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Chapter 11 – Troubled Horizons

"How much longer do I have to stand here Weiss?" Jaune was stood on one of the many lawns Beacon maintained, clad in his aura armor while Weiss painstakingly copied every rune and sigil she could find. "I'm getting bored here." And a more than a little bit nervous with how close Weiss was getting to him, particularly with where she happened to be positioned now. The objects of her curiosity weren't easy to see, a transparent white color on his armor. Most wouldn't notice them, but Weiss had always had an eye for things she could use to improve her own Glyphs, so she had to get fairly close to examine them properly.

"Until I'm done Jaune." Weiss carefully sketched what roughly looked like a winged cross inside of a diamond, over Jaune's navel. For this type of thing even a small mistake could prove catastrophic. "I want to know what these markings mean and if I can incorporate them into my glyphs. Now keep quiet and let me focus. This is very delicate work." From what she'd seen of Jaune's semblance, it was incredibly formidable, and Weiss wanted to add some of that strength to her own.

"But we've been here for nearly an hour already!"

"Ugh, fine! Just let me finish sketching this one and we can stop for the day."

"Yes!" Jaune pumped a fist in the air, prompting Weiss to smack him.

"Stay still!" She could practically see the pout under his helmet as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked away. Rolling her eyes, she continued her sketch. A few moments later, she finished, holding it up next to the sigil for comparison. "Okay, I'm done; you can go do whatever it is you do."

"Yes!" The armor dispersed in a white cloud, revealing Jaune slumped over panting, sweat rapidly forming on his face. "Man that is exhausting." He gasped out. "You don't really know just how much it takes out of you until you stop." He said, referring to the strain his semblance put on his reserves. He hadn't even been doing anything strenuous and he was feeling faint. While it was active he felt great, but once it was gone the drain hit him all at once.

After checking on Jaune to make sure he wasn't about to pass out, Weiss collected her things and started back towards the Academy.

"Where ya goin?" Jaune trotted after her.

"The library. I wanna research these things." She said as Jaune caught up to her.

"Aw c'mon, don't you wanna do something fun? I know Nora and Yang have set up some videogames in the lounge."

Weiss didn't bother looking up from her pad. "This is fun for me. Go ahead without me, and take Adel with you." The canine jerked awake from where he'd been dozing in the sun.

Jaune sighed in surrender. "Alright alright. See ya later then. Say hi to Blake for me if you see her." When Weiss focused in on a project like this it was best to just let her do her thing.

Weiss nodded distractedly, not really hearing the blonde. "Uh huh, sure."

Weiss sat at a table in the library, a stack of books written by Glyph users who came before her on her left. The current book she sifted through had been written by the first, and possibly the most powerful known Glyph user in the world, Myrddin Emrys. A genius among geniuses, many of the array's he created were still in use today, providing the foundation of modern techniques.

It was highly unlikely that Weiss would find the exact sigils or runes she'd sketched. One of the reasons Glyphs were so powerful and versatile a semblance was that the sigils and runes that comprised the arrays could be combined and altered to change their capabilities immensely. There were very few runes or sigils that were left as standalone works, so odds were that those that appeared with Jaune's semblance were composed of multiple pieces. Weiss would have to hunt down each individual part and determine how they melded together if she wanted to be able to replicate it.

"The Cross," Weiss read. "Associated with the Light, Healing, and Sanctuary. This sigil is often used for charms of good fortune and is an integral piece for many defensive style Glyphs. Aura cost – Low." Well, that one was straightforward enough. Weiss wrote down the information on a notebook beside her and continued on to the next layer of the rune, the wings.

Flipping through the pages, Weiss found the correct section and began running her finger down the list. This one would be much trickier. Unlike a symbol like a cross, where there is relatively little deviation between individual models, there are hundreds of variations of wing types, combining a variety of polygonal blocks as the 'feathers', and specific lengths and thickness of the lines. Judging from the broad and powerful looking 'wingspan' she'd sketched, it had to have been based on some sort of bird of prey, so that narrowed it down a little bit.

Slowly sliding her sketch down alongside the pictures, Weiss eventually came to one that fit close enough to look into. "Eagle Wings. Like every wing motif, it embodies freedom of movement and swiftness. This sigil is steeped in the aspects of Creation, Healing, Spirit, and Divinity. The effectiveness of this sigil is dependent on the purity and steadfastness of the user, requiring a foundation in righteousness to fully utilize its potential. Aura cost – Moderate." Weiss studiously copied the information into her notes as possibilities for her Glyphs flitted through her mind. She wouldn't be able to create an armor like Jaune's, but perhaps a small array that could stabilize injuries might be possible.

That just left the final piece of this rune, the Diamond. This was undoubtedly the most advanced piece of the puzzle, as things like gems tended to carry a great deal of potential applications and meanings with them.

"The Diamond. The Stone of Invincibility. The King of Gems. This sigil is deceptively simple, yet one of the most potent markings known to man if made correctly. It is capable of granting superior strength, fortitude and courage to its wielder, leading many a great man to victory. If utilized properly, and with the right person, it is capable of turning the tides in even the direst of situations. A talented leader can rally their comrades with renewed vigor and determination, and bring them from the brink of destruction to victory.

The Diamond is capable of amplifying and projecting a person's energies and convictions, bolstering even the weakest of fortitudes. To fully use this sigil, one must hold a great strength of character, ethics and faithfulness to both themselves and those around them. The Diamond does not take kindly to deceit, whether it be of oneself or ones associates, reflecting this displeasure in reduced potency. The Diamond belongs to the domains of Trust and Truth. Aura cost – Very High." There was a very large section dedicated to the Diamond, listing its uses, and the care needed in constructing it.

Weiss leaned back in her chair, overcome with the surge of pride she felt for her best friend, grinning down at the book. Jaune's semblance was his soul made crystallized. Those runes and sigils were what defined Jaune as a person, the very core of his being. Everything she'd read here fit Jaune so perfectly. He was so selfless, so caring, and he didn't have a single shred of deceit in his entire body. He would do everything he could to be the hero, no matter the cost to himself.

"Nora watch out!" Quickly shoving the girl out of the way, Jaune hurled his body atop a grenade, moments before it exploded, destroying his innards, but shielding his friend and ally from the blast.

"Jaune! No! Why did you do something so stupid!? What am I supposed to tell the others!?"

"It's for the greater good Nora! You must…go on…with..out..me." Jaune managed to wheeze out before he died.

"Jaune? Jaune!? Speak to me buddy!" Nora crouched over the body, futilely trying to revive her teammate.

"And then there was one." Came the malicious voice of their enemy. "What'll you do without your little partner? You can't take the both of us on!"

"You killed him…" Nora said quietly. "You monsters! I shall avenge my comrade's death! Just you watch Jaune, I'll send your killers up to keep you company soon!"

Popping up from cover, Nora fired her grenade launcher everywhere her enemies could potentially be hiding, sending buildings collapsing, and blowing up barrels, crates and sacks of sand as her enemies cried out in dismay, their organs flying through the air.

"Blue Team Wins!" The games narrator announced loudly over Yang's protests.

"What the hell was that!? How many grenades did you even have!?" Yang tossed the controller on the table in front of her, turning to glare at the redhead beside her.

"Not enough, that's how many! Look, there's still a food cart standing!" Nora answered, pointing at the lone surviving structure.

"I'm sorry Yang, I'm not very good at video games." Pyrrha said sorrowfully from the blondes other side.

"No, it's not your fault. It's Nora's and her addiction to explosives! No wonder I couldn't find any extra grenades to pick up! You had them all!"

"Nyaaa-aah!" Nora stuck her tongue out. "You're just jealous of my mad grenade stocking skills! She who controls the grenades, controls the world!" Nora hopped up, throwing both arms overhead dramatically.

"Yea yea." Yang grumbled out. "If Ruby didn't need all that tutoring we would've kicked your ass." Having missed out on two years of education, Ruby was one of Ren's most frequent clients. Lucky her she wasn't the one paying him.

Pyrrha wilted slightly, an imaginary raincloud forming overhead. The movement caught Yang's eye, making her turn to look, and gasp in dismay as she flailed about, trying to console the Spartan.

"Ah, not that I think you're bad or anything, Ruby and I just know how to play together! You should see her with a sniper rifle, she never misses! Her kill to death ratio is off the charts!" Pyrrha slumped further into depression, fiddling with the controller in her hands. She'd had the lowest score out of the four, having nearly no kills and those that she did get were flukes, usually with grenades that ended up catching her in the explosion too. She could shoot the mask off a Grimm from a hundred meters away, but here she couldn't even hit the broadside of a barn. Stupid joysticks…

"Well if you had Ruby, I'd have had Ren and we still would've won! And I wouldn't have had to deal with Jaune getting in my way!"


"Half the time I was killing you because you kept running into my line of fire!"

Jaune slumped in his own chair with a pout. Putting himself in the way of Yang and Pyrrha shooting Nora also put him in the way of Nora shooting them. It worked better in games without friendly fire.

"But you did make an okay meat shield I guess."

"Let's try something else!" Yang rummaged through the box of games they had. "Ooh! How about this one!" She held out a copy of Ultra Crush Sisters: Close Quarters Combat.

"Doing a little light reading?" An amused voice came from behind Weiss.

Weiss jumped in her seat, twisting around to find Blake looming over her shoulder, staring down at her notes curiously. "Gah! What the- how-where did you come from!?"

"I work here remember?" Blake moved around the table and took a seat across from her. "I just got off duty and thought I'd come see what you were up to for the last few hours." The heiress had marched in, completely absorbed in whatever notes she'd been holding, pulled a few books from the shelves, and sat down to study them, oblivious to the outside world.

"Someone needs to put a bell on you." Weiss muttered, as she finished up a few notes, missing the momentary narrowing of Blake's eyes and the anger that flashed in them. By the time Weiss looked back up, Blake had schooled her face back into one of vague curiosity. "Right…Jaune says 'Hi' by the way."

"So what's all this for? Extra lessons from Goodwitch?"

"You know how Jaune has his semblance now?"

"…No, I hadn't noticed the glowing white knight that appeared in the middle of our battle, temporarily stopping it with a giant rejuvenating white dome of aura." Blake said in a deadpan.

Weiss frowned back at her. "Don't go all snarky on me. You asked remember?" The black haired girl bobbed her head, conceding the point and motioning for Weiss to continue. "Anyways, I noticed some markings that appeared on his equipment," Weiss tapped her pencil on her sketches. "And I wanted to look into them to see what they were and if I could use them myself."

"Anything interesting?" Blake's eyes skimmed the notes in front of Weiss, the upside down words, written in an elegant cursive, doing little to slow her down, though some of the jargon went straight over her head.

"Nothing surprising if you think about it for a second. The ones I've been able to look into so far all align to the same general ideals; Protection, safety, healing, etcetera. All very positive things that suit Jaune's personality quite nicely. With the right research, development and planning, I should be able to adapt some of it for my own use." Though who knows how long that would take. Creating a new glyph was no easy task, and there was only so much help she could get from books and Professors. Every Glyph semblance was different in some way; hers for example revolved around a snowflake motif, whereas Professor Goodwitch's had circles. They weren't things that could be copy pasted so to speak.

"They must synergize rather well then." Blake mentally pictured Jaune's semblance. Ever since it'd awakened, he'd become a significantly more dangerous Hunter, and that strength would only continue to grow as he became more familiar with his ability. Semblances weren't always as straightforward as their face value would suggest.

"They really do." Weiss confirmed enthusiastically. "If my research is right, and it always is, the Cross here is the base for it," Weiss tapped the aforementioned picture with the end or her pencil. "Bringing in Light, the glow emanating from his equipment, Healing, self explanatory with what we've seen, and Sanctuary, the beginnings of the armor itself and probably the dome you mentioned earlier. The next part, these Wings," Another pencil tap on the wings. "Contribute mobility and freedom of movement, along with reinforcing the Healing aspect and bringing Creation, another factor to the armor, and possibly another two that I'm not certain of yet, Spirit and Divinity, though they might tie into the last piece, the Diamond." A third tap of the pencil on the Diamond. "This is the kicker, serving more as a booster element than any real function by itself. It's capable of magnifying the symbols or user it's applied to with varying degrees of success. Interestingly enough, that little detail is dependent on the characteristics of the user. The more in tune they are with its values the more potent its effects will be."

Blake blinked, finding that she'd leaned in during Weiss's explanation, and was closely examining the pictures as she talked. "And, what values are those?"

Smiling wryly, Weiss answered. "Truth, Trust and Faithfulness primarily."

Blake leaned back in her chair, looking to her side a little awkwardly. Weiss didn't notice it, caught up in her explanations. "Suits him perfectly right?"

Blake nodded. "Yes, the whole chivalry concept seems to be his thing doesn't it?" The boy couldn't, or wouldn't, tell a lie to save his life.

"That's my Jaune alright." Weiss nodded, beginning to pack up her things. Dinner would be starting soon, and she wanted to get her things back into her dorm room before the rush.

Blake smirked. "Your Jaune?" Weiss froze, mentally cursing up a storm. "Oh my, I hadn't realized things were so serious between you two. Just wait till Yang hears about this."

Weiss gasped. "Y-you wouldn't dare!" Blake's smirk grew. "B-besides, there's nothing between Jaune and I! It was just a simple slip of the tongue!"

"Oh really?"


"Great! Pyrrha will be absolutely delighted to hear that." Blake paused to enjoy the blank look on Weiss's face. "She's been eyeing Jaune up for a while now, but she hasn't done anything yet; maybe because she wasn't sure of the nature of your relationship. But since that's not the case, I can give her the go ahead right?"

A white hot flare of possessiveness erupted in Weiss's chest. No one was going to touch Jaune but her! "I will end you if you breathe a word of it!" Weiss shouted, standing from her chair so fast it slid backwards and slamming both hands on the table to glare at the startled brunette. A deafening silence filled the area, as Weiss realized what she'd just done. Slowly craning her head around, she saw everyone staring over at them in shock and confusion, as embarrassment turned her face red. A few moments later, in as dignified a manner as she could manage, Weiss collected her notes, returned the books to their proper places and exited the library, a very amused Blake following after her.

"I see now. He's not yours per say, but you want him to be yours."

Weiss jabbed a finger in front of Blake's nose. "Not. One. Word."

The two girls reached the dormitory, welcomed by the mad cackling of a crazed Nora.

"Muahahahahahaha! None can defeat me!" The sound of several explosions ripped through the air. "I'm queen of the castle! I'm queen of the castle!" Nora sang out with mad glee.

The girls paused, debating the merits of entering the den of insanity.

"…On second thought, let's not go back to the Dorm. 'Tis a silly place."

Weiss stared at Blake. "I find it a little unsettling just how well that quote fits here." More yelling and explosion sounds.

Pushing the door open, they easily spotted their teammates crowded around the lounge's big screen television.

"No wai-!" Jaune cried out just before another explosion followed by Nora's laughter and the television announcing 'Player two defeated!'. "Aw man."

"You're mine Nora!" Yang shouted, mashing buttons on her controller. "Eagle…PAWNCH!"

"Missed me! Eat my beats Major Eagle!" More explosions followed by 'Player three defeated!'.

"Fuck you Queen Plum!" Yang tossed her controller away sulkily.

"I'm comin' for you now Pyrrha!"

On the tv there were two characters left. One was a blonde in a poofy pink dress and a crown, and the other an orange and yellow armored figure with what looked like a gun for an arm cowering in a corner.

"No! Stay away!" Pyrrha frantically backpedaled her character while unleashing a massive blue ball of energy from her cannon.

Nora's character pulled out what looked like a fidgeting baby wearing a red hat with white spots on it and held it out in front of her just before the blast reached her. Upon touching the baby like figure, the ball vanished in a small flash of light as Pyrrha gasped in horror, futilely trying to recharge her gun. Before the charge finished, the pink dressed character shot across the remaining distance with a mighty hip check, sending the warrior hurtling off the side of the map with another colorful explosion. 'Player four defeated! Player one wins!'

"Haha! I'm the best! Nora's the one who kills around here, and she's killed you!" Nora posed in front of the television as her videogame counterpart did the same. Her opponents remained in their seats with a combination of sulking and competitive anger.

"Well, at least you're modest." Weiss said, sarcasm dripping from her words. Adel wasted no time in trotting up to her and begging her attention, earning a good scratching behind the ears.

"Yea! I'm the most modest person ever! Of all time! Period!"

Weiss's hands rose in baffled disbelief, her face a mask of incredulity. "You, you can't say that!" It was the exact opposite of modesty damnit!

Nora zipped to her side, draping an arm over Weiss's shoulders. "Don't be silly Weissy, I literally just said it, so of course I can say it."

Weiss struggled to come up with an argument that would work on Nora before giving up with a sag and sigh of resignation.

The normally quiet skies over the docks of Vale weren't quite so quiet this evening, as several Bullhead VTOL's landed behind the warehouses. The doors opened to reveal White Fang troopers and the ever immaculately clothed Roman Torchwick.

"Alright you lot, get to work securing the Dust containers, and make it snappy! We're not exactly the most inconspicuous bunch of thieves at the moment!" Roman called out, leisurely strolling from his transport as the White Fang members quickly began securing the shipping containers. The dock's security cameras had been disabled, bribes and threats had been delivered, and the guards had been dealt with, but there was always the possibility of something going wrong.

It didn't take long before there was a steady cycle of Bullheads coming in, hooking a shipping crate, and leaving. At this pace, they'd have the place cleaned out in a matter of a few hours.

Just as another Bullhead was lifting off with more stolen goods, the top of the container vanished as a beam of blue energy blasted through it and the Bullhead above it, destroying the VTOL. As this happened, another two VTOL's suffered the same fate just before they'd managed to leave the premises of the dock. The wreckage fell to the floor in a ball of fire, sending the White Fang members scrambling for cover and praying the heat wouldn't set off a devastating chain reaction of explosions from the Dust containers.

"What in the…" Torchwick narrowed his eyes on the inferno nearest him. Eyes widening in realization, Torchwick shouted to his minions. "Take cover! Prepare for battle!" No sooner had the words left his lips that a massive red and black figure forced its way out of the wreckage on four legs with two double barreled cannon like arms with another two triple barreled cannons on its shoulders. Judging from the shocked and fearful cries around him, more of the tanks emerged from the other two crash sites.

Torchwick cursed his luck. The Schnee's must think themselves so clever, hiding Spider Tanks among their shipping containers.

Then several more containers burst open along with one of the warehouses gates opening revealing rows upon rows of black and red Battle Androids that began marching out. The White Fang members quickly congregated around Torchwick, nervously muttering between them with shaky holds on their weapons.

"Intruders." One of the Spider Tanks announced in a deep warbling voice. "Drop your weapons and surrender, or you will be terminated."

Torchwick scowled angrily as the droids surrounded them. This was not how things were supposed to go. Their intel said nothing about a security presence like this. A few worthless dock and warehouse guards, not an army of battle bots!

"You will not be warned again." The Spider Tank's cannons began glowing an ominous blue as the Androids readied their own weapons, a combination of blades and Gatling guns unfolding from their arms. "Drop your weapons and surrender."

"You wouldn't deprive an old chum his walking cane would you?" Torchwick twirled his cane in his right hand as he stepped forward. The cannons glow grew brighter, trained on the crime lord. "Oh dear, it appears that you would." In a flash, Roman's cane was pointed at the Spider Tank and he'd unleashed four glowing balls of energy, one for each cannon. Just as the tank was about to fire its own weapons the projectiles slid directly into the barrels before exploding, causing a chain reaction that destroyed the four cannons and severely damaged the tanks torso. Before the smoke had even cleared Roman was scampering up the critically damaged war machine, coming to a stop at the gaping, sparking hole that was once its left shoulder. Another pair of shots from his cane into the innards of the tank, and it was exploding in a fiery display as Roman hopped down to stand with his back to the pyrotechnics, left hand holding his hat to his head and his right hand calmly holding his cane. "How uncivilized."

A split second of silence quickly gave way to the sounds of metallic feet stomping the pavement, gunfire, and war cries as the two forces engaged each other.

Roman ducked under a scissor strike from an android and hooked its left leg with his canes handle, spinning in a full circle, a quick twist from his wrist resulted in the leg breaking off at the knee and sending it flying back into a pair of its brothers. Placing a hand on the shoulder of another android, Roman flipped over it so they were back to back, hooking his cane around its neck he yanked it against his back, pivoting as he launched more flares of energy from his Melodic Cudgel, devastating small swathes of androids as he used his captive as a shield against the enemies behind him. He could feel the vibrations of the bullets slamming into his impromptu shield and jumped away just before it exploded.

As he landed he spun around, smacking his cane into the head of the droid as it sped by him like a bat and sending it careening into the head of an Android about to gut one of the White Fang troopers, decapitating it as well. Roman winced as the Spider Tanks artillery reduced his minions into smoldering piles of gory ash, one of the tanks stepping on and crushing one that got too close into a pulpy mess, not even slowing down its rate of fire.

Roman stoically considered the situation. They were outnumbered and surrounded by standard combat androids supported by a pair of Spider Tanks. The Bullheads that were already en route were armed with mini guns that would tear through the androids fairly easily, but they had no armaments capable of downing a Spider Tank. If Roman wanted to get out of this alive, he would have to make sure the tanks were dealt with before the VTOL's arrived.

"Listen up you animals!" Roman charged a squad of five androids with Gatling arms, weaving around the bullets until he was right on top of them. Starting with an uppercut from his cane, he decapitated the middle droid, lashed out a kick to his right that toppled the two on that side, spun while ducking to slam an elbow into a droid on his left, leaving a dent in its stomach, quickly followed by hooking the waist of the next droid to its right and tugged toppling them as well. Before they could rise he casually stomped on their heads, reducing them to scrap. "Prioritize the tanks if you want to live! Evac is on its way but it can't extract us with those cannons around!"

The troopers weren't doing well, dying left, right and center to blade, bullet and shrapnel. But that wasn't to say they weren't destroying any of the droids, they were. It just wasn't enough. Their numbers were small, and they weren't particularly good warriors. The only reason the White Fang had survived this long was their sneak attacks and anonymity. In a straight up fight they couldn't hope to overcome such powerhouses like the Schnee Dust Company. They just didn't have the resources. It was one of the reasons the White Fang was so willing to work with Torchwick actually. Or maybe he should say for him. Yes, that definitely sounded better to him; it was why the mutts were working for him.

Try as they might, the White Fang just couldn't take down the tanks, their reinforced armor easily soaking up the small arms fire and impotent sword strikes. As one of the tanks waded through the carnage, Roman saw an opportunity, opening fire on a shipping container held overhead by a crane. The container fell from its place directly on top of the Spider Tank and erupting into an inferno that consumed several White Fang members and the droids they had been fighting, as well as destroying the tank.

The whirring of a pair of Bullheads filled the air as they opened fire on the enemy forces, scything through the androids around the perimeter and severely reducing the enemy fighting power. Roman cursed under his breath as the final remaining tank slammed its arms in front of its chest, combining them as well as the cannons on its shoulders into one massive super cannon that quickly began charging its shot, bullets pinging uselessly off its armored hide.

Desperately, he emptied the last of his shots at the tank, the flares colliding with it in brilliant explosions. The force of the shots tilted its aim slightly just as the buildup of energy unleashed in a thick blue-white beam that destroyed the right wing of one VTOL and just barely clipped the other, blackening the metal. The out of control VTOL crashed straight into the Spider Tank, crushing it under its weight and skidding into the harbor.

The remaining Bullhead lowered to hover five feet above ground as the surviving White Fang troopers scrambled to get to safety, some being gunned down in their escape. Hopping onboard Roman turned for one last look at the remaining androids as they fired on the ship. Reloading the Melodic Cudgel, Roman pointed it at one of the remaining shipping containers. He wasn't foolish enough to destroy the entire stock still down there, that would end up killing them all, but this container was isolated enough that it would provide a fine cover for their retreat. Roman unloaded on the container, all shots striking roughly the same place on the same crate until the fourth shot finally piercing the reinforced metal, causing it to erupt in a multicolored display of energy, leaving the nearby warehouses on fire, a crater in the docks and destroying a good portion of the remaining androids.

As the Bullhead boosted away at top speed Roman could only glower at their failure. They'd only managed to get a few crates worth of Dust and suffered the loss of four good Bullheads. Those things were damn expensive, especially for illicit organizations like his! Cinder would not be pleased.

End Chapter!

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