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The disoriented blonde girl turned on her heels clumsily. She had a lost look in her eyes, which were surrounded by a dark stained shadow of blurred mascara.

"Where are we now?" She said through the brumes of her drugged state.

The room was simple, with a small bed in one corner, a bedside table and an old maroon couch placed in the middle. Dimmed red lights that came from the ceiling illuminated the stance giving it a demoniacal look.

"Hush now, baby. Take these." The man gave her some more pills that she swallowed with vodka while he pulled up her short skirt and took down her panties. He pressed his face between her legs while grunting.

"I'm feeling sick..." She said with a hint of voice.

"Don't worry, blondie. I will take care of you. I know what you like." He answered with a devilish grin. The man pressed the button of a remote control and a deafening bang filled the room, like a million cutting blades clashing between them, followed by some wicked notes in crescendo.


I will split you in two

Shake shake shake boom

I strike, quickly being bold

You're all, you're all dogs

You're just dogs of the house

You're weak, weak, weak, weak slaves

The weak slave goes to the wall, oooh

He pushed her to the back of the couch, leaving her bent by the waist, with her feet barely touching the ground. He separated her buttocks and forcefully penetrated her ass. She mumbled in her semi-unconsciousness, incapable of saying a word, and he kept bouncing into her relentlessly.

'Cause I am

I am that pretty piece of flesh

I am a pretty piece of flesh

I am a pretty piece of flesh

I am a pretty piece of flesh, I am

_§ § 0 § §_

Ana arrived just on time for her first day at her new job, despite Christian's great efforts to keep her in bed until late (he was a master on that matter). She had also the suspicion that it had been some kind of tactic to prevent her from driving Wanda; she had seen Christian's face when he saw the old Beetle the day before. There was no time to argue and she didn't have enough time to properly park the car, so he had offered himself to drive her to 'Everybody's possession' offices and Taylor would take her back home in the afternoon.

The day went by in a rush. First thing in the morning, Hyde showed her the offices and introduced her to all the staff. Then, they moved to his office and checked Ana's contract, detailing all her duties and establishing what she was expected to achieve in her six-month probationary period. Later, Ana spent all the morning proof-reading a bunch of articles and interviews that were waiting for her approval. She went to a nearby Deli with one of her companions during the lunch break, and in the afternoon she searched for information about a local musician who would be her first interviewee two days after. During the day, Christian sent text messages asking how her day was and telling her he could not wait to see her in the evening. She was all over the moon, still struggling with the fact of having found him after six long years.

At five o'clock, she received a text from Taylor, saying he was already waiting for her at the main door. She picked up her stuff, switched off her computer and went to the elevator. While waiting, Hyde joined her.

"How was your first day, Anastasia?" He asked with that grim sparkle again in his eyes.

"It was fantastic, Jack. Thank you again for this opportunity." Ana answered noticing that strange feeling again.

"I'm glad to have someone of your talent by my side. Anyway, I will make sure you thank me properly, Anastasia." He had a smirk on his face.

"I suppose hard work will be enough, won't it?" Ana replied almost instantly, looking him in the eye and not wanting to go to wherever Hyde wanted to take her. Surely it was a really slippery place.

"Of course, Ana. Of course. Hard work."

They entered the elevator in an uncomfortable silence and when they reached the main floor Ana hurried to left the building, wanting to feel some fresh air as soon as possible. She spotted Taylor waiting by the black SUV and waved him hello.

"Your boyfriend?" Hyde whispered in her ear, making her jump.

"Errrr... No. Mr Taylor is not my boyfriend. He is still at work and asked Mr Taylor to come and take me home." Ana said still puzzled by Hyde's demeanour.

"So, you do have a boyfriend." Ana nodded eagerly. "A serious thing, I suppose." Hyde continued his intrusive interrogation.

Taylor approached himself to them as he felt something was wrong with the man beside her and she rewarded him with a relieved smile.

"I have to go, Jack. See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Ana." Jack said disappointed.

"Good afternoon, Ms Steele. Everything ok?" Taylor asked politely.

"Good afternoon, Taylor. Everything's fine. Thanks for coming."

He opened the door for Ana and then glanced back at the man in the main door of the building, who was staring back at him, and made a mental note to do a background check of him.

_§ § 0 § §_

Kate was packing her luggage when Ana arrived. She and Elliot were flying to Barbados the next morning. They chatted about Ana's first day at work and she told Kate about her creepy boss. Kate showed Ana the new outfits she had bought just for the occasion and then they shared a glass of wine before Elliot came to pick his girlfriend up. Ana wished them a safe flight and happy holidays and they left to Elliot's apartment.

Once alone, Ana took off her shoes and put on some music. She was slowly whirling to the rhythm of the song when her phone rang. Her face lit up seeing Christian's number on the screen.

"Hi gorgeous. I was thinking about you." Ana greeted him.

"Hi baby. How was your day?" He answered warmly.

"A lot of new things to cope, but the day was awesome. And yours?"

"Busy, as always. Tedious. I couldn't wait to see you. What are you listening to?"

"Al Green's Let's stay together. Do you fancy it?" She said playfully.

"Yes, I do. I would like to strip you to the rhythm of the song." He said in that low sexy voice that made Ana's hairs stand up.

"Mmmmm, I would love it." She said in a husky voice.

"We aim to please, baby."

He hung up and instantly the doorbell rang. Christian climbed the stairs in a rush and in a few seconds was standing in front of Ana. He was a sight for sore eyes, dressed with black suit pants which hung from his hips in a delicious way and a white crisp shirt with the first two buttons undone, no tie, and both sleeves rolled up to his elbows. She couldn't help biting her lip lasciviously while a smile drew upon her face. His megawatt smile grew higher seeing her and her reaction. He slowly reached towards her like a panther, closing the door behind him without breaking eye contact with her. He caressed her face and her neck with his index finger and hooked it in the neckline of her shirt, bringing her closer to him.

"Hi." He whispered in her ear, nibbling her earlobe with his teeth.

"Christian." She answered, half moaning.

"Nice song; very appropriate I think." He said looking her in the eye, drinking in the lyrics that echoed his feelings.

I, I'm so in love with you

Whatever you want to do is all right with me

'Cause you make me feel so brand new

And I want to spend my life with you

Relishing in the velvety voice of the singer and following the rhythm of the song, of their breathings and their heartbeats, they began undressing the other one, leaving a trail of scattered clothes in their way to the bedroom.

Christian didn't stop kissing Ana after their lovemaking. He craved the touch, the feeling of her soft skin against his as much as she did.

"Move with me to Escala…" He said trailing kisses down her neck. Her hands stopped caressing his back and he cleared up the meaning of his words. "I mean, while Kate is in Barbados. I don't want you to be here all alone, and my place is so much more comfortable than here."

She straightened into a sitting position and brushed some locks of hair off her forehead.

"Are you sure, Christian? I don't want to bother you." A slight furrow drew between her brows that seemed adorable to Christian.

"Bother me? Are you serious, Ana?" He chuckled. Then, he pinned her to the bed grabbing both her wrists and raising her arms above her head. "Ana, I can't get enough of you. I think today has been the longest day of my life so, definitely no; you won't bother me at all." He gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. "Come with me to Escala. Please?"

She looked him warily in the eye and he flashed a good boy dazzling smile, making her smile too. "Well, if you ask so nicely… ok, then."

"Thank you, baby!" He placed his hands on both sides of her face and kissed her tenderly.

"No; thank you, Christian." She whispered back.

"I will call Mrs Jones to confirm you will be there for dinner."

"Mrs Jones? Your housekeeper?" Christian nodded while searching for his phone, that was somewhere on the floor. "She wasn't at Escala yesterday, was she?" Ana asked.

"She usually has the weekends off." He said as an explanation. "You will like her."

"So, do you cook on the weekends?" Ana asked amused.

"Well, I can cook pasta and a few simple dishes… but Mrs Jones usually leaves enough meals prepared for the whole weekend." He gulped heavily. "And… well, if not, someone used to cook for me."

Ana realized who that 'someone' would be and widened her eyes. "You mean your subs, don't you?" He nodded again, awfully embarrassed, and she began giggling, lying down on the bed again, covering her mouth with one of her hands.

"What's so funny?" Christian said, sulking.

"You're blushing! It's so cute!" Ana couldn't hide her laugh.

Christian raised a brow crossing his arms on his chest. "Are you laughing at me?" He asked, trying to seem upset, but clearly amused.

"No, no. I wouldn't dare!" She answered, her face flushed from her intense laugh.

"You are." He closed his eyes and sighed heavily, putting his fingers on both sides of his head. "I've been accused of many things in my life, but I never expected to be accused of being cute!" He said faking offense.

"Well... you are! Very." Ana said batting her eyelashes while approaching him. "And handsome, attractive, terribly sexy and hot. Very hot." She finished her speech rubbing her naked backside to his groin. He gripped her hips pushing her against his growing erection with a low guttural grunt. Then, he slid his hand over her neck, down her chest between her breasts and her abdomen, pressing it again just below her belly button.

"Ok. I'm going to show you how cute I am." He said huskily near her ear.

Ana let go a moan. She could feel Christian's domineering aura, his power over her, but also his deep need for her. She surrendered to him willingly, knowing that she was completely his, as much as he was completely hers.

_§ § 0 § §_

The week passed by and Friday came rapidly. Christian and Ana easily got used to being together; waking up in each other's arms, craving the evenings for meeting the other one as soon as possible, sharing long conversations naked in bed, playing the piano together. Christian felt the happiest man in the world with Ana by his side and, although he was convinced he didn't deserve her, he was not capable to let her go. He even had to blink twice sometimes to reassure himself she was really there. Her sparkling smile made a hot, sweet ache spread from his chest to his limbs, making him almost numb, and her soft skin against him, her touch, her heat, transported him to another world, far, far away from his previous sour one. Ana felt like in a fairy-tale, sometimes anguished to wake up and realizing it was just one of her dreams about him. But he reassured her every day, every hour, every single moment they were together that everything was for real. She craved his presence, his smell, his touch. She felt safe and complete with him, and it was as if some piece of the puzzle were missed when they were apart.

Ana liked Mrs Jones immediately; she had that motherly demeanour against Christian that made her feel she would protect him with her life, as Taylor had, and the two of them built a strong bond between them.

That Friday, Christian was picking up Ana from work and then they were going to a music shop to buy some present for Ana's father. Christian wanted to know the man who had taken care of his precious Ana and had raised such an incredible woman; he had to thank him personally. But, at the same time, he was a little bit anxious to meet him too; in the end, he was not good and the wise man might notice. At five o'clock sharp Christian was waiting for Ana outside 'Everybody's possession' headquarters. He had managed to prevent Ana from driving that old Beetle the entire week. It was not only the fact that he thought Wanda was a death trap, but also that way he could spend some more precious minutes with Ana and kiss her goodbye right in the car in the mornings.

It was usually Taylor who picked her up, because he normally used to work until later, but that day he had cleared his schedule and had willingly decided to do the job himself. He was leaning on his R8 checking his emails in his Blackberry when a frowning Ana got out of the building, followed too close by some creepy fucker with a lust look in his eyes. Christian's jaw tensed, his hands clenched into fists at both sides of his body and the words 'slow', 'painful' and 'death' appeared across his mind written in red. Ana's beautiful smile when she saw him calmed him and he approached them with a cool pretended exterior.

"Hi, baby." He said sweetly with a soft kiss on her lips, snaking an arm over her waist.

"Hi." Ana answered, letting go the tension that Hyde's presence made her feel leaning her head over Christian's shoulder for a moment. "This is Jack Hyde, Everybody's possession's editor in chief..."

"Her boss." Hyde interrupted her with a hideous smirk.

"I'm Christian Grey, her boyfriend." Christian said with a steely look, offering his hand to Hyde in a threatening way. He took it and Ana could see their knuckles went white.

"You are that Christian Grey, aren't you?" Hyde said while massaging his hand.

"Is there another one?" Christian chuckled.

"I suppose no." Hyde answered looking sideways to Ana. "Have a nice weekend, Ana." He said with a wicked grin and left.

"What was that?" Ana asked Christian placing both her hands on her hips.

"A cocky fucker." Christian stated while walking to the car. He was feeling his blood boiling again and he didn't want Ana to be the target of his raising anger.

Ana was about to answer, but bit her tongue instead. She couldn't agree more with that statement. Sure that Hyde was an intelligent man, with a brilliant career and a great reputation, but she was beginning to suspect it was not as unsullied as it seemed. For the things she had seen during that week, it seemed that Hyde was using his employees' talent to his own benefit, pretending it was his own work, not theirs. Besides, he had that creepy demeanour around her... Not wanting to fight, she took a deep breath and followed Christian.

"Wait a minute." She finally said. Christian turned around on his heels and faced her. His face didn't give too much, but his eyes were burning. "For once in my life, I'm going to shut up this smart mouth of mine, as you like to name it," Ana said pointing at her mouth "but, at least, I think you owe me a proper kiss." A wide smile spread slowly on Christian's face, lighting it up, and he engulfed her in a tight embrace, devouring her mouth the way she had asked him so nicely.

_§ § 0 § §_

They went to Pike Place Market. Ana wanted to get some more clothes from her apartment and to get a vintage vinyl for Ray from one of the music shops in the area. She was searching at the jazz section of one of the shops while Christian was taking a look at some old scores, when the guy at the shop approached Ana.

"Ana, how good to see you again!" He beamed with sparkling green eyes.

"Oh! How are you... er...?" Ana tried to remember his name, but it didn't come to her mind. He was the guy who sang with her that song for Christian...

"Thomas." He answered, not bothered at all for her memory lapse.

"Oh, yes! Thomas." She said sheepishly.

"Well, do you want to give it another try?" Thomas said winking and pointing at the back of the shop.

"Another try? What for?" Christian asked nonchalantly, trying to hide his annoyance. Who the hell was that fucker flirting with his girl?

"Well, it's here where I sang that song for that local radio station. You know..." Ana looked at Christian through her lashes, suddenly feeling shy.

"Bring me to life." He breathed while reaching for her hand and kissing her knuckles. He immediately forgot about the fucker.

"It was awesome, dude! Do you know you won the contest?" Thomas said looking at Ana.

"Really?" She asked happily.

"It couldn't be other way, baby." Christian said planting a kiss on the top of her head. "You are amazing."

"I think they were thinking about offering you a job." Thomas explained. "They said something about WSU radio... Does it make sense to you?"

"We will talk about it later." Christian interrupted before Ana could say anything.

"What do you want to talk about?" Ana asked pulling out from Christian's arms and facing him.

"About you accepting that job. It's not necessary." Christian stated.

"Isn't it?" Ana felt really annoyed. "Well, Mr Grey, if I remember well, I have to pay back a large amount of money to some very charitable but balky individual. Not taking into account my student loans, of course." Ana said about to lose her temper.

"Don't be ridiculous, Ana." He said calmly, fact that unnerved her even more.

After looking at him with a furious gaze and a flustered face, Ana walked to the cash register and stood there, tapping the floor with her foot, without saying a word. Thomas glanced at Christian, shrugged and walked over there.

"I'll take this." Ana handed him a vinyl from the Glenn Miller Orchestra and her credit card.

"Good choice..." He said smiling.

"Yes, I know." She answered curtly.

Thomas handed her the vinyl wrapped in a blue paper and the credit card, and Ana crossed the shop to the exit, passing in front of a clueless Christian without saying a word.

"You're her boyfriend, I suppose." Thomas said approaching him again. Christian only nodded, still looking in Ana's direction.

"I was hoping she were on the market!" Thomas chuckled. Christian gave him a deadly gaze. "Calm down, man. I understand she's not available." He said raising his hands in defeat. "In fact, I was kidding myself. I knew that day she came she was singing for someone..."

"She was looking for me. And thank Lord I found her." Christian whispered.

He went out of the shop to find Ana leaning on the car. She had her arms crossed on her chest and she was frowning as in deep concentration. She was adorable. Christian wanted to kiss her all over her beautiful face, but he stopped in his tracks when he saw the look in her eyes; one he could not decipher.

"Ana..." He reached his hand to touch her face.

"Don't. Let me calm down first. We better talk at Escala." Ana had a worried expression that scared Christian to the bone.

"Ok, as you wish." He answered, his voice laced with fear.

The trip to Escala was silent. Ana kept looking at the window in deep thoughts all the time and Christian agonized watching her; his knuckles white from the tight grip on the steering wheel. When they went out of the elevator, he lost it.

"Ana, please, say something," he almost whimpered. "I'm dying here. I don't know what you are thinking." Then he lowered his face. "I'm sorry. Please, don't leave."

Christian's desperation startled Ana. She didn't expect such a reaction. She was upset, but not that much. She couldn't bear the idea of being apart.

"Christian, for God's sake, I'm not leaving. I need you. Don't you realize?" She said sweetly, cupping his face with both hands.

"Ana..." A wave of relief washed over him. "I need you too. I need you. I need you." He repeated while kissing her all over her face. The kisses went deeper as he got rid of her jacket and pinned her to the wall.

"I need you now. I need to know you are mine. Please, baby." Christian whispered in her ear the desperate plea, his hot breath caressing her neck while his greedy hands slipped under her shirt.

His need for her reached to her core, igniting her desire. They needed to talk about what had happened, but at that moment she needed him as much as he needed her.


That single word made Christian fell on his knees to unbutton her jeans and took out the trousers, shoes and underwear all at once. He ran his hands from her thighs to her hips and brushed his nose over her mound, inhaling sharply. She felt her insides clench with only that touch and the feeling of his uneven breath on her skin. She fisted her hands on his silky hair at the same time his tongue assaulted relentlessly her clit, circling, sucking and gently nibbling with his teeth. When her knees went weak and her moans louder, he grabbed her hips tighter to keep her in place and slowed down his ministrations, blowing gently and licking her outer folds.

"Christian!" Ana moaned, unable to say something more.

"You are so sweet," he whispered glancing at her face. "Mine." Her head was leaning against the wall, her eyes closed and her lips parted. "Now Ana, give it to me." With that, he sucked hard again and she pushed his face against her, her hands on the top of his head, while an electric shock went all over her body and all the air left her lungs in an ecstatic scream.

She still hadn't been able to open her heavy eye lids when he got up to unzip his trousers. Soon, she was lift by her bottom cheeks, instinctively wrapping her legs around his waist, and with one swift movement he was inside her.

"You feel so good, baby. So hot, so tight and wet." Christian whispered in her mouth, pinning her to the wall with his relentless thrusts. He felt her smile against his glistened lips.

"You feel so good too, Christian. So hard and soft and deliciously deep inside me." She moaned back.

He devoured her mouth growling at the same time, thrusting deeper and harder. He felt out of control. He was only a bunch of feelings and sensations, completely out of himself; fear, bliss, rage, love, longing, all mixed in a powerful dangerous potion. Love? There was only her, consuming him, possessing every corner of his soul, of his mind, shattering his previous boundaries into a million pieces, and leaving him exposed and... vulnerable. So he wanted to possess her, every inch of her luscious body, every part of her life, and only hope being capable to possess also her soul.

He felt her pelvic muscles clench all over him and her hands clenching at the nape of his neck.

"Baby, you're so close. I am too..." He whispered hoarsely on her neck.

Then, a flash of reality slapped Ana on her face. She tried to overcome the overwhelming sensation trapping her body and looked Christian in the eye.

"Christian, no! You're not wearing a condom!" She struggled to say.

"Fuck!" Christian yelled between his grunts. He pulled out of her just right before his cum was spread on her inner thighs and her bottom cheeks.

The two of them stared at each other in silence, their eyes wide open and wary and their breathings heavy.

"That was a close one." Christian finally said. Ana was still with her legs around him.

"Too close." Ana muttered, frowning. "I think I better go to the doctor tomorrow... but it's Saturday."

"I'll take care of it. I can make a gynaecologist come here tomorrow morning, before going to your father's."

"Ok, thank you." Ana visibly relaxed in Christian's arms and he let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry. I... I lost control." He told her sheepishly.

"It's ok. It was also my fault." She answered with a warm smile brushing his cheek with her fingers. "Although I'm really sticky now." A mischievous grin drew on her face.

"Oh, you are, aren't you?" He grinned back. "How about sharing a shower?"

Ana nodded, her smile wider seeing her man smiling again.

_§ § 0 § §_

The man was sitting on the old maroon leather coach, with a bottle of Scotch in one of his hands. He had an odd smile playing on his lips, twisted in a creepy grimace. He took one long gulp of the beverage and relished in the burning sensation down his throat. The blond girl approached him from behind, slipping her hands from his shoulders to his chest.

"Be a good girl and switch on the stereo, blondie." He said with a warm voice laced with an alcoholic stupor.

She nodded and did as she had been told, taking also the remote control. He patted his lap with his hand, gesturing her to sit down. She cuddled onto him, resting her head on his chest. He gave her the bottle and she gulped the liquid, letting one drop fall from the corner of her mouth, which he wiped from her chin with one finger. He sucked that finger lazily and selected a song.

I'll find out just what it is,

I'll find out what makes you tick, tock, tick, tock, tick.

I'll find out just what it is,

I'll find out what makes you tick, tock, tick, tock, tick.

You've got no chance of getting bored,

You've got our consciences to play with,

You've got the masses and the hordes,

Just waiting for you to tell them how to live.

I can take my time, take my time,

Take my time, take my time […]

I've got the time to take my time […]

I've got the time to...

His odd smile grew wider. His head was moving following the music, the powerful sound of a guitar filling the room. He looked at the girl on his lap and with one single move of his finger she kneeled in front of him and began unzipping his trousers.

"Now I've got him." He told her narrowing his eyes.

_§ § 0 § §_

After a steamy shower, Christian and Ana talked again on the bed while eating some fruit and cheese. They did not reach a consensus about Ana's debts, but Christian opened himself a little about his fears and accepted he had no right in interfering in her work options. Ana, on the other hand, thanked him for his generosity and for taking care of her and accepted that it was always a good idea, being a couple, taking into account the other one's opinion.

She woke up in the middle of the night. Christian was wrapped around her like a vine, his soft and hard body making her too hot. She achieved to disentangle herself from his limbs and grabbed Christian's shirt from the floor while walking to the main room. Her guitar was on the couch. She took it and went to the kitchen, which was far away from the bedroom. She brushed her fingers against the cords loosely while sitting on the kitchen bar and smiled. She was in a roller coaster of feelings and sensations. She began playing again and whispered the words:

Wild thing you make my heart sing

You make everything groovy, wild thing

She looked ahead and saw Christian leaning on the door frame, watching her. He had not cared to put some clothes on and was gloriously naked. His eyes were two bottomless grey pools, showing a myriad of emotions and his breath was a bit shaken, as if he had been running. She continued singing, almost a soft tiny whisper.

Wild thing, I think I love you

But I wanna know for sure

Come on, hold me tight, I love you

"I think I love you." She whispered, this time not singing, looking him in the eye.

He approached her slowly, standing between her legs. He took the guitar from her hands, which she was using as some kind of shield, and placed it on the bar next to her.

"Ana..." He began talking, struggling the words from his sinful mouth.

"Shhhh..." she placed a finger on his lips. "You don't have to say anything. I know how you feel." She gave him a reassuring smile and he buried his face in the crook of her neck, wrapping his arms around her tiny frame and pressing his needy self to the woman who had changed his life forever.

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These are the songs which appear in this chapter:

A pretty piece of flesh. One inch punch (the scene with the blonde girl)

Let's stay together. Al Green (Christian and Ana dance together while undressing each other)

What makes you tick. Terrorvision (ok… I really love this song; it's one of my favourites since I was a teenager, and I was feeling a little torn about using it with this nasty character… but I think it was so appropriate!)

Wild thing. The Troggs (Ana confesses Christian she loves him)

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