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They walked together to the canopy, chatting nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. Christian led her to the stage and then he went to his designated table, where his parents, sister, and also Kate were gaping with a look of confusion. All except Elliot, who had a smirk on his face and who arched a brow to Christian when he reached his chair. Christian put on an impassive face, but then winked amusingly to his brother. The rest of the people were gaping at Ana, even the other musicians on the stage, so she took the microphone with trembling hands and said:

"Well, Mr Grey and I met some time ago, when we were younger. It's been an unexpected encounter that has brought good memories for the two of us."

A buzz then filled the room. Ana shrugged looking at Christian sideways, and he put his thumb up in agreement; his face filled with awe drawing a beaming smile to her. God, he is gorgeous, she thought.

The dinner went reasonably well; Mia harassed Christian until Grace begged her to stop and leave it for when the party ended. Kate couldn't stop gaping, looking at him and at Ana in turns, trying to assimilate that "the Christian Grey" was that sexy boy Ana had been longing for all her life. Elliot was so happy for Christian, but he also relished in his brother's tricky situation; it was quite a show seeing Christian losing part of his sacred control. And Christian… Christian was over the moon, too interested in Ana to care about other's reactions. He couldn't help staring at her all the time. She was perfection; she was a flawless siren whose call had trapped him inevitably. She knew how to soothe him and how to rouse him. She knew the appropriate words to reach to him. It was as if there was no one else in the room when she sang Van Morrison's Someone like you:

I've been travelling a hard road
looking for someone exactly like you.
I've been carrying my heavy load
waiting for the light to come
shining through.
Someone like you

makes it all worthwhile.
Someone like you

keeps me satisfied.

Someone exactly like you.

This was exactly how he was feeling; she was the light that could move his shadows aside. She shone like a star. She was an angel come down to earth. She was everything he needed. But did he deserve her? Why on earth would she want to be with someone like him? Her eyes, those powder blue crystalline pools, told him she cared, that she wanted him. But was he deceiving her? She was such a spotless creature; kind, caring, sincere, funny and outstanding, as well as being sexy as hell. And sweet as honey; he slightly licked his lips and bit his bottom lip remembering their kiss… and her hands on his hair sending shivers down his spine. He gulped heavily and then took a deep breath, without taking his eyes off her. He definitely needed her, but what if she discovered the monster inside him?

Ana felt light as a feather. She tried to focus on her duty; she was surrounded by hundreds of people, but she only could be aware of one of them. She could feel his stare burning on her skin, making her want to moan. It was like a dream… but a dream come true; her swollen lips could testify it. She could still feel his mouth devouring her. She groaned inwardly feeling goose bumps all over her body. She also remembered his silky hair, just like she imagined it would be. She looked at him but she had to quit; otherwise she would have melted there on the stage. You could get lost in his mesmerizing stare. And she felt that he had the power to make her do his will with only a glare of those beautiful troubled grey eyes. She meant all the words she was singing; it seemed he was all she needed, all she wanted. But why on earth would he want her? There were more beautiful, clever and richer women who would do anything to be with him. She was only a clumsy new graduate with a big hole in her pocket due to her student loans, and he was a successful, brilliant, generous man, who was so handsome it might be illegal. What if he got bored of her?

_§ § 0 § §_

When the party finished, Ana went out of the canopy with the rest of musicians, who were smirking all the time, and helped them carry their stuff. She looked sideways at Christian, who was surrounded by his family, and he rewarded her with a shy smile. She was about to leave when Kate stopped her in her tracks.

"What do you think you're doing? Are you leaving without telling me what just happened?" Kate almost yelled crossing her arms on her chest.

"Oh, sorry Kate. I thought you were just leaving with Elliot…" Ana answered groaning inwardly as she imagined her friend's upcoming inquisition.

"No, not yet. Grace, Carrick and Mia are about to question Christian. Elliot is just joining them just to make fun of his brother. And to find out the juicy details," Kate said raising her eyebrows.

Ana felt embarrassed and blushed profusely. "We just… talk," She said shyly.

"Ana, Ana, Ana… who do you think you are talking to?" Kate said tapping the ground with her foot. "He was sat right in front of me; I could see his swollen lips," she smiled mischievously.

Ana blushed beet red and leaned on her car, covering her face with both her hands. "Oh, Kate! It was magical… I don't have enough words to explain it!" She uncovered her face and raised her hands "it is just too good to be real. But dammit, I never thought he could be the Christian Grey! For God's sake, Kate, Christian Grey! I imagined him as a nice and philanthropic man in his forties with grey hair, not as the dark knight who had turned me crazy all these years! I mean… Kate, it's him. It's him." Ana was breathless.

"Wow, Ana; hush, baby. Yes, he's Christian Grey, the most eligible bachelor in the west coast, probably in all the country. You probably had known if you had read the interview…" Kate reprimanded Ana. "I am totally gobsmacked. But I can assure you he is utterly smitten with you. He was almost drooling all over the table gaping at you all the time. In fact, he watched you like a hawk."

"Yes, I could feel it…" Ana closed her eyes, feeling again that warmth surrounding her.

"And you never told me that guy was so gorgeous!" Kate said smiling.

"Yes, I did! But you never believed me!" Ana said pouting. She hugged her tightly, grateful to have such a good friend as Kate.

"Maybe it is true," Kate admitted. "Well, now you have your dark knight, but I have my prince charming," she grinned as she patted Ana's arm.

_§ § 0 § §_

Christian watched with longing as Ana left the canopy. He knew he couldn't avoid what was coming next. He looked at Elliot with a death stare, who was having the time of his life seeing him in that situation. Mia started the inquisition. His parents were quieter and more discreet, but he could see the intrigued look on their eyes.

"Christian! Is she your girlfriend? She is gorgeous! So beautiful yet natural! And she has the most beautiful voice! How did you two meet?" Mia was too wordy.

"Wow, Mia. Easy, please!" Christian yelled raising his arms in defence "Anastasia is an old friend whom I had lost contact with," Christian stated, satisfied with his recap.

"But darling, I don't understand," Grace said sweetly. "Before the party started, she told me she wanted to speak to you about her father's hospital bills, and it seemed as if she didn´t know you. I mean… she is an adorable young lady, I really like her, but…"

"What your mother is trying to tell you is that all this is a little bit weird," his father Carrick said, finishing Grace's sentence for her.

"I know it's some kind difficult to understand…" Christian sighed. "Did she really tell you about Ray's hospitals bills? What did she tell you exactly?" He asked amused.

"She told me that she was really grateful, but that she wanted to pay you back. And she asked me to introduce her to you, so I assumed she didn't know you," Grace stated.

"Did she?" Christian smiled fondly.

"Brother, please, put them out of their misery!" Elliot said laughing.

"Yes, you are right, bro," Christian sighed again. "It is a long and beautiful story. Mum, I was going to tell you I had known someone when Elena interrupted us. Well, Anastasia and I met six years ago in a piano shop. We chatted a little, maybe for 10 minutes or so, and then we never met again. We even didn't know each other's names," Christian thought for a moment how to explain the situation in a simple way. He couldn't tell his family'I've been obsessed with her for six fucking years, and now thank Lord we've finally met'. "We got in contact again by chance some months ago, but we haven't met in person yet until today. It has been, as Anastasia said, a really unexpected event." Christian felt satisfied with his explanation.

"But she was Katherine's roommate, and you even were paying her father's hospital bills, and didn't you know that she was that girl you had met six years ago?" Carrick asked arching a brow.

"Yes, you are right. We had planned to meet after her graduation, but then the accident happened, and she never had the opportunity to explain," Christian replied, growing slightly tired of the conversation.

"And why did you tell Elliot and not me?" Mia pouted.

"Mia, I'm his big brother," Elliot said pointing at himself with his index finger and a beaming smile.

It was the end of the conversation. Carrick thought it made no sense; there were some many uncoordinated facts in that story, but he didn't want to push his son. Grace didn't understand the most part of the story, but she was so happy to see her son happy that she didn't care. And Mia thought that it was one of the most romantic stories she had ever heard. Christian sighed relieved that the Grey inquisition was finished.

_§ § 0 § §_

They went to their respective apartments, unable to stop thinking about the other. What a night! Ana took a shower, the hot water cascading over her, warming her already warm skin. Flashes of him kissing her came when she closed her eyes; his luscious lips, his hands caressing her face, his hot body pinned to hers. She wanted him so bad… She had never experienced such attraction for anyone. She dried herself rapidly and put on her bed clothes, a t-shirt and some shorts. But she couldn't sleep at all. Her eyes wouldn't stay shut, because when she closed them she entered in a frenzied turmoil of images whose protagonist was Christian. She quit trying and prepared herself a tea. She switched on the radio while pacing back and forth in the kitchen. A hypnotic, sensual, smooth melody with a pounding drum and a husky guitar riff enveloped her like black velvet and the lyrics of the song voiced her own thoughts:

Have you got color in your cheeks?

Do you ever get that feeling that you can't shift the tide

that sticks around like something's in your teeth?

Are there some aces up your sleeve?

Have you no idea that you're in deep?

I dreamt about you nearly every night this week.

How many secrets can you keep?

'Cause there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow

when I play it on repeat

until I fall asleep

spilling drinks on my settee.

Do I wanna know

if this feeling flows both ways?

Sad to see you go.

Was sort of hoping that you'd stay.

Baby we both know

that the nights were mainly made for saying

things that you can't say tomorrow day.

Crawling back to you.

Ever thought of calling when you've had a few?

'Cause I always do.

Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new.

Now I've thought it through.

Crawling back to you.

Ana closed her eyes. She was breathless. She needed him. She needed him right in that moment. She felt a heavy load on her chest and an unsettling feeling in her belly that made her moan.

Christian felt like he was about to explode. Her scent did not leave him despite the long and hot shower. In fact, it turned things worse, imagining her wet naked body against the tiles. Her sweet moan and the feeling of her soft lips were etched in his mind, and his hands were itching to touch her again. He inhaled sharply. She had told him to come whenever he wanted. It was an invitation, wasn't it? He looked at the clock on his bedside table; it was not too late after all, it was a Friday night. But he didn't want to scare her. He sighed, frustrated about his fucking hesitancy again, and switched on the radio. The words of the man singing echoing what was consuming him:

So have you got the guts?

Been wondering if your heart's still open and

if so I wanna know what time it shuts.

Simmer down and pucker up.

I'm sorry to interrupt, it's just I'm constantly

on the cusp of trying to kiss you.

I don't know if you feel the same as I do.

But we could be together, if you wanted to.

Do I wanna know

if this feeling flows both ways?

Sad to see you go.

Was sort of hoping that you'd stay.

Baby we both know

that the nights were mainly made for saying

things that you can't say tomorrow day.

Crawling back to you.

His face filled with determination. He had to see her. He had waited enough. He grabbed a t-shirt and blue jeans, dressed quickly and stormed out to find her, avoiding Taylor just before the elevator doors closed.

He drove towards her apartment as if the devil himself were pursuing him. He checked twice the address that Elliot had written on a paper napkin before ringing the bell.

Ana quivered when the bell rang. She gulped and went tiptoeing to the door. With shaking hands, she took the intercom. She had to clear her voice before asking.

"Who's there?" She said with a high-pitched voice.

"It's Christian," He answered with a hoarse voice, trying to seem calm.

She pressed the button to open the door without saying a word. In fact, she couldn't; her mouth had gone completely dry and there was a lump in her throat. He had come.

Christian pushed the door and rushed to the stairs, not wanting to wait for the elevator. He climbed the steps two by two. The soft knock on the door startled Ana, who was stood stock-still in the same spot. That moment was when she realized what she was wearing; it was too late to change clothes. Blushing, she opened the door shyly.

Christian was holding his breath until the door opened, and then, his heart missed a beat with the vision of Ana. She had her chocolate brown hair loose, the soft curls waving around her lovely face. Her eyelids were slightly drooped, but showing those mesmerizing blue eyes. There was a soft pink blush on her cheeks and a shy smile was playing on her lips. She was wearing an oversized blue t-shirt that hung loosely, showing the flawless skin of her neck and one of her shoulders. She was barefoot, and those tight shorts showed her bare legs, that seemed endless. He felt thirsty and hungry for her, all at the same time.

"Hi" he managed to say.

"Hi" she answered breathlessly. She looked at him mesmerized. He had that tousled sexy hair. His eyes were a darker shade of grey and his gaze burned into her skin. His full lips, slightly parted, were surrounded by soft stubble, surely due to the late hours. He was wearing a black t-shirt that showcased his broad shoulders and his muscular arms. And those jeans hanging perfectly on his hips, not too tight, but enough to let the imagination guess what was under them… Christian ran his hand through his hair and Ana woke up from her trance.

"Ummm, sorry," she said blushing again. "Come in, please."

Christian felt relieved. His beaming smile made Ana's heart skip a beat again and her interior melt. It was the most beautiful smile and she wanted to see it every single day of her life.

The two of them remained stood up in the middle of the living room, one in front of the other, in silence. Christian had his hands stuffed into his pockets, looking around the room. Ana put one of her feet on top of the other, curling her toes and flexing the knee, rubbing her legs slightly while playing with the hem of her t-shirt. It was a gesture of shyness, but Christian couldn't help staring at her bare legs again and imagining the feel of the soft skin of her inner thighs brushing his cheeks. He inhaled sharply and looked her in the eye. Ana felt her mouth go dry and wetness between her thighs with the look of hunger in Christian's eyes, and she turned around and went to the kitchen, gulping profusely, to avoid the impulse of throwing herself over him.

"Do you want anything to drink?" She said staring at the interior of the fridge, feeling the cool that emanated from it.

"Some water would be fine, thank you," He said, mentally beating his forehead, thinking that he might have scared her.

Ana hesitated before speaking again.

"You know I didn't know you were… well, 'the Christian Grey', don't you?" Ana said grabbing a bottle of water.

"I do," he sighed. "I didn't know you were Ms Kavanagh's roommate neither. If I only had known…"

"Kate said you asked about me… about Midnight Sun, after the interview," She handed him a glass of cool water.

"I was trying to reach to you as soon as possible. The idea of meeting after the graduation came to my mind that day." He shrugged.

"I'm sorry I didn't come. I assure you I was really looking forward to it" Ana replied softly.

"You don't have to be sorry, Ana. Your father was in an accident, you missed your graduation ceremony and I behaved like a sulky teenager." His fingertips slightly brushed her hand when taking the glass, switching on that electricity between them. "I… came to Mr Harris' shop. I mean, six years ago. But it was late." He said watching her intently. Ana gulped.

"I waited for you every day after our encounter, in hopes you appear. But I understood your reasons for not coming then," She took a sip of her water. "Over the years it become like a repeated dream on my mind; something between fantasy and reality, always accompanying me. I got used to it. Too used to it." Ana looked into Christian's eyes. His breathing was erratic and he had a pained look in his eyes. "I was just a silly girl, and you were…"

Christian didn't let Ana finish the sentence. "You weren't just a silly girl, Anastasia. You were and you are now the only person who has reached into my soul, going beyond the surface. Your eyes seem to be capable of seeing my secrets, my dark soul, but without judging me. But you were too young. I tried to leave you alone, but I couldn't. I couldn't help thinking about you night and day, so I decided to come back to the shop, only to see you again. But it was too late. Mr Harris told me you had moved with your step father." Christian remembered the way he felt, closing his eyes. "I was devastated, lost, but at the same time relieved you were ok," Christian kept his eyes closed. "I was no good for you. I am no good for you, but…"

Christian opened his eyes feeling the closeness of her warmth, finding Ana just a few inches in front of him. She was staring at him, with a look of pure love in her eyes.

"Ana, I…" Christian whispered.

"Shhhh," She put a finger on his lips, sending shivers through his spine. She took the glass from his hand and left it on the counter. "I'm scared too, Christian. But I want you to know I won't hurt you. Ever". She knew she had to be strong if she wanted it to work. She didn't know the origin of his pain, but she could see it in his eyes, from the very first moment she saw him six years ago, and she wanted to be the one who washed it away.

Christian relished in the touch of her hand on his face. It was good. It was sweet and loving and tender; just the way he thought it would be. He closed the space between them and leaned his head towards her, brushing the tip of his nose with hers.

"Oh, Ana…" He whispered. She could feel his warm breath over her skin. "I'm a very troubled man."

"I know," She said breathlessly. "I don't mind at all."

"But I want you. I wanted you from the very first moment I saw you," he said brushing his hands up her arms, barely touching her. Ana's knees went weak. "It was wrong six years ago… but now it's good. So fucking good," Christian said, mostly to himself. He inhaled sharply, writing in stone in his brain the words he was about to say. "I trust you."

He grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and slowly pulled it over his head, as if it were some kind of ritual, before he stood, in all his God–like glory, bare chested in front of Ana. She ran her eyes from his lean abdomen to his muscular chest, seeing the small circular scars scattered over it, and then to his grey eyes, which showed fear, pain and hope. Realization hit her, so using all her strength, and leaving aside her fears and lack of self-esteem, she took off her t-shirt too and threw it on the floor, to show him her devotion. She gulped again, parting her lips, watching him intently with a look full of apprehension. Christian's eyes went wide and then turned into a darker shade of grey, filled with awe and lust staring hungrily at her bare breasts. He growled and leapt on her, enveloping her in a tight embrace crushing his mouth to hers and relishing the contact of her soft skin against his chest. It felt incredibly good. Ana answered avidly, devouring his mouth and fisting her hands in his hair, pulling him against her even more. Her back hit against the counter, and he ran his hands through her neck, her chest, her breasts and her abdomen, soft moans escaping from her mouth. He spread light kisses all over her face, before teasing her ear lobe with his teeth, and tormenting her by sucking and biting the side of her neck down to her collar bone. He returned his attention to her mouth again, intruding his tongue between her parted lips. He had one of his hands in the small of her back and with the other one he began caressing softly one of her breasts. Ana moaned into his mouth and then he pinched her nipple between his fingers, enlarging it, sending shivers all over her body. She moaned loudly and he bit the tip of her chin, growling again.

He grabbed her backside with both his hands and lifted her pinning her against the wall, while she enclosed him in her arms and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Your bedroom…" he whispered against her lips between kisses.

"That door" She whispered back in his ear, pointing with her chin to the right direction and then assaulted hungrily his neck.

He rushed to her bedroom and he laid her down tenderly on the bed. He stared at her in awe; her chestnut hair spread sexily on the duvet, her lovely face flushed pink, her mesmerizing eyes shining and her full lips swollen by their kissing. Her porcelain skin glowed in the soft light of the bedroom, barely covered by those tight shorts. Her dark nipples defiantly pointing at him. He licked his upper lip slowly and Ana felt her insides clench, tightening her thighs and covering her abdomen with both hands, stifling a moan. He smirked.

Ana gulped profusely. She stared at Christian, relishing in his breath-taking figure; that sexy tousled hair, those bottomless grey eyes, capable of showing thousands of emotions in a minute, that square jaw with those luscious lips. His broad chest and his strong arms, ending with those elegant hands. His lean abdomen with his rock hard abs and that enticing happy trail… The blue jeans hanging deliciously on his narrow hips, showcasing that memorable bulging in his groin.

He took one of Ana's feet in his hands and kissed her instep. Leaning on her elbows Ana watched him as he trailed gentle kisses up her right leg, while gently caressing and stroking the other, parting them as he slowly positioned himself between them, like a panther. When he reached the top of Ana's inner thighs, he inhaled brushing the tip of his nose against it.

"Your scent is intoxicating, Ana…" He said huskily. Ana was speechless, staring open mouthed at him, desire filling her insides and not wanting him to stop, ever. But when he was biting the skin of her abdomen near the hem of her shorts, she returned to her senses for a moment.

"Christian, I… I have to tell you something," she said breathlessly.

He raised his mesmerizing gaze to hers and leaned over her, pressing his groin to hers and spreading soft kisses on her jaw.

"You are the most breath-taking creature, Ana," he whispered in her ear. "Tell me baby."

"I… I want you so badly," Ana said huskily "but you have to know that I never…" Ana's hesitation startled Christian and he stopped kissing her and looked her in the eye.

"What's wrong, Ana?" He said, caressing her face with his fingertips.

"Nothing's wrong, Christian," she assured him with a smile. "I'm ok, everything is perfect. You are amazing," she sighed "but, well, I have never gone all the way…" she blushed.

"What?" Christian frowned.

"You know, with sex…" Ana's face drew an embarrassed smile.

Christian could not believe that such a goddess like her, breathtakingly beautiful, sexy as hell, had never had sex before.

"Are you a…?" Christian began asking her.

"Virgin? Yes." Ana ended the sentence, covering her face with both her hands. He tenderly moved them from her face and looked at her intently. He had a worried expression on his face.

"Is it because of your mother's husband? Did he do something to you before you moved from Seattle…?" His eyes changed to a cold shade of steel and he was clenching his jaw, but his touch was gentle.

Ana realized what was he meaning and her mind went to that strange time of her life. She mentally shook her head not to think about it and caressed gently his cheek, feeling that soft stubble, drawing a reassuring smile on her face. He leaned his face into her hand.

"No, Christian. Those were some strange days, but that's not the reason," She felt his body relax. "It could sound weird or cheesy, but I suppose I was waiting for the right guy," she answered with a smile, her hand still gently touching his face. Christian's eyes went wide and he gaped at her as she continued; "I couldn't because I felt as if I were cheating," She sighed. "It felt as if you were who was kissing me, or touching me… you know. I couldn't do it." She lowered her gaze, slightly embarrassed.

Christian stared at her for ages. He first felt angry thinking about someone touching her. Then, he felt relieved. Then, ecstatic, thinking he would be the first one for her. Finally, his self-loathing resurfaced and felt unworthy of her, and a kind of monster for corrupting her pure core.

"Say something, please" She pleaded.

He sighed and leaned his forehead on hers.

"Oh, Ana. You are… so different from all that I know. I don't want to ruin you," he whispered.

"Christian, I trust you. And I want you. I've wanted you since the moment I saw you. I couldn't help it; it was beyond my will," she reached closer to him and whispered in his ear "please, make love to me."

Christian felt shivers down his spine feeling her breath on his neck and her soft lips brushing his ear lobe. He moaned at her words and a blissful warmth filled his chest, spreading all over his body. They kissed first sweetly, then hungrily. Christian's hands were all over her body. Ana slipped hers on Christian's backside, pulling him closer, and then reached to his bulging groin to undo the zip of his strained jeans. She caressed him softly, feeling his hard rock erection and the moistening between her legs. Christian moaned and then, abruptly, he opened his eyes:

"Ana, do you have any condoms…? I don't!" His face was priceless.

"Ohhh, I hadn't thought about that!" Ana smacked her forehead mentally. "Maybe Kate has some of them… Wait a minute." Ana kissed him briefly in the lips and ran to Kate's bedroom.

Christian took a deep breath. He was about to combust; all his control faded only seeing her. He had to calm himself if he wanted it to last; it was Ana's first time, and he wanted it to be memorable for her. He stood up and rolled his head, taking deep breaths. He took off his shoes and socks. Then, he saw an iPod on Ana's desk, and an idea came to his mind. He searched for an appropriate song and selected it, smiling at the thought of their lovemaking with it. He put the iPod on the docking station at the same time Ana entered the room shaking in her hand a sealed box of condoms, with a shy smile on her face. She was glorious in her almost nakedness, which he was about to solve by peeling those tiny shorts off her. He pressed the play button and put the song on repeat. Then, he kneeled on the bed and made a gesture to Ana to come to him. Ana felt her heartbeat adjusting to the rhythm of the drum and then the sound of deep keyboard and base notes reverberating in her belly. She bit her lip at the sight of that Greek God in front of her; it was the sexiest vision she could imagine and she wanted to lose herself with him. She approached him slowly and climbed the bed like a kitten, throwing the box carelessly on it. They stayed kneeling on the bed, one in front of the other just a few inches apart, staring at their hooded eyes. The deep husky voice of the singer enveloping them:

Sometimes I slide away


I slowly lose myself

over and over.

Take comfort in my skin


Surrender to my will

forever and ever.

She reached her hand to brush her fingertips through his abs, looking him in the eye, searching for his silent approval, but his stare only showed pure lust; all trace of fear was gone. She lowered her touch to his low abdomen, feeling the tickle of the hair of his happy trail. He grabbed the hem of her shorts and slowly pulled it down, along with her pants, digging his fingers in the flesh of her bottom. He turned her over on the bed and continued peeling off the clothes down her legs, before tossing them on the ground. He contemplated her once again, and then leapt on her to kiss her passionately.

I dissolve in trust.

I will sing with joy.

I will end up dust.

I'm in heaven.

She managed to remove his jeans and boxers in one shot. They were all lips, tongues, teeth and hands. Christian brushed his fingers between her folds, relishing at the heat and the wetness and Ana moaned in his mouth as she pressed her pelvis to his hand. He slipped a finger inside her and began moving it in and out slowly, while circling her clit with his thumb and ravaging her neck. Ana's knuckles went white as she clenched her fists grabbing the sheets. She moaned loudly as she felt her muscles clench and her climax overcame. He stared at her, trying to memorize all her lovely features.

I stand in golden rays


I burn a fire of love

over and over.

Reflecting endless light


I have embraced the flame

forever and ever.

When she came to her senses again, she opened her eyes to see him staring intently. His eyes were clouded by some unnamed emotion and he was smiling sweetly.

"You are amazing, Ana" he whispered in her ear, biting her earlobe. "Now I want to taste you; you must be delicious," he kissed her briefly on the lips and then trailed kisses all over her body, going south, stopping momentarily in her breasts and massaging them until he reached her sex. He looked up to her face, positioning his strong hands at her inner thighs and spreading her legs. She gasped when he brushed his nose between her folds and moaned when he licked all her sex with his tongue flat.

"Sweet as honey…" He whispered huskily.

Then, he circled his tongue around her most sensitive area, sucking it, first gently, then harder, until she came hard again, screaming his name.

He faced her while licking his lips. Ana grabbed his head and pulled him close to kiss him hard, savouring her arousal through his lips. She wanted him inside her as she needed the air to breathe.

Without saying a word, she reached for the box of condoms and took one. With trembling hands, she rolled it along his impressive erection. Christian moaned with her touch; he wanted to bury himself in those warm folds of her. He positioned himself in her entrance, teasing her by first skimming the tip of his shaft against her folds.

"Are you ready, baby?" He asked her looking her in the eye.

"Yes," she whispered breathlessly.

With one slow but firm movement, he entered her slippery entrance. It was fucking amazing; like soft warm silk tightening around him. Ana gasped with the sharp pain of the first stroke, but it was short and rapidly it was replaced by the irresistible fullness of him inside her.

"Are you ok Ana? I'm going to move now…" Christian said against her lips. She could only nod in assent.

Christian began moving slowly, watching her every reaction to assure she was ok. When she moaned softly and began moving her pelvis he buried his head on her neck and deepened his thrusts. He forgot about the whole world; it was only her, only them; it was all that mattered. He concentrated in the feeling of her warmth around him, her intoxicating scent, her soft skin against his, her soft moans in his ear. He went faster when she placed her hands on his backside and moaned feeling her fingers dig into his skin. They kissed passionately; Ana's hands entangled in his hair. She wrapped her legs around him and he growled as he went deeper inside her. She bent her head back as she felt her insides clench around him and climaxed furiously again. Christian followed her, moaning loudly, with the most incredible orgasm of his entire life.

I will scream The Word.

Jump into the void.

I will guide the herd

up to heaven.

When they came down to earth from their own heaven, they rolled on the bed, Ana lying half on top of him. Her head rested on his chest, one of her hands on his sweaty abdomen. She took a deep breath, inhaling his magic scent. He absent-mindedly brushed her hair off her sticky face. He took her hand and planted a kiss in the middle of her palm. Christian felt secure and complete with her. She was the missing piece; not his fucking ridiculous attempts to be in control. She and only she could heal him.

"Thank you." He said with a look full of awe and gratitude. She was about to say something when he placed her hand flat on his chest, pressing it with his own one.

Ana felt his muscles tense and then relax in a nanosecond. She didn't know what had happened to him, but she understood it was something related with those scars on his chest, and that it seemed that he had some kind of fear of being touched there. But not by her. Ana's eyes filled with happy tears watching his beaming smile, the most beautiful she had never seen, and those grey eyes full of joy and calmness.

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