A/N: This fic is written as a part of the Too Many Cooks Challenge on the Pokemon Fanfiction Challenges Forum. As a part of this challenge, me and my partner-in-crime The Light's Refrain will be alternating between writing drabbles set in a world we're sharing. Our world is what happened between the space of Red defeating Blue and becoming Champion, and Red being in Mt Silver at the end of GSC/HGSS. Since I'm starting us off, Light's collection isn't up yet, but it soon will be. Remember to read both fics to get a full understanding of this world. I'm doing the Blue portion of things; Light's doing the Red. Our titles are also the prompts given by our partner, so Light gives me all my prompts, and I give Light all hers. This also means that updates are dependent not only on my inspiration/writing, but hers as well since we're alternating. So I write one, she writes one etc.

Without any further ado, here's the first drabble.

After Being Blue
Poke-ball 1: Supper

Daisy took his sudden arrival as though he had never left home, sweeping him into the bathroom and relieving him of all but his boxers as she shoved soap and a towel into his hands. He took the hint and showered, scrubbing his scalp until it hurt in the luxury of his home. Sure, he'd stopped at a Pokemon Centre a few days ago, but he'd been in and out as fast as possible. After all, being the ex-Champion (whether the news had reached the Viridian City Pokémon Centre or not) meant that every trainer wanted at least a word with him.

At least the Nurse Joy was professional, simply taking his Pokemon, healing them and returning them with well wishes. He'd been tempted to book a room, but that would have meant bumping into at least one other "trainer" – or person who thought themselves good enough to be a trainer anyway. Even a meal had to be avoided because of that, and Blue was forced to endure his stomach's rumbling while ridding his scalp of that annoying itch. And it was strangely satisfying too, assaulting his scalp until it stung. He was still frustrated: at himself for his lost, at Red for taking the win.

Daisy had supper ready for him once he got out of the shower and into fresh clothes. And she kept up her usual stream of chatter while he ate. 'Champion life too boring?' she teased lightly. 'Or did you decide to follow in Grandpa's footsteps instead?'

'Red beat me,' Blue muttered.

'Sure he did.' Either Daisy hadn't heard him properly or she didn't believe him. 'He's only ever beaten you every time the pair of you battled since you both became trainers.'

So she had heard, and sarcasm sounded doubly scary in her voice.

'So, what's the big deal?'

Blue wanted to hit his head on the table, smash his bowl, do anything. Yes, Red had beaten him every bloody time they'd battled, but no battle had been important than this. He – Blue – had gotten there first. Become Champion, only to be usurped by the guy who he had, despite all, thought of as a friend before his seat could even get warm. Why was Red in such a hurry? Why couldn't Red have thought what would happen to him if he lost. Red had chances if he had lost; he was just another trainer after all. But Blue had been the Champion; to lose his seat so early –

'Blue?' Daisy asked him, reaching against the table. 'Are you okay?'

'No,' he muttered angrily, shoving the mostly full bowl aside and standing up.