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Christian woke up to the softness and the warmth of Ana cuddling against him, her back to his chest. They barely had had three hours of sleep in their attempt to enlarge the night as long as possible, until exhaustion from their lovemaking took over them. But now, he needed her again. He tightened his grip on her and inhaled the scent of her hair, making a soft sigh leave her parted lips. The Egyptian cotton sheets were barely covering her pert breasts, and he slowly pushed them down; his fist crumpling them and his arm stretching to show her alluring curves. He let his eyes, now a smoldering grey, roam over her figure, stopping at the soft curve of her hip. He brushed his fingertips along it and lingered over some reddish marks, making them coincide with the shape of his hand. It will not bruise, but it will sure stay for hours. Guilt washed over him as he retreated his touch, but then he remembered her pleasured moans and the way she greeted his hard thrusts, pushing eagerly against him, and the guilt morphed into a heated lust. He bent over and kissed those red marks, licking all the way to her ribs. Ana shivered and a soft moan escaped her mouth.

"Ana…" He whispered in her ear.

Brushing away her hair, he sucked that tender spot behind her ear.

"Baby," he whispered again.

"Christian." She whispered back, half moaning, still with her eyes closed.

He caressed her arm from shoulder to hand and made the way back, ending in her breast and kneading it.

"I need you, baby." He said huskily, pressing his heavy shaft between her buttocks. She arched her back in response, pushing her breast against his hand, which automatically reached for her hardened nipple.

"I'm here for you, baby. I always need you too." She answered in a husky voice, still unable to open her eyes, but with a needy heat already growing in her belly.

He inhaled sharply again, burying his head in her hair, and then began sucking and kissing and biting her neck without letting go her breast. He kept that sensuous pace until she was panting and her body was trembling with desire. Ana couldn't focus in anything but the heat of his hard body against hers and the growing rod pressing against her butt, the tip almost reaching her now drenching folds. The powerful ministrations of that wicked tongue, those sinful lips and those gentle teeth that were ravaging her neck, seemed they were all over her entire body, and that greedy hand on her breast was making it achy for more. So when he slowly made his way to her sex, his palm flat on her belly while whispering softly her name over and over again like a prayer, she raised her leg and hooked her heel on the back of his knee. And, despite the excesses of the night, despite her sore muscles, the heavy lids and the burning eyes, she needed him more than anything. He groaned when his fingers brushed against her folds, the welcoming feeling of her slick warmth making him grow harder and thicker.

"God, Ana, you drive me crazy." He whimpered against her neck while putting his fingers in and out of her.

"I need you Christian. Please." She cried.

Without a word, Christian shifted slightly behind her to adjust his position and entered in her slowly, all the way in, until he couldn't be deeper inside her, without stopping the circular friction of his fingers on her clit. She tightened around him, relishing in the blissful fullness their connection provided her, and a contented sigh emptied her lungs. He groaned again in pleasure, the low humming spreading in waves through her body, filling her from head to toe.

"So good, baby. You feel so good. So soft, so warm, so wet. I can't get enough of you, Ana."

His short thrusts quickly became insufficient for him; he wanted more, he needed so much more. The hand that was flat on her belly, trapped under Ana's hand which was pressed over it, lowered and found their union; the feeling of his cock pushing inside her, splitting her tight sex in two, firing him even more. He reached for Ana's hand and guided it to feel their sexual connection.

"Feel it baby. You are hot as hell. This is hot as hell. One day I'm going to fuck you like this in front of a mirror for us to see it. To enjoy it." His raspy voice was full of uninhibited lust.

Ana's hand slid up and down, feeling the hardness of his shaft entering in her soft flesh, feeling how her wet folds surrounded him in the most intimate of kisses. She moaned incoherent words, inebriated for the eroticism of the moment. He took her palm, now coated with her cream, to his lips and kissed it, and then placed her hand in the back of his neck, where she gripped his hair tightly. Then, sliding his hand over her contour, all the way to her ankle, he lift her leg in the air and thrust harder, deeper and longer.

"Yes." He hissed with bliss, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

Her fist gripped tightly, pulling almost painfully at his hair, and her moans became louder, which fuelled him even more.

"Fuck, baby. I can't hold on any longer." Christian said breathless with his head in the crook of her neck.

"Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop." She moaned desperately, rushing the words out of her mouth to almost a whisper.

She lost her sense of reality, her only connection with her physical existence focused on where he was touching her, a hot, frenzy, never ending spiral spreading from her womb to her head, emptying her lungs in the way. The feeling of his hot mouth sucking and biting where her neck met her shoulder as he emptied himself inside her and the tremors of his sweaty skin sent another wave of shivers through her body.

They kept in silence while their breathings steadied. Her legs where both lying on the bed again, numb for the forced position and the physical effort. He was wrapping her body with both arms and legs, still half inside her, and his body shook once again, still recovering from the shattering experience.

"I love you, Christian." She said to his profile turning her head back once she was capable of.

"I love you, Ana." He said with unnamed emotion, fixing his grey stare to her blue one.

_§ § 0 § §_

Ana took a sip of her coffee and placed it on her desk, next to the pile of papers waiting to be read. She pressed the heel of her hands on her eyes. It was her second coffee in the morning, and suspected it won't be the last. That morning, over breakfast, Christian had put a steamy mug of the black and aromatic beverage in front of her, with that sexy as hell smirk playing on his lips. Then, seeing her scrunched nose, he had added some milk in it with a flourish, forming a white cloud over the thick cream on the top, which quickly had disappeared and mixed with the coffee. It was not so bad, although she had added two more spoons of sugar, which really amused Christian, who almost choked with a bite of his blueberry muffin. It was not so funny when she asked him to bring her to her apartment to take Wanda, but somehow she had managed to convince him it was better that way; after all, she was going to her place after work. She rolled her neck and massaged her shoulders. She was sore all over her body; her arms, her hips, her legs… her breasts were too sensitive, and the area between her legs hurt every time she had to move. Even her scalp was a little sore… Christian had gone really wild at some points during the night, but well, so did she. She squirmed in her seat remembering the sensations. God, that man's stamina was beyond reason. She sighed contentedly and smiled. Shaking her head, she reached for her appointment book and took the card of the assistant of that mysterious person who wanted to hire her services. She dialed the number on the phone on her desk and waited. The warm voice of a young man answered at the third tone.

"Good morning, I'm Anastasia Steele. Am I talking to Mr. Isaac Campbell?" Ana asked.

"Ms. Steele, I was looking forward to hearing from you." He answered politely. Ana could feel almost a hint of relief in his voice.

"Well, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Hyde gave me your card yesterday. How can I help you?"

"Well, first, let me tell you we have very good references of yours. I would like to meet with you to talk about our arrangement… I could go now to your office." He said eagerly.

"Well, Mr. Campbell, as long as this arrangement is not a part of my job here at Everybody's, I would prefer not to meet during my working hours." Ana said professionally.

"Of course, miss. We could meet today at 5:30 pm if it is possible for you? There's a cafeteria not far from your office where we can have some privacy too. I'll tell you the address."


Ana wrote down the address on the back of the card. It wasn't far from there. They said their goodbyes and Ana hung up the phone. Although it had been a very normal conversation, it seemed weird; Mr. Campbell's formality seemed too forced, almost rehearsed. She tapped on the surface of the table with the card, trying to find the missing piece, but then she saw that pile of papers again and dismissed the idea, putting the card again into the appointment book and focusing in the ton of work waiting for her.

Isaac Campbell kept his stare on the floor after hanging on the phone. The hand of his mistress caressed his head and she asked him to look at her.

"Well done, Isaac. Now, let's get you prepared."

_§ § 0 § §_

Christian leaned in his chair and rubbed his chin with his fingers while staring at the screen with the figures and numbers the man in front of him was clumsily explaining. When had he hired that poor excuse of a… wait, what was he? Oh, yes. A marketing manager. His voice was like a white noise in the background; monotone, dull and annoying. And it had nothing to do with his lack of sleep; he was used to it, although he had to concede that, in the time he had been with Ana, he had slept like a baby. He looked at Ros, who was sitting at the other end of the table and smiled like a mischievous child when she tried to hide an impending yawn. She rolled her eyes in frustration. Then, The firsts notes of Roberta Flack's The first time ever I saw your face filled the room, startling the man, who stopped his rambling and dried his front with a handkerchief.

"Thank God!" Christian muttered between his teeth. It was the ringtone for Ana. He stood up quickly and grunted when a stinging pain cut through his lower back. Ros smirked in his direction with a raised brow.

"Ros, I leave you in command of the meeting. Goodbye, gentlemen." She gave him a pleading look and he smirked back at her. "All yours." He mouthed.

He left the room as he answered the phone with a grin.

"Hi, beautiful. How is your day going?" He said sweetly.

"Hi, Christian. Long… I suppose." She said.

"Tired, are we? I warned you, baby." He chuckled. "You just saved me from a boring to death meeting, so thank you."

"Were you in a meeting? Oh, I'm sorry... Call me when you're finished…" She said a little ashamed.

"Ana, you are my first priority. And moreover, I will slit my wrists if I have to listen to that man's rambling again… what the fuck, he was just inducing me into a coma!" He interrupted her with a tired voice.

"Ummm… tired, are we?" She giggled, quoting his previous words.

"I'm not tired, Ana. I could repeat last night action whenever you want." He said not completely sure of his own words as he rubbed his lower back with his free hand. "Are you sore, baby?"

"Well… sort of." She answered. "But deliciously sore." She lowered her voice and put a hand to cover her mouth and the phone. "Deliciously, deliciously sore."

The grin in Christian's face couldn't be wider. He sighed with a satisfied face. Entering in his office, he sat in his chair and put his feet on his desk.

"And well, what's my sexy girlfriend doing right now?" He loosened his tie.

"I'm having lunch." She said taking a sip of diet coke. She needed the caffeine.

"Oh, fuck. What time is it?" He said changing into a seating position and glancing at his watch. "That fucker really made me lose all the entire morning!" He yelled.

"It's not so late; it's only 12:00, but I needed the break." She answered before taking a bite of her sandwich. "Well, what's your schedule today?"

"I have a conference call with Tokyo at seven; that's my latest appointment. And you?"

"I have a meeting after work, at 5:30."

"A meeting, with who?" Christian didn't want to sound inquisitive, but he failed.

"It's a Mr. Campbell. He wants to hire me for some charity event or something. We have to discuss it further." She said matter-of-factly.

"Do you know him?" Christian was sitting straight in his chair and he was gripping the phone too much forcefully.

"I've talked with him by phone. He seems nice."

That was not the answer Christian wanted to hear. He took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed. He still remembered the way Ana reacted when he went over protective with her in that music shop… and the way he felt; the fear of her leaving him. That was not a experience he wanted to experience again.

"Ok, just make sure you are safe, Ana. Do it for me." He managed to say.

"Of course, baby. We will meet in a cafeteria. Don't worry, ok?" She could feel his worry, although she didn't understand its magnitude.

"I will try to." He lied.

After some minutes more, they finished their call. Christian stared at Ana's picture on his screensaver for a while, tracing the line of her jaw of her sleeping face with his thumb. Then, he called Taylor.

"Taylor, I need that fucking Hyde's files right now." He barked at the phone.

"Right away, sir."

Taylor arrived at his boss' office just before Andrea had left Christian's lunch on the desk. He gave him the manila folder containing Jack Hyde's background check and waited in front of the desk with his hands joined at his back. Christian passed through the pages in silence, scanning them carefully with that grey piercing look. Once he reached the last page, he leaned on his chair and looked at Taylor.

"Have you read it?" Christian asked with a serious face, pointing at the file with his index finger. Taylor nodded. "Three personal assistants in the last eight months? By the things Ana has told me I can say the fucker is truly an asshole, but I'm sure there has to be something else…" Christian said running his hands through his disheveled hair. "Dig for a little bit more, ask the girls personally if necessary. I don't like the guy a bit, and I don't want him near Ana if there's a little possibility of any danger."

"Understood, sir." Taylor said, leaving with a satisfied smirk.

Christian looked at his lunch with a disgusted face; he was not hungry anymore. He took a deep breath and rolled his neck. If that fucker even dared to try something with Ana, his Ana, he was fucking dead. Suddenly he was too hot. Standing up, he took off his suit jacket and loosened his tie. Pacing back and forth the office he looked at his cold lunch again. Sighing heavily at the same time he was shaking his head, he decided he had to have lunch; food should not be wasted.

_§ § 0 § §_

The haunted words echoed in the small space that was Wanda.

In my eyes, indisposed

In disguises no one knows

Hides the face, lies the snake

The sun in my disgrace

The words of the song sunk in Ana's brain as she drove to where she had met with Mr. Campbell. She had always loved that song; those seemingly innocent notes of the melody in great contrast with the somehow dark and creepy lyrics, making it almost disturbing. But they had not bothered her until that day. She had a weird feeling she could not get rid of. Blaming it on the large amount of coffee in her system, she took a deep breath and turned right into a parking lot.

Stuttering, cold and damp

Steal the warm wind tired friend

Times are gone for honest men

And sometimes far too long for snakes

In my shoes, a walking sleep

And my youth I pray to keep

Heaven sent hell away

No one sings like you anymore

Black hole sun

Won't you come

And wash away the rain

Black hole sun

Won't you come

Won't you come

She turned off the engine but didn't get out the car. Instead, she stayed in the driver's seat, with her hands still gripping the steering wheel. Maybe Christian's worry had taken over her too; that uneasy feeling was making her feel sick. She thought about calling him, hearing his velvety voice, just to soothe her. He made her feel safe. But then, she thought he probably would overreact and make her go to her apartment or whatever he felt was right. She sighed again, frustrated and tired, and tried to convince herself of abandoning that line of thoughts.

The meeting point was a stylish cafeteria, with comfy sofas surrounding the polished wood tables decorated with vases of wild flowers. A young and very attractive man, probably in his mid twenties, waved his hand to Ana and approached her. He was dressed totally in black; black suit, black shirt and no tie. His hair was dark and was combed to the back, his skin was tanned and his white teeth flashed in Ana's direction in a dazzling smile.

"Ms. Steele, what a pleasure." The man said, offering his hand to Ana.

"Mr. Campbell, I suppose." Ana answered back, shaking hands with him.

"Let's get a seat, shall we?" He let Ana lead them to a two-chair spot and waited for her to take seat first. Then, the waitress took their notes.

"Well, Ms. Steele, I'm glad you acceded to meet me." He said placing both hands on the table.

"I have to admit I'm a little bit intrigued. Mr. Hyde told me it's not you who wants to contract me, but your boss?" Ana asked him.

"You're right. I work for a very private person, someone with a lot of influence in the public life here in Seattle, who wants to hire you to perform…" Isaac stopped talking when the waitress returned with their orders.

"In a charity party?" Ana finished his sentence when they were alone again.

Isaac chuckled. He observed Ana for the very first time, really looked at her. He admired her powder blue eyes and her innocent face, and wondered what his mistress could possibly want from the woman in front of him.

"Well, it's not a charity party. It's a private party." He answered with a hint of amusement.

Ana took a sip of her Rooibos tea and looked at him for a while.

"So a very private person is organizing a private party… I will need some more information to accept your offer." She stated.

"I understand perfectly, Ms. Steele." He reached for a folder inside his suitcase and put it on the table with a pen on it. "You will need to sign a non-disclosure-agreement before continuing our conversation, though."

Ana stared at the paper in front of her and she raised her look to Mr. Campbell. A small smile crept in her mouth. "You're joking, aren't you?"

Isaac raised both his brows. He didn't expect that reaction. He was so used to the NDAs that he hadn't given a thought to that possibility.

"I… I'm afraid I'm not." He stuttered.

"You're not." Ana repeated raising a brow.

Isaac kept in silent with his mouth in a thin line and his eyes wide opened. It seemed to Ana as he were in fear. She sighed heavily and massaged her temples with her fingers.

"I'm sorry. I… I didn't expect this, you know." Ana said pointing at the document on the table. "This… this is kind of weird. I don't want to seem unprofessional, but I think I'm not interested."

"But… but Ms. Steele, give it a try." Isaac voice was hoarse. He coughed and took a sip of his coffee. He had to convince her to sign. "Ms. Steele, we still haven't talked about your remuneration… I can assure it will be huge, but I have strict orders not to talk further about our arrangement until you sign that NDA." Although he pretended to be calm, his voice showed his urgency.

"Mr. Campbell… I'm sure it is a very profitable arrangement, and that your boss is a very important person, but I don't like being kept in the dark like this… I repeat you, I'm sorry, but I have to refuse your offer." She stood up, reaching for money to pay her order and leaving it on the table. "It's been a pleasure, Mr. Campbell."

"Ms. Steele, I'm sure we can reach some kind of agreement… we can meet half way." He said, trying not to lose the battle, but just seeing how the imminent defeat reached him. "Anastasia…" He finally whispered.

Ana turned on her heels and looked at him. Her name on his lips, although only a whisper, sounded like a cry for help. She shook her head, puzzled for that weird feeling, and resumed her way out of the cafeteria.

Isaac fell on the chair and grabbed his head with both hands, leaning the elbows on the table. She was not the kind of person he was expecting, and neither were that turn of events. He had to make her sign; what for, he had no idea. What he knew for sure was that Elena was going to make him pay for that.

_§ § 0 § §_

The conference call went quite well. Japan was such an interesting country for investments; Japanese people were very focused and well-prepared workers, with a deep-rooted sense of tradition but, at the same time, a great interest for new technologies. The business Christian was interested in, although quite modest, had a very productive I+D department with really interesting projects; they only needed GEH monetary support, which Christian was really happy to concede.

The bad part was that Christian had to travel there sooner or later. Even when he trusted Ros' capabilities completely, this time his presence was needed. Travelling had never bothered him; jet lag was a minor problem, and flying in his private jet saved him from the annoying inconvenients of a commercial flight. But this time he had something that attached him to Seattle. Ana. It would be a torture being without her by his side.

He had just arrived home and was missing her already. Her light filled the penthouse, making it feel like home. It was late, but anyway, he decided to maintain his scheduled session with Bastille, the same he had planned in the morning, knowing he would need a way to let out what he was feeling in that precise moment once he would arrive to Escala. He entered in his room, discharged his clothes in the basket of the walk-in closet and put on a pair of grey basketball shorts and a grey tank top. When he was tying his sneakers, his eyes roamed upon Ana's side of the closet. He had managed to convince her of using a small part of it, only a few drawers and a pair of hangers, but, for him, the meaning of it was immense. It meant she was an important part of his life, of his very private and personal life. Absentmindedly, he opened the first drawer and found one of his t-shirts. He grabbed it with a crooked smile. It was the one Ana used to wear around the penthouse when they were alone. It covered her legs until mid thigh, and she wore it with only those small lacy panties, or those tiny boy shorts that barely covered her ass. He smiled widely remembering the way his eyes always flew automatically to her bottom every time she bent over. He was sure she did it on purpose. Without thinking, he brought the t-shirt to his nose and inhaled sharply, groaning when her scent filled his nostrils. With a pained look in his eyes, he went out of the closet and carefully deposited the t-shirt on his pillow. Then, he went to the basement gym to meet with Bastille.

_§ § 0 § §_

Ana went directly to the shower when she arrived home, trying to wash away that strange feeling after her meeting with Isaac Campbell. Standing at the door frame of her bathroom, her eyes roamed along the tiled floors and the sink counter. Making her way to the shower, her hands gripped the screen as she remembered Christian's touch in that very same spot and her skin filled with goose bumps. Wishing he was there, she entered the shower.

Ana was in the couch texting Christian to call her when he could, when Kate arrived. They cheerfully hugged, jumping like children while squealing. They decided to order Chinese food for dinner and eat on the very same couch.

"You are really beautiful, Ana. It means only one thing; you are having lots and lots of sex!" Kate said pointing at her playfully.

"Kate! Don't be so gross!" Ana laughed. "But, anyway, I think I could say the same to you… Barbados and sex; what's not to be beautiful!"

"Well, if you mean really great sex with the most gorgeous man in the planet, in the middle of paradise, yes, I'm guilty!" She answered rising her right hand. Then she had a forkful of her noodles and resumed her talking. "Moreover, Ana, being gross would be, for example, asking you about details…" She said wiggling her brows. "How, what, when, how many times…"

"Definitely, it would be too gross. I will keep private my sex life. Although it is… mind blowing!" They exploded in a fit of giggles, until they calmed again.

"I'm not complaining about my holidays, but I have really missed you, Ana." Kate said squeezing her hand.

"Me too, Katie girl." Ana said smiling.

"So… you've been staying at his penthouse at Escala, right?" Ana nodded at Kate's question. "You're an established couple, then." She stated.

"If meeting my father means that…" Ana said.

"Did Christian meet Ray?" Kate yelled, almost choking in her wine. Ana nodded again, amused. "Oh my God! Tell me, tell me everything!"

"Well, I think they got along well. I left them alone for a while, and they returned smiling…"

"Well, all I can say is that Christian is a brave man and that if he has passed successfully Raymond Steele's thorough examination, I'm sure he's worth it."

"Kate! I already knew Christian was worth it. And moreover, Ray is not that strict…" Ana began arguing.

"Ex-military." Kate said matter-of-factly and Ana rolled her eyes.

"Bah!" Ana waved her hands in defeat. "Anyway, I love him. I love Christian." She affirmed, waiting for Kate's reaction.

"Wow, wow, wow! Do you love him? Really, really love him, like 'I love you, you're the one for me'? Kate said kneeling on the couch.

"I love him." Ana said shrugging. "He's been it for me since the very beginning, I think. I know it's been a short time, but well… I love him. Don't you love Elliot?"

"Yes, I do." Kate said without hesitation. "Maybe… maybe we told each other the L word one night on the beach, under the stars, in the aftershock of… well, on the beach." She said blushing.

"Oh, that's so romantic!" Ana said cheerfully.

"Yes! He told me first, then I told him. The truth is I knew it some weeks ago, but it seemed a little bit soon, you know?" Kate looked Ana in the eye and noticed her reaction. "Have you told him?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"I told him. I couldn't help it… I didn't want to, but the words escaped my mouth." Ana answered, fidgeting her fingers on her lap.

"And?" Kate encouraged her to continue.

"And he told me. Not straightaway, but in the end he did. It was worth the wait, though." She beamed.

"Wow. This is what I call fast love." Kate answered while nodding absentmindedly.

_§ § 0 § §_

Christian came back from his workout with Bastille more relaxed and definitely exhausted. After all, the lack of sleep and the busy day he had had were making their way in him. But the moment he entered in the shower, he was on fire again. He couldn't help imagining his hands gliding along Ana's soft and slick curves, her sweet skin against his lips and her legs tightly wrapped on his waist as his body pressed her against the tiled walls. And despite the ice-cold water cascading on his back, he leaned his head and his forearm on the wall and took his throbbing erection with his other hand, gliding it slowly from base to head and skimming the precum with his thumb. A pained moan escaped his mouth imagining it was Ana's hand. First slowly, like she would do, then furiously, he stroked himself to his point of no return, carrying his body to a shuddering bunch of muscles, biting his lip so hard it bleed.

He went out of the shower in a fog. His body was numb and his toes almost hurt because of the cold water. He had emptied his body, but his mind was in a frenzied state and his chest was full of longing. He stretched his sore back while drying himself with the towel and then put on his pajama pants. Walking his way to the bed, he looked at the t-shirt on his pillow. It smelled like her. Before he knew, he had put on the t-shirt and thrown himself on the bed. He grabbed his phone to call Ana, and smiled widely when he realized she had already texted him to call her. He took a deep breath; he wanted her right there right now with him, but he didn't wanted to sound desperate, or make her feel pressured. When he felt he had some kind of control, he dialed her number.

Ana was already on the bed, with a book resting on her bent legs. She passed through the pages methodically, not paying any attention. She couldn't tell what the story was about; her mind was somewhere else, at the very top of Escala. Feeling frustrated, she left the book on the bed table and rolled on her stomach, muffling a scream with the sheets while beating her fists on the bed. Why couldn't she think about anything else than Christian? She needed his touch, his warmth, his silky lips on her while whispering those igniting words to her with that velvety voice, his hot breath on her neck, his musical and carefree laugh surrounding her. That desperate need… it was not healthy, wasn't it? She sat cross legged again and rubbed her eyes with the heel of her hands. Then, her phone rang with Martha's Harbour, Christian's ringtone, filling the room with the soothing guitar notes and her face split in two with a wide grin.

"Hi." She breathed, relief washing over her like a balm of calmness.

"Hello beautiful." All the confidence he pretended to have blurred into a needy mess.

"How was your day at the end?" She asked him. She needed to listen to his warm voice, to know about his daily routine.

"Long and exhausting." He blurted in a tired sigh. "But the phone conference went well, and now that we're talking it has incredibly improved." He ran his hand over his hair. "What about your meeting with that Mr. Campbell?"

"Uh… I'm not interested." Ana said tiredly. "I don't think I'm his best option." She said as a way of explanation, not wanting to elaborate more. She only wanted to enjoy her time with Christian.

"I'm sure you're the best option for anyone, baby." He said frowning. "You are the best option for me."

"I miss you…" The words fell of Ana's mouth before she could do anything to stop them. She closed her eyes scrunching her nose in regret; she had done it again…

"Ana…" Christian whispered, feeling a heat spreading across his chest which warmed him. He was not used to those overwhelming emotions, and they just left him speechless.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to say it out loud. I know it's been only a day…" Ana tried to excuse herself, having misunderstood Christian's response.

"I miss you too, baby. You don't have idea how much." Christian finally said with his eyes closed. "But now you have to go to sleep, baby. It's really late."

"I would have to have taken your t-shirt… the one I use to wear. It smells like you." Ana said relieved for his answer.

A big smile crept on Christian's face. "I don't think so. It smells like you. A heavenly smell."

Ana embraced herself with her free arm. Christian's words enveloped her in a sweet velvety bliss. "I love you Christian."

"Fuck, baby. I love you too. I will never get tired of telling you, you know that, don't you?"

"I know, baby." She said smiling. She had curled up on her bed, covered with the duvet. "Have sweet dreams my love."

"Ana, baby… can you do something for me?" Christian asked with a hesitating voice.

"Of course, honey. What do you need?" Ana sat up straight again, with her back on the headboard.

"Can you sing something for me? To help me sleep…" Christian asked her, a little ashamed for showing such vulnerability.

"Do you want a lullaby, my love?" Ana asked with a load of emotion installed in her chest.

"If you don't mind…" He answered like a lost child.

"Of course I don't mind, Christian. In fact, I will love it. I will be always there for you." She said with a wave of emotion and glistening eyes.

"Thank you, baby. I love you." He said gulping hard.

"I love you too. Now, lie down, close your eyes and relax. Good night, baby. Sweet dreams."

She curled up again and began singing on the phone, pouring all her love in the song.

Stars shining bright above you

Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you"

Birds singing in the sycamore tree

Dream a little dream of me

Say "Night-ie night" and kiss me

Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me

While I'm alone and blue as can be

Dream a little dream of me

Christian sighed and let Ana's voice transport him to her side, holding her tight and burying his head on the crook of her neck. She was good; she was everything he wanted from the very beginning, from the first moment he had laid his eyes on that young girl with blue eyes. Now he had to keep her by his side forever.

Stars fading but I linger on, dear

Still craving your kiss

I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear

Just saying this

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

But in your dreams whatever they be

Dream a little dream of me

Ana felt content and happy. She was sure he wasn't aware of the power that his words and his actions had on her. This was Christian, the real one. The one who bravely bared his soul to her, showing his vulnerability but, at the same time, his great inner force, the one which shielded both of them from all the ugly and the bad.

_§ § 0 § §_

Although Ana's lullaby drifted him to a peaceful sleep, Christian woke up at four in the morning. He was sprawled on the bed, flat on his stomach, clutching Ana's pillow with both arms. He rolled on his back and stared at the ceiling. He had had one of his nightmares, but it was not as bad as always. The pimp was beating him relentlessly as always, and his cries were completely ignored by the crack wore, who was in a state of trance. But then, Ana appeared, all dressed in white, with her big bottomless blue eyes full of love and a warm smile lightening her lovely face. She reached for him, and then everything vanished; everything except the two of them. She hugged him with such tenderness, his pain had faded away. And then, she waved him good-bye and also disappeared in a fog. That was when he had awakened.

He went to the piano, as he used to do after his nightmares, but when he placed his hands on the keyboard he stopped on his tracks. He felt kind of sad because Ana was not physically with him, but he could clearly feel their strong bond and her presence, as if it were tattooed on his skin. So, instead of his usual sad and agonizing melodies, his fingers traced Satie's Trois Gymnopédies, and that latent warmth of his heart spread across his chest, drawing a small smile on his face.

_§ § 0 § §_

Ana couldn't prolong her sleep too much that night neither, and she was up at 5:30. Once she awakened, she missed Christian's arms wrapped around her; it felt cold and lonely, so she decided to get out of bed eventually. She showered, air-dried her hair, and spent some time choosing her outfit for the interview with the songwriter she had scheduled first thing in the morning. She decided for a maxi skirt Kate had brought her from Barbados, with a tank top, high heel boots and a brown leather jacket. Once out of her room, she made some pancakes for Kate and for her and a pot of fresh coffee. She was at the breakfast bar, taking a look to the questions Jack had proposed for the interview and snorted.

"What's the matter?" A sleepy Kate asked while stretching her arms above her head.

"He is totally crazy if he thinks I'm going to ask those ridiculous questions. It's embarrassing!" Ana said shaking her head. "Good morning, by the way."

"Good morning to you too." Kate said pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Is that the interview you told me yesterday?" She asked glancing upon Ana's shoulder. "Is this for real?" She chuckled pointing at the paper sheets.

"Yes, they are." She sighed. "It doesn't matter, I will ask my own questions."

"Yes, you better change them." Kate stated before shoving a forkful of pancake into her mouth. "How was your night, sweety?"

"Well, if I am truly sincere… I missed Christian. A lot." Ana said with an embarrassed look.

"Oooh, my love sick puppy!" Kate laughed.

"Kate!" Ana squealed embarrassed.

"Don't be silly, Ana. I am joking! I miss Elliot too!"

"In that case… you won't be upset if I spend some nights with Christian, will you?"

"Of course not, Ana! It will be the perfect excuse for me to spend the night with my man!" She grinned.

_§ § 0 § §_

At nine o'clock sharp Ana was asking for the recording studio number 4 in the newly reformed industrial building where Bruce Kane, the song writer she was about to interview, was supposed to be recording his debut album. The building was similar to the one where Everybody's was located, but, this one had remained oddly trapped between the gigantic skyscrapers of the financial district. She looked inside the room through the small glass window in the middle of the wooden door, and entered.

"Mr. Kane?"

A dark haired man in his early twenties raised his face in the direction of Ana's voice. He was sat cross legged on the floor, with a guitar on his lap and a bunch of scores spread around him. A toothy smile appeared on his face and a kind of grunt left his mouth when he attempted to talk with a pencil between his teeth.

"Sorry." He grinned leaving the pencil on a stool. "Yes, I am. You must be Anastasia? I mean, Ms. Steele?" He offered his hand after wiping it on his faded jeans.

"You can call me Ana. Nice to meet you." Ana shook his hand smiling.

"Nice to meet you too. You can call me Bruce." He flashed again that charming smile and ran his hand through his hair. "Let's go get more comfortable on the couch."

As he led the way to a corner of the vast room, Ana assessed him. He had that kind of grunge appearance, although also quite sexy, helped by a handsome face, a lean body covered in multiple tattoos, and a long disheveled hair, but he exuded that charming feeling which makes both men and women like you. Ana had listened to some of his songs, and he also had talent. A perfect mixture for the way to success.

During the interview, she avoided the vast majority of Hyde's questions and she went with her intuition, simply chatting about music, about his background and about what he wanted to achieve in the future. In spite his looks, he was a good boy, married with his high school sweet heart.

"Thank you for not doing the Batman joke… it gets tiresome quickly, and people didn't seem to understand it." He chuckled.

Ana chuckled in response, glancing sideways at the third one of the questions Jack had written: 'Bruce Kane… Are you new Seattle's dark knight?'

"I wouldn't dare!" She answered.

"Ana, after our conversation… It seems to me you know about what you're talking. I mean, you seem like a musician." He asked her with curiosity.

"Well, I love music. I aspire to become a musician one day, I suppose." She said timidly.

"I would like to exchange thoughts and ideas with you some day, I think we can help each other." He said.

"Wow, are you serious? It would be great, I mean, an honour indeed. Now that you told me, I would like you to help me with something…" She said with infectious happiness, thinking about the song she began writing the night after meeting Christian.

"Sure!" He answered smiling.

When Ana left the building, she thought about going to GEH to visit Christian. She missed him, and he was only a few blocks apart. Before thinking it twice, her fingers were typing his number on the phone.

Christian was rereading a possible new contract when his phone vibrated in his pocket. When he saw it was Ana his heart began beating rapidly.

"Ana… How are you, baby? Are you ok?" He asked with longing.

"Hi, Christian! I'm fine, baby. And you? Are you ok?" His voice, low and rich, caressed her ears making her squirm.

"I am now that you call me." He answered leaning in his chair. "I love hearing your voice. I love you." He said almost whispering.

"I won't ever get tired of hearing it. I love you too." She said sighing. "I wondered if you maybe had five minutes free right now… Do you remember the interview I told you? Well, it happens that I'm a few blocks from GEH right now, and I… I would like to see you if it's possible."

"Fuck, baby, I would love it. Tell me where you are and I will send Taylor to pick you up." Christian said beaming like a school boy.

"It's not necessary, baby. I'm on my way, only two blocks apart." She answered while walking towards her destination.

"Ok," he sighed. "Tell your name to the receptionist and she will lead you to the right elevator."

"Ok, handsome. See you in a bit."

After calling personally to the reception, Christian walked out of his office and waited for Ana to come. Andrea looked at him sideways frowning. It was odd seeing her boss like that; stood still in the middle of the room, swinging on his feet with his hands stuffed in his pockets and a silly smile. It was cute… in fact it was sexy as hell, he always was sexy, but it was odd. And a little bit unnerving. Too much smiling… Then, the elevator came and he almost ran towards it.

It was the first time Ana went to GEH, and she really was impressed. From the impressive gigantic building made of glass and steel to the neat reception and the stunning receptionist. The elevator, where she was fidgeting her fingers, was enormous. Everything was so Christian. But when she stepped out of the elevator to the also impressive managing floor, she could only see her man. Christian, in all his glory, sexy as hell in a black suit and tie, with that smoldering look in his eyes that attached her to him. She bit her lip unconsciously. In two steps he was only a few inches from her, and in one swift move his mouth was over hers and his arms embraced her tightly.

"Hi." He said leaning his forehead onto hers.

"Hi." She answered breathless.

He grabbed her hand and shoved her into his office. Ana could only manage to see another stunning blond woman gaping at the two of them. Andrea could not believe her eyes!

Christian shut the door of his office with his foot and pinned Ana to the nearest wall. His breathing was heavy and ragged. She was overwhelming; the sight of her, her smell… He could not get enough of her. He stared into her beautiful eyes, the tip of his nose brushing against hers, relishing in that precious moment that comes right before the unleashed passion, but her parted lips and her hot breath on his face made him lost the battle again, and, smiling against her mouth, he willingly let that small bit of control he had slip through his fingers as they entangled in her hair.

Christian lost his suit jacket, which was tossed onto the floor, in their way to the white couch and Ana ended up straddling him with her hands fisting his unruly hair.

"I like you like this." Christian said caressing her thighs slowly, pulling up Ana's skirt in the process. "You have such beautiful legs."

"I can make you a little fashion show later." Ana said playfully against his neck. Christian shivered deliciously as her breath caressed his skin, and a ting of hope grew in his chest with the prospect of seeing her after work.

"I want you only in your boots." He whispered seductively looking her in the eye.

"I want you only in your tie." She answered pulling slowly of the loosened tie around his neck. A sexy smile grew on Christian's face.

"Deal." His finger caressed lovingly the side of her face, the tender gesture making Ana swoon and ache for him. "My place?" Christian held his breath, waiting for her answer, but Ana simply nodded, her mind saturated with the tingling sensation of that finger framing her face so tenderly and Christian's bottomless stare locked with hers.

Andrea's voice through the intercom announcing Christian's next scheduled appointment cut the enchantment between the two of them. He growled in frustration.

"I'll make a reservation for dinner at my club. What do you think?" He said fixing his clothes.

"Do you have a club?" Ana said in disbelief, shaking her head.

"The food is good. You'll like it." He said shrugging.

"Ok. Perfect!"

"I'll let Taylor know you're leaving to accompany you to your car."

"Don't bother, baby. It's not necessary…" Ana replied nonchalantly. But seeing Christian's pleading eyes, she giggled and, cupping his face with both hands, she finally agreed. "Ok, it will be great."

"Thank you, baby." Christian said kissing her in her forehead with a pleasant smile.

_§ § 0 § §_

The day dragged on slowly, but both Ana and Christian were some way cheered up by the prospect of their imminent encounter. Christian had that meeting and two more, a conference call with London and his weekly meeting with Barney to revise the security data protocols. Ana wrote the first version of the article about Bruce Kane and e-mailed it to her boss, and revised some others until her work day came to an end. At 5:30, she gathered up her stuff and went out the door with a smile on her face. Wanda was parked two blocks away from the building. Christian will pick her up from her apartment, so she had time to take a shower and change clothes. Obviously, the boots had to stay. But Wanda didn't want to cooperate, and there was no way for it to start. After some good fifteen minutes of trying, she desisted and, hitting repeatedly her forehead on the steering wheel, remembered Christian's same old story about her dear Wanda not being safe enough. Biting the inside of her cheek, she tiredly got out of the car and called Christian to let him know.

"Hi, baby. Change of plans?" There was a shadow of disappointment laced in Christian's voice.

"Hi, Christian…" Ana sighed. "No, not at all. At least, not intentionally…"

"What happens, Ana?" Concern replaced the disappointment, but he didn't relax a bit.

"Wanda is not working. It doesn't start…" Her voice betrayed her with a hint of embarrassment and annoyance. "I'm sorry, babe. I'm going to call some garage and figure out what's the matter… Do you know some trustworthy one in the area?"

"Wow, Ana… First of all, don't worry, baby. It's only a car. Let me think… Do you strictly need to go to your apartment?" Christian relaxed immediately and focused in what he was good at: the problem and solution combo.

"No, not necessarily. I've got clothes in your place."

"Ok, then. What do you think about this? You come back to Everybody's and wait there for me to pick you up… I think I can be there in thirty minutes or less." He said looking briefly at his platinum watch. "We can go from there to the club. Taylor will take care of Wanda, he will arrange someone to pick it up and bring it to a reliable garage."

Ana felt tired all of a sudden, and extremely grateful of Christian's effortless directions. She smiled silently over the phone and sighed contented.

"Thank you baby, thank you so much. I will be waiting at the reception."

Christian beamed triumphant. Problem and solution; yes, he could do that.

_§ § 0 § §_

Ana entered the building again and placed her briefcase on the desk of the reception, leaning her elbows on it.

"Hi, Ana! Have you forgotten something up there?" Claire, the receptionist, asked her.

"No…" Ana answered waving a hand in the air. "My car doesn't start. I think she's dead… maybe for good!" She said leaning not only her elbows, but her head.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Claire said with a face of understanding. "My turn ends at seven today… I can drive you home if you're not in a hurry."

"Thank you so much, Claire, but someone will pick me up in a few minutes." She said smiling.

"Ok, well for you, then." She said shrugging. "Do you want some tea?" Ana nodded enthusiastically while Claire went to the tiny room behind the reception where there was a kitchenette.

Ana faced the main door again when someone entered. The woman, in her middle twenties, was some inches taller than Ana, but she seemed tinier and lighter. Her prominent cheekbones stood out her lack of weight and her cheeks were too pale. Her dull huge hazel eyes were surrounded by rounded grey marks and her lips were chapped. But behind all that pitiful appearance with her too revealing clothes under a too big jacket, you could say she was a beautiful woman. Ana smiled at her and the woman smiled her back with widened eyes, as if she weren't used to that kind treatment. At that moment Claire returned with two mugs of black tea.

"Good afternoon, madam. Can I help you?" Claire asked with a warm but professional tone putting the mugs on the desk.

"Yes, I need to see Jack Hyde." She said in a tiny voice after a deep breath.

"Do you have any appointment?" Claire asked glancing at the day planning.

"No, it's a personal visit. Tell him Leila needs to see him."

"Ok, wait a minute." Claire picked up the phone to inform Jack a few steps away from them.

The woman kept staring at Ana with clouded eyes and a sad smile.

"I'm Ana." She finally said offering her hand.

"Leila." The woman answered without changing her expression.

"Do you want some tea?" Ana asked her pointing at her untouched mug. Her stare was some kind unnerving.

"I used to have my hair that way…" Leila said pointing at Ana's hair and then taking between her fingers a lock of her own, staring at its ends as if it were the first time she saw it.

Ana looked at her bleached blonde hair and shrugged.

"I think it looks nice on you." Ana assured her.

"Thank you!" Leila answered with too much enthusiasm.

Ana offered her again the tea and that time she accepted it with a smile. Claire returned and informed her she could go upstairs to Jack's office. In that moment, a black Audi SUV parked in front of the building and Ana beamed at the prospect of seeing Christian again.

"I have to go, Claire!" Ana said to her colleague. "Nice to meet you, Leila." She said to the woman, and ran to the exit.

Leila followed her with her eyes, and blinked repeatedly when she recognized the man going out of the car. The man who was beaming at that woman with a look of love in his eyes. The man who embraced her and kissed her in the middle of the street without a care in the world. The man who let that woman touch him and look him in the eye. She knew him, but he was so different… Her hand covered her mouth in disbelief with a gasp.

"Master…" She muttered.

_§ § 0 § §_

Ana marveled at the taste of the exquisite salmon with orange sauce, which melted in her watering mouth.

"This is simply exquisite!" She half moaned closing her eyes and licking her bottom lip.

"Baby, if you keep doing this we won't make it to my place." Christian said smiling.

"Oh, sorry, I can't help it. It's really good!"

"Glad you like it." He said before sipping his wine.

"So… The Mile High Club, uh? It really suits you." Ana said joining him with the wine. Christian questioned her with his eyes and a sexy smirk on his lips, and Ana continued speaking. "The place is elegant and classy, but modern, and it is located here, up in the sky, well-known by everyone but hard to reach… Sound familiar?" She said tilting her head. Christian chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. Ana felt the urge to feel his soft locks on her own hands and got up from her chair, walked around the table and sat in his lap. Christian welcomed her wrapping his arms on her waist. "And sexy… very, very sexy." She whispered in his ear while running both hands through his hair. Christian closed his eyes and relished in her touch.

"I think we should skip dessert." He finally said, looking her with hungry eyes and pushing her against the growing bulge in his pants.

"I couldn't agree more." She said before squirming and kissing him.

They managed to keep their hands out of the other one during the way back home. Christian didn't want to embarrass Taylor more than he had done recently and make him quit, but the sexual charge between them was palpable. Christian's intent stare burnt into her skin, making her hot and bothered, and he was deliciously aware of her dilated pupils, her ragged breathing and that soft blush creeping from her neck.

They held hands during the elevator ride and ran to the bedroom once they arrived.

"I want you now," he whispered to her ear while discharging her jacket on the floor, "but I want to taste you first; mmmmm… Anastasia's sweet flavor." He smiled against her skin and nibbled at her earlobe.

"I want to lick you all over too, to savour you… you are very tasty, Mr. Grey…" She said looking him in the eye while skimming her hands from his shoulders to his arms, letting his suit jacket fall behind him. Then, she loosened his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. "I think I don't want you in your tie… I don't want any piece of cloth in your perfect body."

"Fuck, Ana. No woman has ever talked to me like that… it's so sexy, you're so incredibly sexy…" Her words fired him, consumed him in a way he couldn't understand. He was aware of his sexual appealing, and he knew that the most part of the women wanted him almost as a fact, but the fact that she wanted him, the same way he wanted her, was his definition of pure bliss.

Slowly, they got rid of their clothes and somehow ended kneeling on the bed, exploring their bodies without haste. Christian was holding her tight and sucking all the way from her earlobe to her shoulder. His hand moved from the small of her back to her breast, and he skimmed his thumb over her nipple as his mouth continued its way down to her chest.

"My turn…" She whispered with her eyes closed while grabbing his head with both hands.

He stopped and looked at her with a raised brow. She attacked his mouth in a passionate kiss, and leaving feather kisses on the corner of his mouth she spoke again.

"It's my turn to taste you now. One place at a time, and every inch of your body at the end." She said pointing with her index finger. "But I'm going to put some music first." She climbed out of the bed and walked to the drawer sashaying her hips, to choose a song from Christian's iPod.

"So, you want to play games?" He said hypnotized by the swing of her hips and her perfect round ass.

She pressed the play button and the sexy and velvety notes of Chris Isaac's Wicked Games filled the room. Then, she nodded her response walking towards him again.

"Ok, baby. I'm all yours." Christian said with his arms wide open and a beaming smile.

She came back to the bed biting her lip and crawled on the bed like a kitten, remaining in front of him also kneeling. Christian watched now mesmerized the way her breasts swung with her movements. She traced her lips with her finger as in thought for some seconds, and then she got close to him and, grabbing him by the hair, tilted his head backwards to expose his neck. She bit his chin gently, and then licked all the way down, sucking in his Adam's apple and ending in that spot between his collar bones. Christian gasped at the assault and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"Delicious…" She said grazing her teeth on his skin in the way up to his ear.

Christian looked at her with a lustful look narrowing his eyes and, without a word, he took her hand and bit her shoulder, trailing soft kisses along her arm until he arrived at the soft skin of the back of her wrist, where he applied a little more pressure with his tongue. A soft moan escaped from Ana's mouth; how she could feel those seemingly innocent movements directly between her legs was beyond her understanding.

"Are you enjoying our little game?" He said with a smirk.

"Yes!" She said pushing him onto the mattress. She straddled his thighs and, not breaking eye contact, she licked with her tongue flat over his right nipple. The feeling, so foreign and new for him, sent a jolt of electricity through his spine, making him arch his back and groan. Ana watched with fascination his beautiful features; his parted lips, his thick lashes casting shadows on his cheeks, and she trailed the outline of his areola with her finger while she blew on it.

"I love you, Christian." She said before resuming her ministrations to his other nipple.

He flipped her onto the bed and kissed her fervently, completely covering her lips with his mouth.

"I love you, Ana. God, you don't have idea how much." He said breathless.

He kneeled between her legs and watched her with hunger. Ana squirmed under his stare. Then, he ran the palm of his hand on his thigh, damp with Ana's wetness, and brought it to his nose and to his mouth.

"Yes, I'm sure you're enjoying the game." He smirked. "So do I." He added pointing at his solid erection.

Then, he parted her legs further, positioning his head between them. Ana hissed between her teeth and threw both hands behind her head, grabbing the pillow tightly. He smelled the sweet scent of her arousal and bit his lip, staring at her inviting pink wet folds, without touching her, and then kissed her on her inner thigh, leaving a trail of kisses to her foot, where he bit her toe. A high pitched moan left her lungs. Again, she wondered how he could manage to make her so damn sensitive.

When he finished, Ana asked him to turn around and lie on his stomach. She traced his column with her nail and grabbed his firm and muscular buttocks with both hands, squeezing them. Christian could feel the wet heat radiating from between her legs again on his thighs, along with her lips and tongue on his spine, while her hands traced the muscles on his back, and his dick dug even more against the mattress. When she bit his left buttock he grunted in pleasure.

He didn't lose time in embracing her again and nuzzling her head between her breasts. "You drive me crazy, baby." He half moaned while sucking her now swollen nipples. "Your tits are perfection." He added nibbling at the tender flesh of the swell of her breasts.

When he had had enough, Ana grabbed his throbbing penis with one hand, hot and heavy, and his testicles with the other one. She lowered her head slowly, watching his face of anticipation through her lashes, his hooded eyes, and the exhalation of relief that left his mouth. Then, he saw a wicked glint in her eyes, and her head lowered a little bit more, just before feeling her tongue pressing against the seam between his balls and then the suction of her closed mouth around them. She had never done it before, but the breathless masculine groan that left Christian's mouth told her she was doing good.

"Fuck, baby…" He whimpered. He lowered his face to look at her, but the sight was too erotic, and he hissed to the ceiling with his eyes closed.

The moment Ana stopped to catch her breath, he grabbed her by the waist and, somehow, she ended up straddling his torso.

"Ride my face, baby. Fuck my mouth." He pleaded.

Ana's hesitation made him push her up against his mouth. He ravaged her like a starving man, drinking from her nectar relentlessly, poking her tongue inside her while pushing her harder against him, squeezing her behind.

"Christian… Christian." She tried to speak, but all her energy was concentrated at the same point, growing like a bomb about to explode inside her. "Baby, wait. Wait!" she screamed digging her nails on the headboard.

He looked at her with clouded eyes before returning to his senses.

"Have I hurt you, baby?" He asked widening his eyes.

"Oh my God, Christian! Absolutely not!" She said lowering her position to be face to face. "It's only that I also want my part of the feast." She winked at him and changed her position; still straddling him, but the other way round. She wrapped her lips around his shaft and swung her hips towards Christian's face.

A low long groan left Christian's mouth and he buried his face again in her sweet, wet folds. Ana took him deeper as his long strokes grew harder. She was overwhelmed by all those sensations; his hard shaft in her mouth, salty and pulsing, so near of its release; his smooth skin and his hard muscles beneath her, flexing with all his maddening movements; his hot and bold mouth pressed hard against her core, sucking and licking every inch of it, his tongue piercing her relentlessly, his fingers digging into the flesh of her buttocks, demanding more and more from her. She was so close that she moaned long and hard still with him inside her mouth. Christian felt the vibrations ran along his shaft till the base of his spine, and he jerked his hips against her, the same time he pressed her even tighter to his hungry mouth. Ana felt him deep in her throat, but far from retching, she, on the contrary, swallowed hard bringing him deeper and making him shiver in ecstasy as a long, exhausting orgasm took over him. In the apex of his pleasure, he grunted and sucked her harder, bringing her to an all-consuming climax too.

They lay lifelessly without moving; Ana's head leaning on Christian's abdomen, her tiny body softly rocked by his steady breathing movements and cocooned by his warmth. Christian sprawled on the bed, his eyes closed, and his mind lost, relishing in the post orgasm dizziness. After some minutes, Ana lazily turned the other way round and Christian embraced her, entangling their limbs.

Finally, Ana fluttered her eyes open and found Christian's deep grey eyes staring at her. He lightly caressed the frame of her face with his fingertips, ending in her bottom lip, tracing it hypnotically with his thumb. His pupils moved rapidly, scanning her face as if trying to find something, and his lips parted with unsaid words and ragged breathing. It was her who closed the few inches between them and kissed him, pressing her lips tightly against his, also unable to find the right words to express her feelings.

"I love you, love you, love you, love you." He whispered leaning his forehead on hers. "I don't want my foolish indecision make me do things the wrong way any more, or make me regret anything…" He looked her in the eye again and took a deep breath. "I want you here, now and always. I need you, I always need you. I want you with me, here or wherever you choose, but I need you by my side… physically by my side. It hurts not having you by my side." He held his breath as his eyes searched for her response.

Ana let his words sink into her conscience. A delightful shiver ran through her spine and she got goose bumps. Christian automatically wrapped himself tighter around her.

"Are you… are you asking me to move in with you?" She asked with a tiny voice.

"Yes. Will you move in with me?" He said with widened eyes.

She let out a big sigh and pressed her head on his chest wrapping her arms around his torso, so tight she made him roll on his back.

"Yes. I want to be with you, always. I want to go to bed with you, and awake with you, and see this beautiful smile every single day." She finally said leaning her chin on his sternum and looking to his handsome face.

"God, Ana! I was so scared of your reaction!" He said pulling her up and kissing her again. "Thank you, baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you." He repeated between kisses.

"No, thanks to you. I wanted to tell you so bad… but I didn't know what you wanted…" She said cupping his face.

"I guess we are a pair of fools!" He said kissing her forefront.

"I'm a fool in love." She said kissing him back.

They stayed in silence for a while, until he began talking again.

"By the way… I have to tell you that it was hot. Extremely hot." He said looking at the ceiling.

"What?" She asked him.

"What?" He chuckled. "That little game of yours; my turn, your turn… you drove me crazy!"

Ana giggled; a soft blush creeping up her face.

"Oh, no, no, no. Don't go all shy with me now!" He laughed lifting her chin. "And, that 69 thing. That was the hottest thing. I was kind of catatonic after my orgasm… My first time, you know? I love first times with you." He said smiling.

"The first time you were catatonic?" She asked frowning.

"No, I didn't mean that!" He laughed. "Although I have to say it's only with you I have these incredible orgasms… No, I'm talking about the 69." Ana looked at him in disbelief. "It's true, baby. It's needed too much contact with your partner to do it…" He explained running his hands along her back. Ana's face lit with the idea of sharing another first. She was delighted.

"Mmmm, I love having too much contact with you." She purred.

"Come here, baby," he said rolling her to her back and pinning her to the bed with his body. "I'm going to show you again how much I love the contact with you."


The first time ever I saw your face. Roberta Flack (Ana's ringtone in Christian's phone)

Black hole sun. Soundgarden (Ana going to the interview with Isaac)

Martha's Harbour. All about Eve (Christian's ringtone in Ana's phone. The lyrics are so Chtistian…)

Dream a little dream of me. Mama Cass (Ana's lullaby for Christian)

Trois Gymnopédies. Erik Satie (Christian playing the piano. Beautiful, by the way…)

Wicked games. Chris Isaak (Ana's game)

Fool in love. Rihanna (ok, this is kind of a 'bonus track'. The song is not mentioned in the chapter, but I think it's very appropriate for the moment after Christian's proposal to move in. Imagine it as the background song in a movie…)

There are also a lot of new pictures in the Pinterest Board. I didn't find a suitable Leila though… I wanted her to be really haggard.

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