All Thanks To Drew Chapter 3

Just A Reminder! I changed it to Cilan retrieving Pokémon! Read the ending again if you want to get the update!

I thank the professor profoundly when he marks all the Pokémon locations on my map. I look over the list as I bite my cheek, some of these are going to be hard to do. Some are in unknown locations and even some are even in different regions! I start to doubt if I can do this but I quickly stop myself and think to myself "Be optimistic!"

I also received a list of all Ash's companions around the world, they can help me as they go through an area. I better start to call them... I look at the list and decide not to call Misty or Brock. I see a man named Tracey that is now in the Orange Islands. I call him noticing that Lapras is there.

We have a quick conversation and lucky for me he is currently visiting Lapras. He points the camera to Lapras as I smile brightly. "Hey Lapras... Do you remember Ash..?" The Pokémon nodded and smiled widely and I smiled big as well "Well do you want to see him Again..?" Lapras nodded but then looked at the water bellow it and made a sad noise. I started to think up a plan when I suddenly snapped my fingers and held out my pinky "If I send over a Pokèball... I would only have you until Ash's party, then you could come back home with Tracey and he would release you alright? I promise you will come back home." I smile warmly as the Lapras seems to think over the decision. After a few minutes the Pokémon nods and I smile widely. "Thank you so much Lapras!" I send over a Pokèball and Tracey helps Lapras go Into the Pokèball. After Tracey sends me the Pokémon I thank him probably a thousand times and end the call.

"Only 6 left..." I looked over the small list; Squirtle would be easy, as would Primeape, Lapras is here... That leaves Ash's Butterfree, Pidgeot, a Hunter, and a Larvitar..." I sighed but smiled "Almost done..." That is when I hear a bell ring, the warning that we are almost there. I smile widely and walk out to the deck. I let Lapras out. It blinked a few times but then smiled widely, swimming around the cruise liner. I smile and watch it with proud eyes, Ash was able to tame this amazing Pokémon... That is when I notice Lapras I motioning for me to get on it's back. I blink in shock "R-really?" The creature nods. I quickly grab my backpack and send out Pansage. Lapras looks very confused but when Pansage smile and only waves Lapras relaxes and motions for me to come already. I gently climb onto the Pokèmon's back. As soon as I am on, Lapras quickly shows of its power by going faster than the cruise liner. I smile widely and hold onto Pansage and Lapras with all my might. "This is Amazing Lapras!" Lapras smiles at me as it arrives at the dock. I get off the creature gently and pull out my Kanto map with all the Area's highlighted. I rub Lapras' head as I decided the best way to go. I decide to drop off Lapras at professor Oak's, I can tell Lapras didn't like the Pokèball too much. I pull out the Pokèball and Lapras frowns, making me frown "Don't worry... Only one more time ok?" The Pokémon nods and goes into the Pokèball. I put the precious Pokèball into my pocket and start to walk toward's the lab.

When I arrive it is nearly dusk. I knock on the professor's door and Gary answers it instead. I smile widely "Well if this isn't a pleasant surprise! Hello Gary!" He smiles back "Same here! Hey Cilan!" He lets me in and I hand him the Pokèball. "I need you to be very careful with this Pokémon, it would be best if this Pokémon could be in a wide Pool or tank till Thursday." Gary nods and sets the Pokèball on a table. "Alright Cilan! Do you need anything else?" I think a little and nod "Is there a PC here?" Gary leads me to the PC and I put in all my Pokémon besides Pansage. He looks at me confused and I just smile "It is all part of the plan..." I start to leave when I notice a few Pokémon that come running over towards me. "Snivy! Oshawott! Scraggy!" I give them all brief hugs as they drag me outside with the rest of the Pokémon. That is when my eyes go wide. I see 62 unique Pokémon from every region Ash has been to!

Most of the Pokémon either smile at me or ignore me. I pet a few that greatly take the affection. As I look around, I can see the Pokèmon's personalities play out quite well... Bulbasaur is watching over everyone, along with Sceptile, Buizel and Torterra. Gible and Scraggy are playing together. Krookodile and Gliscor are playing around, doing play fights. Leavanny is already making me one of his hats. Palpitoad and Kingler just seem to enjoy chatting near Professor Oak's huge pond. Boldore, Glalie, Snorlax, and Torkoal are all take naps near each other. Bayleef and Snivy seem to be having a conversation. Oshawott, Corphish, and Totodile are playing in the water. Unfezant, Staraptor, Swellow, and Noctowl all are fly around in the dimming sky. Charazard, Infernape, Quilava and Pignight all are seeing who can blow the biggest fire out of the four of them. Charazard and Infernape are head and head and so are Quilava and Pignight.
Lastly, Muk, 30 Tauros, Heracross, and Donphan are eating away at a constant supply of Pokèmon Food. I quickly let out Pansage as he smiles at everyone and quickly introduces himself to all the Pokémon, besides the sleeping and eating ones, he doesn't want to bother them.

I sit down in the grass and watch all the Pokémon just play around. I realize that I wouldn't mind doing this every day of my life, he loves everything that has to do with Ash. His Pokémon are wonderful and beautiful creatures, His home is perfect in every way, he makes the nicest friends. There wasn't a single thing wrong with Ash Ketchum. After a few hours passed I stood up, it was already dark and most of the Pokémon were sleeping by their friends in the warm Kanto air. I sit next to Pansage, who is by his old friends from our travels with Ash. I gently pet Pansage, Snivy, Scraggy, and Snivy friend Bayleef. I watch the stars and the soft breathing of the Pokémon around me as I fall asleep.

I wake up to a rising sun, I began to sit up when I realize all Ash's Pokémon are around me. I look in my lap to see Gible snuggling into me. I start to tear up as Iay back down and cuddle with the Pokémon around me. I close my eyes and fall back asleep for a little longer. When I wake back up, the Pokémon are all looking at me and I smile "Good morning! I am guessing you guys are wanting breakfast... So I am going to make you guys some of my special Pokémon food!" Pansage smiles and seems to chime in "Me too!" A few other Pokémon also chime in, wanting to help. I smile widely, I haven't ever seen so many Pokémon so well-trained. I slowly stand up and look over at the pond and notice Lapras smiling at me as well. I smile back at the elegant creature and walk over to it. I gently rub it's head and say gently "I will make you something very special~" I walk to my backpack as I begin to cook, making a ton for Ash's enormous amount of Pokémon. After 2 and half hours of cooking, I am finally making my special Pokémon food for each Pokémon. Some were easier to make than others, but I still some how made them. I set bowls in front of each Pokémon, it was actually easy remembering what bowl went to what Pokémon, even the 30 Tauros. After I dishes all the Pokémon besides Lapras, I walk over to it with a wide smile "Let me feed you~" I gently hold out handfuls of food. Lapras is at first a little hesitant, but after the first bite the Pokémon digged in with a wide smile. After Lapras was done, the elegant creature gently licked my face. I smiled widely and hugged Lapras with a wide smile. I petted Lapras for a while, I stopped when I Lapras motioned for me to turn around.

I felt my heart drop, every single Pokémon was looking at me with loving eyes. I felt my eyes start to water and I quickly wiped away my tears. I walked over to the other Pokémon and pet each one, finding each of their favorite places to be pet. I picked up the mess with the help of most of the Pokémon. I started to pack up with a heavy heart, I had to go get the rest of the Pokémon, being Squirtle, Hunter, Larvitar, Primeape, and Butterfree. I looked over at Pansage and started to think "Would Pansage prefer to stay here..? It seems like a Pokèmon's heaven.. I shook the thought out of my head and walked over to Pansage. I picked him up and put on a small smile. "It's time to go Pansage..." All the Pokémon around us started to frown, some even tried to make us stay by sitting on my feet. Trust me, Gible may look adorable, but not when it is biting on your pant leg trying to make you stay.

We somehow get out of the fenced area when I get inside the lab and see Professor Oak. "Hello sir!" He smiles at me and notices the Pokémon watching me from the glass door. "I see that Ash's Pokémon have taken a liking to you Cilan!" I turned around and smiled at the Pokémon, waving at them "They are amazing creatures... I could do this everyday..." The professor nodded and turned to me "Well, I hope you return soon!" I nodded and started to leave when I heard a cry that made me stop. It was Lapras. It looked so sad. I looked at professor Oak and he handed me Lapras's Pokèball. I grabbed it with a wide smile. I walked back into the yard and walked up to Lapras "I know I promised that... Well that was the last time, but if you want to come with me you have to be in here-" Lapras was already in the Pokèball. I blinked a few times, a long with Pansage. A few other Pokémon looked at me with begging eyes, I looked at Professor Oak and he brought out all Ash's Pokèballs.

I looked around my small circle and noticed I would have 7 Pokémon. So I looked at Pansage and he nodded. He hopped off my shoulder and grabbed his own Pokèball and set it on a nearby table. I frowned then got a bright idea. I ran over to Pansage and put him on my shoulder, with my small team of Pokémon following me. I would simply keep Pansage out and not use him like Ash always does with Pikachu. I then looked at my small team bellow me, Snivy, Scraggy, Gible, Bayleef, and Oshawott. I smiled at them all "Who is ready to go on adventure guys!" They all smiled and jumped up to tackle me. I fell over and just started laughing.

After I got all ready and told Oak my idea, he agreed that it worked. I re-looked over my team. Pansage, Snivy, Bayleef, Gible, Scraggy, Oshawott, and Lapras. I let everyone besides Lapras out as we started to walk toward the nearest Pokémon Center, seeing how I lost a day Professor got Squirtle and Primeape just as I left. All that is left now is Pidgeot, Butterfree, Haunter, and Larvitar. It was already Tuesday afternoon. I didn't have much time left. I began to walk towards Viridian forest when I saw the most beautiful pink Butterfree in the world.

Me and Ash's Pokémon quickly followed it, it lead us to a huge clearing where there was a ton of baby Pokémon, there were baby Pidgey and baby Caterpie all around. There were pairs of Pokémon, and when I noticed their harsh glares on me I quickly grabbed Ash's Pokéballs and started to return Ash's Pokémon, weakest to strongest, I got Scraggy, Gible, and Snivy all back inside before the Pokémon attacked. I noticed two bigger Pokémon stay back, a Butterfree and a Pideot. I quickly realized that those two were the leaders. I recalled Bayleef and Oshawott as quickly as I could. I looked at Pansage, "Go hide alright..?" He shook his head, as if saying no. I bit my lip softly, pondering what to do when the Pokémon started to attack. I dodged attacks from the Pokémon, slowly getting closer to the front.

I got cut a few times from their attacks hitting me, but I was almost there. I got up to the leaders and I pulled out a picture of Ash "Do you guys remember him..?" As if a spell was broke, Butterfree and Pideot quickly made their followers stop and they watched me with deep eyes. I was a little scared, but I managed to say "How would you like to visit him, even if it was just for a day. If you need someone to protect your babies why not go to Ash, he has ton of Pokémon that will help." The two leaders seemed to be discussing something before they turned to me and nodded. I smiled widely, man this was getting better and better. "Let's call professor Oak so he can come help alright...?" The two slowly nodded. I walked back to Pallet town, it wasn't that long of a walk, and told the Professor what happened. It was nearly dusk so the professor decided to do it in the morning.

I asked if there was any place around I could stay but he insisted that I stayed the night there. So I let out Ash's Pokémon and they started to look concerned at me, I insisted that the little ones left before I started to fix myself up. I took of my slightly blood stained shirt and started to grab my wet towel when I noticed it was gone, I turned to see Bayleef holding it with her vines. I smiled weakly at her and pet her head. "I guess you have done this before with Ash...?" I can't even imagine how many scars he has...

I sit down and Bayleef gets straight to work. As she works more and more Pokémon, mostly water and grass types, start to fill my room. They are either helping Bayleef, making sure I have enough water, or getting supplies for Bayleef. Just as I am about to be bandaged and all done I hear foot steps coming closer, it startles me and when the door opens the Pokémon are also startled and Oshawott uses water gun on the person. He falls back a bit and falls onto his butt when Oshawott finally stops and recognizes the person on the floor.

Man I love Cilan xD Who could it be? Ash maybe? Or Who knows! Stay tuned!