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* Family Love

As what was left of the Camden family sat in the front row of Mary's funeral, they all thought of memories from when they were all together. They had each gone up and talked of their love for Mary. All of them had realised they loved Mary and nothing she had done was more than a mistake. Everyone would miss her dearly.

When the ceremony was over they all climbed into the car and drove back home in silence. The Camden family was becoming smaller and smaller and so was their faith. They all did not understand why all this would happen in such a short period of time. They had believed that Ruthie was needed and taken for the greater good. They thought she would be very helpful to the Heavens. They did not think any less of Mary; they just did not understand why they were both taken from the family.

When they got home, Annie prepared supper. They sat at the dinning room table, there were two empty seats side-by-side. They dished out their foods and Lucy had been asked to say Thanks. They closed their eyes and bowed their heads.

"Dear God, thank you for the food that sits on our table tonight. Thank you for giving us the strength to live on after the passing of Ruthie and Mary. Please take care of the two of them and make sure they know we all love them dearly. We miss them. Thank you for giving us the time we had with Mary and Ruthie they were both a very important part of this family. Amen."

"Amen" the rest of the table said in unison.

As they began to lift their heads they saw a miracle, Mary and Ruthie were both sitting in their chairs. Nobody said a word in fear that the vision would go astray. The two had beautiful white wings and were glowing. They had large smiles on their faces. They stood up and glanced at everyone at the table.

"We love you all" Ruthie said showing off her pearl white smile.

Mary looked at all of them, "Thank you for caring, goodbye." The two began to walk off giggling, without looking back they waved to their family and vanished leaving no trace of their visit.

The family sat in shock, and then finally Annie followed by the rest, smiled. They were given all they could ask for, the knowledge that the two girls were happy and together.

It answered their questioned of why two family members were taken away. It was because Ruthie needed her older sister there with her, and Mary needed her younger sister as well. They all would meet up just as Mary said. The whole household would be together at the end, with Mary and Ruthie.

Author's FINAL endnotes: Well that is the end! I hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks once again for your support as I wrote this.