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Welcome to the new story, this ride is going to be a little drama, a little angst, a little humor, and a little romance all rolled into one. Or at least that is what I'm planning for it. Visual aids will be on my dontrunffw blogspot .com. This chapter doesn't have any but there will be some with future visual aids. However, the banner and blinkie for this is up on the blog already.

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Sometimes, life hands you things that you never saw coming. One minute you are with the person you love more than anything in life, and the next, you are staring at papers saying that you are no longer together.

What led us here to this table, to this moment was a great loss that we couldn't seem to get past, no matter how much we loved each other. Our mutual pain breaking both of us till we were no longer the same people who got married. Instead, we were two broken souls who no longer knew who we were as ourselves, and really no longer knew who we are as an "us".

"Goodbye." Was whispered as we left the room, my heart still following my now lost love.

The overwhelming urge to run, to scream that we can do this, that we can be us again instead of what we've become is so strong. The set of the shoulders in front of me, and the determined walk lets me know that there is no reason to believe that my declaration will change anything. So, instead of doing what my heart was demanding, I climbed into my car and headed towards the nearest hotel that had a bar inside.

I was checking in because I have plans to get so drunk that I no longer remember my name, let alone how to drive.

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