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Elena watched Christian with hungry eyes as he slowly went down the stairs. He kept a blank face, trying to control his rising anger.

"Missing someone or something?" She purred with both her hands on her hips as she looked at him from head to toe, pointing with her chin to the Playroom.

"What the hell do you want, Elena?" Christian said in a cold tone which couldn't hide well enough his ire.

"There's no need to be rude, darling." She answered, completely disregarding Christian's obvious rejection. "Anyway, I wanted to know about you. It seems that yesterday you were too busy with your new friend and with your happy family to talk to me." She pouted.

"Elena, I don't have time for this bullshit right now," Christian said massaging his temples. "If you want to talk about something related to work, I will ask Andrea to check my schedule and find some time for you as soon as possible. If your intention is a different one… I'm not interested in the slightest."

Elena kept quiet for a while, her dark eyes burning with rage and her mouth in a thin line. Then, she gulped heavily to steady herself and her features softened again. She knew that if she wanted something from Christian she couldn't lose her temper.

"Christian, you're hurting me!" She said putting a manicured hand flat on her chest. "Don't tell me I have to make an appointment through your personal assistant to talk to you." She sighed dramatically. "We are old friends, but you don't talk to me anymore. I'm worried about you. You are different lately. And I miss you."

"I'm perfectly fine, Elena." Christian said, growing weary.

"And who was that girl of the gala? Your mother told me you knew her some years ago…" Elena said nonchalantly.

"Have you been talking about me with my mother?" Christian yelled. "I've told you before, Elena; you know I don't like it!" Now his tone was menacingly cold and the look in his eyes gave nothing away. Elena felt a shiver run down her spine.

"Christian, don't get mad at me… It was a casual conversation. The subject came out of nowhere." She lied. "And well, tell me. Is it true? Is she an old friend of yours?"

"Kind of." Christian didn't want to elaborate. His relationship with Elena had changed dramatically some months ago, almost since the very first day he had begun listening to Ana on the radio, but after opening his soul to her last night, he was feeling more awkward with Elena and it felt totally wrong mixing Ana's pureness with her evil manners.

"Kind of?" Elena asked annoyed. "Kind. Of." She repeated, as if testing the words. "I thought you told me everything, Christian. Is she your new submissive? Is she the reason you are rejecting the girls I offer you?" She couldn't hide her true colours anymore.

"Enough." Christian said dismissively. "It seems I didn't tell you everything, Elena." He said crossing his arms on his chest. "And no, she is not my submissive. I'm interested in other kind of relationship with her." Elena's eyes went wide and she gaped at him totally astonished.

"But… You can't!" Elena stuttered. Her face showed pain and fear.

"Or you told me so." Christian shot back coldly. "Now, if you excuse me, someone is waiting for me and I'm already late." He said pushing her aside as he made his way to the foyer. "Taylor!" His bodyguard appeared in a nanosecond from an undetermined spot. "I will take the R8 now, but I would like you to pick me up later. I'll text you."

"Understood, sir." Taylor answered diligently.

"You can now see Ms. Lincoln to the door, please." Then Christian approached Taylor and said in a lower tone near his ear: "And change all the security codes for new ones straight away."

"Of course, sir." A satisfied smile grew on Taylor's face.

"Bye, Elena." Christian said drawing a smirk on his face.

Elena felt outraged. A lot of years had passed since Christian wasn't that scared boy anymore, but she had managed to still control him one way or another, mostly by picking up his submissive's and coming between him and his family or potential friends, isolating him from any kind of closeness and making him believe he wasn't worthy of any affection. Now she could feel that the control she had over him was slipping through her claws inevitably. She had to do something, and do it quickly. Her eyes narrowed with rage when Taylor grabbed her from the elbow.

_§ § 0 § §_

Meanwhile, Elliot, Kate and Ana were almost done in the restaurant. Ana couldn´t help feeling something was wrong and, although she was having a good time with her friends, she was a little bit off.

"Ana, he will come. Christian always keeps his word. Moreover, I bet he could not spend another day without seeing you!" Elliot chuckled. "I'm sure that something got complicated and it took him a little longer to fix it." He assured Ana.

"Thank you, Elliot. It's not that I don't trust Christian; I trust him implicitly. It's just that I have a funny feeling… I hope he is all right." Ana said sighing.

"Wow, Ana, I didn't know you were so mystic." Kate joked to cheer her up. "Don't worry, he will be ok; he's only a little bit late. Besides, he cannot miss this fantastic outfit of yours!" Kate winked at her playfully, making her laugh. "Come on, let's get some fun!"

The three friends left the restaurant and went to the club in Elliot's car, not before a worried Ana grabbed some picnic meal for Christian in case he hadn't have dinner.

_§ § 0 § §_

Christian entered the Audi R8 Spider and stepped on the accelerator. Now, after that unpleasant encounter, he was aching to see Ana even more. She calmed him, and he couldn't help smiling just thinking about her lovely face, erasing all the rage that had been building inside him because of Elena some minutes ago.

Was it possible to change so dramatically? He felt as if there was really a possibility for him to change; to seek happiness. It was like that awkward feeling of hope he had had from time to time when he thought about his first encounter with that teenage Ana, but now it was multiplied a thousand times. Was it real or was it only an illusion? It was almost overwhelming… and frightening. He gripped the steering wheel and took a deep breath. His phone alerted him of a text message when stopped in a traffic light.

'Just arrived at the club. We will be at the VIP area. Are you hungry? Have you eaten something? I've brought you some Pad Thai. They have a microwave in here. Miss you…'

His chest expanded with a joyful bliss, warming him from the inside. She cared, yes she cared for him. He texted her back telling her he was on his way to the club and then switched on the music system, which was connected with his iPod, to put on some music. Music always reminded of her; she was the epitome of music, indeed.

I've never known a girl like you before

Now just like in a song from days of yore

Here you come knockin', knockin' at my door

And I've never met a girl like you before

He nodded at the statement of the low and deep voice of the singer. Anastasia was like no one else he had met before; he could not understand her fear of being 'just another one'. How could she, if she was unique? He relished in the guitar riff that reverberated in his belly, increasing his need for her even more.

You give me just a taste so I want more

Now my hands are bleeding and my knees are raw

'Cause now you've got me crawlin', crawlin' on the floor

And I've never known a girl like you before

Yes; he needed so much more from her; he couldn't get enough of her. And he would crawl on the floor if it meant she would stay by his side. Now, he couldn't wait to see her.

_§ § 0 § §_

"He's on his way." Ana whispered relieved reading Christian's text.

"See? That funny feeling was nonsense." Kate replied hugging her. "Ok, now that we all are happy, please, let's dance!"

Christian entered the VIP zone of the club. His eyes scanned the area as he rubbed his fingertips anxiously, itching to touch her. His heart missed a beat when he saw her in a corner of the dance floor. She was stretching her arms elegantly above her head, which was slightly turned back, showing her elegant and flawless neck. Her eyes were closed and she was swinging her hips slowly to the rhythm of the hypnotic techno music. His breathing got laboured. She was wearing a sexy silver top that hugged her curves deliciously, and her legs seemed endless with those tight jeans and those high-heeled shoes. Did she know how stunning she was? Christian stared at her for a minute, relishing in her delicate features, and then texted her again.

Ana stopped dancing immediately noticing a vibration coming from the back pocket of her jeans. She grabbed her phone and read the income message:

'You are the most breath-taking creature ever.'

Her face split in two with a beaming smile. Then, another text appeared:

'And I love the way your face lights up when you smile.'

Ana scanned the place looking for Christian, feeling butterflies in her belly, her raising need increasing exponentially, and when she saw him he already was only a few metres away, walking towards her. He was so incredibly attractive Ana thought as she blinked twice to assure herself it wasn't a dream. And his eyes, those bottomless stormy grey eyes, were full of an unchained passion.

They stood a few inches apart, staring at each other's eyes, feeling that electrical pull between them. Christian took a deep breath and closed the distance, inhaling her hair's scent as he slowly brushed his fingertips along her arms. Ana remained still, electrified by his magical touch, mesmerized by his strong presence. Then, their mouths met; first slightly brushing their lips, testing each other's breath. Christian licked her luscious bottom lip and sucked it, gently pulling it and Ana moaned softly. He pulled her onto him in a tight embrace and Ana fisted her hands in his hair.

"How did I manage to survive without you all my life?" He whispered against her lips, making her restart her assault again.

"My life just began the day I met you, Christian." She whispered back, breathlessly.

He moaned and kissed her hard, ignoring the people around them; it was just the two of them; nothing more mattered at that moment.

They were a mess of hands, lips, tongues and teeth when Kate and Elliot approached them.

"Wow, we can't leave the two of you alone for a moment, can we?" Kate chuckled.

"How are you doing, little bro?" Elliot said as he patted Christian's shoulder once he let go of Ana.

"Fine Lelliot," he replied. "Thank you for taking care of my girl." He said while lovingly taking one of Ana's hands to kiss it.

"His girl, huh?" Kate whispered in Ana's ear. Ana looked at her best friend with sparkling eyes.

"Have you have dinner, then? They had that Pad Thai I told you ready to heat." Ana said worriedly to Christian.

"Thank you so much, Ana. I'm terribly hungry." Christian answered kissing her.

"Christian, Ana was referring to the Thai dish she brought, not her mouth." Elliot teased.

"Elliot, he can eat whatever he wants." Ana replied winking. Kate whistled; she was enjoying that new Ana. Elliot just gaped speechless and Christian chuckled at her witty remark, his eyes darkening thinking about her delicious body as the perfect dessert.

Ana accompanied Christian while he had dinner. Sitting in a corner of the bar, they chatted about their day. Christian avoided Elena's visit; he didn't want to ruin their good mood.

"Maybe for you it's only a silly thing, but it means a lot to me. It means you care." Christian told her referring to the dinner. "I'm not used to people caring for me."

"I sure care for you, and I'm positive there are a lot of people that also cares for you; you only have to let them show you."

"You are very sweet," Christian said caressing her jaw "and that Pad Thai was exquisite. Thank you again." Christian wanted to change the subject.

"You're very welcome." Ana said kissing him briefly on the lips. "Can I ask you something?"

"Whatever you want, baby." Christian replied with a sincere smile.

"What was that 'Lelliot' thing about?" She asked amused.

"Oh, that!" Christian chuckled snaking his arms around her waist. "Well, I don't know why, but when I was a child I couldn't properly pronounce my brother's name." He said shrugging. "I call him like that when I want to tease him… or when I'm feeling happy." Christian looked Ana in the eye and she couldn't help but get lost in those melting grey eyes. "I'm happy. You make me happy."

"I want to make you happy." Ana replied earnestly caressing his face.

They stared at each other for a while in a comfortable silence and then Christian stood up.

"Do you want to dance?" He asked her offering his hand.

"Can't wait to dance with you again Christian." She said taking his hand.

They joined Kate and Elliot, and the four of them had a lot of fun. Elliot had never seen his brother that happy, neither had Kate with her best friend. After a while, Christian excused himself and left, not before kissing Ana possessively leaving her breathless and over the moon. She and Kate used the moment to do some girl-talking.

"Wow, I don't know how Christian has managed to separate from you for a while! He's really besotted with you!" Kate chuckled.

"The same as I am; he's amazing Kate!" Ana retorted.

"You really got him."

"Well, you can't deny you have Elliot under your spell… He's watching us like a hawk!" Ana pointed laughing.

"What can I say? He's all that I always wanted and he's amazing too!" Kate replied happily.

"Are you talking about me, girls?" Elliot questioned snaking his arms around Kate's waist from behind. Kate grabbed his biceps relishing in his strength.

"About you and your gorgeous brother, Lelliot." Ana said with a beaming smile.

"He really has her, doesn't he?" Elliot chuckled talking to Kate as if Ana wasn't there. She rolled her eyes.

Then, the voice of the DJ rose clear and loud through the sound system.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is not something I usually do, but I have a special request from a very persistent guy, and I'm not talking about his bulky wallet," the man chuckled. "This man is utterly captivated by a young lady in here, and I can't deny him this little concession. This song is from Fifty Shades to his beloved Midnight Sun."

Ana's eyes went wide when she heard those names, and she searched Christian through the crowd again.

"Wow, what a good move!" Elliot muttered.

"Don't worry, baby. You have some really good moves too." Kate whispered in his ear lasciviously.

Christian appeared once again and took both Ana's hands with his, kissing her knuckles once at a time, his eyes not leaving hers.

"You have given to me the opportunity of my life." Christian sighed as Ana was holding her breath. "I was angry, scared and lost. But you give me hope and you fill me with an immense joy. I want to tell you I'm grabbing this opportunity with both hands and, although I know I don't deserve you and that I know it might be difficult, I will do my best to win you every day. Thank you so much baby."

The enticing piano notes that were surrounding them gave way to a warm man's voice. Ana smiled at Christian as the first words of the lyrics reached her ears.

There comes a time

To be free of the heart

I want to be ready

Ready to start

On a love journey

Got places to go

Made up my mind

And I have got to let you know

Ana crashed her mouth to his, unable to say a word because of the lump in her throat, and Christian kept repeating against her lips tens of whispered thank you's between kisses while they spun round slowly in a tight embrace.

Heaven help the heart

That lets me inside

Heaven help the one

Who comes in my life

Heaven help the fool

That breaks through my door

'Cause I've decided right now

I'm ready for love

Christian watched intently Ana's face, piercing his stormy look into her powder blue eyes, and then he smirked playfully. "You are warned, baby. It won't be easy."

"I'm fully aware, Christian. I'm ready too. And I don't mind being your fool at all." She smiled back with her chest full of joy.

Then, when the song ended, the DJ talked once again while the beat of a new song began.

"These two had softened my already tender heart… here you have another romantic tune, but a little bit more buzzing. Put your hands up people!"

I can't win, I can't reign

I will never win this game

Without you, without you

I am lost, I am vain,

I will never be the same

Without you, without you

Ana and Christian looked at each other's eyes, stood still in their spot, while the people around them began dancing dedicatedly whistling their approval.

I won't run, I won't fly

I will never make it by

Without you, without you

I can't rest, I can't fight

All I need is you and I

Without you

"I need you." Ana whispered against Christian's chest. He grabbed her chin to make her look him in the eye. He didn't understand why she wanted to be with him; she, the most precious creature, an innocent and pure heart. He looked at her bottomless eyes and found everything he had wanted all his life. Leaving behind him all his absurd boundaries and fears, he softly replied:

"I need you too, baby."

_§ § 0 § §_

Christian texted Taylor to come for them immediately and the trustworthy man, who was already near the club, arrived in less than three minutes. They said good-bye to Elliot and Kate and went to Christian's place. He introduced her to Taylor, who greeted her with a brief nod of his head but a warm look in his eyes. He automatically reminded her of Ray; they had that military hard demeanour hiding a soft interior. They remained in silence the entire journey. No words were needed; Christian's burning gaze ran all over her body, like a predator about to devour his prey, while he softly rubbed her knuckles rhythmically, igniting her insides and increasing her need for him.

"You seem hungry, don't you?" Ana whispered huskily into Christian's ear while placing a hand on his thigh. She bit her lip staring at him lasciviously.

Christian inhaled sharply with his eyes closed and then he fixed his darkening eyes on Ana again, licking his lips. "Yes, I'm hungry. And thirsty. Can't wait to eat my dessert."

Once they arrived at Escala, they rushed into the elevator under Taylor's amused look. His boss was really head over heels about that girl.

Christian pinned Ana to the wall of the elevator while kissing her and touching every inch of her body he was capable to.

"Baby, you drive me crazy, and I'm not used to it…" he said leaning his forehead on hers.

"I'm not used to losing control either, Christian. But I like it." She said nibbling his ear.

The door opened at the penthouse and Christian took Ana in his arms, lifting her to the floor.

"It was about time!" He growled. "Baby, I will show you the apartment tomorrow morning; now I need to take you to the bedroom immediately."

Ana giggled, and Christian ran to his bedroom taking big steps, carrying her weight as if it wasn't more than a feather. She couldn't focus on anything but him; his ragged breathing, his strong arms around her, his warmth and his marvellous scent. When they arrived to the bedroom, Christian closed the door with one of his feet and left her on the floor, letting his hands run slowly to her hips. Then, he turned her around, her back on his chest and began kissing her neck while searching the hem of her top, which was tousled on the floor in a few seconds.

"You are so beautiful." Christian said in her ear while one of his hands caressed softly the flesh of her breasts just about the lace of her bra and the other one traced circles around her belly button. Then, his hand slowly reached the hem of her jeans and undid the button, caressing her mound of Venus over the fabric of her underwear. Ana felt her pelvic muscles clench and moaned softly. Christian pressed his hips to Ana with his one of his hands flat on her belly and she felt his erection digging on her lower back. He grabbed her jaw with one hand and forced her head to one side, capturing her moan with his mouth, devouring it in a desperate kiss. Meanwhile, with his other hand, he reached her sex and brushed his fingertips through her wet folds, pushing one finger inside her as he pressed again his erection on her back. He released her mouth and moved his finger in circles, slowly, watching her every reaction. Ana let her head rest on Christian's chest and abandoned herself to the incredible sensations. Then, he slowly pulled out his hand and, looking her in the eye, sucked his finger lasciviously.

"Delicious…" he said with a wicked grin. Then, he pushed it into Ana's mouth. "Suck." He commanded.

Ana closed her mouth around Christian's finger and sucked hard. Christian gasped. That turned her on so much, she turned around once again and kissed him hard. She took the hem of his t-shirt with both hands and he helped her to take it off over his head. Christian's breathing became even more ragged. Then, Ana pushed him to the wall and, with a hand flat on his hard lower abdomen, whispered against his lips:

"Now I want to taste something else."

She brushed her fingertips along his happy trail. Christian's chest was moving quickly and his lips were parted. Then, she bent and slipped her tongue flat over his abs, savouring him, and unbuttoned his jeans while kneeling in front of him. Ana took down the jeans and the boxers in one move leaving them below his knees, freeing his impressive erection that was right in front of her face. She caressed his tights upwards and looked up to Christian's face licking her lips. Resting her hands on his hips she said in a sweet sexy tone:

"Let me try… this will be my first time too…"

She took the shaft with one hand; it was soft, hard and hot. Christian gasped. Then, she began licking slowly all its length with her tongue flat, not missing an inch. A moan escaped from Christian's mouth and it encouraged her to continue her ministrations. She left soft wet kisses from its base to the tip and curled her tongue around it. Christian growled and his legs began trembling.

"Do you prefer to lie on the bed?" She asked him sweetly.

"Ana, I just want your hot mouth around my cock." He moaned huskily gripping the wall with both his hands.

That urge, that primal need, turned Ana wilder and she introduced all his length inside her mouth, covering her teeth with her lips. Christian growled again. She sucked him relentlessly, rolling her tongue all over at the same time and gently massaging his testicles. Ana felt Christian's hands over her head. His breathing was becoming harder. She placed her hands again on his hips and sucked him harder and deeper; Christian fisted her hands on her hair and thrust his pelvis slightly, pushing him deeper into Ana's mouth. His moans went louder while he warned Ana from his imminent release. Ana kept savouring him with fervour and he climaxed with a primal guttural sound.

Ana felt triumphant. Licking her lips and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she looked at Christian with a happy smile. Christian, who still could feel the electricity running along his body after that mind blowing orgasm, had an expression of gratification and awe.

"Fuck, Ana, are you sure this was the first time you did this?" He asked her helping her to stand up. She nodded shyly. "Wow, baby. It was amazing; I mean, really, really amazing. Thank you." She giggled, but Christian trapped her mouth once again. "Definitely, you taste way better than me, baby." He chuckled.

_§ § 0 § §_

After a night full of unbridled passion and peaceful dreams, they woke up again with their naked limbs entangled. Christian's eyelids fluttered; the feeling of her warm skin against his drew a smile upon his face. He couldn't help tightening his embrace and kissing repeatedly her lovely face, until Ana woke up with a big smile too. She couldn't say a word before Christian trapped her mouth with his own one. Ana traced his muscular back with both hands, pressing him onto her as if her life depended on it while wrapping her legs on his waist, and he rolled on the bed, positioning himself on top of her. He grabbed a condom and, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder, he entered in her slowly, feeling every inch of their connection, while kissing her relentlessly. Ana felt once again that blissful sensation and moaned softly.

"Good morning, my sweet baby." He whispered against her mouth, biting her lip in the process.

No words came out of Ana's mouth; instead of it, she pressed her hands on his bottom, asking for more. Christian's thrusts went further and harder, and Ana exploded irremediably around him once again, in a whispered prayer of happy unintelligible words. Christian moaned loudly and followed Ana in their own heaven.

"God, Ana, you're going to kill me." He said caressing her face, still feeling the after-effects of their love making.

"French call it 'le petite mort', don't they?" Ana said chuckling.

"You're a box full of surprises, Ms. Steele." Christian said flashing a beaming smile.

"You are full of surprises too, Mr. Grey; do you know you are the sweetest man on earth?"

_§ § 0 § §_

They dressed up after a brief shower. Ana borrowed a t-shirt and some CK boxers from Christian and put on her jeans. Christian was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

"This t-shirt looks way better on you than it does on me." Christian said snaking his arms around Ana's waist and nuzzling his face in her neck.

"Are you serious, Christian? You are not aware how terribly sexy you are with a plain t-shirt and jeans, are you?" Ana said hooking her index fingers on his belt loops.

"It's only a pretty façade, baby." Christian answered, showing a hint of his self-loathing. "Let's make a tour now: I'll show you the apartment and then we'll have some breakfast."

"But…" Ana was going to reply, but Christian prevented her by gently pressing his lips against hers. She gave up for that time, but she made herself a silent promise to try with all her strength to make him see what an incredible person he was.

They walked hand in hand through the vast apartment while Christian showed her the different rooms. Ana had never been in such an enormous place; it was almost ten times her apartment. The place was stylish but functional. A little bit cold, except for some special details. The kitchen, for example, although it was equipped top-of-the-range, had that homely touch, surely due to Gail's effect. The Madonna's images which were hanging on the walls of the foyer were also so significant for Ana; as they showed the great importance Christian gave to his family. And, of course, Christian's bedroom. One's bedroom was a reflection of one's personality. Christian's could seem cold and unsettlingly sexy at first sight, like him; a large grey-wooden four posted bed was settled in the middle of the bedroom, matching the rest of the furniture, which was impressive and sexy. The walls were plain white. But there were two significant details that showed that part Christian wanted to hide: one of them was the floor to ceiling window, showing a marvellous sight of Seattle. He could observe from there the rest of the world safely hidden. The other one was a magnificent marine painting placed in the head of the bed; it was a scary scene of gigantic waves, an impressive sea-storm. It was like him; scary sometimes, even cruel, but it showed his tremendous need for freedom.

Ana got impressed when they entered the CCTV room. Taylor stood up immediately and greeted her with that quick nod of the head, but that warm spark in his eyes was still there.

"I like Taylor." Ana said to Christian when they were going upstairs. "But in an uncle kind of way, you know," she added immediately seeing the increasing frown between Christian's beautiful eyes.

"He's a trusting man." Christian answered in a clipped tone.

Christian showed Ana the second floor, avoiding the Playroom and also telling which room was the one destined to his subs, but Ana easily guessed, only noticing his change of demeanour.

They returned to the living room and Ana went directly to the piano, which was placed in front of another floor to ceiling window that showed an impressive view.

"Is this the Music Grand?" She said holding her breath.

"Yes." He answered approaching her and hugging her from behind. "It has always reminded me of you." He kissed the top of her head and inhaled her hair's scent.

"Come with me." She said turning around and taking his hand.

She led him to the piano and invited him to sit beside her on the stool. She caressed the keys and Christian felt a shiver watching her; how many times had he imagined her by his side? He put his right hand over her left one and kissed her left shoulder. He had a lump in his throat and wasn't able to speak. Then, she smiled at him with sparkling eyes, and began playing. Christian could feel with his fingertips the elastic movement of the muscles and the tendons of her hand and watched mesmerized how that elegant dancing along the keyboard formed the different notes that filled the space.

"Do you know this piece?" Ana asked him still smiling.

Christian nodded. He blinked twice as if to make sure she was real, his eyes showing a million of different emotions. He gulped and then finally found out the words. 'Salut d'amour.'

"Yes." She replied happily before kissing him. "Play with me."

Christian joined her on the keyboard. His face slowly drew a beaming smile, which turned into a giggle that Ana followed immediately. The sweet notes surrounded them as a caress, cocooning them into their personal happy moment. When they finished, Christian enveloped her in a tight embrace, sheltering his head in the crook of her neck, while Ana whispered loving words in his ear stroking his soft hair.

_§ § 0 § §_

They went to Kate and Ana's apartment before going to his parents'. Christian had decided to give Taylor a free day and he had driven the R8. He checked his Blackberry while Ana was changing clothes.

"Don't be nervous, Ana. They will adore you." Christian assured her as he did his way to her bedroom.

"I'm not sure about this, Christian. Not at all." She answered staring at her reflection in the mirror. After trying different outfits, she had decided to put on the dress she was supposed to wear at her graduation, but matched with black flats. Anyway, she was terribly nervous and insecure.

"About what? You already know my mother and Elliot. You don't have to worry at all; I'll be by your side." He said approaching her and kissing the top of her head. "What's more, you are really beautiful with this dress."

"Really? It is the dress I was going to wear at the graduation." She said nervously.

"I love it. And you are stunning." He sealed his words with a kiss and led her to the living room. "Let's switch on the TV. I think there might be something interesting…" he said with a smirk.

Christian sailed through the different channels until a familiar scenario appeared on the screen. It was a still image of the two of them in the middle of the dance floor of the club, in a passionate embrace. Their faces were not clearly visible, but Christian's dark copper curls and magnificent physique were unmistakable. Ana gaped at the TV and then at Christian. A woman's voice sounded in the background of the image:

'Who is this brown haired girl who has the gorgeous and lonely Christian Grey trapped between her amorous arms? Does it mean he is out of market, for our misfortune, or, on the contrary, that he has decided to finally play the game of love? Wait for your turn, sister!'

Ana's eyes went wide open as the mocking tone of the hostess played some tricky taunt in her head; she was on the TV, making out shamelessly while exposed to all the audience. Christian worried seeing the expression of horror on her face.

"I'm sorry, Ana. My PR head texted to tell me, and I thought it was some kind of funny. I'm sorry if it bothers you… I will sue the channel if necessary. I'm a public person, and I suppose this was too much juicy…" He gulped running a hand through his hair and resumed his talking. "Are you ashamed of anything?"

The hint of regret on Christian's voice made Ana to come back to reality.

"Of course not, Christian." She assured him while caressing his face. "It's just that… I have to phone my mother urgently. She loves all this TV programs and I'm sure that she will recognize me if she sees me." Ana frowned massaging her temples and Christian sighed in relief.

"Call her, baby." He said kissing her loudly on the cheek.

Ana sat on the edge of the couch and dialled her mother's number. She took a steady breath and placed the phone in her ear. Christian, who was by her side, encouraged her by putting his thumbs up.

"Hi mum!" Ana said through the phone as if nothing had happened.

"Anastasia Rose Steele!" I think you have something to tell me!" Carla shouted.

Ana shut her eyes and covered her face with her free hand. As she supposed, her mother was already watching that TV program. Christian moved closer to her.

"Mum, let me explain…"

"Are you with Christian Grey and you haven't told me anything? He's gorgeous, Ana! And successful and rich!" Carla interrupted Ana with a voice full of joy. "Where did you meet him? And when? Will you introduce me some day? Oh, I hope so!"

"Mum!" Ana was shocked with her mother's behaviour, but at the same time she was also relieved.

"Oh, Ana, tell me…" Carla begged playfully.

"He's… he's my…" Ana didn't know what to say about Christian to her mother; their real story was too much complicated for a phone conversation and for her mother's actual excited state. She looked at Christian, who was staring at her with a beautiful smile playing on his lips, and that made her smile too. 'Boyfriend' he mouthed silently in front of her face. "Boyfriend?" Ana questioned out loud, more to herself, but it was heard by her mother, who began shouting her bliss. Ana separated the phone from her ear and Christian laughed happily.

After listening to all that her mother had to tell her, she decided to talk to her father. Although he was aware that Ana was not a child anymore, he was not so laid back about those romantic themes. Ana was a little vaguer in her conversation with Ray; he was not used to watching that type of television show and she was sure he was not going to see that awkward image. She told him she had known someone special and that they were going to visit him together in a near future.

"So… boyfriend?" Ana asked Christian once she ended the phone call.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend sound good to me." Christian answered playfully. Ana smiled.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend sound perfect." She whispered feeling instantly shy.

"So… It seems I'm going to meet my girlfriend's father shortly…" Christian told as he grabbed Ana by her waist.

"It seems so… next weekend is ok for you?" Ana asked joining her hands on his neck.

"Whenever you want baby."

_§ § 0 § §_

Christian rang the bell of his parents' house and squeezed Ana's hand. She answered with a nervous smile. Grace opened the door with a big smile on her face.

"Christian, darling, how lovely to see you!" She approached to him affectionately to kiss him in the cheek and got caught with Christian's timid embrace. An unnamed emotion crossed her face as she looked at her son's face and then at Ana's, thinking of her as the architect of her son's brand new state of happiness.

"Hi, mum. You know Ana, right?" Christian said running a hand through his hair; even he was amazed of how his familiar relationships were dramatically changing because of Ana.

"Yes, we meet Friday night before the party. She's a great musician." Grace said with pride in her eyes. "How are you sweetheart?" She greeted her.

"Very well, madam. Thank you so much." Ana answered shyly blushing profusely.

"Oh please, call me Grace; madam makes me feel old!" Grace replied playfully while hugging her. Then Carrick appeared behind her and she introduced Ana to him. "This is my husband Carrick. Carrick, darling, this is Ana, Christian's…"

"Girlfriend." Christian interrupted his mother. Carrick widened his eyes in astonishment, Grace showed her delight by smiling even wider and Ana felt that rising heat coming from her cheeks to her ears, but was very grateful to Christian's heartfelt support.

"Nice to meet you, Ana." Carrick said politely shaking her hand briefly. She noticed some reticence in his eyes.

"Nice to meet you too, sir. I'm honoured for this invitation." Ana said measuring her words.

They entered the house. It was classy but modern, with pastel colours on the walls and dark wood furniture. There were a few paintings hanging on the walls, but a lot of family pictures with happy scenes. It was a happy home.

Kate and Elliot were already in the living room, chatting with a curvaceous dark haired girl who squealed happily when she saw them.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You must be Ana!" She run elegantly in spite of her high heeled shoes and grabbed Ana's hand, still jumping up and down. "Look at you! You're beautiful! So natural! And talented!" Ana gaped at her speechless, while Kate and Elliot couldn't help chuckling behind them and Christian was sighing patiently.

"Mia, take it easy please. Let her breathe!" Christian complained with a warning look on his eyes.

"Hi Christian!" Mia let go Ana's hand and hugged her brother tightly. Ana reminded how Christian had told her his sister could always touch him.

"Well, Ana this is my little sister Mia." Christian said to Ana, shrugging apologetically.

"Nice to meet you, Mia." Ana replied amused.

They enjoyed the delicious meal between Elliot's jokes, Mia's wordy outbursts, Christian's sulky remarks and Grace's motherly manners. It seemed to Ana like the usual ritual. Carrick, although, seemed a little bit off, darting sideways looks to her from time to time.

"Are you ok, dad? You are too quiet." Mia asked him nonchalantly.

"I'm fine sweetheart… I'm only curious about Ana." Carrick looked at her with a blank face. Christian clenched his jaw but kept still, squeezing Ana's hand under the table.

"Darling, we all are curious about Ana, but I think we will have time enough to get to know her, and I'm sure we'll love her. Our son has chosen her." Grace said with a worried look.

"Oh, yes. You are the first one our son decides to introduce us; you are his first girl. But you already knew that, didn't you, Ana?" Carrick said in a cold tone.

"If you are insinuating Ana is somehow trying to take advantage of me, father, you are totally wrong." Christian spat out. "First, I'm not that naïve… The fact that I decided not to introduce you any one of my previous partners only means they were not that important for me…" Christian looked at Ana when she grabbed his arm to steady him. She didn't want him to regret of anything he might say in the heat of the moment. He took a deep breath and resumed his talking. "Second, she is one of the most reliable people I've had the honour to know." Christian looked at her once more with loving eyes.

"Dad, Christian is right… you don't have the right to think bad about Ana…" Elliot interceded.

"I completely understand." Everyone at the table kept silent with Ana's words. "Carrick, I know this is a weird situation… you don't have to apologize at all." Ana smiled at Carrick and he frowned.

"I…I…" Carrick stammered. "I'm only worried about my son's well-being. I don't want him to get hurt" He said a little bit ashamed.

"As I have told you, I completely understand." Ana repeated. "Christian is very important for me, too. I know it's difficult to assume, but it's the truth. I'm not interested in his wealth at all; in fact, I didn't know who he was until Friday. He left a deep and indelible memory in me six years ago, and I've had the incredible chance to meet him again." She looked at Christian in the eye smiling. "I'm the luckiest woman in the world and I can only be grateful for it." Christian sealed the words with a chaste kiss and everyone at the table, except Carrick, who kept a lost look in his eyes, smiled.

The rest of the meal and the afternoon were uneventful. Ana and Christian decided to leave the same time Kate and Elliot did. Kate told Ana she was spending the night again with Elliot and she hugged her best friend affectionately.

"Well done, Ana." She whispered in her ear.

Christian drove Ana to her apartment. The next morning it was her first day at work and she needed to rest and to prepare herself properly. With a load in his chest, he stopped the car in front of her door.

"I'm so sorry about my father… Don't mind about him, ok? He doesn't know what he's saying." Christian assured her while kissing her knuckles.

"He only cares for you, Christian. I'm not mad at him." Ana replied.

"I'm going to miss you tonight… and tomorrow." He groaned.

"Me too…" She said snaking her arms around his neck. "You can come here after work, if you want."

"Of course I will." He answered kissing her. "Let's go, you have to rest."

They went out of the car and Christian led her to the door. "Dream about me." He said.

"I will. Good night, Christian." She breathed.

"Good night, Ana." He repeated.

Christian entered the car after seeing Ana safely cross her door. He leaned his forehead on the steering wheel. He wanted to punch his father's face. What was he thinking? How dare he to accuse Ana to be… what? A gold-digger? He switched on the radio to calm himself; without Ana's presence by his side it was so much different. A funny folk-like guitar riff resonated through the sound system, making him smile.

My house in Budapest

My hidden treasure chest

Golden grand piano

My beautiful Castillo

For you


I'd leave it all

My acres of a land

I have achieved

It may be hard for you to

Stop and believe

But for you


I'd leave it all

Give me one good reason

Why I should never make a change

And baby if you hold me

Then all of this will go away

At least, his father was right about one single thing: Ana, his Ana, was making him realize of so many good and important things in life that he won't hesitate in the slightest to throw all his possessions away to keep her by his side.

My friends and family

They, don't understand

They fear they'd lose so much

If, you took my hand

But, for you


I'd lose it all.

Give me one good reason

Why I should never make a change

And baby if you hold me

Then all of this will go away

Ana took a deep breath; she felt as if she could not completely fill her lungs. It was that load in her chest again, only lessened by Christian's presence. How could it be? She took her phone to text him, when the intercom rang. She rushed to it and pressed the button without asking, opening the door at the same time. A sulky Christian appeared through the stairs a few seconds after.

"For God's sake, Ana, don't you dare opening your door without asking first…" He began reprimanding her, but got silenced by Ana, who jumped into him, wrapping her arms and legs around him and crashing her mouth to his.

"You're here…" She squealed against his lips once the kiss ended.

"I decided I was missing you too much." Christian replied, his previous annoyance completely forgotten.

"Yes, too much." Ana repeated happily.

He carried her inside the apartment closing the door with one of his feet.

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Without you. David Guetta feat. Usher.

Salut d'amour. Elgar.

Budapest. George Ezra.

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