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A lone child laid on a desolate beach in the evening. The wind was gently breezing against his bare skin, the scent of the ocean was around, and the glob of sand in his mouth.

'Cough, cough. Not the best thing I've tasted.' The boy got up and wipe himself, noting his shrunken status.

"Yeah, it's always something. Oh no universe, don't dump me in some unknown place with my capable body, nope I just love these awkward challenges."


"Enough of that it's time to find out where I am." He scanned the area. The waves were rocking gently back and forth. Away from the ocean there was a rich variety of fauna overarching a multitude of beach houses.

'Alright, I'm on some beach on some foreign land. Times like this calls for precautions.' He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out his mp3 player.

"Awesome, it's still working" He noted pleasantly.

'Body functional? Check. Music on? Check. Time for some exploring.' He pumped his fist in preparation.

Leaving the beach , he went into town where there seemed to be some crowd cheering. Along the buildings and inside the shops were some sporting events being played. An interesting note would be that the female competitors were using some kind of metal exoskeleton. How unusual.

He eventual lost interest. Turning around he realized that he couldn't understand a bit of what the people were saying. So yeah, he had the feeling he wasn't in Japan anymore. So anyway he walked away from the crowd to think about his options.

While trying to figure out what to do he bumped into some purple haired girl, causing her to drop some bright orb.

"Sorry about that miss, let me pick that up for" he stated, politeness activate!

Once his hands got in contact with the mystery orb, bright lights generate from it and he felt warmth. From the corner of his eye he noticed an almost manic smile come from the girl.

'Yep I just screwed myself over didn't I?'

"Maa, maa what's this? To have activated an IS core as a male child. Hmm come to my lab little boy. So I may examine you" She exclaimed, invading my personal space.

"I need an adult!"

"I AM AN ADULT, or close enough" she giggled.

The world faded to black.


The child stirred awake in a pretty cozy bed. The door to the room opened. He observed his captor more in depth. She was wearing some kind of blue frilly dress, of which the middle portion is completely white. On top of her head was adorned with bunny ears. He felt tired just looking at her. She was going to be a handful.

"Hehehe, you finally got up sleepyhead." She noted as though she had nothing to do with his predicament. She then hopped into the chair next to the bed and ran some scanner over him. The device beeped and she began to read through the data and then proceeded to give him an impromptu physical. Having enough he interrupted her.

"Who are you?"

The excitable girl leapt from the bed and did a 360 twirl. She stopped and did a sideways peace sign across her face while smiling cheerfully.

'Are there sparkles around? I'll have to learn how to do that.'

"I am the great genius Tabane Shinonono, creator of the wondrous IS." She said puffing her chest proudly.

"The what?" he questioned, feeling some satisfaction from her shock and disappointed expression. Not to be discouraged she launched into a mini lecture unto the history of IS, Infinite Stratos.

Apparently she created a robotic exoskeleton that was originally meant for space exploration. It had since gotten major global attention since a certain White Knight incident. Now she was the most wanted person in the world for her insider knowledge on IS.

'Color me impressed.' After her explanation she looked at the child expectantly.

Realizing his cue he introduced himself "I am Minato Arisato an orphan of seven years old apparently. "

Then a laptop magically appeared in her hands she typed furiously.

'She's probably looking for my personal info. Too bad for her that-'

"Got it. Minato Arisato. Hmm. It says here you died over 200 years ago at the age of 17. Was this a relative or something. Oh, oh, no you are a clone, no an android, no a time traveler." she listed off rapidly.

"You would be correct with the time traveler option." he answered honestly. He told her a tale of his adventures with his comrades and Personas. All the way to his willing transformation into the seal to stop Nyx. He had little concern with telling her the tale. Minato had come to terms with his role when he decided to protect his friends and end his life. Honestly he felt satisfied that he was able to protect the bonds of his soul. Tabane had other ideas.

"Oh you poor baby. " She suddenly held Minato in her arms and started to swing him around, tearing all the while.

"It's decided" She exclaimed. She burst out the room leaving me alone for a while.

After retelling his story, Minato felt the need to check up on his personas. He felt the now soothing presence of Orpheus Telos. Within the depth of his soul he felt his other personas present and prepared. Minato felt completeness. Though he wondered what Tabane was doing.

She returned 30 minutes later, jittery as usual. The genius IS creators did a smiling twirl and pushed multiple signed pages in Minato's face. Minato gained a foreboding feeling. In her hand were processed adoption forms.

"Hehehe, from now on call me Mama. Sorry it took so long. It took some...research?"

"You forged those forms didn't you?" He deadpanned, already getting comfortable with the insanity. A small smile formed. He was never one to lose control in such unusual circumstances. Still, he was rather open to the idea of gaining family.

"If you will have me, I don't mind becoming your son, Mom. " responded the blue haired child.

Tabane gave a bright smile before coming up to Minato again and putting him in a crushing hug, squealing the whole while "So cute, welcome to the family."


It had been several months since the adoption and Minato had come to a conclusion. His mother was a mad woman. If she wasn't blowing the lab doing her inane persona to IS experiments, then she was trying to impress him with her mechanized terrors. Robots were NOT his friends.

"MOM SHUT IT DOWN!" The young persona user screamed has he weaved from an android swinging a pipe. Why she decided that he needed androids, he'll never know. It had been chasing him for the better part of an afternoon.

'This can't be legal. I mean who lets a dangerous metal man chase a 6 year old. I have to hand it her though, she builds a mean robot. It oozes awesomeness. ' He thought soon forgetting his danger to admire his mother's handiwork.

"But Minmin he's so cool. Look at the sleek design, the cool exterior. I know you can appreciate it." She defended her creation. Sometime she just couldn't understand why her son had to be so panicky. Upon seeing his twitching eyebrow, she relented and shuts down her Mafioso style android. 'Eat your heart out Godfather.'

"Come along Minmin, today we're learning about AI stabilization .Then later we can going shopping. I saw the nicest top hat the other day. Hehehe" The young mother exclaimed. She always found her son adorable in his little outfits. He was currently dressed in a mad hatter motif, with a white fur lined suit and tall bright red hat and green gloves.

Minato had been enjoying spending time with his genius of a mother. Although at times he felt like he was the guardian. Just looking at her sometimes could make him feel worn out. Little could get her down, not even her abysmal housekeeping skills. No matter how bad she was in the kitchen, he shouldn't have had to use Thantos to eliminate the unholy creation.

He still had nightmares about that event.

"Right let's go" Due to his studious nature Minato was able to learn any notable information that came with the technology boom in the last couple centuries or so. So seeing no need to teach any of the "boring stuff" as his mother called, he was able to start learning from the fantastical mind of Tabane Shinonono. As of late he gotten into AI. In his opinion, they rocked. He wouldn't mind an AI that would have his back in and out of an IS.

"Mom I have decided. I shall create the most intelligent, coolest, stand alone AI that the world has ever seen. Nations shall weep at the sheer power of my AI and be filled with jealousy. If Tabane Shinonono is the genius known for IS, I shall be the Shinonono known for artificial intelligence. No system will be secure, no problem unsolvable, and no AI before and after it shall be so epic. My future AI shall rock the heavens and scream, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?! My dear brother in concentrated awesome I dub thee Alpha!" Minato exclaimed in the middle of his lesson. The genius Tabane soon cheered with fans that suddenly appeared in support. Minato then smirked maddeningly.

"The world won't know what hit them"


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