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A crash of thunder resounded in the clouded sky as raindrops began to fall.

It was immediately followed by another crash of thunder, this time louder, more pronounced, and reaching closer to the ground, vibrations from the bedrock sang in a titanic chorus with the murmurs of the boulders that rest above it. The rain poured down from the heavens above as if God himself was crying for the earth; if—there was a God at all. Or maybe we were all wrong in thinking as such, but God himself was actually laughing, and the claps of thunder were merely produced by the flaps on his belly while he slapped himself silly in laughter.

Then, the rain drops that hit the roof was no longer a melodic tinkering, but an angry bellow of roaring drums throughout the barren land, dearly obscuring its merciless treachery. The water level rose higher as it began to wash the motionless bodies towards a lower point, tipping a frail hand or a foot towards its direction.

It was a nation of macabre, and everyone was invited to the dance.

The bodies danced with the ground, with the blood, and with each other, in piles a masquerade, as their faces were obscured by none other but their own bloodif they were lucky. The not-so-lucky ones had their faces ripped off or, having had the enemy defaced their once healthy countenance into shreds. Water merged with the blood of the fallen shinobis, pooling around the victims as a testament of this never-ending war of hatred and malice. Rivers of blood flowed interminably at the expense of millions.

Trending forward with each heavy step soaked with blood and debris, his black boots made a crunch, followed by a squishing sound, as he accidentally stepped on the brittle hands of one of the fallen victims of war. With one hand, he pulled the sword from the victim's left eye and skillfully flung the blood off with a swing of the sword.

He cried.

The 6th Hokage, Hatake Kakashi was dead.

Prologue/Chapter 1

Satsuki 咲月

The blade still shone so magnificently after all these years.

He brought the edge of the blade close to his face and turned it so that he was facing the flat surface; the curve of the blade shown an unsteady reflection of himself as his hands shook from the anger that poured like wild flames onto the grip of the hilt. The recently appointed 6th Mizukage had killed his comrades, his friends, and finally, his teacher, Kakashi.

He found the sheath to Kakashi sword and buckled it to his own belt. He will keep this with him in battle in remembrance of his beloved teacher.

"I'm...I'm sorry, sensei…" Uzumaki Naruto fell to his knees on the muddy ground, his black clothing soaked of blood and wet with muck. The raindrops poured onto his matured and angular face along tear lines from sleepless eyes. A crash of thunder and lightning lit up the sky behind him, casting a backlit shadow over his face and Kakashi's lifeless body. "I shall avenge you and carry on your will… and our fallen comrades from Konoha and the Allied Nations, I swear to you..." The thunder clapped again. "Sensei—, I swear that I will…" It was a whisper.

He sensed the chakra of something organic landed nearby...

With a maneuver that could have only come from years of practice, he slid the blade into the sheath in a clank to secure it in place, as his six-feet four inches of muscular and toned body skillfully twisted upside-down in mid-air, throwing three shurikens, hitting three targets and then landing feet first onto a large boulder; his dusty black trench coat flowing behind like the remnants of a bad dream.

A small thump landed next to his feet. It was a Genjutsu Messenger Crow and luckily, it was not hurt by his shurikens. It created three other bunshins of itself for concealment. The message must be urgent and of importance for Lady Tsunade to order out a Genjutsu Crow to deliver the message. He untied the slip of water-retardant paper from around the crow's foot and sent it on its way home. His blue eyes grew wide as he read the contents of the paper, expressionless.

The crumbled piece of paper was thrown into the air as it was cut up into tiny pieces by an invisible force from Naruto's chakra nature that quickly dissipated in the curtain of falling rain.

He looked straight ahead, but would only appeared to be emotionless to the untrained eye.

A Serbian wind tunneled from the darkening sky, his once sky blue eyes shadowed to one of a deep Persian.

A burst of light appeared in the distance, followed quickly by the sound of an explosion. The mountain in the distance crumbled as its boulders tumbled down its basaltic basin, lava seeps from the cracks between the irregularly-shaped boulders.

Naruto had no time to waste as the frontlines of the battle was drawing closer to home. With his newest mission on his mind, and the note crumbling in the wind, he sprinted across rows of dead bodies and jumped over other war-torn debris towards the direction of the explosion. He absolutely must not fail, for the world can only depend on him—now. With each leap into the air, raindrops caressed his tear-stained face as it dropped to the ground below, joining with the thousands of tears that had stained and flooded the earth with its despair. He thought about all the people that he'd lost to get to this point now; their sacrifice was not worth it. Sasuke…

Sasuke had disappeared sixteen years ago, but Naruto would always flashback to him at moments when he felt the greatest joy or sadness. No one knew if he was alive or was dead. Oh Sasuke...

Sasuke, no longer bend on revenge, he just simply up and disappeared, perhaps, to find a spark of hope in this desolated world full of hopelessness— Naruto could only pray. "If only I could have stopped Sasuke on that day…" He thought back to that day again and again, but nothing could change the reality that is now. What past was past. He had suffered for 16 years, thinking that each day, that the next moment, that Sasuke might come back to Konoha and everything was going to be fine. He had hoped, and he had prayed, and he waited, alone and with others, and waited until even the others have left him alone from dying in battle. Alone now, and he was still waiting, maybe, if maybe, one day, Sasuke will come home...

Naruto's dream had finally came true, but Sasuke was not there to witness and share this greatest moment with him. He recited the contents of the letter in his mind as he raced to the battlefield.

To Uzumaki Naruto:

As voted unanimously by the Konoha-gakure, and rest of the Free World, we are honored to appoint Uzumaki Naruto as the 7th Hokage at the passing of Hatake Kakashi, the late 6th Hokage. It is in the greatest joy in all our hearts that you, Naruto, could complete Kakashi's final mission in his honor and ours; in the destruction of the current 6th Mizukage and his subordinates and lead the world away from his evil intents.

May the Will of Fire Bless the Hero.

From the desk of the Elders,

Lady Tsunade

Easy to say, but hard to accomplish.

Sounds like the perfect job for Uzumaki Naruto— the 7th Hokage.


The mountain roared as another spray of lava spat out from between the boulders, trees ripped apart by its pure force. He could sense from far away that a powerful and unusual chakra emitted from the final destination. He clutched his right hand into a sweaty fist in anticipation. As he drew closer to the approaching mountain, orange waves of heat materialized to attack him. He dodged swiftly in the air, dodging all the chakra-bound attacks and continued forth. He arrived at a cliff; the ground shook at its foundation, threatening to cave in from below in the sea of lava that he used to call his home; the sign that said "Welcome to Konoha" swung on its hinge loosely before falling into the lava in a hiss. The place where he lived and played as a child was now buried under a sea of magma that continued to ooze out from a single point. He followed his gaze towards the top of the plateau where the shadow of a figure moved and disappeared behind a mask of shrubbery.

It must be...

He jumped on the unsteady rocks of the cliff as they fell after each of his jumps.

The shadow of the figure ran into an openly flat plain, as he stood there, facing Naruto in all his glory. There was no doubt about it; he knew that face from anywhere, that has to be the Mizukage.

"Terumi Satsuki…" Naruto cursed under his breath.

The figured in front of him smirked, green eyes shining from behind his shaded features; the air hung heavily in the background. A clap of thunder, and the rain began to pour again, soaking into his short and wavy black hair and running down his porcelain-esque face and pointed chin; his lean and muscular body filled his blue trench coat in a suiting fit, as his defined packs were shown through the tight black laced up shirt in the front— a sight that would surely make the females swoon if not for his terrible thirst for blood and dark personality, which was definitely the deal breaker.

The Mizukage was a young prodigy. He had single-handedly awaken his rinnegan at the young age of 4, took over the throne as the Mizukage when he was 15, and destroyed the structure of the Allied Forces in as little as four days and murdered four of the five kages along with dozens of innocent people— the world under shambles and his thumb in a year of him raising in power. Kakashi was the fourth and final one he'd managed to get his hands on, and even Kakashi was a far match to the Mizukage's strength, by about a thousand years...

"Uzumaki Naruto-san, a little birdy told me that you just took presidency as the 7th Hokage— after I tortured it into telling me everything, of course." The figure spoke in his usual calm and demeaning manner; his voice was as smooth and dark as chocolate- sweet, but with a hint of bitterness as an aftertaste, "congratulations, shall we dance?"

Naruto blinked, and when he opened his eyes again, Terumi Satsuki was at his side, aiming a blade at his throat, his rinnegan activated, meeting Naruto's animalistic red eyes in that single moment, pulsating the air between them as Naruto countered his slash with Kakashi's blade, the Shura, drawn to deflect the Mizukage's attempts to rip his throat out. Naruto slid back, carving foot tracks on the ground with a skid-splash.

He was fast, but Naruto was faster.

"Kakashi-sensei's spirit will tango with you. I'm but a single foot in the audience of many." Naruto stabbed the sword in the ground as lightning and a gust of strong wind swirled to strike the sword from above. He moved his hands in a quick series of hand seals. Bore. Horse. Rabbit. Tiger. Horse. "Raiton: Kamikaze Tsuchi-Kiri no Jutsu!"(*Lightning Style: Devine wind Ground-Cutting Technique) Combining Shura's elemental powers with his own core element, the force crackled through the ground and split through it in light speed towards Satsuki. Satsuki jumped high into the air to dodge, only to notice that coming behind him were two kage bunshins of Naruto, both holding a rasengan, ready to plummet him forever into the ground.

"Rinnegan!" His eyes flashed as the two shadow clones disappeared into a puff of smoke in mid-attack. He roared in anger. The sound of his roar solidified into an attack, heading towards Naruto.

Naruto's nine-tailed demon eyes flashed red as he rushed to pick up Kakashi's Shura blade in a defensive block with both of his hands, with one at the hilt and the other supporting at the flat end. It worked, but he was pushed back even more, this time, sliding to a stop by the stone wall at his back.

If he has any chance of winning, he knew he must go into offensive mode. The rinnegan user was powerful. Before Naruto could settle into another attack, Satsuki got in his blind spot to launch another attack. "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!" A great fireball launched from his mouth burning the ground dry and to a crisp as the heat from the attack dehumidified the cloud in the sky to let in a beam of sunlight. It was the biggest gokakyu Naruto has ever seen. Taking the opportunity to strike twice, Satsuki launched himself into the fireball with his own knife, its point aiming for Naruto's heart.

Naruto's heart skipped a beat and watched in slow motion as the last moments of his life flashed before himself; it was too late to dodge such a well-planned close-range attack.

A flare of white clothing and dark hair whipped in front of Naruto in a loud clunk as two blades met in a close combat; the fire ball deflected into the sky, exploding in the stratosphere above them, dust and debris flew wildly in a cyclone, leaving the ground dry and in a disheveled state. Having the upper hand in chakra as he'd just entered into battle, the swordsman in white, countered and pushed the Mizukage back with a burst of lightning through his blade and into a crash as he hit the large boulder behind him, smashing through its hard granite core.

Naruto stood motionless as he watched the sky opened up. The sun beam illuminated the back of the mysterious savoir dressed in a white trench coat; a cloud of dust flown behind him before a gust of wind carried it away. Black and silky tresses tied high up in a single ponytail, with hair so long that the tip reached down past his knees. The man stood with his back turned towards Naruto while holding his sword out to his side in front of him in a protective stance. There was something familiar about the gesture and the sword.

"I—Itachi—?!" Naruto whispered to himself. "No... it's not Itachi." Itachi was dead a long time ago and even his reanimation was then dispelled during the 4th Ninja War. "Then—", he felt his heart skipped a beat again as the figure in front of him turned to the side to face him in all his familiarity— sharingan and all.

"Hey, dead-last," With Shura firmly in his grip, Naruto's hand twitched, "now I know why you are a dead-last—" As more clouds disappeared from the sky above, the sun light gleamed over the man's face, sweat droplets glistering as it slid down his well-defined jaw. "—dead-last to die, because I'm always here to save your sorry ass."

"S...Sa—SASUKE!" Naruto screamed out. "It's Sasuke, isn't it?" The figure in white grinned. "Sasuke...?" The figure in front of him was silent, no words needed to be spoken. He nodded. Naruto shook his head to clear his thoughts and concentrated to the immediate situation ahead. "Sasuke, I'm glad to see you and all, but this is my fight against the Mizukage. It's my mission and homage to Kakashi-sensei and the Free World, and—"

The boulder in front of them crumbled into a pool of lava as the Kazekage climbed and stood on top of the burning liquid from beneath, not a single scratch or char was on his person. He laughed as he spoke in his melodic voice, "Wow, isn't that for a surprise?" He wiped his lips of the lava with his thumb, "—a fellow Uchiha—dearest."

"A Terumi could never come of age and be admitted as an Uchiha, even if he could do the Grand Fireball Technique." Sasuke turned his full attention to the man in the blue trench coat now, glaring down at him. "—No matter how big his fire balls are."

"Oh, says who?" He snorted. "I'm every bit of Uchiha, and some more, and you know so."

"Says me," Sasuke paused, "cause, I said so, and you're a mere child." He spat.

"Sasuke, hate to interrupt your little conversation, but this is not your fight!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's shoulder as he walked forward. Sasuke shrugged his hand off easily without breaking his eye contact with the Terumi in front of him. "It's my duty as the Hokage to destroy Terumi Satsuki, now— if you excuse m—"

"No, Naruto…" Sasuke calmly walked towards the Mizukage with his sword, the Kusanagi, drawn, blade facing outward. "It's my duty to stop Terumi Satsuki—" At those words, Terumi blinked his eyes into another set of eyes— the sharingan. Sasuke blinked on his own sharingan. Twisting his blade with its point aimed at the smug face in front of him and leaping into the air, he dove towards the Mizukage. Sasuke announced with a snort, "—as his father."

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