A beautiful girl lay on a bed, her green eyes glowing with joy. Long golden hair tumbled down her shoulders, down her back, onto the floor, stretched all around the room. In her arms, she held a baby girl with the same golden hair, but crystal blue eyes instead of green. A boy with messy white hair, blue eyes, and a blue sweatshirt stood beside the bed, looking at the baby with the same joy as the girl.

The girl's name was Rapunzel. She had seventy feet of long golden hair, and bright green eyes. She was the Guardian of Spring and was married to Jack Frost, the Guardian of Winter, who just so happened to be the boy standing next to the bed. The baby in her arms was their new daughter, named Elsa.

Jack smiled at the pudgy baby in his wife's arms. Her chubby cheeks, her piercing blue eyes, her golden tufts of hair.

He leaned over the bed and pressed his lips against Elsa's forehead.

"No!" screamed Rapunzel. But it was to late. Elsa's golden hair turned a lighter blonde, almost white, but Rapunzel touched Elsa's cheek just before it could turn white. Elsa's eyelids fluttered closed, her skin turning a scary shade of pale. Elsa became very cold and shuddered as Rapunzel scooped up her baby girl and ran out of the room.

The snow shone white on the mountain, there wasn't a footprint to be seen. Rapunzel rode on her horse, Maximus, and Jack Frost flew above in the snowy sky, scouting ahead.

Tears filled Rapunzel's eyes, streaming down her cheeks, falling onto Elsa's unconscious baby face. Suddenly she came to a clearing. Large and small, round boulders filled the clearing, covering most of the grassy area.

"Help!" Rapunzel screamed helplessly. The clearing was still and quiet, there was no sign of help. Jack landed perfectly in the middle of the clearing, his staff in one hand. He ran to Rapunzel, enveloping her into a hug.

He sobbed softly into Rapunzel's purple dress. "I'm so sorry."

Just then, the boulders began to shake. They rolled to the center of the clearing and turned into trolls. Rapunzel wiped her wet eyes on her sleeve. "Please help us." she cried.

"Anything for the queen," Pabbi, the ruler troll said. Rapunzel carefully set Elsa into Pabbi's arms. He lay Elsa onto a stone table in the center of the clearing. He tapped her forehead, murmured something to himself, then winced. "She's cold,"

"Can you help?" Rapunzel asked through tears. Jack wrapped his arms around his emotional wife, but all she did was shiver. He ran his hand through his snowy white hair as he watched his daughter. "Please, isn't there something you can do?"

Pabbi turned slowly around, staring sadly at the young couple. He slid aside, revealing an ill Elsa lying on the stone table. Her hair was still light blonde, and she was still pale, but she looked peaceful, sound asleep. "It's best that she doesn't know about this," he said slowly. He reached over and tapped her forehead. A picturesque scene of all Elsa's memories danced in the air above her head. Then, they disappeared.

"So, all her memories are gone?" Rapunzel asked sadly. She stared down at the grassy clearing.

Jack knew it was all his fault. "I'm sorry," he whispered softly. "Pabbi, what will come of this?" he spoke a little louder.

"I'm afraid only time can tell," Pabbi explained. "But for know, it's safe that she stays away from the cold. She needs to keep this in."

"Keep what in?" Rapunzel panicked. "What's wrong?"

All that Pabbi did was look down at the ground. "Nothing." He picked sleeping Elsa up and placed her back in her mother's arms. "She'll be fine."

Two years later...

Elsa was now two years old. Her hair remained the same color, her skin was still pale, her eyes still ice blue. She stood beside a bed as her mother held a baby girl in her arms. The baby had crystal blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and a pudgy baby face. Her name was Anna.

"Momma, why does the baby look so different?" Elsa asked with wide eyes. Rapuznel laughed.

"Because, Elsa. The baby doesn't look like you or me, because your special. No one will ever look like you." Elsa began to cry. "Don't cry Elsa, you're unique. You're special, no one will ever be just like you, not even this little baby." Elsa wiped her wet eyes on her dress sleeve.

"You're a princess," Jack began. "You're a ruler and a hero to everyone." Elsa smiled.

"That's right," Rapunzel said. "Princess Elsa of Corona,"

"And that's Princess Anna?" Elsa asked. "My baby sister?" Elsa leaned over the bed and kissed her sister's forehead. Anna turned pale.

"No!" screamed Rapunzel and Jack. But all Anna did was giggle like all other babies do.

"What 'smatter?" Elsa wanted to know.

"Nothing sweetheart," Rapunzel heaved a sigh of relief.

`Jack gazed into Rapunzel's bright eyes. "It didn't cause effect on Anna because Elsa's powers are weak. They're new. I caused so much effect on Elsa because I've had my powers for a long time. What do we do?"

All Rapunzel could do was stare at Jack with wide eyes. "The only thing we can,"

Anna was just a baby. Elsa was just two years old. 'They wouldn't remember anything anyway', as Jack said. He agreed it was the only thing that could be done. With help from their fellow guardians, Jack and Rapunzel erased the memories of the citizens's of Corona. While everyone was sleeping, they crowned a throne-thirsty thief named Flynn Rider the ruler of the kingdom. They tore down the mosaic of baby Rapunzel, and put up a new one of Flynn. Sadly, Jack and Rapunzel had to give up their pride and joy. They gave Elsa and Anna to a queen and king who had always wanted children. They also had to erase the memories of Elsa and Anna, so they would never know their real parents. It was for the best. As Jack and Rapunzel flew over the kingdom, they said their last goodbyes to their children.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years, and Elsa and Anna still believed they lived with their real parents. Their parents thought that they were living with their real children. When the parents found out about Elsa's power, they believed she was born with it. But really, Jack Frost, her real father gave it to her.

Rapunzel sat sadly on her throne made of Spring flowers. Not even daffodils, daisies, tulips, and roses could cheer her up. She had been busy making Spring when she realized that it was Anna's birthday. She would be turning ten. Rapuznel used a crystal ball to see her daughter celebrate happily. But what she saw wasn't at all what she expected.

Anna was blowing out her birthday candles. It was a beautiful ten-layered cake with pink frosting and purple tulips on it, Anna's favorite flower. She had beautiful strawberry-blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, like her father. But they looked sad.

"I wish I had my best friend back," Anna whispered to herself. The scene in the crystal ball changed to Elsa, locked away in her bedroom, crying to herself. The rooms was snowy and frosty. She kept saying to herself, "Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know." It was too much for Rapunzel to take so she pushed the crystal ball over, making it shatter on the floor.