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[A.I. Dialogue]

Chapter 6 Start

Charles took a hard look at his life.

Why had he registered in this academy in the first place? Right, his creep of a father needed a way to boost his company's income. What a pathetic excuse of a father.

If his mother was still alive, he wouldn't have gone within a city distance of his so called father. After he met his father for the first time, the bastard used him for IS research and couldn't spare a glance his direction. A not insignificant part of him hoped that the company would face bankruptcy.

But he digressed.

Thanks to the aforementioned 'father' he was being flung out of a multi story building through the windows, with his only means of support being the two crazy male pilots of IS Academy. He had heard some rumors of a pair of crazy students.

Now he was starting to see that they were a special kind of crazy. Hopefully he would live to regret his enrollment.

"Will you calm down already? We're on the ground." Minato drawled with a bored tone. If Charles was a lesser person, he would have swung at his classmate. The blue haired teen acted as though he hadn't just been part of the problem. He was just so nonchalant about the whole thing. Charles decided to calm down and not throw a fit.

"Sorry about that but we needed to hurry up. Ms. Orimura wouldn't appreciate us being late to class. She can be really scary." Well at least one of them had the decency to be abashed. Really, he would have liked a warning before being escorted out a window.

Noticing his worsening mood, he took a breath. It was obvious that he was stressing out and placing all the blame on his classmates, he should know better.

"Well that was an experience. Can you give me a warning ne-" His sentence was cut off as Ichika heaved him onto his shoulder.

"Sorry about this, but we really need to go and you were kind of dragging your feet."

All the while, Charles cheeks were bright red.

'What a shy fellow.' Ichika nodded concernedly. It seemed Charles wasn't used to much physical contact with his peers. He properly had a formal upbringing.

For his part, Minato was a little unnerved by the reactions Charles was displaying. He would reserve judgment until he was sure.

Each with their own thoughts, they continued to journey to the changing area.


Upon entry, Ichika finally allowed Charles' feet to touch the ground. He quietly thanked him for the lift.

Looking around he was shocked to see a fox watching him mockingly. Ichika saw his line of sight and decided to introduce the two. "Charles this is Zen. She's my buddy. She kind of comes and goes as she wishes. Odd, normally she likes the honest types."

Charles released a relieved sigh. It appeared that he didn't have complete stock in the fox's instincts.

Without further conversation, Minato and Ichika began removing their uniform shirts. Seeing the duo, Charles turned around, with his back towards them. By now, Minato had already fit into his form fitting pants and was on his shirt. Ichika was having a more difficult time.

"They make these things impossible to wear. I think I need a manual for this." The male Orimura stated glancing over at Minato with thinly veiled envy. His classmate's IS suit seemed far more comfortable than his.

"That goes to show what happens when your clothes aren't Shinonono quality."

"W-Wait a moment you two! Don't just suddenly strip." The French gentleman stuttered.

"What's the big deal. There aren't any girls here so relax. No need to be shy." Ichika attempted to sooth his fellow pilot's concerns. Maybe he wasn't used to sharing a changing space with others?

"It's still awkward having other guys looking at you. You know? Can you two turn around for a moment?"

Ichika shook his head in sympathy, while Minato rolled his eyes. 'This guy is going to be a pain if he needs all this cuddling. He is acting like such a woman.' Minato thought sourly. Regardless, the duo turned around and in that brief moment, Charles had changed.

He wore a black body IS suit with orange boarders on the hip and upper stomach areas. "Well I'm finished, I meet you two outside." Without further ado, Charles left the two to their changing. Both pilots finished changing and went after Charles.


It didn't take the two long to catch up with the runaway Frenchmen. Ichika wanted to get to know the blonde Frenchman better so he reopened conversation.

"Your bodysuit sure does looks fitting."

"Thank you. It was made by the Dunois Industry."

"That's right. I knew I heard your family name before. How are you related to the company?"

"The CEO is my father." Charles admitted, with a slight grimace at 'father.' Minato filed that behavior for later.

"That's cool. It must be nice to grow up in such a nice environment. That explains your welcoming aura."

"Right...nice environment." He intoned bitterly.

The silence between them grew uncomfortable. Ichika must have realized he had hit a landmine. Charles attempted to return to light hearted conversation.

"Well you two must have interesting lives. Ichika is related to the great champion Chifuyu. As for Minato, it must be neat to see your mother's invention used all over the world." Charles commented good naturedly.

"Hahaha, yeah...interesting." He couldn't help but think of his sister. How many times had his sister had to watch over him.

Minato was irritated thinking about the abuse of his Mother's inventions. "The idiots of the world wouldn't understand the beauty of IS even if it slapped them in the face." So much potential wasted due to politics and arm races.

"It seems we mutually destroyed our battalions on all sides, huh?" Ichika questioned.

"I don't think I understand?"

"What are you talking about Ichika? You guys are the tactless ones. I was minding my own business."

Ichika and Charles couldn't help but crack a smile.

"Guess he's right Charles. Sorry about that."

"It's fine. I apologize as well." The now smiling Dunois stated. Maybe being in this academy wouldn't be too bad.

"Moving on, don't you guys think the girls here are a little out of control? I mean they actually tried boxing us in when we tried to go to the changing room. It was bad enough when it was just two guys, but now they're going berserk over three."

Ichika sagely nodded his head. "It's good that the youth of today are so hot blooded. But they need to be aware that we're healthy teenage boys. They need some modesty." Didn't the girls realize how enticing they could be. All of them walked around in the dorms clad in short shorts, underwear, or thin shirts. Shouldn't they be aware the effects they have on the opposite gender.

"I, for one, think they going to assault us one day. Did you see the way they were looking at us or what they were saying. Do they have to make us a couple every time. How are you holding up with all the attention?"

"I think I'll survive." Charles answered, unaware of the horrors of the Academy's females.

"That kind of attitude will make you a POW. If you disregard the threat of the enemy, you're only endangering yourself." The male Orimura reprimanded seriously. As a fellow self-respecting man, he could not, in good conscience, allow Charles to have such a self-destructive nonchalance.

"You need to wise up Charles. If they kidnap you and have their way, all I will say is I told you." It appeared Minato's conscience wasn't as strong as Ichika in this case.

"Come now, I'm sure you two are overreacting just a tiny bit. Sure they crowded us today, but they probably just wanted to question us. You know hobbies, tastes in girls, basic girl talk."

Minato and Ichika looked each other in the eyes. Using the innate male ability of communication, they were able to alert one another that they had one of those. A foolish male that underestimated the strength of women, especially in numbers, in this day and age. Every now again, there were those who couldn't see that girl didn't equal maiden. Teenage girls were not the representation of purity, shyness, or nobility. To be frank, they were beasts. Maybe not the same kind of beast as men, but a beast all the same.

Most boys were properly disillusioned at the age of 10. There were greater dangers associated to the opposite gender than 'cooties'. No matter, they would help their new ally.

The group of boys picked up the pace to class.


"Well you boys sure took your time. Since when did a man take so long to change?" Cecilia huffed at the trio's entrance. She had her hands to her hips while she tapped her foot to the ground. Even though she was addressing all three of them, her eyes stayed on Ichika.

"We got caught up in a bit of a jam." The male Orimura admitted nervously. Why was she so upset about? Was this the so called 'every rose has its thorns'? Come now Cecilia, you looked so much cuter when you smiled!

"Can you please calm down. You would've had problems too if a horde of guys started chasing you around. Besides Ichika has a harder time putting on his suit compared to the girls. Let's not forget the distance he has to travel to change." The blue haired teen defended his partner in crime.

IS suits for the females took on the shape of one piece swimsuits. Opposed to the girls, the guy suits covered most of the body, excluding the mid region. It even went up to the neck or in Minato's case just underneath the nose. This allowed for more data to be taken on the male pilots Charles and Ichika.

"Hmph. I don't believe you. Of course Ichika's quite the popular one, huh? Getting a kiss from a transfer student early in the morning must be great right?" Her voice oozed with sarcasm.

Minato couldn't help but snicker. She was so jealous. It was clear that the 'harem' had grown too complacent with the status quo. He was beginning to really like Laura. If she kept this up, he may end up rooting for her.

It wasn't long until Rin and Houki showed up. Neither of them looked pleased to see Ichika. One could almost see the daggers being shot his way.

Houki grasped a bamboo blade that wasn't there as she marched towards her target. "What's with that look you perverted idiot. Making out in the classroom in front of everyone, you must be feeling pretty bold. You probably enjoyed it, didn't you!?" She finished the sentence with barely restrained feminine fury.

Ichika was uncharacteristically silent. The girls seemed to be upset with him. It was probably best to keep his mouth shut instead of taking the chance of enraging them further.

Rin was quick with a follow up attack. "You are going to explain your relationship with THAT girl, right? I am your childhood friend." There's a dark aura gathered around. What's with this bombardment, is he flaked on all sides. Mayday, mayday, he needs reinforcements. Ichika frankly didn't know how to explain why Laura had kissed him.

Said girl was stoic as she stood at attention awaiting instructions. She had not really connected with any of her fellow classmates, besides Ichika of course. Being the upstanding student he was, Minato couldn't allow the poor girl to be isolated. He had no ulterior intentions whatsoever.

"Hey Laura Bodewig let me-"

Before anyone in the class knew it, Rin, Houki, and Cecilia had been knocked down by the dreaded attendance book. As for Minato, he found himself in the grasp of the infamous Ms. Orimura. Somehow, she had gotten him by the head and was currently carrying him around.

"You all are being a nuisance.

The abused girls rubbed their injured heads, all the while shooting daggers at Ichika. They all came to an agreement.

"It's all Ichika's fault."

'My fault. Now that's not even fair. Big Sis is the tyrant not me! I demand my own defense team. Yeah, and this time Minato will be a lawyer and that would be so awesome. As a matter of fact-'

His thoughts were rudely interrupted by an irate Rin. She had just successfully performed a jumping kick to his back. Ichika for one was shocked. A petite girl just kicked him, where's the school discipline? Is this acceptable behavior in Japan right now!

Wincing slightly from the ground, Ichika pulled himself up and happened to catch Laura's attention. She blinked and then waved at him with a not unkind smile. Ichika sighed and smiled back. Well at least she was still in a friendly mood. The others could learn from her.

The other girls weren't amused. Thanks to their survival instincts, they decided not to further anger Ichika's sister.

Far above their heads, the class heard the whistle of something cutting through the air. Up in the skies, Ms. Yamada was barreling down towards them.

"PLEASE GET OUT OF THE WAY!" She screamed frantically as she flew out of control. A crashed was heard as she collided right into Ichika. Fortunately for him, he was able to deploy his IS unit just in time.

His ears were ringing, eyes blurry, and his hand had a weird sensation to it. Was it broken? In an attempt to register the condition of his hand, he squeezed it shut multiple times. Definitely not broken, he was grabbing something. Whatever it was, it was round, soft and firm.

This softness and elasticity, he couldn't say he disliked it.

"C-Can you stop that. As student and teacher, such actions are frowned upon. Although, if we continue, Chifuyu would become my sister-in-law, how tempting."

It was Ms. Yamada. This wonderful feeling was coming from groping her breasts. Their size even surpassed his sisters bountiful assets.

The two had collided together and tumbled on the field. Ichika ended on top of Ms. Yamada, with his hands squeezing her breast firmly. He was aware that he should have let go by now, but he couldn't. He was dead serious his mind was saying to let go, but his body was being insubordinate. It felt like his body was weighted down by boulders. Was this the effects of the so called 'man's passion'.

Suddenly, his battle instincts warned him of a threat. He leapt from Ms. Yamada, just in time to dodge laser shots.

"Ho ho, it seemed I miss-" Cecilia commented was interrupted from a dark warning glance from Ms. Orimura. It appeared that she didn't take the little stunt too lightly. Cecilia decided that it was best not to push further.

Rin was quick to pick up the slack. She pulled out a pair of scimitar and combined them into a double-bladed weapon, which she threw at the cause of her ire, Ichika.

He was quick to duck underneath the weapon. The blade disconnected and the separate sides turned midair like and boomerang towards Ichika. They never reached their target, for they were sniped, thus changing their trajectories.

Following the sound of the gun, Ichika found that the sniper was actually clumsy Ms. Yamada. She was lying on the ground with her gun smoking. There was a drastic change in her aura, where there was once a naive and clumsy teacher, not stood a calculating, poise, and calm sniper.

It seemed that she was hired for a reason. Everyone was mimicking Ichika and was speechless.

Unsurprising, Chifuyu broke the silence. "You may be unaware, but Ms. Yamada was once a representative candidate. A shot like that was no big deal."

"Haha. That was so long ago. I never was able to become a representative like you Chifuyu." It appeared that the everyday Ms. Yamada returned. She was blushing from Chifuyu's compliment.

"Today we will be watching a practical battle that involves close range and shooting. It will be a 2 vs. 1 battle against Ms. Yamada."

Rin and Minato were chosen to battle against Ms. Yamada. The two were unhappy for different reasons.

Minato spoke up first. "How come I have to participate. You know I hate to be involved Chichi. I had some projects I wanted to catch up on."

"You will participate, because you were intentionally going to cause trouble with Bodewig."

"I was going to do no such thing. Have we learned nothing about false accusations?"

"You were thinking about and, in regards to you, that's enough. Now deploy your unit."

Rin had her own concerns. "Isn't it unfair. A 2 on 1."

"Don't worry little girl, you won't hurt Ms. Yamada. You're nowhere near that skilled."

Minato could only laugh to himself. 'You can hear her pride snapping.' Oh this was going to be fun. On another note, he would still have to be a active part of the lesson. It would be a lie if he said he wasn't interested in the change that came over the normally ditzy teacher, but he just didn't want to have front row seats to the unveiling.

Times like these he wondered why he had even came here. It was simple, his Mom asked him and he couldn't say no to her pleading.

Without further ado, the rag tag team deployed their units. Rin's unit was the 3rd generation prototype Shenlong. The arm structures were purple. Her legs were a darker shade of purple with purple edges that matched the arms. Attached to her shoulders were a pair of cannons.

Ms. Orimura brought her hands down. "Match begin."

Minato hitched a ride on one of his coffins as Ms. Yamada and Rin flew into the sky.

Charles took the moment to run commentary on Ms. Yamada's IS. " Her IS is a Raphael Revive from Dunois Enterprise. It was created near the end of the 2nd generation phase, but its capabilities run closer to early 3rd generation phase. A major selling point of the unit is its sheer versatility. By changing equipment, it can be configured for all manner of combat, such as close range, sniping, and defensive."

So interested in Charles explanation, Ichika had not paid attention to the match. Minato and Rin were being directed by Ms. Yamada's sharp aim. Rin was getting frustrated with rundown from the teacher and Minato's nonchalance about the whole thing. Did he not have any pride as a pilot?

"With your poor maneuvers, it's no wonder she has you on the run."

"Don't let my tone or facial expression fool you, Rin. I really do care about your personal opinion." Minato sarcastically replied.

The next moment the pair was shot down in a blaze of glory. Rin crashed hard, Minato; however, had other plans. A coffin shot out beneath the ground, right behind the sharp shooting teacher. It collided into her back and send her spiraling towards the male Shinonono.

She did a hard break before coming in contact to the daggers that were Minato's claws. His claws took on a familiar gritty purple aura and he took hold of her sniper gun and crushed it without hesitance.

Ms. Yamada turned a calculated, cool gaze unto him and called forth a pair of smaller fire arms designed for closer range battle. Each swipe of his claws were deflected from her guns. Her shots, in turn, were centimeters off mark from his erratic movements and interference.

The two attacked faster and faster and fast and faster still. Minato's claws reached for her throat, as her guns pointed towards his face.

"That's enough you two." Ms. Orimura called out, thus ending the practical battle.

The class was silent. All of the last few minutes being looked over in their minds. Resident madman Minato and klutzy Ms. Yamada were tearing at each other moments ago, as though they were bitter rivals.

Said combatants were glaring at each other before sighing and separating.

A battle competent Ms. Yamada was scary.

"Keep in mind that members of the faculty and staff are professionals. Show them your respect."


"Today each and every one of you are expected to operate one of these units." In the middle of the field there were eight basic frames. "Shinonono, Orimura, Alcott, Dunois, Bodewig, Rin, and Nikos have personal frames so they will be the leaders. Now split into eight groups."

Like moths to a flame the girls of the two classes swarmed around Minato, Ichika, and Charles.

"Ara, I just can't wait to learn under your strict guidance Minato."

"Orimura let's work hard!"

"Guide me through piloting Dunois."

All of the male pilots were becoming exasperated with all the crowding and talking. Considering the current pattern with the class, two out of three of the pilots weren't surprised by the outburst.

Of course Ichika's elder sister wasn't going to allow this kind of mayhem to continue on. She did not have the time or patience to deal with these girls. Her fingers were pressed to her forehead in annoyance as she commanded the class.


Ichika could only think that his sister was a honest to goodness tyrant. Her words were final and none could hope to challenge them. Her brother could only nod his head in understanding. It went without saying that the class settled down and sorted itself in under 2 minutes.

"I'm teaching a bunch of idiots. Can't trust them with a simple task."

Once that got out of the way, the girls were pretty excited for today's lesson. It wasn't everyday that those with personal machines would tutor them. All but two groups were bustling with anticipation, Laura's and Minato's group.

The German transfer student was stoic and pierced every single girl with a withering glare. In her eyes, they lacked motivation and discipline. It was only respect for Ms. Orimura that kept her there. A tense atmosphere settled among them when Laura continued her refusal to speak to them.

Such a cold treatment caused all of her group to stand still and look at the ground.

As for Minato, a different tense atmosphere was spreading. All the girls were attempting to be as small as possible in a vain hope that the male Shinonono wouldn't get interested in them. Minato tended to not seem too bad until he was separated from Ichika or Pyrrha. Those two were like restraints that protected the rest.

His apathetic eyes glanced over each and every one. If they didn't wish to speak, he wouldn't mind. He only needed their obedience and nothing more. If fear had such a control of them, then they were merely sheep to him. The lull in their inane comments allowed his mind to wander to more productive things, such as his projects or the strange boy that was being nursed back to health. He would have to look into him soon.

"Please pay attention. Each group is in charge of a training suit. There are 4 Uchigane and 4 Revives. So each group please decide which you favor and get to it."

'Ms. Yamada seems a lot more organized and coherent since the mock battle. It's like her confidence has more than tripled.' Ichika thought surprised. Then again, that wasn't the only thing amazing about Ms. Yamada. She had breasts that a teenage girl just couldn't have. Thanks to her habit of adjusting her glasses, he got to see her breasts jingle. He was a healthy teen after all.

He then received a swift kick from his childhood friend Houki. Her heated glare could melt the Arctic. "Why are you wasting time staring at the teacher! Get started already!"

'Yep, she's pretty angry. I can't be blamed for this. All these females everywhere, this is too much. I can't help it.' He wisely chose to keep that to himself.

Minato found himself stealing glances at Pyrrha. She seemed to able to both socialize with her group but also keep productive. Perhaps he should follow her example? The thought was dashed immediately. Unlike her, the girls would take an excess of kindness as an invitation to take advantage of him. Now while the girls weren't usually malicious, they didn't seem to have much self-control or respect for personal space, so he was going to use force and fear to deal with them.

Charles for his part looked confused. His classmates were bowing to him and holding out their hands as if they were expecting a dance. They were calling out for him to pick the girl that most appeased him. A nervous chuckle escaped his lips as he tried to settle his group down.

It appeared that he hadn't needed to be concerned, because the great tyrant Chifuyu were on the girls' cases. She used her legendary attendance book and smacked every girl that had lined up.

"I couldn't help but notice all of your enthusiasm, I think I will supervise your performance. Who wants to go first?" Chifuyu smiled as she gave out her death sentence. A true tyrant this one was.

A nervous gasp escaped the group as they attempted to dissuade the irate teacher.

"That's not necessary."

"Dunois is enough."

"How can we trouble the teacher like that?"

"No need to worry, I have time. There's no need to be shy. It's my responsibility to watch over the future. How about we go by seat arrangements."

A sense of dread spread through the group as they prepared to close scrutiny.

Ichika's group decided not to make the same mistake and settled down.

The first girl in his group had smiled and was escorted to the IS and instructed how to operate it. Once she was done, she had hoped out of the unit without kneeling it down.

Houki got up for her turn. Ichika noticed how difficult it was going to be for her to get up.

"Hold up Houki, you won't be able to reach it. I'll help you out." He got close to her and lift her up bridal style. Her face grew red and the rest of his group began whispering and giggling.

Houki had to control herself from acting giddy. Ichika was giving her the princess treatment. Her heart was beating loudly as she felt Ichika firm arms wrap around her. She could feel the jealous glares from her classmates and couldn't care less. 'I'm holding him directly.'

Ichika was feeling bothered himself. As one of the few males, he had to exercise a lot of self-control. An act he felt wasn't really appreciated here. He could honestly say that Houki was ridiculously cute and had large breasts. No, he had to clear his head and act in a manner that wouldn't embarrass his elder sibling. And he definitely wasn't crying, not at all.

Once she was in the unit, she was able to move it adequately due to her kendo practice, as a matter of fact, she was using kendo movements in the IS.

"Great job Houki. Now if you would bend it down-"


Houki had jumped off the unit, thus ignoring Ichika's directions. She wasn't at all oblivious to the fact that she had to bend it down, but she couldn't ignore the silent demand of the girls in the group. Better yet, it was that she was so pleased, that she didn't mind giving the others a little charity. She went back to the line happy in the knowledge that she was a just ahead of the other girls.

Minato shook his head at the girl's antics. Weren't the girls aware that their behavior reflected poorly on Ichika's teaching ability. It was like some bizarre light reverse harassment. Though he wondered what his aunt was playing at. Was it pity? Or perhaps peer pressure? Either way he would have to nip this in the bud for his own group.

He called attention to Ichika's group, causing the girls to look over. "See that unprofessional garbage going over there? Don't pull that stunt with me. Ignore my directions and I may disregard your reluctance to play some 'games' with me. Do you understand?" He finished with a far too angelic smile, sparkles and everything included.

The girls were all nods around. They got the message, play around and he would show them why he had been able to take over the whole academy.

By the end of the lesson, Minato's group was the most efficient and quickest. Who knew that he was such a good teacher?


Rin was concerned. She hadn't meant to blow up at Ichika during their fight. It had just been so depressing that he hadn't understood the implications of his promise. Did she have to spell everything out for him?

Worse of all, she had never gotten to resolve the issue with him. Not long afterwards, he had left for that training trip and hadn't contacted her that entire month. Once he had gotten back, she felt too awkward bringing up since he hadn't.

While it wasn't like he was avoiding her, he wasn't particularly friendly or apologetic. Ichika seemed to be giving her a good breadth.

What if he hated her now? A sharp pang shot through her chest at the mere thought. If that was true, she couldn't fathom what she would do. No, she shook her head dispelling such depressing thoughts.

As she made her way to Ichika's class, she steeled herself. She would resolve this right now. There was Ichika coming out of class right now! "Ichika!"

He turned around and looked at her curiously. Unsurprising since they haven't spoken to each other in a quite awhile.

Now that she was in front of him, she couldn't build up the nerve to actually ask him about the promise. Most of her attention was given to the ground. After a few moments of encouraging herself, she looked up at him. "Do you want to eat lunch with me on the roof?" Rin asked nervously.

Her reward was a charming smiling from the male pilot. "Sure, we haven't really hanged out since I came back. I'll see you there." He waved at her and continued on his way.

Rin would have cheered if she hadn't been in the hallway. This was a chance to have an intimate moment and also brush over that whole blow out from before with some sweet and sour pork. Things were looking up.


Or so she had thought.

Once she had gotten the food and gone up to the roof, she had found out that Ichika hadn't come alone. Ichika had brought the other girls, Minato, Charles, and Pyrrha. If one listened closely, they could hear Rin's fantasies shattering.

Pyrrha was first to silently bring her hands together in an apology. She understood that they were intruding on what Rin hoped was a private moment.

"Hey Rin, you're finally hear. I invited everyone so we all could hang out. You know what they say 'the more the merrier'." The target of her affections intoned cheerfully. Rin felt that she couldn't agree to that. This was supposed to be their time alone!

Being as insightful as he was, Minato caught on to the dilemma and was going to tease her about. That is before his childhood friend elbowed him. Through silent communication, she warned him not to make it difficult for her. Though he had his misgivings, he decided to appeased her this time. More occasions were sure to pop up anyway. One could not underestimate Ichika's denseness.

The roof of the IS Academy is a rich garden with exotic flowers and shrubs. They had a lot of resources to spend. Ichika noticed that the roof was clear besides them. Perhaps there was some event that they weren't aware of?

As a group they sat down at the center of the roof garden. By coincidence all the girls had handmade lunchboxes.

"Ichika this is for you." Houki told Ichika. He was pumped. Times like these it was awesome to have childhood friends. He wondered what was in it. Well whatever it was, he was sure it would be tasty.

Before he could open it, Rin threw a lunchbox at his direction. He grabbed in the air with one hand and raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Oh sweet and sour pork! I haven't had any for so long. Thanks a lot Rin!"

Said girl cheerfully said a you're welcome.

Once again, he had to say childhood friends rocked.

Placing Rin's box aside, he opened Houki's and was amazed by the sight. It was a well balanced set. There was salted grilled salmon, deep-fried chicken, chili fried konjack burdock, spinach and sesame salad.

"This is amazing! This looks like it took a lot of effort, Houki."

"N-No need to be so dramatic. I just wanted to eat it myself so I took my time."

"Still thanks for the meal. I'm grateful."

Houki appeared rather happy at his compliments.

He dug into Houki's and Rin's meal. Said girls were on cloud nine.

Charles eyed the girls and shook his head knowingly at the girls. They blushed and turn their heads away to avoid his gaze. Those girls were so cute.

Cecilia was not one to back down and threw her gloves into the arena. "Ah. Ichika. I, as well, woke up this morning and made something. Won't you try it?"

She opened her own basket and inside were a stack of neatly arranged sandwiches.

"Th-Thanks, I'll eat it later."

Although he hasn't ever said it out loud, Cecilia Alcott just couldn't cook. All her food looked beautiful, but the taste was atrocious. Ichika was dumbfounded how her food could look so right, but taste so wrong. Even he had the decency to be aware of the social faux of loudly pointing out her flaws.

Maybe all heiress were like that. It was those personal chiefs that ruined her. She never had to make her own food. Secondly, she probably just focused on making it look nice instead of delicious. Cecilia that's not how cooking works.

While Ichika was facing his own challenges, Minato was enjoying the rich flavor of Oxtail stew that Pyrrha made. It was cooked with tomato sauce, celery, clove and bitter chocolate. The stew consisted of a variety of vegetables. As usual he was eating enough to feed a family of four. Pyrrha's own portion was normal sized.

Stopping his gorging, he noticed something odd about Pyrrha's hair. It was on the unkempt side. Quite unusual for her. She noticed his gaze and answered his unspoken question.

"Nora was dragging me around earlier through her clubroom. I haven't had the time to really fix it up. I guess it was too optimistic that no one would notice." She laughed embarrassed by the state of her hair. Sometimes she wished her friend wasn't so hyper. Her long ponytail looked frazzled and coming apart. Her attempts to smoothen it out was fruitless.

"Hold still, I get it." The blue haired teen moved his chair behind her and undid the little knots in her hair. His nimble fingers undoing the untidy twists in her hair. Looking through her bag, he found her hairbrush and began to comb through it. Once he was satisfied, he started to redo the complex twist she normally had.

Despite his steady pace, he would have little time to actually eat if he continued. So she took his portion and began feeding him as he brought his head over her shoulders. They did this in tempo like a well oiled machine.

When Ichika looked over he could only smile. Those two always got along so well.

Charles noticed as well and commented on it. "Is this the so called 'here, say ah' that couples do in Japan? You two are really on good terms with each other."

"Well I did grow up with Minato here. So, yes we are very comfortable around each other. Besides, he's really good with his fingers, at least better than me." Pyrrha answered cheerfully.

Charles nodded accepting her answer good naturedly. The other girls however, looked on with envy on the soothing atmosphere between the two.

Laura, who had been quiet until this point, looked intrigued. She would have to try it. Sitting across from her beloved, she raised her spoon filled with beef and potato stew towards him. "Wife, say ah."

He eyed the spoon and smiled as he complied. It had a rich texture and the meat melted in his mouth. More importantly, he was happy that she had spoken up. He had been concerned that she felt uncomfortable with everyone else. "Thank you Laura. It's great. I'm happy that you gave me some."

Warmth spread through her chest, her wife could say such sweet things. Since he seemed to enjoy it, she continued feeding him.

Rin, Cecilia, and Houki couldn't believe Laura's boldness. More importantly, how could they have not thought of doing it first. They wouldn't stand for this. From there all the girls tried to feed him, to Ichika's surprise. Where did all this come from?

A beep saved him from further feedings. The image of Alpha appeared from Minato's mp3 player.

[Queen of the crazies is calling you. She says she has some updates for you. What are all you assholes looking at? Never seen a guy before. Sheesh. Are you taking the call or not.]

Most of the girls and Charles had never seen Alpha before. They had assumed that he was merely talking to himself most of the time. It wouldn't have been the oddest thing he had done.

Charles spoke up. "Who or what is that."

"Oh that's Alpha. My personal A.I. I programmed him. He's a bit of jerk though." Minato nonchalantly admitted. The others could only gape. A.I. that advance was only theoretical at best. Even the IS' A.I. wasn't as interactive as this. This was just a reminder that this was the son of the genius Tabane Shinonono.

"Alpha put Mom through please."

[Yeah sure, whatever. Here she is.]

A full body holograph appeared next to Minato. Another round of gasps escaped the group. It was THE Tabane Shinonono. Her image twirled and curtsied.

"Oh Minmin! This is well made. You were even able to link the neurons in the eyes to share the same view as the holograph. Congratulations."

"Thanks Mom. That was a real pain, can't have people going blind, can I? So what's the status of our guest."

"He's still in a comatose state, but he seems to be a sort of healing mechanism. He will probably awake in a few days. I couldn't get too much details about him, since X-rays don't seem to work and since somebody said no dissections."

"Mom you know the rules."

"The inability to say no does not imply consent." His Mother said in a pouty tone.

Despite her tone, he was sure that she wouldn't hurt the guy. If she wasn't going to listen, she wouldn't waste the time to lie and would have said so. No matter how odd people said she was, Tabane was a good Mother.

"Hi Houki it's your big sis Tabane."


Minato wore a grimace at Houki's dismissal of his Mother. Personally he wanted to sit the two down and have them talk it out. His Mom had already stated that she didn't want to force anything on his aunt. Despite how she acted, he knew his Mom wanted nothing more than make up with her sister. It wasn't like he had too much of a better relationship than with her, especially since the little 'take-over', that really came back to bite him.

"No need to be shy little sister~. You'll get wrinkles. Don't forget to call Minmin. Bye."

"Bye Mom, I won't forget."

He continued working on Pyrrha's hair as he got fed. Ichika soon followed suit and reignited the fight to feed him.

Near the end of the lunch period, the bell rung and they all returned to class.


It is the middle of the night in the male dorm room. Ichika had already fallen into a deep slumber, with the occasional turning.

Rest did not come to Minato as readily. Through his mind thoughts of the hidden notes and preparations for further exploration. If his past experiences thought him anything, this TV world had major significance.

What it was still escaped him, not enough information or understanding. His next steps would be tempered by the tale the mysterious boy would give. Honestly, he was unsure that the blonde was human. An all too familiar presence of darkness had been around him that hinted towards shadow origins.

His thoughts were broken by their door creaking opening. Who could it be at this hour and why wasn't the door locked? Ichika said he would take care of it. That guy was too easygoing sometimes.

In walked in the German transfer student Laura Bodewig. He stared blankly at the boldness of a girl visiting a room with three guys.

Now that he thought about it, it was pretty convenient that they had just finished constructing a far larger room to accommodate three people. It made him wonder how long they had been expecting Charles. Moving all their belongings had been a task and a half. All the girls in the hallways felt the need to pester them with questions and making a hindrance of themselves. As per standards of the Academy, the room was lavish, unnecessarily so in his opinion. If he could guess, the room was over twice the size of a typical dorm room.

This suited him just fine. A larger area meant he had more space for his experiments.

Returning his attention to the late night visitor, he coughed lightly as he rose from his bed to gain Laura's attention. She turned to him with a serious look on her face. An impromptu staring contest began. Finding the silence unproductive, Minato dismissed the tactic and went to direct questioning.



"Literally or innuendo?"


"Remove weapons."


It seemed to be a conclusion she was expecting since he decided to address her. In his hands now rested a combat knife. A lot less than what he had expected, a good sign of not having malicious intentions. With the weapon secured to his person, he returned to bed, his back towards Ichika's bed. In the darkness, he could hear the sounds of clothing being removed.

'Maybe next time he'll remember to lock the door.'


It was a clear and crisp morning in the male dorms. Ichika had just awoken and was about to stress when he felt something soft prevented his movements. At a loss, he ran his hands along the soft blockade. For a moment he froze in understanding, some girl was in his bed! Now he knew this was a problem, but he couldn't help but be tempted to bask in this comfort and ignore the questions that came to mind.


Now he couldn't just feign ignorance. It was a soft purring voice that couldn't belong to him. Mourning the end of his peaceful morning, he cracked his eyes open slowly and was blinded by the site before him. It was Laura, a very much naked Laura.

Without her clothing, he could see the delicate frame behind the stern soldier. Her slim arms and legs were tangled around him. Both of which were smooth and soft that hid the flexibility and firmness of her body. While her chest size was modest, she made it up in a sort of picturesque beauty of her whole body. A small shroud of modesty was created by her glistening silver hair as it covered more...intimate portions of her body.

Ichika wanted nothing more than to freak out, but the peaceful and happy expression softened his emotions. It was nice seeing her look like a normal girl for a change.

Regardless, he needed to get out of here. With his luck, who knew what kind of situation he would be in should someone he knew should see him. Slowly, he tried to pry the clingy girl off of him. "Come on Laura, you have to move." He groaned as he struggled to remove the girl. Obviously being the military had strengthened her gripping power.

The male Orimura knitted his eyebrows in challenge. As a hot blooded Japanese man, he would not lose in a battle of strength! His movements became stronger and more erratic, before he knew it, he was in a wrestling match with the petite German pilot. A while the room was filled the sounds of grunting and tussling. With much due effort on his part, he had finally pinned Laura beneath him.

His victory smirk was ended when he realized the position they were in. Both of her arms were pinned to the sides of her head by his own hands. Positioned between her legs, his knee was pressing against her. Both their faces were inches away from each other.

Of course, Laura was now awake. Her breathing was erratic from the wrestling and her breathes were borderline moans. Said noises further froze the male pilot. No matter who, a third party would definitely see them as engaging in adult activities. This girl probably wouldn't even deny it!

One thing had become clear to Ichika, this girl was dangerous. Make no mistake, all the girls he knew posed a danger to him, but Laura was different. She was persistent, intelligent, and most of all bold. It was almost like she had no shame in front of him. There was only so much a man could take.

He stopped his inner thoughts to see a coy looking teen on his bed. "Morning my wife. Although I don't mind, but if you look so intensely, I'll be embarrassed." She spoke in a coy tone.

'Liar! I have a liar in my bed! There's nothing shy about this. Abort! Abort! We are under siege, retreat is advised!' Ichika thought in a panicked state of mind.

She smoothly got up from her pinned position now that he released his hold. "I heard that married couples hide nothing from each other. I have no need to cover myself in your presence."

"That isn't right at all! Where are you getting your information from? Put some clothes on!"

"You say that, but you have been staring at me since the beginning."

"Huh!?" He could only sputter at the response. This girl was trying to kill him, wasn't she. Was this some harsh form of karma?

"Your technique has improved a lot since you went for your training trip in Germany. It's refreshing to beaten every now and again my wife." Ichika was sure he heard a tinge of pride from her statement. Now that he thought about it, he was kind of like her student. He puffed his chest at her compliment.

"Since your wrestling techniques is up to the test. How about we practice your sleeping techniques." She asked coyly.

'Sleeping techniques? That could only mean-'

He promptly smacked her on her head. "GIRLS SHOULDN'T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!"

"Oho? I see, as a man you like to take charge. I do not mind."


His protests were suddenly silenced by the offending girl. Once again she had grabbed him and engaged in a kiss. A far more intimate kiss than the previous ones. Ichika could taste a hint of lemon.

'T-Third time.' He thought surprised. Honestly he felt like this could become a habit with Laura. Sadly, he couldn't bring up the will to tell her to stop such actions. 'Forgive me Big Sis, your brother is weak.'


A knock came from the door and Ichika began to panic. How would he explain this? He would be expelled. Become the shame of the Orimura family. Chifuyu would be so angry. As he contemplated his demise, his blanket was thrown over him.

Peeking out of the blanket, he saw a smirking Minato going to the door.

'That bastard was awake the whole time? You suck Minato.' He mentally deadpanned. It was probably too entertaining for his friend to intervene.

His growing smirk showed that he knew what Ichika was thinking. Minato gave the German pilot a thumbs up for the amusing display. As he opened the door, he schooled his features, there was no need to alert whoever was at the door.

Behind the door was Ms. Yamada, looking cheerful as usual.

"I hoped I wasn't interrupting Mr. Shinonono."

"No, I was just watching a romantic comedy."

"Ah. That's good then. I came in to tell you guys that the indoor hot springs will now be open to the guys twice a week. The schedule can be found in the front of the hot springs room."

"Thank you for delivering this message personally. We are really grateful that it got sorted out so quickly." He responded politely. It would be nice to get a soak in. Twice a week was a lot more than he was expecting, considering the ridiculous guy to girl ratio.

"You're welcome. It was no problem at all. That's what we teacher are for." She puffed her chest in pride. A compliment from her wayward student was just as difficult to get as from her coworker Chifuyu. "Goodbye and have a nice morning."

With a shake of his head, Minato closed the door as the cheerful teacher walked away, with a spring in her step. Maybe he had been too harsh on her with his nonchalance. He was in such a good mood, that he may even listen on her lectures today.

Minato was just in time to move his head to the right and avoid the pillow thrown at him. It seemed Ichika didn't appreciate being used for his personal entertainment.

"This isn't funny Minato."

"Says you." Minato retorted childishly. It was nice having friends to tease.


Half of the classes for the day have passed. Minato and Pyrrha were chatting lightly about their studies. Well it was more of Minato allowing Pyrrha to vent about the workload. He, himself wasn't taking the academy too seriously. School was really more of a chance for him to socialize and work on his projects. With all the homeschooling he received from his Mother, he pretty much had a college degree.

Hearing Pyrrha vent reminded him of a time where he was much more studious in school. If she knew that he could be hardworking in school, she would probably not be as forgiving as she was now. Perhaps his Mom had more influence on him than he expected.

The pair saw Charles depart from a group of girls. Minato applauded his ability to be polite towards the far too overeager girls. He decided to call him over.

"Hey Charles. How are you adjusting to the Academy?"

"Hello Minato, Pyrrha. I'm adjusting well. It's a bit of work, but I'm really learning a lot about more than just piloting a unit."

Pyrrha nodded her head at his answer. "I'm sure you will excel here. You seem like the hardworking type. Unlike some people."

"Ouch, that hurts deep Pyrrha. What did I do to have such a wicked friend."

"Someone has to keep your ego in check or else your Shinonono mindset will make you think the world revolves around you." She ribbed lightly, a smile never leaving her face.

There byplay caused Charles to chuckle. "I'm jealous. You two seem to have such a close relationship. How did you two meet."

To his surprise he was met with a laugh from Minato and blushing from Pyrrha. There was very likely a story to this. Minato stopped long enough to begin forming an answer.

"It's funny you should ask that. It all started at our elementary school. All the children lived in fear of the-"

His story was cut off by Pyrrha pinching him in his sides. She turned, still blushing towards Charles. "I'm sorry we just have to be going. It was a pleasure talking to you. Let's go Minmin we don't want to bother him." She grabbed his hands and dragged him away in a hurry.

"Come on Pyrrha it was a funny story you know."

"I thought we agreed to let that story die."

"I made no such promise."

"I guess I'll be eating your share of lunch today."

"As a matter of fact, that story isn't even that funny. Can I have my lunch?"



Charles stood alone in the hallway shaking his head. Those two had some chemistry. His new friends here were all such kind people.


A steady wave of excitement emanated from the class. It was time for the Freshmen Division Tournament. If Minato was recalled correctly, the tournament was a series of 1v1 IS battles to measure the improvements of the pilots. It had a significant purpose for representative candidates. Their chances for being selected for the position raised as they succeeded in the competition.

In his opinion, this was just one of the issues with the use of the units today. Leaders pushed for the girls to become more militaristic pilots, so they may better use upgraded weapons for the units. As they fame and skills rise, their nations would escalate efforts to create even more weapons. All they did was make the Infinite Stratos more and more of a generic weapon of mass destruction. Some of that funding needed to go to actually improving the units themselves. All the nations did was improve the synergy between the units and new weaponry. How typical.

So caught up in his thoughts, Minato never saw the dictionary flying towards him. A great smack echoed in the room as the male Shinonono was actually knocked out of his seat. Steady streams of smoke could be seen escaping his forehead. His attention now focused, the assailant spoke to him.

"Minato you will LISTEN when I am speaking to you. Get up already I don't have time for your showboating today." A stern faced Chifuyu commanded.

"Chichi my brain is a valuable commodity. Do you know how much my Mother invested in it?" Minato groaned, already dusting himself off and returning to his seat.

The class couldn't help but admire how casual the two were about the whole ordeal. Ichika appeared to be trying to discover his roommate's defense through sheer observational skills. So far the results have been less than satisfactory.

"Now that we have Mr. Shinonono's attention, we are going to continue to talk about the tournament."

As he sat through the presentation, Minato could only think one thing.

'Now this could be interesting.'

Author's Note

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