Well, I might not have as much information about the RWBY universe as I'd like, but I can't wait any more. I want to make a full length RWBY fic, and we probably won't be getting any new episodes for like another year, so here I am. This is what I've come up with, and I hope you like it. Be aware though, because so little has been revealed about the RWBY universe, this fic is far less fleshed out then the other fics I have going, and therefore updates will probably be far more unpredictable.

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Chapter 1 – Rebirth of the White Fang

"Keep moving girl! Don't make this any harder on yourself." A hard angry voice growled out quietly. The owner of said voice was a tall man, around six and a half feet tall with pitch black hair, amber eyes, and pale skin. On the top of his head were a pair of cat ears, identifying him as a Faunus. His arms were thick with muscle and he gripped a large axe in his right hand. The blade was single edged, the other side being a large hammerhead, mounted on a three foot long ebony shaft tipped with a spearhead. Pretty much a single handed halberd combined with a maul really.

He wore simple clothing, more suited to heavy labor than anything else. A patchwork set of overalls, some sturdy looking brown boots, and a black sleeveless shirt that had a pin with the White Fang's emblem on the chest, though it looked different from what Weiss knew it was supposed to be. Instead of a white wolf's head on a blue background, it was a white wolf's head with three red slashed over it, like an animal's claws. His left hand was tightly gripping a small girl by the arm, dragging her behind him through a dark forest and making sure she stayed close to him at all times.

To twelve year old Weiss Schnee, he was an angry, unstoppable giant. Her once pristine dress was now torn and dirty, her feet were sore, and she couldn't even open her left eye due to a painful gash she'd received the previous day with only a rough cloth tied over it as treatment. She did her best to swallow her terrified and pained whimpers and valiantly fought the onslaught of tears that gathered, but some inevitably escaped, burning in her injury.

She was terrified, starving, exhausted, and freezing in the midwinter cold, but she received no sympathy from her captor as she stumbled over stray roots and through thick bushes. There was no way for her to know what their exact location was, but it was definitely deep into the woods well outside of the city. She'd lost sight of anything indicating civilization long ago. No roads, no lights, not even a beaten path. At that point she'd stopped struggling.

Though she was scared she was managing to keep her wits about her. Weiss knew very well that she had no chance of survival alone, in a Grimm infested forest. There'd already been several times where they'd barely dodged around groups of Boarbatusk, and the man had been forced to cut down a stray Beowolf before he'd doubled their pace to avoid any of its pack coming to investigate.

And on top of all of these problems, Weiss had to worry about whether her father had even managed to survive the events of her abduction. She kept telling herself that he had, and that there was already a search underway for her, but things had been awfully bad the previous day.

*The Previous Day*

Weiss held in a sigh of boredom. Once again, her father had dragged her out to the stuffy home of one of his business partners to discuss something that she could barely follow. This was a regular occurrence for the last few years that was supposed to help prepare her to inherit the Schnee Dust Company in the future. Fidgeting wasn't suitable for a Schnee, so she sat there, in straight backed silence.

At least this time, they were meeting with Percy Summers. He was largely in charge of shipping the SDC's products across seas, and he happened to be one of the few family friends that Weiss liked at all. Among the dozens of people Weiss' parents constantly had to make nice with, there were only a handful that seemed at all genuine in their friendliness. And Uncle Percy was one of them.

Looking up at the clock, she judged that the meeting would probably go on for another ten minutes before she could do something fun.

Movement out of the corner of her eye drew her attention back to the conversation. Percy had leaned closer to her father and was talking in a lower voice. Curiosity compelled her to lean closer as well. It wasn't really eavesdropping after all, this was the whole reason her father made her sit in on these things. So she could listen and learn.

"The transports are all on schedule for the moment, but I've been noticing a worrying increase in agitation among the Faunus employee's. There's been a lot of talk going around about the White Fang doing something drastic."

Albert, Weiss's father, grunted in annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose. "They just don't understand the situation. Have you heard anything specific?"

Before Percy could answer, there was a loud crashing noise as the windows exploded inwards, showering the rooms occupants in broken glass and pulling a startled yelp from Weiss. Moments later there was a series of snaps, immediately followed by a hissing noise as white smoke filled the room.

The smoke quickly reduced the three to fits of coughing as loud yells could be heard just outside the now broken windows. Looking up through teary eyes Weiss could see dozens of Faunus pouring into the room just as the households security forces crashed through the doors.

"Weiss! Where are you!?" She could barely hear her father over the cacophony

"Daddy! I can't see! What's happening!?" Weiss stumbled blindly through the smoke before bumping into someone, losing her balance and landing on her butt. Her loss of balance probably saved her life as whoever she'd discovered rapidly spun around, their arm rising in a slash. The blade of their axe swung just in front of her, the spearhead above it carving a deep gash over her left eyelid.

Despite the size and the fact that it was being wielded with one arm, the weapon was flying quickly and smoothly, decapitating one of Percy's security personnel and crushing the skull of another with the hammer on its other side, before the Faunus paused, looking down at her.

For a few long seconds Weiss stared up at the man in muted fear. The only thing she could see was the blood spotted skin and the burning amber eyes. If Weiss were thinking clearly, she may have noticed what could have been a flicker of regret and guilt in those eyes before they'd hardened. Then the excruciating pain settled in over her eye and everything became a pain filled haze as she was roughly grabbed and hauled away from her family.

The last thing Albert Schnee heard from his daughter were her cries of terror and pain.

Since then Weiss had been dragged far away from the city, deep into the snowy woods. The man hadn't even stopped to sleep. She'd given up trying to figure out what he wanted. The only thing he'd tell her was to keep moving and stop talking.

Eventually they came to a clearing where a trio of Faunus were waiting for them. They were wearing some sort of haphazard uniform, black pants, a white vest with a painted on White Fang symbol over a black shirt, black hood and a crude mask that covered just the upper half of the face. They also carried mining picks that bore the SDC's logo.

"There you are Badrick. I was starting to get worried you'd gotten lost. Good job with the capture."

"It wasn't difficult. We managed to catch the humans by complete surprise and the girl dropped right into my hands within minutes of the start." The now identified Badrick said, pushing Weiss towards the White Fang members who quickly bound her hands behind her with a length of coarse rope.

"P-P-Please, l-l-let me go." She whimpered out, sniffling loudly. She abandoned all pretenses of bravery right there, descending into loud sobs. "W-what do you want from me!?"

"Quiet girl!" One of them hissed at her. "These woods are full of dangerous creatures that would love to have you for a snack. You'll be coming with us until your father finally gives the Faunus under his employ fair and equal treatment. We tried things the nice way, but that didn't work out for us. So now we're doing it this way."

Jaune Arc carefully navigated his way around the trees and bushes. The sun was beginning to set and he knew his parents would be getting worried by now. They always warned him about how dangerous the woods around the town were and that he should never go out into them when it got dark. Oakfield, the town, itself was safe due to the garrison of soldiers they had, and a pair of resident Hunters, one his father Jack Arc, the other his last surviving teammate Elmont Scorpius. But the woods surrounding the town were still full of Grimm. The majority had been cleared out in a radius of a couple miles around Oakfield, but it was impossible to wipe them out completely.

There was a sling of hare's over his shoulder, the bounty he'd found in some of the snares that had been set up around the town and he had a few pouches full of plants and herbs he'd been asked to collect. The town was still in the middle of being constructed, so he thought he'd help out and earn some pocket money at the same time by foraging whatever he could near the village. The road connecting to the highway wasn't even in working order, the snows and some Grimm having damaged it to the point it wasn't safe to travel. They'd have to wait for the snow to melt before it could be fixed.

Jaune pulled another rabbit from a trap, tying it to the sling with the other four he'd gathered, and reset the snare. There'd been a good haul this week. Glancing up Jaune noted the position of the sun. It was nearly to the horizon already, so he'd have to really hurry if he wanted to get back to Oakfield before dark.

Double checking the sling and the herb packs, Jaune started jogging back home, easily navigating the familiar terrain as it began to darken.

A few minutes into his trip he began hearing voices nearby. That was odd. No one was supposed to be outside of Town unless it was necessary. He supposed they could've gotten worried about how long it was taking him to get back and sent someone to look, but he didn't recognize any of the voices. Whatever the case, it piqued Jaune's curiosity and he crept closer to the voices, being careful not to make any noise.

Of course he was not prepared for what he found. A tied up, very pale, one eyed girl in tattered clothes, and in very clear distress, a giant of a man with cat ears and a scary looking axe, and a trio of cult looking people carrying pickaxes.

"What the heck?..." Jaune whispered to himself, leaning further around the tree for a better look. "Is that…blood?" Indeed, the brown cloth around the girls left eye seemed to be stained in the substance. She was crying as well, though she quieted slightly when one of the adults growled something out at her.

Well Jaune had seen enough. Whoever these guys were, they were clearly the bad guys in this scenario. Unfortunately, Jaune knew he didn't have time to go back to town and get help. It'd take him at least half an hour to make the round trip at full speed, and that was with daylight on his side. Who knows where they'd have gotten to in the mean time?

Jaune puffed up a little. There was no other option. It was up to him to save the girl. Unfortunately, the only thing Jaune had with him was a small pocketknife. Definitely not something that could stand up to the Cat Faunus's axe.

Well, maybe he could just follow them, wait for them to fall asleep, sneak in and get the girl out. Like a ninja! Jaune grinned, as he came up with his plan. It was perfect! There was no way they'd see him coming. These woods were practically his backyard and it'd be dark soon. The men would have to set up camp soon, and that's when he'd strike. Jaune could practically taste the triumph.

So, as sneakily as he could, Jaune followed the kidnappers, stepping as lightly as he could. He'd have to be careful about the snow on the ground. The crunching of it underfoot could quickly ruin his whole plan, not to mention any fragile sticks they might be concealing.

It didn't take long for them to stop, building a small fire and securing the girl to one of the trees. She collapsed like a puppet with her strings cut, slumping in exhaustion.

Jaune hoped his parents weren't too worried about him. He was out well past his curfew, and in the forest no less. But he had always been taught that he should do his best to do the right thing at all times. And what could be more right than rescuing someone from kidnappers?

When it seemed like the men had let down their guard, Jaune crept up around the camp until he was behind the captured girl. Careful not to draw any attention to himself, he crept his way towards the girl, basically crawling. Every inch closer he lost some of his confidence. What was he thinking!? There were four full grown men here, armed with axes and picks. He was a twelve year old boy with a pocket knife. What kind of difference could he possibly make here?!

Blood pounding in his ears, Jaune managed to finally creep up behind the miserable looking girl and quickly began sawing at the rope, the small edge making slow but steady progress.

Weiss sat slumped at the base of large oak tree, grateful for the opportunity to rest. Her body throbbed with ache, especially her legs and eye. The harsh pace and denial of any real rest, food or water was taking its toll on her, as cramps threatened to overtake her legs and her stomach growled in displeasure.

As the only child in a very rich family, there had never been a time that she'd had to go so long without food. It'd been over a day since she'd last eaten, and she was feeling very light headed. And being the pampered girl she knew she was, she wasn't used to such physical exertion.

The three Faunus they'd met up with were hovering around the small fire, made just large enough to illuminate the area, but too small to provide any real warmth. The man who'd taken her, Badrick, had disappeared somewhere. Weiss briefly wondered where he'd gotten to before deciding that she really didn't care. It wouldn't make any difference.

An insistent tugging on her hands drew her attention. Looking over her shoulder, she jerked in surprise. There was a blonde boy who looked to be her age lying behind her, sawing at the ropes holding her with a small pocketknife. He looked incredibly nervous, terrified even, but he kept at it determinedly.

Quickly looking back at the Faunus tending the fire, Weiss began to feel a little bit hopeful. They seemed to be completely oblivious to the blonde's presence. Maybe this boy would be able to get her out of there before Badrick returned from wherever he'd gotten to and she could finally go home!

She jerked her head back to boy, finding that his knife was nearly through the rope. Her heart was pounding. Just a little bit more!

Suddenly, there a loud thump as a familiar axe buried itself into the ground, right next to the boys head, making him freeze and pale considerably.

"So you're the one that's been following us around for the last while. Just what do you think you're doing boy?" Badrick pulled his weapon from the ground, hooking the spearhead under Jaune's jaw and slowly pushing him to his feet. "Who are you?"

Jaune gulped, his head tilted up by the sharp blade as he was backed up into the tree. "H-how did you find me? It's so dark."

"Fun fact about Faunus. Most of us have nearly perfect night vision. And these ears aren't just for show." They twitched for emphasis. "Now who are you?" He growled out, pressing his weapon closer, drawing a bead of blood.

"M-my name is Jaune Arc, and I don't have anything to say to kidnappers like you!" Jaune cursed the tremor in his voice. Hero's weren't supposed to stutter in the face of danger! His father never would've done something so embarrassing.

"Hey! Watch your mouth kid! A country bumpkin like you wouldn't understand anything about us!" One of the cultists shouted, moving forward menacingly.

Jaune's sense of justice overrode his sense of self preservation. "I don't have to understand you! Kidnapping is always wrong!"

Weiss noticed that everyone was currently paying attention to Jaune and managed to move her fingers to grasp the handle of the pocket knife that was still stuck in the ropes. Carefully she kept sawing through it, though the awkward movement made her fingers ache, and she nicked her delicate skin more than once.

Another cultist spoke up. "Badrick, what should we do? There's supposed to be a still developing town nearby, and if they come looking for the boy we could be in trouble."

Badrick grunted in annoyance. "We don't have much of a choice. If we let him go he'll tell the authorities about us. We don't have the resources to maintain a lot of dead weight, so we can't bring him with us. We'll have to kill him and hope the Grimm find his body before anyone from Oakfield does."

"What? Badrick, are you serious? I mean, yea I get it, but…he's just a kid." The first cult member said, holding his pick to his chest uncomfortably.

"We don't have a choice! It's either this, or the White Fang and every Faunus in the world pays for it!"

Badrick drew back his axe, getting ready to cleave Jaune in two. Jaune could only stare up at the man, shaking in fear, eyes locked on the gleaming edge of the axe.

Weiss frantically sawed at the rope, straining her arms against her bonds, hoping they'd snap. Just as Badrick was swinging the axe forward, the ropes gave out and without thinking and a desperate cry, Weiss was jumping at the boy who'd tried to save her. "No!" She crashed into him, her momentum carrying the both of them to the ground as the Axe was lodged deep into the Oak where Jaune's head had been.

Badrick growled loudly, wrenching his weapon from the wood. "Just let me do this quickly so you won't have to suffer boy. I do not enjoy this, but I do this for my people." His eyes were hard as he glared down at the two kids, gesturing for his partners to grab Weiss.

"No! Please, just leave us alone!" Weiss clumsily swiped the pocket knife above her, managing to nick one of their fingers.

"Argh! That stung you stuck up little bitch!" The cultist reared back, preparing to back hand the white haired girl.

Jaune quickly rolled his body, placing him between Weiss and the White Fang members, the attack smacking into his shoulder, doing no real harm. Before he could reorient himself though, he was grabbed by one of the other uniformed men, and pulled away from Weiss, kicking and struggling.

Just as the other Faunus was reaching to grab Weiss, a black and silver blur entered the clearing, ramming into the man and knocking him on his back several yards away. At the same time, a brown and yellow blur attacked the man restraining Jaune, breaking his arm and throwing him into a tree.

Jaune glanced around wildly, stumbling at the sudden lack of support, before his eyes locked on his savior. "Dad! You're here!" Relief flooded through his whole body, shaking with adrenalin.

"Jaune, take the girl and get back to town! Let us handle these four." His father took up a fighting stance, a large heater shield with the family crest on it held in front, covering everything from his groin to his nose as blue eyes glared over the top, the tips of his blonde hair bobbing lightly just over his brow. In his right hand was a simple, but reliable longsword, held beside his shield, ready to stab forward. He wore sturdy brown boots with white plating over the top, brown hunting pants secured by a belt with several utility pouches, a long sleeved brown shirt under a white chest plate with a brown leather vest over that, and a pair of brown fingerless gloves and white armored knee, elbow, and shoulder pads. Jaune's father was a powerful looking man, standing at just over six feet and with well built muscles from years of fighting off Grimm.

Another man stepped up next to his father. He had short brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a full suit of black light plate mail with silver colored studs. The armor was customized at the joints sacrificing protection for flexibility. He was slimmer and just a little shorter than the first man, with a build more suited to speed and flexibility. In his gloved hands he held a pair of sabers, and a pair of daggers were lashed to his waist next to the empty saber sheathes. This was Elmont, his father's oldest friend and Jaune's uncle in everything but blood.

"Not to worry Jaune, these four won't be much trouble." He gave his sabers a flourish and brought them to bear, both held forward at his sides at waist height, tips pointed forward. "But the young lady there needs medical attention." Elmont said, keeping his eyes on the three Faunus, who formed up in front of them.

"Right! Kick their butts!" Jaune hurried to grab Weiss, hauling her out of the campsite and towards town.

Jaune guided Weiss through the forest quickly and easily, having navigated these paths many times. "So, I'm Jaune Arc. What's your name?" He asked between pants, pulling Weiss along by the hand. He kept them at a brisk walking pace, not wanting her to trip over a stray root, but also wanting to put as much distance between them and the fight as possible.

"W-Weiss. Weiss Schnee." She looked at their joined hands, telling herself that the heat she felt in her cheeks was just because of all the running. "Where are we going? I mean, what's the name of this place?"

"Oakfield. It's a relatively new town, still being established really. We're waaaaaay out in the Elderwood Forests. Well, that's what I'm told anyways, never left before. Actually," Jaune rubbed at the back of his head with a nervous grin. "You're the first person I've met outside of Oakfield. It's pretty isolated. We should be getting there in about ten minutes at this pace."

Before Weiss could say anything else, they were interrupted by the loud growling of her stomach, making her flush in embarrassment.

Jaune jumped, startled by the noise. "What was that? There shouldn't be any Grimm this close to the town." Weiss flushed deeper.

"That was me. I haven't had anything to eat since before all of this started yesterday." She admitted, annoyed with her body's embarrassing noises. Just another blow to her already battered dignity.

"Oooooh. Well I'm sure we'll be able to get you some food soon. Just hang in there a bit longer." He smiled encouragingly at her, making her look down shyly before Jaune was again tugging her along. Sure enough, they were soon able to see the lights of the town, doing wonders for Weiss's flagging spirits.

"And just who are you two?" Badrick tightened his hold on his axe, holding it up in front of him defensively as the other White Fang members formed up on either side of him, one of them cradling their broken arm to their side.

"The name's Jack Arc, and that was my son you were just trying to kill. You're going to regret that."

"Elmont Scorpius. We'll give you one chance to surrender, and I do suggest you take it. Jack just might not be able to restrain himself from killing all of you."

"Arc and Scorpius…I don't suppose that you two are the Arc and Scorpius from the Cleansing of Bone Hills?"

"Maybe. Do you want to find out?" Jack asked, his voice deadly calm, while taking a step forward. The Faunus, with the exception of Badrick all took a timid step back. If these two really were the Heroes of the Bone Hills then they were in way over their heads.

The Bone Hills had been a site of Grimm Infestation for generations. They had been famous for the unnaturally large Grimm that inhabited them. Eventually, their population had grown large enough that they'd begun making incursions into human controlled territories. They were threatening to wipe out several settlements, and the only Hunters close enough to respond had been Jack and Elmont's team. They'd lost two of their members in the process, but they'd successfully pushed the Grimm back to the hills and set the stage for their purging once reinforcements arrived a few days later.

"I don't think there's much of a choice for us." Badrick drew his axe back and charged at Jack, attempting to crush him with the hammer head. Taking that as their signal, his three allies rushed Elmont, awkwardly trying to swing their pickaxes at the Hunter and avoid getting in each others way.

Jack sidestepped the attack, letting the weapon pass right beside him and swung his sword in an arc towards Badrick's neck. The black haired Faunus shifted his hold into a reverse grip and pulled the shaft of his weapon up to block, but left himself open to the shield punching into his temple and making him stumble away.

Jack was about five inches shorter than his opponent, but he knew very well how to handle foes with a size advantage. Keep a loose stance, never block an attack head on unless you have to, and don't let them grab you. A loose stance would help you dodge and roll with any attacks that landed, creatures larger than you were likely physically stronger than you, so a stiff block could end up hurting you more than helping, and if you were grabbed, it was probably over for you.

Badrick shook his head with a growl, lunging forward with a two handed swipe that threatened to bisect Jack at the waist. Jack jumped in a blur, his armored knee smashing into Badrick's nose, breaking it with a distinct cracking. As he descended, Jack slashed his opponent down the chest, landing in a crouch and finishing his combo with a rising back kick that collided with Badrick's stomach, forcing the air out of his lungs.

"You don't even have your Aura unlocked. You don't stand a chance. Do yourself a favor and surrender. Otherwise, I'll have to kill you."

Badrick wasn't unskilled with his weapon. He held it with a familiar hand, and he had more than enough strength and control to use it in a fight, but it was unrefined and inexperienced. Against a veteran Hunter of Jack's caliber, and without an Aura to shield him, nor access to his semblance, there was just no way for Badrick to stand up to him.

"When did the White Fang become so violent anyways? I thought you were a group of peaceful protesters."

Badrick angrily spat on the ground. "Surrender is not an option! Humans were the ones that led us to this path! The Faunus race will be free! Our children will have what we never could! It has become clear that force is the only way to get what we deserve!" He staggered back to his feet, hands bloodied from chest wound stubbornly gripping the axe. Glancing to the side, he could see that his comrades had already been subdued, covered in lightly bleeding cuts and their makeshift weapons lying in small piles on the ground. The picks had been chopped into no less than four pieces each, even the iron heads were in pieces.

Jack regarded him silently for a moment. "I get it. Things aren't fair for the Faunus. Promises and hopes were broken. But that doesn't give you the right to kidnap an innocent little girl, or kill an equally innocent little boy." He resumed his stance. "Whatever your reasons are, whatever your situation is, I will not stand by and let you harm an innocent."

As the pair were preparing for round two, the howl of a beowolf cut through the air, quickly followed by another, then another, until what sounded like a whole pack were crying out. Before they knew it a pack of beowolves burst from the surrounding forest, charging the humanoids with foam covered fangs and sharp claws.

Jack caught one on his shield and quickly gutted the creature, pushing it off his blade and to the side to prepare for the next.

Elmont watched the three lackey's as they nervously stood just outside of his reach. The standoff continued until Elmont decided that if they weren't confident enough to make the first move, then he would.

"En garde! Haha!" Taking a step forward, he swung his right saber, arcing it to catch the two on his right. One of them, the man with the broken arm, managed to move his pick to block, astonishingly enough. Unfortunately for them, it was damn near impossible to stop Elmont's attacks with such mundane equipment. His sword carved straight through the mining tool, and sliced across the man's chest. "You need more than that to stand against me lowlifes!"

His swords became a blurred flurry, storming around him at a pace the White Fang members couldn't even hope to keep up with. Their mining picks were reduced to kindling and scrap metal in seconds as Elmont's sabers cut through them without any loss of momentum.

As the blades cut through the air, those present could hear a humming noise from them. Elmont's semblance was a deadly one. It allowed him to extend the reach and cutting ability of whatever he was fighting with, whether it be his swords, his daggers, a stick, or his fists and feet, by manipulating the wind currents around him. His attacks became so sharp and quick that you could hear them cut the air in high pitched humming, somewhat like the sound of an arrow passing right by the ear.

It didn't take long to reduce his opponents uniforms to tatters stained in the blood from numerous light gashes. His fight well and truly finished, Elmont positioned himself so he could keep an eye on his new prisoners and see how his partner was fairing. Just as expected, Jack was having no trouble at all. The Cat Faunus was big, and clearly strong, but they'd faced far far worse. This axe man didn't even rate in their top one hundred most dangerous being's encountered.

The Faunus was clearly preparing for another futile attack when the howls began. Elmont immediately brought his weapons back into readiness, scanning the trees around them. Beowolves didn't usually venture this close to town, but it did happen occasionally. They'd probably been drawn by the scent of that girls blood. He'd noticed the soiled rag over her eye when he and Jack first arrived, and these kidnappers had probably been hauling her all over the forest. It was just a matter of time until one of the beasts caught the scent.

The beowolves burst through the foliage, charging them all. A pair reached him at the same time, and were quickly cleaved in two as he slashed his swords in front of him like a massive pair of scissors. As the halves were falling to the ground, he stepped forward, impaling one through the stomach before spinning into a back handed slash and lopping off another's head.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Jack fighting off his own share of the Grimm as the two Hunters instinctively moved to cover each other's backs.

The next few minutes were a frenzy of beowolf slaughtering, the two men easily and efficiently slaying every wolf in the clearing. By the time they were done and could inspect the area, the White Fang members were gone, having taken advantage of the confusion to escape. Only the remains of the pickaxes and some shredded clothes were left as proof that they had been there.

"Hmph. Those Faunus were lucky the beowolves showed up. They'd be on their way to jail or a morgue by now if they hadn't." Elmont pulled out a rag and wiped the gore from his blades, quickly mimicked by Jack.

"We should get back to town. I wanna check up on Jaune and that girl. She didn't look too well." Jack slid his sword into his shield, collapsing it into a more travel friendly sword sheath form and clipping it to his waist. Walking over to the remains of the picks, he grabbed the only intact pick head. "I know the authorities'll want this." He said, brushing a thumb over the SDC snowflake.

"Mom!" Jaune called as he burst into his house, pulling Weiss in behind him. "Mom we need help!"

Half a moment later, a brown haired, green eyed woman, in a yellow dress darted into the room with a frantic expression.

"Jaune? What's wrong? Where were you? Why were you out so late?" Jaune's mother fussed over him, looking for injuries.

"What? Hey, mo- quit it!" Jaune flapped his arms, waving away his mother's fussing. "Weiss is the one that's hurt."

The woman glanced behind Jaune, finally noticing the battered and exhausted girl swaying on her feet.

"Oh my goodness! You poor thing! Come with me and I'll fix you right up, don't you worry honey."

Weiss was quickly herded to a very comfortable couch that she collapsed onto. "Wait right here sweetie, I'll go grab my medical kit and be right back."

A few short moments later, in which Jaune clambered onto the couch next to her, Jaune's mother returned with a large hard wood box, which folded open to reveal many compartments full of medical tools.

"My name is Isabelle, I'm Jaune's mother. I'm going to take a look at your eye alright?" Weiss tiredly nodded her consent, barely able to stay awake.

Isabelle carefully peeled the cloth away from Weiss's eye, making the girl whimper a little at the painful pulling. She didn't hesitate to grasp Jaune's hand tightly when he slipped his hand into hers.

Isabelle made a sympathetic noise. "Ooh, poor girl. That must've really hurt when you got it. But don't worry, I'll have you all patched up soon."

"It's a good thing she got here when she did." She thought to herself. "Much longer and the infection would have really set in. She probably would've lost the eye. But luckily enough, we managed to catch it in time, though she'll have a quite a scar to show for it." As quickly and gently as she could, she cleaned and dressed the gash, thanking god that the wound was shallow enough that stitches wouldn't be required. Weiss whimpered louder when the alcohol touched her wound, trying to pull away as Isabelle held her head firmly in place, and tears gathered in her eyes. She gripped Jaune's hand tighter as she weathered the pain. Isabelle estimated that it'd be at least four days until she could remove the bandages.

"There we go, all done honey." Isabelle said, tucking the end of the bandage away. "Now! " She lightly clapped her hands together with a friendly smile. "How does something to eat sound?"

Weiss's mouth was already watering at the mention of food, and she nodded vigorously, making her eye throb with the motion. It seemed like forever since the last time she'd eaten.

Isabelle got Weiss and Jaune settled at the table with a few large bowls of a hearty stew and made sure to take the rabbits and herbs Jaune had collected away for storing. They could be delivered to the butcher and apothecary later.

"Weiss," Isabelle said, looking oddly at the way she was eating. "I don't want you worrying about something as silly as 'eating properly'" She included finger quotes, "after the ordeal you've just gone through. Please, eat, for my sake if nothing else." The girl had been taking maddeningly dainty bites. At the rate she was going it would take her all night to finish.

Weiss looked conflicted for a moment, before her eye caught Jaune wolfing his food down like there was no tomorrow, and followed his example in inhaling the meal. She had trouble keeping herself from groaning in pleasure once her teeth sank into their first real bite of the meal. It was by far the best thing she'd ever tasted in her entire life.

By the time Jack and Elmont arrived, Weiss was polishing off her second bowl, mopping up the remaining juices with chunks of bread.

"Whoa, the little missus is looking worlds better than before." Jack said cheerfully, claiming one of the free chairs. "And has a healthy appetite to boot." Weiss blushed, swallowing the last bit of her stew soaked bread. The man radiated cheer and kindness, further setting her at ease.

"Thank you all for saving me. I'm sure my father will reward you greatly for your help."

"D'oooh," Jack batted playfully at the air. "Don't be silly. We didn't do any of this for a reward. But, now that things have calmed down and you've been treated and fed, introductions are in order. My name is Jack Arc, I believe you're familiar with my son and wife, Jaune and Isabel," he nodded towards them in turn, "And this ponce is my teammate and best friend Elmont Scorpius." He slapped a hand down on Elmont's armored shoulder.

"My name is Weiss Schnee." She got up and made a shaky curtsy. "If there is anything the Schnee family can do to repay you, I hope you won't hesitate to ask."

"Do you have a way for us to contact your family? I'm sure they're worried sick about you." Isabelle asked.

"Oh yes, do you have a phone I may borrow?"

"Right this way honey." For the umpteenth time, Weiss found herself blushing in the midst of this family. She wasn't used to such open affection and kindness. Her parents made sure that she got just about everything she wanted, but they were almost always too busy to deal with her directly.

She was shown to an older model of video phone, and she quickly entered a number that she'd been told by her father was for emergencies only. The phone only had time to ring once before it was answered, her father's visage quickly filling the monitor. He looked a little bit unkempt, but he seemed to be unharmed, releasing some tension from her shoulders she hadn't even known had been there.


"Weiss, thank good- what happened to your eye?! And who are those people with you?! I swear, if I ever find you people you'll regret it for the rest of-"

"Daddy I'm ok! These people saved me from the White Fang." Weiss interrupted her father, inwardly wincing at the act. Hopefully he wouldn't punish her for it later.

Albert sagged slightly, the fury leaking from his posture. "I'm terribly sorry. Please accept my apologies. Ever since Weiss had been kidnapped, things have been very…trying for me. Please, tell me everything."

Weiss told her father everything she knew, with her rescuers chiming in with their own details. When Jaune had failed to return even half an hour after he was supposed to, Jack and Elmont had gone looking for him. By the time Weiss had finished her portion of the story, she was swaying in her seat, fighting to stay awake. Isabelle quickly excused them from the conversation and carried the exhausted girl to a guest room. She was asleep before they'd even left the office with the phone.

"Mr. Schnee," Jack started, "I know you must be extremely worried for Weiss, but I'd like to offer my home as a refuge for her until you've had a chance to get a hold on what's happening. The men who had Weiss were carrying equipment from the Schnee Dust Company, so we can't be sure just how safe she'd be in the cities, but here in Oakfield there isn't a major SDC presence." He showed him the pick head he'd brought back. Albert frowned, having no trouble seeing the SDC logo. He knew that his goods were shipped all over the world, but he didn't have any Dust mines, refineries, or factories out in Oakfield. It was troubling that Schnee Dust Company property could be so easily stolen from his worksites.

"Excuse my interruption, but Jack is forgetting a few details." Elmont cut in. "It won't be safe for you to retrieve Weiss for at least a few weeks. Oakfield doesn't have an operational airport and the roads are in no condition for travel, which makes it difficult to get the supplies necessary for the repairs in this weather. The men who kidnapped your daughter brought her this far on foot through Grimm infested forestland. I wouldn't recommend a return trip."

"You don't have an airport? How can you not have an airport?" Albert ran a hand through his white hair, making it even messier.

"The airport was damaged by a few severe snow storms. The same storms that have rendered the roads connecting to the highway unsafe. But Weiss will be in safe hands here. Jack and I are veteran Hunters and we have the full support of the Oakfield garrison."

"I am aware of your reputations Mr. Scorpius, but you'll have to forgive a father for worrying." Albert was silent for a few moments as he considered the situation. "Very well. I will allow Weiss to stay with you until such a time as I can retrieve her safely. But I want to be notified immediately upon the completion of repairs to the roads and the airport, as well as a list of what can be done to expedite the process. I will make sure the resources necessary for an expedient repairing are made available."

"Say no more good sir. I have a young daughter myself. I understand the need to protect them from anything and everything very well. We will look after Miss Weiss as if she were our own." Elmont told the distraught father.

"Thank you again for rescuing my daughter. I should go and share the good news with my wife. Good night gentlemen." Albert's image cut off.

End Chapter!

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