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Ana woke up before the alarm clock went off, stirring her limbs under the duvet. A genuine smile appeared on her lips when the smell and the warmth of the man beside her embraced her senses. She fluttered her eyelids as she turned around to face him. She could watch him all day long, so peaceful in his sleep and yet so terribly gorgeous and sexy. She couldn't believe she had really moved with him, but it felt so right, so natural, it would be just wrong not to do it. They were meant to be together… weren't they? Kate flipped out at first when she told her she had decided to move with Christian, but in the end, she conceded she knew it was a matter of time, and accepted her best friend's decision with the condition of sharing some quality girl friend time together.

Incapable of controlling herself, she closed the little space between them and inhaled deeply. Even his breath smelled heavenly. The sight of his parted lips made her thirsty and she licked her lips. Running her fingertips along his forehead and the frame of his handsome face, she nibbled at his jaw line, marveling in the soft stubble she adored so much. Christian muttered something in his sleep and she giggled. Rolling him to his back, she hovered over him and continued her amorous assault, trailing kisses down his neck, licking that sexy Adam's apple, and softly biting his collarbone, making a moan escape those gorgeous lips of his. She looked up at him, but he still had his eyes closed. With a mischievous look in her eyes, she continued her way down, kissing lovingly his chiseled chest, licking avidly his abdomen and biting the skin around his navel. Christian's breath become erratic and his eye lids slowly opened, blinking at the hot need growing in his belly, partially aware of the sloppy kisses dangerously near his cock, which already was in full attention. He growled when her teeth grazed the base of his shaft. His arms went down reaching for her, but he frowned and put up his head from the pillow when he felt the duvet instead of Ana's hair. His abdominal muscles tautened deliciously with the movement under Ana's hands.

"Ana…" He managed to mutter to the figure under the duvet.

He heard a soft mischievous giggle and then the hot and wet mouth of his girlfriend around his shaft. His head touched the pillow again and his back arched.

"Oh, fuck!" were his only words.

Ana took him in deep, savouring his unique flavor in long, slow strokes, feeling the hard and soft texture of his delicate skin and sliding her hands all over his taut body. The moment she left him for a second to catch some air, she found her back pinned to the bed, Christian's hard body tightly pressed against her, between her bent and spread out legs, his mouth devouring hers and his right hand skimming her folds desperately. He tucked two fingers inside her, his hips mimicking the maddening movement of his hand and his erection poking on her right buttock. When he was sure she was ready for him, he entered her in one swift move, with a low moan and a hiss. Ana gasped at the delicious intrusion and tilted her head back. He intertwined both his hands with her and placed them on both sides of her head; their noses and lips touching, sharing their hot, ragged breaths. His toes dug in the mattress with each thrust. Her knees were bent high, allowing him to reach deeper, further. Soon they were lost in their frenzied blissful state; that secret place they shared together.

Once they recovered, they lingered like that, he still inside her, slightly moving to prolong those electric currents running down their spines.

"Good morning. I love you." She said into his ear while running her fingers through his hair.

"I love you Ana." He replied turning his face towards hers and kissing her on the lips. "I would love to live between your legs. All. Day. Long." He added thrusting deeper with every word. Ana clenched her pelvic muscles and his dick twitched inside her.

"Christian…" She moaned. He didn't reply. His mouth was over hers again.

_§ § 0 § §_

"God, how I love waking up with you." Christian said while nuzzling his head in the crook of Ana's neck, letting the pouring water of the shower cascade above them.

"The same here…" She said gliding her hands up his arms until they reached his shoulders, and then down his chest, cupping his hard pecs. Her touch there was still something so new it sent shivers down his spine. "But now we are really in a hurry. Didn't you have some important meeting first thing in the morning?" She said playfully pushing him from her.

"Fuck, you're right." He stated with wide open eyes. Ana opened the screen to step out of the shower, but suddenly felt herself caught between Christian's arms, who pressed her back tightly against his chest, making her squeal.

"But the thing is… I can't resist you like this, all naked and slippery wet. Fucking perfection." He whispered hoarsely against her ear. Ana melted in his embrace, sighing contentedly, and suddenly she felt a smack on her right buttock which make her jump. "Come on, wench! Like you said, we're in a hurry!" Christian said with a smirk and a tempting hard on, which he proudly and unashamedly shown. Ana looked at it, biting emphatically her bottom lip, and then looked Christian in the eye, smiling innocently. He shook his head sighing and covered his head and face with a towel, shaking it vigorously.

_§ § 0 § §_

Wanda's reparation was not worthwhile the cost and the effort, and, although Ana had accepted the fact that her ancient 'friend' had finally passed away with calm resignation, she also refused vehemently against Christian buying her a new car. She was decided to buy herself another one when possible, so meanwhile they shared most of the rides to work in the mornings and some of the ones to Escala in the afternoons. Christian was not pleased about Ana's stubbornness, but, although she was adamant about not accepting his monetary help, she at least had agreed to help her choose the car; that way he could assure that at least it was a safe one. In the mean time, he enjoyed being able to say goodbye to her some minutes later in the mornings and see her some minutes sooner in the afternoons. That day, though, he had a meeting at six and Ana was meeting with Kate to catch up, so Sawyer, an ex CIA Christian had hired under Taylor's advice, was picking Ana up from work. Christian wanted him to be Ana's CPO, but that was another pending matter to discuss with her.

Christian was checking his never ending list of urgent e-mails before lunch when Andrea notified him his next meeting had arrived.

"I'm not expecting anyone, Andrea. Reschedule the meeting for next week." Christian said sulking over the intercom.

"I'm sorry, sir, but it's your monthly meeting with Ms. Lincoln… Do you want me to reschedule it anyway?" Andrea asked faking a smile to Elena, who was sitting stiffly on the white leather couch placed against the opposite wall.

"Fuck!" Christian yelled. Elena; the last person he wanted to see. He had forgotten completely their usual meeting. He had managed to change it from weekly to monthly some time ago, not being able to cut it off, since she had firmly stated they had to meet regularly to keep an eye to the salons numbers. The fact was that she always managed to avoid the issue and try to persuade Christian to contract another submissive. Christian had played along with her during those past months, pleasing her with some vague answers, but now he had had enough. What was more, she already knew Ana, the reason of his dramatic change, so there was nothing left between them to maintain those fake meetings anymore.

"Send her in, Andrea, but we won't have lunch, as it is expected to be a short meeting, so bring mine once we are over." Christian said tiredly pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Understood, Mr. Grey." Andrea answered diligently. She always was the perfect mask of professionalism; elegant, polite and, the most important of her qualities, discreet. But she had eyes and ears, and she had managed to know quite well his boss over the years. Seeing him finally ditching that stuck-up bitch was a real pleasure.

Elena entered Christian's office sauntering like a predator, smoothing her perfect platinum bob with her perfectly manicured hand and a smirk on her blood red lips. That same hand flew to her hip in a fist and her face turned into a mask of fury when she saw Christian sat on his chair, checking his phone, completely ignoring her presence. He was so beautifully perfect it hurt. He was a beautiful teenager who had become an even more beautiful man, molded under her expert hands to please her, but now he was much more than that. All that confidence, all that dominant aura inherent to him, attached to that chiseled perfect body, transformed him in a powerful alpha male, capable of submit any woman or man with only a steely glint of his eyes. And although she tried to fool herself, the truth was that she didn't have anything to do with it. That fact made her want him even more, and also hate him; hate him for not being hers.

"Take a seat, Elena." Christian said nonchalantly without tearing his gaze from the phone.

She sat on the chair across Christian's desk after composing herself. She hated him, even more when he finally looked at her with that impassive face she knew so well.

"I'm busy and you cannot stay for lunch, Elena, so show me the numbers and we could get this sorted out quickly." He kept his face impassive, hiding the growing revulsion she caused in him.

"Oh… Of course, Christian." The game was on. She knew he was hiding some kind of emotion under that mask, as she was hiding hers too; anger, fear, lust, whatever. She had to play her cards well. "Here you are." She opened her designer bag and gave him the papers. "So, busy. I bet you have a little more time for that girlfriend of yours…" She said smirking.

He snapped his head towards her directing a murder glare to Elena.

"Don't even mention her name, Elena. Leave her alone. I know what you said to her the other night at my parents'. My relationship with Ana is not of your fucking business. My life is not of your fucking business!" He finally said yelling.

Elena was satisfied. She had finally managed to break his shield, and it felt good.

"Oh, sorry, dear. I only worry about you. We two also have a story of our own. I care about you." She said sweetly.

"Elena, we both know you care about money, luxury, power and a good fuck. Nothing else. You don't care about anyone. And don't you dare to compare our agreement" Christian said air quoting the last word, "with the relationship I have with Anastasia. Don't do it." He said with a menacing tone.

"You must really trust her telling her all your secrets, Christian." She said completely ignoring his last words.

"I trust her with my life." He said without hesitation.

"Do you trust her more than you trust me?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"You're not a trustworthy person, Elena. You know it." Christian said frowning. "What are you playing at? What's your game?" He asked crossing his arms on his chest.

"I taught you well…" She said roaming hungrily her eyes over the stretched fabric of his clothes which showed the taut muscles of his arms and chest. "… in more than one area." Her smirk grew wider. "Ok. I accept I don't like her." She said shrugging nonchalantly.

"She doesn't like you either." Christian stated.

"Oh, I know. She has quite a temper!" Elena chuckled waving a hand in the air. "That's fair, I don't mind at all. All I want is for you to be safe, to be sure she really deserves that precious trust. You are a very wealthy and powerful man, and she might seem a plain Jane, but she exerts a great power over you. Don't misunderstand her sweetness for weakness…"

"Anastasia is anything but weak, Elena. And she is not a plain Jane, as you say. She is a strong, sweet, beautiful, talented and intelligent woman. A remarkable human being. Don't try to turn me against her, because you will fail miserably." Christian interrupted her with rage boiling through his veins.

"I'm not trying anything." She said raising her hands in defeat as she stood up from the chair. "I will leave now. I know when I'm not wanted." She walked to the door and turned on her heels just before opening it. "Only one more thing… You think you know her. But your Anastasia is not the sweet teenager who played the piano in hiding, or the young woman who couldn't afford to show her talent to the world because of her shyness. She's not that anymore. I'm sure she has changed. I'm sure she has blossomed into something more … remarkable if possible. Due to your influence, of course. And maybe she hasn't noticed yet, but people around her might do."

With that, Elena abandoned the room. Her devilish grin splitting her face in two. Christian kept paralyzed behind his desk, both his hands gripping tightly his desk until his knuckles went white. He loved Ana with all his strength, and he knew she loved him the same way. They were meant to be together; that was the reason they had met again. But Elena's words fired up that fear so enclosed in his soul: she was too good for him. Maybe it was just a matter of time she realized it.

Exactly three minutes after Elena had left the office, a soft knock on the door woke up Christian of his trance. It was Andrea, so diligent, bringing him his lunch. He stared at the tray once she put it on the desk.

"What's the box in there?" Christian asked pointing at a middle size white cardboard box with a grey ribbon on top and a grey card attached.

"I think it's the dessert." Andrea said as a matter of fact.

"I didn't ask for any dessert, Andrea." Christian said coldly.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir. I thought you might be aware of it… It arrived at GEH half an hour ago and, as it was an unexpected package, it passed a security check. It's from Ms. Steele…" Andrea explained.

Christian's expression softened and his body relaxed immediately.

"Thank you, Andrea. It's all right." He said taking the box into his hands and inspecting it with a grin.

"Ok, sir." Andrea left the office with her usual professional demeanour, but inside her she was whooping and thinking 'stuck-up bitch 0, Ms. Steele 1'.

Christian left the box again on the table and looked for his phone, which was silenced. There was a message from Ana he hadn't heard.

"Hope you like your dessert ;)"

He grinned wider and opened the little grey envelope attached to the box to read the card first.

You make me hungry and thirsty for more. Love you, baby.

He groaned at her words, feeling that tightness in his chest that made his mouth went dry and his limbs go weak. She cared about him, she loved him and she was all he needed. How had he let Elena fuck with his mind in such a way? Shaking his head, he opened the box, and laughed out loud seeing it was a bag of chocolate kisses. He opened the bag and popped one into his mouth, savouring it with pleasure as it melted in his tongue. Then, he saw his own iPod at the bottom of the box. He put the headphones on and searched for a new song. He grinned again clicking at the one labeled with 'Christian's dessert'. When had she put the song in it? He leaned his head on the chair, closed his eyes and relaxed with the sweet and warm melody filling his ears.

Settle down with me

Cover me up

Cuddle me in

Lie down with me

Hold me in your arms

Your heart's against my chest

Lips pressed to my neck

I've fallen for your eyes

But they don't know me yet

And the feeling I forget

I'm in love now

Kiss me like you wanna be loved

Wanna be loved

Wanna be loved

This feels like I've fallen in love

Fallen in love

Fallen in love

He gulped hard and took a deep breath. God, she took his breath away. Before the song was finished, he dialed her number in a sudden need of hearing her lovely voice. She picked up the phone after the first tone, as she already was waiting for his call.

"Have you ate your dessert, Mr. Grey?" She said seductively.

"I want to make love to you to the rhythm of this song. Slow, sweet lovemaking, without any hurry. Maybe we can involve those chocolates too. Today, once you arrive home after seeing Kate." He groaned then. "Do you have to meet with her today, can't you move it to another day?" Christian said hoarsely, his voice filled with that overwhelming emotion that was so foreign to him just a few months ago, but was so deep rooted inside him lately.

"Christian, didn't you have a late meeting today? I'm sure I will be home before you!" Ana chuckled.

"I will postpone it. I need you today. Well, I always need you, but today I need you more." Christian said pouting.

"So, have you liked it?" Ana whispered. Her voice was faltering, her body betrayed her as it always did when he was involved.

"Yes." He paused. "It was what I needed." His exhalation of relief didn't go unnoticed by Ana.

"Has something happened? Are you all right?" Concern dug in the pit of her stomach feeling his uneasiness.

"I'm all right. You heal me, Ana." He said smiling. He didn't explain any further, and she didn't push him to elaborate.

_§ § 0 § §_

Grinning like a fool, Ana finally hung up her phone. She had managed to convince him to maintain his meeting with the promise of delayed gratification. He chuckled about quoting him and refuted her with the benefits of instant gratification, but finally accepted she was right. But in spite of his good mood, Ana could feel there was something off, something bothering him. She hoped he would tell her later at home.

The fact was that she was expecting his call on tenterhooks. Not that she doubted he was going to like her little surprise, but she loved his reactions; most of the time he acted like a little boy on Christmas, extremely grateful for whatever silly gesture of hers, as if it were the most precious gift in the world. Moreover, she was sick of those harassing calls she was receiving, and seeing Christian's name in the screen of her phone was a more than welcome change.

Those relentless calls. Isaac Campbell had been calling her during two days. Not that she had picked up the phone, but it was the same number that the one in his business card. The man couldn't take no for an answer, could he? And the thing was that he didn't seem a bad person; she kind of liked him, but that excessive secrecy around the matter gave her the creeps, and, although he almost pleaded her to accept the offer, something in his eyes told her to back off. So she did.

_§ § 0 § §_

Ana arrived home around 6:30, happy to have spent time with her best friend, but happier to see Christian in a short time. She set the kitchen bar for the light dinner Gail had prepared, picking at some grapes and cheese before assuring herself there was chilly white wine on the fridge. Then, she took a shower to get rid off the stress of the day and put on a matching set of silk camisole and shorts Christian had bought for her, along with a silk flowered kimono that reached mid thigh. She watched herself in the mirror, smoothing her hair with both hands. She felt kind of nervous, but in the right way, with a giddiness that made the tips of her fingers and toes tingle.

She wandered by the penthouse sipping a glass of that chilly white wine and finally remained at the piano. Her fingertips were still prickling, so her hands did their way to the keyboard, pressing the keys loosely before transforming the vague sounds into the melody that was forming in her head. She played with her eyes closed and began singing.

Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide

voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in time

the night is my companion, the solitude my guide

would I spend forever here and not be satisfied?

and I would be the one

to hold you down

kiss you so hard

I'll take your breath away

and after, I'd wipe away the tears

just close your eyes dear

Christian watched mesmerized as Ana's voice raised effortlessly, blending into the enchanting piano notes, in a perfectly intoned warm embrace that surrounded the two of them. He had just arrived home, and the angelic sound dragged him to the main room. He observed her from afar, with his jacket in one hand and his briefcase in the other one, holding his breath to not disturb her, relishing in the way her bare legs glowed in the dim light of the room or the way her silk robe had slipped from one of her shoulders. It was so intimate he felt as an stranger, but then realized she was singing for him. She always sang for him.

Through this world I've stumbled

so many times betrayed

trying to find an honest word to find

the truth enslaved

oh you speak to me in riddles

and you speak to me in rhymes

my body aches to breathe your breath

your words keep me alive

He approached to her back, running his fingertips over her arms until reaching her hands. Ana stilled, startled by the electric shock running through her spine and shuddering.

"Don't stop, baby. Keep singing and playing, it's wonderful." He whispered in her ear.

Christian rested his hands on top of hers, feeling the coordinated movements of the muscles and tendons as her fingers worked through the melody, and finding it terribly erotic.

"You… you have the ability, no, the power of changing all my plans, Ana." He said huskily while nibbling her jaw once she finished.

"What were your plans?" She whispered tilting her head to the side to give him access to her neck. Their hands were still on the keyboard, now intertwined, dragging discordant sounds out of the piano.

"My plans were to kiss you soundly once I arrived home, then take a shower, eat that dinner I've seen set on the kitchen bar and then, as I told you this afternoon, make love to you to the rhythm of Kiss me. Playing it on repeat." He answered between soft wet kisses along her neck. She could feel his smile against her skin.

"It sounded as a good plan." She half moaned raising her hands to grab a fistful of his hair. "And what are your plans now?" She said against his lips.

He didn't answered. Covering her lips with his own in a passionate kiss, he spun her around so that she remained sitting on the piano, her feet hitting the keyboard in a hectic melody. He pressed his body tightly to hers, leaning her on her back on the lid of the piano.

"Stay still." He whispered before sitting in the stool.

Ana leaned on her elbows, watching Christian's heated stare between her parted legs, as he ran his hands along her calves and her thighs. His hot breath on her bare skin made her feel giddy with anticipation.

"I think you're overdressed." He said while tugging at her shorts. She lift her bottom to help him undress her.

"Oh, God, Christian!" She shouted leaning flat against the piano as Christian circled his tongue in that wicked way. The disharmonious tune began again as she shook her legs. "Playing the piano will never be the same again…"

Christian chuckled with her words, making her moan in pleasure.


Kiss me. Ed Sheeran.

Possession. Sarah McLachlan.

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