Title: Innocence Lost

Author: untapdtreasure

Pairing: Goren & Eames

Fandom: Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Summary: Alex Eames' reaction to a crime scene.

Word Count: 177

A/N: I'd like to expand on this peice but I don't know how well I'd fair to be honest. I'm not good with casefile fiction. Thanks to Vicky for the beta job!

The ice cream lay melting on the sidewalk. Alex eames could not suppress the anger that consumed her from that fact alone. This little girl had two parents that loved her. Two parents, that out of desperation, held onto hope they'd be tucking her into bed that night.

Her eyes moved to the child's body that lay a few feet away. The cone still clutched in her hand.

Hot tears pricked her eyes. She rapidly blinked them away as she bent to focus on her partner's words.

It was only then that she realized he was watching her and had stopped speaking.

"Go..." he commanded softly. He was worried about her. The whole case had been this way and up until they got the call that the girl had been found, she hadn't given up hope they'd find her alive.

Alex shook her head. "i'm fine. can you tell what was used to kill her?" and it becamwe business as usual from that point on. Her weakness clearly disguised by her tight lip and sharp eyes.