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Bella's POV

For the past three days, a giant has been living in our small apartment and loud noises have been coming from my cousin's bedroom. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her finding that whole lust/love thing so quickly with a stud like Emmett… but I need sleep. I'm actually thinking about slipping some sleeping pills into their night time drinks so they'll pass out and I can get a good night's rest without hearing their moaning and groaning through my wall.

Damn side by side bedrooms.

I haven't had a moment alone with Rose to ask her if her stud puppy knows why we were at the Cullen home. He was clearly friends with the family, just going off my knowledge of that garden party event. I worried that he would think she is using him for info or to do something to hurt the Cullens. Though, honestly, I don't think any of this has crossed her lust-filled mind, yet.

I was curious about the man doing the nasty with my cousin, and how close he really is to Rose's new family. So, I did a little digging. Okay, so I googled. So far, with the help of articles, and wikipedia, I've found out more about Emmett McCarty. Emmett's father Liam is a self-made millionaire. The man grew up poor, we are talking brushes with homelessness poor. But he worked his butt off in school and got an academic scholarship to college. While at the University, he met his wife, Jane Evans, and they fell in love. Liam doubled his efforts to make something of himself to give his love a great life. After taking some business classes, he found that he was great with stocks and trends in the market. He started small. Investing here and there with the money he made from his work-study job on campus. Then, reinvesting the money he had made until he found himself staring at two hundred thousand dollars. He reinvested the majority of it in an up and coming company out of the Silicon Valley, and used the other fifty to pay for graduate school. He became a broker, at least for awhile. His own money, which he invested, became a fortune; and he made a mint for others as well. Including the Cullen family, who heard about the up and coming McCarty Investments, and thus, began using them.

It was then that a friendship formed between Liam and Carlisle; and their wives became fast friends as well. The two couples soon found themselves with children the same age, and that seemed to seal a lifetime friendship. While very little is known about the Cullen children, however, Emmett McCarty who is a year older than Rose and Edward, did a stint in the NFL before deciding that it wasn't for him. Even though he was good, he said in an interview that he woke up one morning and decided that he didn't want to be paid to be a punching bag anymore; and that he was going back to the university to further his education instead.

The McCarty's also have a younger son, Alec, who is only seventeen, and like the Cullen children, little is known about him as well. Though there was a brief note about him in the local paper—at least I think it's him, same age and name. From the article, he was one of five music prodigies that recently did an audition with some swanky performance arts college back on the east coast.

While googling them might seem invasive, I couldn't help myself. I mean, I'd ask Emmett about his family, but most of the time his mouth is attached to Rose's, or they are somewhere naked together. And it just doesn't seem appropriate to ask a man about himself, when he is busy humping your cousin.

Laying on the sofa watching the TV, seriously thinking about going to visit my folks—mainly so I can sleep—and trying to drown out the moans coming from Rose's room, the phone rings breaking me out of my grumpies.

"Hello?" I answer without looking at the Caller ID.

"Hello, this is Esme Cullen, may I speak to Rosalie?" This is the part where if I was online, I'd so be typing and 'OMG' in bold letters.

"Hi, Mrs. Cullen, this is Bella. Umm… Rose is tied up at the moment," God, no visuals please. "Can I take a message?"

"Bella dear, are you sure she isn't available? I've been trying to give her a few days to come to terms with the results; and hoping she'd call me first, but I'd really like to set up our little get together. I'm worried I can't hold Carlisle off much longer. He wants to meet her; and I really want their bonding to go well, also, for Rosalie not to feel overwhelmed." Poor lady sounded so flustered as she rushed all that out.

"Mrs. Cullen..."

"Esme, please," she insists.

"Esme, give me just a minute, I'll see if I can pull her away from...well, I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you." Her voice was so filled with gratitude; it helped motivating me into putting on my big girl panties to go bang on Rose's door.

"Rose!" I yell, so she can hear me above the loud grunting going on in there. Less than a minute later, Rose—a much disheveled Rose—pulls open her door, wearing only her robe and what looks like stubble burn.

"Bella, what the hell?" she growls at me.

"You have a phone call that you need to take, now," I growl back. Not happy with her at this moment. I could have been sick, injured or telling her the apartment was on fire! So, for her to glare at me and growl at me… nope! Not a happy Bella, did she make.

"I'm a little busy right now." She goes to close the door, and I push it back open.

"Take this damn call, now, Rose. It's about your Dad." Her eyes widen and she rushes towards the phone.

I stomp past her as she says hello and go into my room. I need a break, from the humpfest, from Rose's crankiness, and all the other drama going on around here. If I didn't have to work in the morning, I would pack my bags and head home for the weekend early. Instead, I pick up my cell and dial my old falks' home number, hoping to talk to one of my strange but loving parents. Unfortunately, all I get is their answering machine, meaning they are either out, sleeping, or doing things a daughter just doesn't want to know about. Maybe I should call Jake and see what he's up to. Then again he's probably all up in Leah right now.

Am I the only one not getting any?

A soft knock and my name called is all that alerts me to Rose coming into my room. I give her a look and she gives a sheepish grimace. She walks slowly over to my bed and sits down on the end.

"Sorry for snapping at you." I just raise an eyebrow. "Umm… what are you doing tomorrow night?" she asks gently.

"I'm going to be on my way to Forks to see my folks." Her eyes bug.

"Bella, the Cullens have invited us over for dinner tomorrow. You can't leave me to do this alone."

"Can't Emmett go with you?" Yes, I sound a little snarky, but damn it! I've been abandoned for three days, treated like an unwanted pest in my own home; and I haven't had any sleep in those three days.

"I haven't asked him yet. I mean, we talked about Carlisle and my Mom, but I didn't tell him about Esme inviting me—us—over yet," she pauses. "I really want you there with me, Bella."

"And I really want to have a good night's rest; and not be treated like I'm trespassing in my own home."

"What?" She looks shocked.

"Do you know how loud the pair of you are with your bedroom Olympics? Have you even noticed that I've moved my bed to the other side of the room? My wall was vibrating from the pair of you going at it. You are both screaming and moaning all night long. I'm not sure how either of you function during the day because you sure as hell aren't sleeping at night. If I have to hear one more time how tight your pussy is, or how big Emmett's slong is, I'm going to fucking scream."

"Are you jealous that I've found someone?" She gets a little snooty, and I glare.

"No! I'm glad you found someone. It's just too damned bad that you've also seemed to have forgotten common curtesy and manners. Or that we set rules when we moved in with each other about overnight guest, the length of their stay and trying to make sure that the other roomie wasn't being bothered by the guest." I sigh. "Emmett seems nice from the two minutes I've talked to him without your mouth attached to his. I'm not jealous. I want you to be happy. I just wish you would remember that I live here too."

"Bella..." she trails off; and I think she has no idea what to say because she is busy staring above my head at the popcorn ceiling.

"Listen, I'll go with you tomorrow because I promised a long time ago that I would, and I love you even if you and Humpzilla, in there, are making so much noise that even old Mrs. Thomas downstairs is giving me weird looks when I walk by her, and the woman never puts in her hearing aids so you know it's loud if she can hear it. But then, I'm going to Forks because I promised my folks as my Grandpa is coming to town, and I don't get to see him that often since he retired and bought the RV."

"Thanks, Bella. And umm… we'll quiet down, I didn't realize..." she once again trailed off, her eyes going to the door and her legs twitching. I swear, it was like she couldn't wait to run back to Emmett and hop on for another ride.

"So, did 'Step-Mommy' say what to wear?" I ask mainly to be a bitch and delay her from getting some more of Emmett's slong for another minute or two.

"She said casual. But I'm not sure what 'casual' to billionaires is."

"So, does that mean I can't wear my Duck Dynasty T-shirt with my camo pants?" I joke.

"No, but I want my Si T-shirt back, you thief." With that she seemed to not be able to keep away from him anymore; and she left me there to wonder what the heck do I wear; and will her smexy brother be there?


Bubble gum.

Bubbalicious bubble gum.

These are the thoughts going through my head when I see Rose's very pink outfit. Cute, and sweet are two others. But damn, that is a lot of pink. Of course, this is the fifth outfit of the day, and the second one looked like a prom dress so pink capris, a pink and white sleeveless top and some cute pink wedges are so not going to be complained about, or joked about either.

"So cute, Rose." I give her thumbs up and a smile.

"Thanks." She grins and then gives me a look. "Do you have to wear jeans?"

"Yep. Yes, I do. They said casual this is casual." This is the tenth time we've gone over my jeans. They are very nice jeans, a big splurge from a year ago that I rarely wear because wearing $200 jeans when there are kids going hungry somewhere in the world always makes me feel guilty. That and the fact I'm trying to save up for grad school means that they weren't in the budget. But what these jeans do for my ass, well, I couldn't leave them in the store. "Emmett said he's wearing jeans, so why can't I?" I throw at her. "Is it because he has a penis?"

"And what a penis..." she mumbles.

"Okay, so TMI!" She flips me off and grabs the keys, tossing them at me.

"You drive. I'm so not up to it."

"Come on, my pretty pink Rose, let's get over to the big house your bio-Daddy calls home."

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