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Moonlight Serenade. Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Locked out of heaven. Bruno Mars.

Closer. Kings of Leon.

All Mine. Portishead (try Tom Jones and the Divine Comedy's version… I love it too! You can find it in my YouTube Channel)

Sign your name. Terence Trent d'Arby.


"Daddy!" Ana very carefully hugged her father, who was standing in front of the front door of his small house, leaning himself on a crutch.

"Ana, dear, I've missed you so much!" He said caressing his daughter's face. His stare lingered on her face, his eyes searching for something with an expression of awe. "You are even more beautiful than usual, sweetheart."

Ana blushed profusely at her father's words. "Umm, dad. Life is treating me well lately." She said smiling warmly. Ray's eyes looked at some point behind her, slightly frowning. She turned her head to find the breath-taking figure of her handsome boyfriend, with his hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans and an almost imperceptible expression of concern on his beautiful face. He was nervous. The billionaire who hobnobbed with personalities of the highest classes of society, with important politicians and international moguls, was nervous about meeting her dad. She smiled wider at the thought. "Dad, this is Christian." Ana said as Christian walked towards her, snaking his arm with her own when he reached them. "Christian, this is my father, Raymond Steele."

"It's an honour to meet you, sir." Christian said with a nervous smile.

"The same here, son. You can call me Ray." Ray answered with a strong handshake.

They walked in and Ana showed Christian the house, signalling that they will spend the night in separate rooms. They entered in Ana's room. It was stark but nice and warm, with white wood furniture and a pale blue patchwork duvet.

"It will be torture to be apart from you, only separated with that thin partition wall." Christian said tapping on the wall with his hand.

"It will be torture to remember those teenage nights fantasizing about you, being so close now…" She said winking at him.

Christian lifted his brow with a tell-tale smile and sparkling eyes. "Fantasizing about… me?" He whispered while snaking his arms around her waist. Ana nodded biting her lip, looking at him through her lashes. He sighed and kissed her on her forehead. "Let's get out of this room or otherwise I can't answer for my actions." Ana laughed carefree and he smacked her ass playfully.

They spent the afternoon chatting animatedly. Ray explained his daily rehabilitation and his swift recovery, Ana talked about her progress in her new job and Christian described his job to Ray. In the evening, Ana decided to make dinner while Ray insisted on chatting a little bit more with Christian alone. She gave him a reassuring smile before leaving to the kitchen.

"Do you want a beer, Christian?" Ray asked him while standing up from the couch.

"Yes, sir. Thank you." He said standing up too.

"I'll go and pick them." Ray said with a warm smile.

Christian stood on the spot and exhaled when the man was out of the room. He rubbed his hands over his face and hair. Dealing with that man felt like the most important deal of his entire life, and the hardest one. A minute after, Ray appeared with two bottles of Adnam's Explorer.

"Ana told me you like it." Ray said handing him one of them.

"Thank you, Ray. It's my favourite." Christian answered smiling. He tried to relax a little. Obviously, the man was trying his best to be nice and welcoming.

"Let's go outside for a walk, son."

Christian followed Ray in silence. When they were in the small back garden Ray sat down on a wooden swing chair.

"Sorry I can't stand for so long." Ray apologized. Christian smiled politely, waving a hand in a gesture of nonchalance. "She really likes you." Ray stated looking at the distance.

Christian's heart rate accelerated. Here it was the conversation he hoped not to come.

"I love her, sir." Christian said gulping heavily.

"I supposed so." Ray said still without looking at him. He was furrowing as if in deep thought. "Why are you paying for my rehabilitation, son?" He asked out of the blue, directing his gaze to Christian's. He almost choked in his beer and widened his grey eyes. "Ana hasn't told me, and I haven't told her that I know." Christian remained silent, wiping with the back of his hand the beer that had been spilled on his chin. "I have my own sources." Ex-military, Christian thought. "Taking into account what Ana told me about the circumstances you met, you didn't know who she was when my accident took place… so, what made you do that?"

Christian felt Ray's eyes on him, studying his every reaction, and, although they didn't have the same effect on him as Ana's blue stare, he felt he could not conceal anything to that man.

"Sir… I'm a very wealthy man." He took a deep breath to calm himself. "I… I know what it is to be in need, in a profound need of help, and not having anyone, any choice, so I offer my help whenever I can. Besides, it is nothing for me." He took a long gulp of his beer. "And I've done things… bad things in my life. It's a way of redemption." He felt as if confessing to a priest, his face with a shadow of shame but his soul a little bit freer.

"A way of redemption?" Ray muttered, most for himself. He looked at Christian, who was now looking at the setting sun. Ray didn't think for a minute Christian could possibly be a bad person. He had a sixth sense for those matters. "So, you love her, right?" He said matter-of-factly.

"Yes." Christian said firmly.

"That's good. Take care of her."

_§ § 0 § §_

They enjoyed the tasty lasagne Ana had prepared and a Greek salad as side dish. Christian had brought an incredibly delicious red wine. Ray told some embarrassing anecdotes from Ana's childhood which made Ana blush profusely and Christian laugh heartily. They really had a good time.

After dinner, Ray offered them some Scotch, which Ana refused and Christian willingly accepted, and he put on the old Glenn Miller Orchestra vinyl Ana had given him. It was when Moonlight Serenade began that Ray encouraged them to dance. They both stood up and embraced the other one timidly under Ray's gaze, but relishing in the sensation of their proximity. The man left the room with the excuse of going to the bathroom when he noticed the young couple's locked stares and the unmistakable aura surrounding them; it was love, unadulterated, pure and strong. He had once felt that way. He felt as an outsider then, and decided to give them a well-deserved moment of intimacy. Ana leaned her head on Christian's chest while humming the old-fashioned notes of the clarinet and the saxophone, mixed up with the sound of his heart pounding on his chest, forming a perfect melody. He noticed Ray had left, and grabbed her chin reaching for her mouth.

"Ray is not here, and I need those lips." He whispered to answer her unaware look.

Then, they united in a sweet longing kiss.

_§ § 0 § §_

Christian was lying on the bed with his arms crossed behind his head. He sighed, resigned to spending the night by his own. He placed one of his hands on the wall next to the bed, studying it; Anastasia was right on the other side. Then, his Blackberry warned him of a new text message and he lazily stretched his arm to reach it. Leaning on one elbow, he read the message.

"Good night beautiful." Ana wrote on her phone cross-legged on her bed with a beaming smile on her face.

"Good night baby. It would be better though if I could have you here in my arms." Christian answered with a grin.

"Would it be worth the risk of my father's hands tightening around your neck?" Ana typed giggling.

"I'm positively sure. Being with you is worth the risk. But I don't want to upset your father. The poor man thinks I'm a good boy!" Christian answered smirking.

"So you aren't?"

"Definitely not. A good boy would not be imagining doing such kinky things with your naked body." Christian licked his lips thinking about Ana's soft skin.

She sucked in a deep breath with his words. Then, a wicked grin appeared on her face as she wrote.

"I always knew you weren't a good boy. Even years ago, from the very first moment I touched myself here on this same bed thinking about you." Her grin went wider; how she would love to see his face in that moment. Three minutes past and there was no answer from him. "Christian?" She typed.

He was open-mouthed, with the tip of his tongue touching his upper teeth. His eyes had darkened and a thin film of sweat covered his body. What a powerful effect she had on him.

"What did you think about when you did that?" He typed with trembling hands.

"Mr. Grey, have I picked your attention?" Anastasia asked devilishly.

"Fuck yes!" He answered quickly. He felt the sudden bulge in his pyjama pants and added "I'm hard as a rock only thinking about it."

Ana bit her lip thinking about the delectable man in the adjacent room. She was also really turned on. She leaned on the bed and closed her eyes, rubbing her thighs together in the process.

"I thought about your mouth. Kissing and sucking every inch of my body." She typed.

Christian licked his lips slowly while he read Ana's text, remembering her delicious taste.

"Your tongue licking me all over." Ana felt her belly clench at the thought and one of her hands moved involuntarily between her thighs. "Your hands touching me everywhere. Your body pressed to mine."

Christian let out a low moan. He was leaning on the headboard with his knees bent and his legs partially opened. He rubbed his hand over his crotch.

"Are you touching yourself now?" He typed anxiously with one hand while the other one moved under his pants.

"Yes." She wrote panting. She already was building so quickly it took her a second to explode while she covered her mouth with her free forearm to stifle her moan.

Christian kept on moving his hand up and down his length, staring at his phone, which was tossed on the bed between his legs, waiting for her next message. When the image of Ana's mouth sucking her drenched fingers appeared on his screen he came furiously without warning.

Ana heard a guttural grunt coming from Christian's bedroom and giggled. Then, another text ringed on her phone.

"Fuck, Ana! You have made me come in my pants like a teenager." He wrote after cleaning himself.

"I'm sorry?" She giggled again.

"Ms. Steele, you will pay for this."

"Oh, Mr. Grey, I'm looking for it."

"Really?" Christian asked. He had written the previous sentence without giving it a second thought; maybe even out of habit. Ana's response left opened that dark hidden path of possibilities, the one he believed closed for good.

"I've been a bad, bad girl" was her only answer.

"Very naughty, indeed." He wrote, pensive. He sighed and passed a hand through his dishevelled hair. Maybe that path was not closed, and he was positively sure it was not dark at all with Ana by his side.

"Good night, baby." He typed smiling.

"Good night, Christian. I love you."

"I love you too. I really do." Christian answered.

A teasing smile drew on Christian's lips imagining what he would do to Ana once they arrived to Seattle. On the other side of the wall, Ana stared at her phone, etching in her mind the words written by Christian.

_§ § 0 § §_

The morning after, Ray was already preparing some eggs when Ana and Christian came to the kitchen. Christian had a very convincing mask of feigned innocence, while Ana had cheeks that were a beautiful shade of pink. She still was flustered thinking about how he had pinned her to the wall, first thing in the morning, put both her hands over her head and had gloriously ravaged her mouth and her neck rubbing his erection up over her belly. 'Be prepared for this afternoon, Ana' were his only words.

They were having breakfast and chatting about the newspaper headlines when Christian had to excuse himself due to a work call.

"How's my little Annie Fischer* today?" Ray asked her stroking her cheek.

*Annie Fischer: Hungarian pianist (Budapest, 1914 – 1995)

"I'm fine, dad. I really wanted to see you." She answered smiling. Then, she took a deep breath looking him in the eye. "How did that conversation go?"

"What conversation?" Ray asked amused.

"Dad!" Ana groaned.

"All right, Ana, take it easy!" He said raising his hands in defence while laughing. "Well, I think he is a good man, although he seems not to be so sure about it." Ana frowned. "He loves you." Ray paused for some seconds. "But love isn't enough sometimes."

"What do you mean, dad?" Ana asked wringing her napkin between her hands.

"Do you love him?" He asked.

"With all my strength, dad." She answered straightforward.

"Love is the most powerful force, baby. You can move mountains with it. But Christian's ghosts could get in the way." Ana's eyes went wide open. "He didn't tell me much, darling, but I know first-hand a damaged soul. You will have to stay strong." Ray took her hand. "If anyone can do it, it's you Ana."

Ana embraced her father in a tight hug until he asked her to stop. She apologized for forgetting his injuries and he kissed her on the forehead, giggling. In that moment Christian entered the kitchen again.

"Everything ok, son?" Ray asked him.

"Yes, Ray. There has been some diplomatic inconvenience with some delivery, but I think it will be sorted without more problems." He squeezed Ana's hand while mouthing 'Darfur' and she nodded. Ray couldn't hide his curiosity.

"Are you doing business in Darfur, son? As in military assets or something?" He asked with a shocked expression.

Christian opened his mouth but no words went out of it. Ana rolled her eyes at his lack of self-esteem and shook her head.

"Christian is sending food, water and healthcare equipment to the refugees." She explained, her voice filled with pride.

"Oh… well done, son!" Ray said, at the same time proud and relieved to hear it.

_§ § 0 § §_

After giving their farewells to Ray, they went back to Seattle. Christian looked at Ana in disbelief from the co-pilot seat. He was still trying to understand how the hell she had managed to convince him to drive the Audi R8. Although she seemed a good driver, he still was not a hundred per cent comfortable with it.

"I have to admit this car is much better than Wanda." Ana said with a smile of satisfaction written all over her face. She was enjoying herself so much!

"Don't tell me! Really?" Christian spluttered sarcastically.

"Christian, don't be like this! You drive him whenever you like!" She said pouting sexily.

"Him?" Christian laughed. "You like sexing your means of transport, don't you?"

"It's funny." She said shrugging. "Wanda is obviously a girl…" she said matter-of-factly, which made Christian chuckle, "and this gorgeous machine is, without any doubt, a sexy male. We can call him Mike, or Joe. Yes, something like that."

Christian, amused and mesmerized, watched intently how she wrinkled her nose in that cute way of hers while thinking about those silly names, and how her smile lightened her beautiful face.

"Mike? Joe? Do I have to worry about something, Ms. Steele?" He said raising his brows.

"Not at all, Mr. Grey. He is only a sexy car for even a sexier man." She winked at him.

"Maybe this sexy man will have his way with you on the hood of the car one day soon…" He said huskily in her ear.

She looked at him with feigned embarrassment and bit her lip half smiling. He winked back at her with his panty-dropping smile and she shook her head sighing. That man will be the death of her.

After some minutes of comfortable silence, Ana decided to switch on the radio. Some random song had finished recently and the speaker was introducing a new one. Christian couldn't help but remembering how Ana's voice soothed and excited him at the same time before they met. It seemed it had been long time ago, but less than a month had passed. He squeezed her thigh and she rewarded him with a beaming smile and blown him a kiss. Then, the sound of the drumsticks clinking together gave way to the buoyant tune of a familiar song, making Ana begin singing almost automatically with infectious enthusiasm.

Oh yeah yeah

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

She sang while moving her shoulders to the rhythm. In that moment, Ana saw a gas station some meters ahead and put on the turn signal just before leaving the main way and turning to her right. Christian frowned, looking at her with a questioning gaze and she smiled at him with sparkling eyes. He watched dumbfounded as she parked the car in the parking zone, left the driver seat, did all the way to his side, opened his door and offered him her hand to go out of the car. All of this with the music still playing, in a smooth elegant choreography where she never broke eye contact with him. His face drew a dumb and happy smile as the lyrics entered in his brain and the realization of her intentions hit him with such a sweet force.

Never had much faith in love or miracles

Never wanna put my heart on the line.

He grabbed her hand and went out of the car, turning up the volume of the radio. His hips stuck close to hers almost automatically, following the animated yet sensual rhythm, and he put both her hands at the back of his neck just after placing a sweet kiss on them.

But swimming in your world is something spiritual

I'm born again every time you spend the night

They brushed their lips together, with their breaths caught in their throats, as their bodies moved sensually against each other. Their eyes scanned each other's face, studying their blissful smiles and trying to steady their rapid heartbeats that threatened to escape from their chests.

Cause your sex takes me to paradise

Yeah your sex takes me to paradise

And it shows, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ana leaned her face to his, singing the song in his ear. He felt shivers down his spine which made him to hug her tighter.

Cause you make feel like, I've been locked out of heaven

For too long, for too long

Yeah you make feel like, I've been locked out of heaven

For too long, for too long

"God, Ana. I love you." Christian said drunk with her passion. He desperately claimed her mouth again as she pulled at his hair to bring him closer.

You bring me to my knees

You make me testify

You can make a sinner change his ways

Open up your gates cause I can't wait to see the light

And right there is where I wanna stay

They danced the rest of the song in their happy bubble, unaware of the weekend travellers who watched them with both amused curiosity and a little bit of healthy envy.

_§ § 0 § §_

They arrived at Escala at noon, being greeted by Taylor and Mrs. Jones who straightaway had the rest of the weekend free. Christian was beyond ecstatic. They decided to heat some of the delicious macaroni and cheese Gail had prepared during the week and had lunch at the breakfast bar in the kitchen.

"These are the best macaroni and cheese I've tasted ever!" Ana said admiring a forkful of pasta.

"I love Gail's macaroni and cheese." Christian replied after sipping some wine. "But I really loved your lasagne yesterday. It was delicious."

"Flattering, are we?" She said mockingly.

"I'm not flattering you; it was really tasty and baked to perfection. What did you put in it? That sauce was incredible!"

"It was besamel sauce. It's very easy to prepare!" Ana laughed.

"Well, your father is really lucky you made a ton of it to keep it frozen."

"My father likes you." Ana said giving him a reassuring smile.

"Really?" Christian snorted. "Well, I'm happy I tricked him." He said shrugging.

"Christian, he really liked you. No matter how hard you try to hide behind that façade, you're a good person; it's written all over your face. And people know it" She said rolling her eyes, exasperated.

"Are you rolling your eyes at me, Ana?" He asked grinning like a Cheshire cat as he stood up in front of her with his hands on his hips. She frowned with a questioning face. He desperately wanted to give up that subject and used all his means. "Rolling your eyes is a very disrespectful behaviour." He said looking her in the eye while moving his index finger from left to right. "And moreover, it does things to me. Things that make me remember how naughty you were last night, and that you deserve that punishment you willingly asked for." He whispered in her ear.

Ana looked at him behind her lashes, trying to hide her smirk. Her mouth went dry when she saw those smouldering grey eyes staring at her like a prey and that sinful mouth with that lopsided grin.

"Are you finished with your lunch?" He said in that sexy low voice offering her his hand.

She nodded, out of words, and took his hand. He kissed the back of her hand without breaking eye contact and led her to his bedroom in silence. When he closed the door he took her to the middle of the room and circled her while watching her intently.

"Do you want to play, Ana?" He said once he stood still.

"Yes." She answered breathlessly. She could feel the heat radiating from his body, washing all over her and tingling on her skin without even needing to touch her.

"Good answer." He said smirking. He moved to the drawer and switched on his iPod. After choosing some songs, he grabbed the remote control and sat on a chair in front of her, placing his right ankle on his left knee and reclining on the back of the chair. "Take off your clothes." He commanded. "Slowly." He pressed the play button and put both his hands behind his head.

The ethereal chords of a haunting guitar echoed through the room and surrounded them with an electrical charge. Anastasia took a deep breath with her eyes closed and then locked them with Christian's, which were clouded with lust. Feeling goose bumps all over her skin, she put her right hand on the nape of her neck and brushed it slowly to her hip, reaching the hem of her shirt. She took it off slowly. Christian inhaled sharply as her flawless skin was revealed; her hardened nipples poking through the lace of her bra and her hair falling wildly over her shoulders. He straightened in the chair and rubbed his palms up and down his thighs. Ana reached for the button of her jeans and he fell on his knees in front of her.

"Stop." He said looking at her from below.

She stopped in her tracks. He softly bit the exposed skin below her belly button, making Ana stifle a moan, and then proceed to take off her Converse and socks, massaging her feet in the process.

"Continue." He told her once he was sitting again. He was concentrating hard in maintaining all his self control not to launch himself over her.

She hooked her thumbs in the hem of the trousers and turned around to show him her behind, covered in lace, exposing it painfully slowly. She turned her head to watch him gripping tightly the sides of the chair as his eyes darted up and down her body. She dropped the jeans aside and stretched her arms over her head, moving her body sensually to the rhythm of the song, relishing in the haunted lyrics.

Driven by the strangle of vein

Showing no mercy I do it again

Open up your eyes

You keep on crying, baby I'll bleed you dry

Skies are blinking at me

I see a storm bubbling up from the sea

He towered in front of her, his body heat even higher, and with one single finger traced the skin just above the hem of her bra, leaving a burning sensation on the swell of her breasts.

"Your bra," were his only words.

Looking him in the eye, she unhooked her bra and let the straps fall from her shoulders before tossing it on the floor. He licked his lips and brushed both his thumbs over her nipples. Kneeling again, he kneaded her breasts with both hands, sucking hard her nipples in turn. Ana couldn't help screaming, and he sucked harder.

"I'm going to fuck these one day, but not today." He said huskily looking at her breasts. Ana's belly muscles clenched with his dirty words. "Stay still. I'll take off your panties."

Anastasia felt his hot breath over her mound, driving her insane, as he brushed his fingertips slowly from her ankles to her hips. Without a warning, he pressed his tongue flat over the wetness that trespassed her lacy panties and then bit her mound, not in a painful way, but hard enough to make her scream again.

"You are so sweet, Ana." He said brushing his nose over the spot he had just bitten. Then, he took the edge of the panties between his teeth and took them off; the lace digging into her thighs. Her legs were trembling with desire.

He circled her again, enjoying the sight of her naked body; her thin waist and the luscious curves of her hips and her round and firm backside, and how her breast moved with her harsh breathing with her delicious nipples pointing at him. He stopped behind her and grabbed her right buttock with his hand wide open, squeezing it. Ana let her head fall onto his shoulder.

"Let's make it more interesting, shall we?" He whispered in her ear. His right hand moved from her buttock to her hip, slightly brushing her sex with his fingertips, and the left one moved in front of her, her panties hanging from his index finger lazily.

"Do you trust me?" He asked. His voice had changed subtly; from that sexy teasing tone to a slightly concerned one.

"Always." She answered without any hint of doubt in her voice. She seemed to hear him exhaling a small sigh of relief, and smiled to herself.

He grabbed both her wrists and tied them on her back with the panties. It was tight, but not uncomfortable. Then, he moved to her front and kissed her passionately, grabbing her tightly from the nape of her neck and her waist. A new song started with a hypnotic and somehow old fashioned and lugubrious orchestral melody, well known by Ana, inducing her even more in that trance state she was. He stepped backward and took off his shirt. Ana relished in his chiselled chest and abdomen, craving to follow that exquisite path of light hair from his navel to his pubis with her tongue. He took off his shoes and socks and unbuttoned his jeans, but he kept them on. He placed a fluffy cushion on the floor, just opposite the chair, and sat down again.

"Come here." He signalled with a gesture of his hand, and she complied. "Kneel over the cushion." He helped her not to unbalance due to her restrained hands. He was kneeling in front of him, right between his legs. The high-pitched voice of the singer caressed their senses.

All the stars may shine bright

All the clouds may be white

But when you smile

Ohh how I feel so good

That I can hardly wait

To hold you

Enfold you

Never enough

Render your heart to me

All mine...

You have to be

He rubbed his hand over the bulge of his pants watching Ana intently. Finally, he freed his impressive erection and continued rubbing his hand up and down his length. Ana fought against her restraints and looked him in the eye.

Without saying a word, he put his free hand in the back of her head and pushed it down. Ana took all his length slowly, as she swirled her tongue. Christian let out a low moan from the back of his throat; the pleasure radiating from the base of his spine to his chest. Ana kept a slow pace, sucking hard and deep, and alternating it with some licking and kissing. Christian watched mesmerized the unbearably sexy scene until he couldn't stand anymore and came furiously into her mouth, with his hands into fists gripping her hair in the nape of her neck and his head turned back with his eyes closed.

Ana watched as he composed himself, a little breathless for the effort and for the massive urge of his touch.

He caressed her face and helped her to stand up again. He took off his pants and boxers and pressed his body to hers, kissing her fervently again and skimming his hands all over her body. Then, he untied her wrists and led her to the bed.

"Lie on the bed, face up, and spread your legs."

He went to the bathroom and a moment later he had two bath robe belts in one hand. Kneeling next to her on the bed, he kissed her chastely on the lips and smiled.

"You are on your way of mending your bad behaviour from yesterday, but you'll need to do something more. You'll need your hands for this, though." He said winking.

Then, he proceeded to tie her ankles to the bed posts with the belts, remaining with her legs wide open. She leaned on her elbows to observe him. He had a beaming smile on his face. It was breath-taking.

"So… what did you do yesterday, Ana?" He asked teasingly while doing small circles with his fingertips on her skin. When he reached her knees, he grasped the back of both of them and dragged her some inches to the edge of the bed, making her knees bent a little.

"I… I teased you on the phone?" Ana answered vaguely making a big effort to speak. She could only feel those lazy circles boring into her skin going up her thighs.

"Right answer." He said reaching to her groin. "And then you did this…" He caressed her outer folds and slipped two fingers inside her, making her moan inevitably. Then, he took them out and licked them slowly, cooing over with delight. "So fucking sweet…"

Leaning beside her, he put his palm on her lower belly and pulled again the same two fingers inside her, but that time, he stuck them into her mouth.

"You are so fucking sexy Ana… You drive me crazy, do you know that?" He whispered in her ear while she sucked his fingers avidly. "Your mouth is… heaven. You are my heaven."

"Christian, I need you." She cried desperately. The ache on her belly was consuming her.

He sucked in a deep breath, so desperate he also was, but he fought to keep control.

"I'm going to suck you dry baby, and then fuck you senseless, but first I want you to touch yourself. I want to see you." He looked her in the eye. She was panting. "Touch yourself, baby." He repeated.

He got up from the bed and stood still in front of her open legs. Ana ran her eyes over his sculptural body again; he was perfect, painfully perfect, but his eyes were the most luscious part of it, burning with fire, piercing her skin, her mind. Making her go wild.

She began caressing her breasts, kneading them and pinching her nipples. Then, she lowered one hand to her abdomen, lingering there for a while, until it reached further south. She pressed her palm flat against her vulva and then she rubbed it back and forth, spreading the moisture from her clit to her anus. They both moaned; Ana overwhelmed by the feeling, and Christian crazy with desire.

"Keep doing that, baby." He moaned again, rubbing his throbbing erection.

Ana leaned on one elbow and, looking at him, stuck two fingers of her other hand inside her, spreading again her wetness as she had done before, up and down, repeatedly. Christian grabbed hard one of the bed posts to steady himself; he was ready to combust.

Ana then leaned again on her back and, after repeating the same process several times, she began pinching her clit with one hand and sticking her fingers with the other, fighting against the robe restraints. Christian watched mesmerized as she pleasured herself, putting both his hands on her knees and spreading her legs further apart.

"I'm so close, Christian!" She cried, almost breathless.

"Come for me, baby." He pleaded; he needed it almost as desperately as she did.

She came undone with his plea in an exhausting climax that went over her entire body like an electric shock. Christian launched himself over her, first licking all the wetness that ran down her thighs, and then burying his head between them. She was panting, not still recovered from that draining jolt, and began moaning in a high pitched tone, the pleasure almost unbearable. He watched her through his lashes; her beautiful face in an expression of pure ecstasy, her lips parted, panting. Her arms stretched over her head, with her hands gripping the sheets. Her abdomen contracting in furious shakes, her back arched. She was beautiful. He wanted to prolong it a bit further and he slowed down his ministrations, kissing her inner thighs gently again.

"You are so beautiful…" He said reverently grazing her folds with one single finger once she was calmer. He did it one time more, and remembered the way she rubbed herself up and down, arriving even to her anus, and smirked.

"Have you ever played with this, Ana?" He said trailing kisses down her thigh and pressing gently over her anus with his fingers. She moaned in response. "Tell me, baby." He repeated the process, watching the goose bumps on her flawless skin.

"No…" She said almost in a whisper.

"Why did you rub yourself like that before, then? Do you want to play with it?" He said again, teasing her like before. Ana was burning inside again; her pelvis moving in circles without control. "Answer me, Ana." He demanded, putting a little more pressure.

"I don't know… It seems pleasurable… And I saw your face when I did it, and it was…oh, those eyes of yours!" She moaned, unable to control her body response with his touch.

"Lust. Love. It's what my eyes were showing." He said, lazily tracing circles on her perineum. "So, do you want to try? Only with this…" He showed her his intentions introducing only the very tip of his finger.

"Fuck! Yes, yes!" She panted.

He growled and sucked hard her clit while introducing two fingers in her vagina, twirling them over for some seconds, and then spread her moisture on her backside. Ana moaned loudly. When he felt she was about to come again, he spread more moisture and then easily inserted one single finger into her anus, moving it back and forth and twirling it a little. She exploded within seconds, and he kept gently sucking her until he came down again.

"That was amazing baby, but I need you now… Can you give me one last delicious orgasm of yours?" He said hovering over her, grinding his hard rock erection between her open legs. Ana opened her eyelids, still recovering from that deliciously shattering experience, and looked at his beautiful face, only a few inches from hers, his incredible eyes, and that sexy smirk that was playing on his sinful lips. Unable to speak, she grabbed his head and pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him passionately. He returned the kiss, growling and embracing her tightly, and then stood up to remove her restraints, kissing her ankles in the process.

He kneeled on the bed and flipped her around, leaving her on her knees and hands. He rubbed her buttocks, marvelling in its softness, and moved forward to gently nibble at them. Anastasia fell on her elbows as she moaned, lifting her ass, and he entered her slowly, feeling every inch of her silky hot wetness, as an exhalation of pure pleasure left his mouth.

"I needed it." He whispered with his eyes closed as he pulled out of her till the very tip and entered again, very slowly and deep. Ana, exhausted as she was, felt the familiar urge building inside her again.

He reached to her shoulder and helped her to straighten herself; he was on his knees and she was positioned as if sitting on his lap. He then embraced her with his right hand on her lower abdomen and his left arm across her chest, pressing her against him, burying himself even deeper inside her. She rested her head on his shoulder, and he whispered in her ear while moving his hips in circles.

"I want you Ana, I need you, I crave for you. I love you." He kissed her temple while pushing harder inside her. "You are my everything. You are my epiphany." He tightened his grip on her, thrusting harder. "I'm yours baby; for you to make as you wish." He had a lump on his throat and his eyes were burning with unshed tears. "I love you. I fucking love you." He moaned, feeling his release was close.

"I love you Christian, with all my heart. Always." She said breathless gripping his arm.

Those words were his undoing, and Christian exploded inside her, burying his head on her neck in a silent prayer. Ana felt his body trembling, his laboured gasps in her ear, the sweet whimpering humming vibrating on her skin, and she joined him again, in a long, almost inaudible cry.

They fell exhausted on the bed, trying to normalize their breathings. They spent some minutes like that, in silence, until Christian said one single word that was etched on his brain.


She nodded, smiling at him. He gave her a shy smile too, which made her heart jump in her chest, and they spent some several minutes more staring at each other, as the twangy and raspy voice of Terence Trent d'Arby sang its love lullaby.

_§ § 0 § §_

"Have you liked it? I mean, really liked it?" Christian asked her after a while. They were still lying on the bed, facing each other, but without touching.

"Are you asking me seriously, Christian?" Ana chuckled.

"Yes," was his only answer. His eyes were wide open and a worried expression clouded his face.

"Christian, I loved it. It was…well, I don't have words to express how I felt. I had never felt like this before…It was overwhelming, earth shattering, life-altering…" She tried to explain gesturing with her hands in the air.

"Life-altering?" He asked amused. She nodded shrugging. "You have a gift for words, Ms. Steele." He smiled.

"And you have a gift for almost everything, Mr. Grey." Her happy expression faded a little, changing into a sad smile. She turned on the bed, face up, and fidgeted her fingers on her lap. "You are so experienced… I… I am scared you may get bored. I mean, I'm sure I can't do a lot of things you did with your…"

"I don't want a fucking submissive, Ana!" He interrupted her. Kneeling again, he took her hands in his. "Ana, the sex we have is the most incredible one I've never experienced. Out of this world. Everything I've done before was dull, empty, pointless. Never, I mean never in my wildest dreams I dreamt of having such 'life-altering' experiences." He smiled, making her smile too. "I'm not joking, baby. You made me come all over my hand like a fucking teenager with that sexy as hell picture you sent me… imagine how I feel when I'm deep inside you, when I feel your skin so close to mine. It's magic. Don't you dare think the other way round, because I can assure you I won't never get enough of you. Never."

She looked at him, with a hint of disbelief in her eyes.

"Come on, baby. You got me on my knees. As I told you before, I'm yours, for you to make as you wish. I mean it."

"Ok." She said with a goofy smile, feeling suddenly shy. "I'm yours too."

He leaned again on the bed, with both his arms behind his head, in a relaxed attitude. "Good." He exhaled.

Ana watched him behind her lashes in all his glory; he was too good to be truth. Did all his other sexual partners feel the way she did?

"Talking about experience… Can I ask you something?" Ana asked him timidly.

"Of course, baby. What do you want to ask?" He answered.

"Well, I don't want to disturb you, you know…" Christian sat on the bed cross-legged feeling Ana's hesitation. "Dr Greene told me to be careful about not using condom." She sighed heavily. "I trust you, Christian. I really do; I know you're a sensible man, but I think I have the duty to ask you… in the end, you have had a lot of sexual partners."

Christian took again her hands in his and kissed them, trying to ease her nervousness. "You don't have to apologize, baby. It's a good thing to worry about such important things; I know you're a sensible woman too." He said smiling. "I made all of them do a blood check with HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B and C. And I checked myself too every 6 months. You don't have to worry, baby, but, anyway, I'm glad you've asked."

Ana sighed again, relieved, not for his answer, which she already assumed it was that way, but for his calm and collected response.

"Thank you, Christian. Well… I have never checked on myself, but, well… you know my sexual experience begins with you, and I've never done parenteral drugs. But if you want, I can do it."

"It's ok, Ana. I know you're clear." He chuckled. "Really, thank you for your sincerity. I want us to be completely transparent with each other."

Ana smiled at him and kissed his hands that were still wrapping hers. They laid back down on the bed, this time tied in a tranquil and blissful embrace.