Chapter 1.

The Awakening

The creeking sounds of a car Crashing, a glass pane shattering to a million pieces and my body literally being tossed out of something, hitting my head and then my back against something harder than what I can withstand, yet breaking through and immense pain overruning me. For a few unclear seconds, my mind was still awake and aware, but it soon faded to dark nothingness.


I awoke after a long period of nothingness overrunning me. But how or why did I wake up?

"What? What is this?"

I was laying in the middle of a large wide open yard, of what seemed like to be a school, and not just any type of which.

"How did I end up here? Where am I anyway?"

I was in a boarding school, a pretty big one to be precise, and I was surrounded by the vast emptiness only. I just noticed my clothing now.

"How did I end up in these clothes? And who helped me into them anyway?"

I wasn't completely sure about anything, and what made it worse my entire mind was scattered all over and had no idea what happened to me, or what I was doing in that place. I climbed the school main building and took a look around. What was the most surprising was the surroundings.

"How on Earth is there a School in the middle of a rainforest?"

There was no doubting it, the entire school was in the middle of what looked like en enormous forest, and beyond that nothing but an unpenetrable wall of fog. It was as hot as in an oven, and the sun was shining with immense strength.

"Wheew, man I feel like I'm in a Steam Bath here!"

It was near to unbearably hot, and my clothes were really getting worse with it all whatsoever. I was not only hot, but the Deaf silence was really mutilating me from the inside. I felt the desperate need for someone to talk to. No matter how far and long I went in the past hour, I met noone. This was a Boarding school, so at least some people shoudl've been hanging around somewhere right... ?

"Where the hell is everybody?!"

A desperate call for salvation from a friendly voice, but I wasn't exactly expecting the answer to that I got.


I turned around as the unearthly sound came from right behind me, and as I looked a bit closer, my surprise turned into horror. A creature of measures and appearance hard to describe slowly lifted up from just beyond the edge of the building's top. It had a near human body, giant Bat wings, Burning red skin and Claws as long as my arm. As I looked at its face it was a face of a thousand fangs, more like that of a Sabertooth tiger, rather than anything human.

"Man, this is not cool!"

I tried to back away from it, but did I really need to trip in my own legs out of fear, and that thing slowly came closer to me. It wasn't really helping my fears that as it looked at me, if he had anything to look with at least, it was heavily drooling. As it came closer, I could feel its sulfur tainted breath. Horrible I'd say, I can only imagine death himself having a breath like that. I felt like I was about to faint, and wouldn't have to sit through the first few seconds of that thing feasting on me.

"Bang... Bang!"

What sounded like distant explosions, and the monstrous creature's hissing turned into the horrible scream of something dying, and melting away. Before I realised what was going on, I was dragged up from the ground and running somewhere. I only opened up my eyes to see a group of three dragging me along. One of them was female, the rest males, that was about all I could make out, as they had black protective suits and helmets on, and what surprised me the most was, that they were carrying weapons, firearms even... So those were gunshots that saved me.

"Baseplate! This is Alpha 3, We're heavily outnumbered and making a run for it with the VIP package! We need immediate reinforcements! Over!"
"Roger that Alpha 3, Yuuki is on her way!"

The distorted sound and the static afterwards made it clear that I just heard a radio conversation.

"Who are you guys even?"
"No time to Chit-chat! Get your ass moving!"

The woman told me that who was firmly gripping my left hand, and dragging me along, but not for too long, as we were put to a halt. As I looked around, thousands of those creatures surrounded us.

"Shit Soup! Fire! It's our only chance!"

The woman was obviously the leader in this team of three, and soon enough empty bulletshells were flying all over the place, and the monsters, or whatever they were flying for their lives, only until one of them swept down and caught one of the male members of the trio and Dragged him along.

"No! Komoi!"

The woman reached her arm out to help her comrade, but nearly ended up getting caught herself, but for some reason a Natural instcinct cried out in me and I grabbed the pistol from her belt and fired a bullet straight in the beast's head. It screached and turned to dust immediately.

"Nice reflexes there kid! Good shooting!"

I couldn't see her face but I felt like she looked at me with great grattitude at that moment, and then pointed at the Assault rifle that Komoi guy dropped.

"Take that M23 and help us! It's our only chance!"

I nodded, and bent down, to get the gun, while she covered me. I picked it up, took up a safe stance and opened fire. It had a recoil slightly stronger than I expected it, but I slowly got used to it. I used short bursts of fire instead of constantly firing, which made it slightly easier to aim. I suddenly ran out, but the girl reached out for my magazine, and changed it in two short blinks of an eye. I felt like we made a good team at that moment, and we were making some pretty good progress until...

"Shit! I'm out!"
"Me too!"

We all ran out, and even though we weren't as badly outnumbered anymore, it was a daring situation. I grabbed the pistol and emptied all bullets, but it was of no use.

"Damn! Baseplate! Where the hell is our reinforcements!?"

As of cue, suddenly something incredibly swift and deadly appeared from out of nowhere in a white flash of light and started slaughtering the creatures with...

"Guard Skill: Hand Sonic!"

As that swift thing stopped for a second, she appeared in full form: Yes it was a girl, with beautiful silverly white hair and Glitteringly clear sapphire blue eyes. From her arms two energy blades burst outwards, which were obviously the so called Hand Sonic.

"Quickly Get him out of here! I'll handle this!"

I had little to no time to take all of that incredible vision in for just two or three seconds, but I was already getting dragged away. The two just dragged me along to the nearest building, and inside we ran past a bunch of Office doors, an ended up at one that said "Principal" on it, and as I looked closer, it had an insignia with a shield and a ribbon across it with SSS written on it.

"What is this place?"
"The safest place you can be in in this hell hole!"

The mysterious girl stepped up to the door, knocked lightly and one of the strangest passwords came before entering.

"No God, no Buddha, no Angel!"

The door opened up and we entered unharmed. I wasn't exactly sure about what that was all about, but one thing was for sure: If it was a password, it had to have some importance. As we entered, the other two with me took their helmets off, and I noticed that they weren't any older than me... Both around 16-17 of age, the boy was about the same height as me, ha blue hair, and purplish eyes, while the girl had shoulder length blond hair and greyish blue eyes.

"We got him Misaki! Safe and sound!"

Misaki, as the girl called her was a girl of about the same age as me or the other two with black hair and deep green eyes. She was sitting in a huge chair just over the gigantic table at the window in the other end of the room.

"Anyone else?"
"None at all! He was the only one there, and as it seems, he started the riot too!"

Misaki nodded and she waved for the other girl to leave. Only me and the other kid remained behind.

"Take a seat you two!"

Her words were an order judging by the way she said it. There was also another smaller table, an Armchair and Two large couches in the room. The other kid sat down on one of the couches and I took the Armchair. Misaki now stood, walked over to me, took a good close look at me from all sides and sat down on the table in the end, with her legs and arms crossed.

"You okay kid?"
"I guess so!"
"Do you know where you are right now?"
"I dunno... A school maybe?"

She smiled at that answer of mine.

"Of course, how would you even know... The question is rather where this school is!?"

That sent me into thinking for a bit.

"No clue! In the rainforests?"

She burst into laughter.

"Hell yeah, like it was that simple!"

She sighed and looked me deep in the eyes.

"Look! This may be hard to put a finger on, but... Well you're dead!"

That hit me like a hammer on the forehead.

"What? Are you kidding?"
"Fraid not kid! You died and you ended up in a place worse than hell itself."

Misaki up and walked to the other kid to knock him hard over the head.

"Knock itt off Tamaki! And thanks for being captain Obvious by the way!"
"He has to learn some time! Sheesh!"

They started a pretty hefty argument and they went on and on about it, while I kept staring out of the window, to see the images of a murderous battle going on outside. I spaced out so bad, that Misaki grabbed my ears to wake me up.

"Ouch! What did you do that for?"
"You were sleeping with your eyes open kid!"

It was true... At times like this I had a bad tendency to forget about time.

"So... I'm dead, but what is this place anyway?"
"I'd call it purgatory no less! A place where the lost and confused souls get their time off to think and get their thoughts straightened out. Until... Well..."
"Until they pass over... Into the light!"

Tamaki's comment was correct. I just remembered, that the basics of Buddhism also held a part about reincarnation... So this place was where you'd end up if you died before you should've in the first place.

"So... What are those things?"
"You mean the ones that attacked you? We prefer calling them demons!"

A fitting name I'd say.

"And you guys? Who are you supposed to be?"

Misaki went on to explain about the SSS, an armed organisation found by her and a few of her friends to protect the people who end up here from getting hurt by the demons. There was supposedly another SSS called the Shinda Sekai Sensen, which was a bunch of Rebels against god and his orders, but not much was for sure about them, as they already left this world before anyone got here in the first place.

"Here you will encounter 3 kinds of people: Us, members of the SSS, the civillians, who are like sheep among us wolves here, and NPCs!"
"The what now?"
"Non Player Characters... If you like. People who lost what made them human!"
"You mean... ?"
"That's right, their souls!"

How harsh is that now... ? People can actually lose their souls? That is not fair.

"So... I either become prey or predator right?"
"That's right! You're catching on quickly kid!"

Misaki and Tamaki were both smiling, acknowledging me as being a person to reason with. I felt like I had fun and earned the trust of those other two by helping them, and also made me feel exhilerated by action. I knew what my answer is:

"Alright! If it's to join the wolves for survival, that I'll gladly do!"
"A Wise Choice! Welcome on the team!"

We both stood and she shook my hand, and afterwards also with Tamaki.

"All right, now that you are a member of our team, you'll be a member of Tamaki's team!"
"Tamaki will also help you get all the necessary equipment you will need!"

Tamaki just nodded and then tapped my shoulder.

"I like this kid! He's got guts!"
"How come?"
"He helped us in the tightest of situations... When Komoi was taken by the demons, he grabbed a gun and fired away!"

Misaki nodded and smiled at me with a glance of confidence.

"So you think he's talented, huh?"
"Definetly yes! I swear he never held a weapon in his hand before! Does he have talent you ask? Well, hell he does!"

Misaki tapped my shoulder again and Shook my hand again.

"Alright, now that we have this down, You're both dismissed!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Tamaki saluted, in which I followed him, and We left the room. From what I could make out of this, Misaki was some kind of a Commander and the SSS were the soldiers fighting for our safety. The thought of being a Wolfcub of some sort was a bit reassuring. This was how my adventure in this strange world began.