine but I wasn't completely holding his hand on my own accord. I then felt his forehead lean against mine and its spiked the panic in me even more…

I need to distract him and myself. I'll talk…"Look Klaus…" he wants to know, fine… "my little sister is really hurt by what my dad and Meg did to her, Megs lashing out because of her conniving ex-husband, I've got auditions, training and planning to do…" I sigh… "I'm trying to get these obstacles sorted out…I'm perfectly fine, I just needed a little venting here in there…." I try to shrug off what I was wanting to talk about earlier like it was no big deal.

"…you're so headstrong, love" He smiles, whispering the compliment. "You always achieve what you set to do. I'll support you in any way I can. You have me here however way you need me…" his reassuring voice ghosted over me, giving me shivers…

I was still so embarrassed and nerve wrecked at how he has me so….defenseless. But all of a sudden, I'm now just feeling so comforted. The way he squeezes my hand now has me close my hand around his.

I shouldn't be doing this. We shouldn't be this close or in any similar position but his presence is just so…soothing..

This is another huge dilemma I have on my hands… If we're seen this way, my father won't like it. I don't think Klaus knows that my father doesn't want me getting too close to him again. He made me promise that us being around each other again would stay professional or just on a platonic friendship level.

"Klaus…my dad really won't like this. He told me this wouldn't be proper…" not exactly good for a partnership either… I heard me but I can feel him smile while he rubs his thumb soothingly against my hand, now leaning more of his weight against me. It felt nice though…

"…Do you really care?" he whispered. This felt so rebellious…

"…no" did I just say that out loud?! That was supposed to be an internal thought! Jeez, I can't even distinguish the difference anymore.

He noticed my lapse and it made him chuckle internally, giving me a sense to scold myself but he took my other hand to hold both in a comforting matter.

He gave me a swift kiss on the cheek like the one on graduation night before putting our foreheads back together. My mind was complete mush now…

I'm probably gonna scold and lecture myself later but every fiber of my being right now was just screaming at me to enjoy this moment. It was completely wrong but I didn't care…

There was a very nice breeze the swayed by us and it just helped to make me even more relaxed in his hold. Could the world be anymore against my rational thought?

We weren't kissing but with our foreheads together our noses brushed side by side and it felt so nice. My eyes just fluttered closed to rest on their own and his did the same. I don't know how long we stood here for but just holding each other like this… it just felt so natural, so unwinding.

Time was just passing us by with the wind but I could go on and on being here with him….

It felt like floating….

"Caroline…" saying my name, his hot breath ghosted over my mouth and I felt myself finally tilt my face up to accept the close proximity.

"Sweetheart…" he voiced again, feeling it closer this time…

My eyes were still closed "Hmm….?" escaped me in my daze.

I finally managed to open my eyes and my clouded mind realized why that wind and feathery feeling was so real…

I was slightly levitating both of us

I gasped out!




DON'T KILL ME! ~ runs away and hides~

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