Life in the Asylum

"Mr. Ambrose, please get down from the roof! It's below twenty degrees!"

The unnamed nurse's annoyingly sweet voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard to Dean. Sitting atop the institution's roof, he simply closed his eyes and meditated. The cold snow didn't bother him. This nurse- who could've just as well been faceless- did bother him.

"Mr. Ambrose, don't you hear me?! Please come down! I don't want you to get sick!"

Look at her, sounding like she cared. That was probably the other reason Dean had no intentions of removing himself from his spot. "What you don't want is to lose your job, right?" He asked the question loud enough and snorted when she became quiet. "Right." He reaffirmed his position on the rooftop and breathed in the crisp, biting air. Soon enough the nurse gave in and hurried back inside, calling for reinforcements no doubt. Eye-roll worthy it was. Well, he'd wait until then, liable to repeat his performance with the other authority. He never did however.

"Ambrose," a strong deep male voice demanded his attention, and undoubtably- almost amusedly- he gave it. Dean looked down with a grin to the man calling for him. "Get in here. Now." The large nurse nodded towards the door and walked back in the building.

Dean's smile only grew wider as he obediently climbed down his rooftop and paraded his bare feet back into the building. The male nurse was standing there with a heating blanket, immediately throwing it on Dean as he stepped in the threshold. "And here I was thinking I wouldn't see you today, Rome."

Roman didn't make eye contact, leading Ambrose down the hall. "Why were you outside?"

Dean's grin never left. "Fresh air."

"It's freezing out there."

"I like when the air stings my lungs."


"Well," Ambrose started, "it's been two months since I've had my fix. I need something to give me that same kind of feeling."

Roman's eyes bulged in understanding and he remained mute after that point. He allowed the silence between them as they approached and entered Dean's room. Gently, he lead Ambrose to his bed to examine him. Dean was pale, his skin clammy, and even though he had been out in the cold, he was sweating. Ugh, the withdrawal was real. Roman finished his inspection and moved towards the door.

"I'm coming back with nicotine patches. Don't do anything stupid."

Again, as obediently as he could, Dean waited simply because of who the requester was. Roman could get him to do anything. Or not do anything.

He didn't sit without purpose for long before the handsome Samoan nurse came back in. "Give me your arm." So domineering, so strong: Dean loved the commands. Allowing himself to be cared for, he held out his arm and lifted his shirt sleeve. Roman delicately placed the patch on with precision before moving towards the opposing arm and applying another. Immediately Dean's body erupted into tremors, his insides feeling the affects. He let out a shaky sigh as he closed his eyes causing Roman to chuckle. "Has it been that long?"

"Too long."

"Two months is too long?"

"Longer than you'll realize," Dean mumbled as he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth. "These are a lot stronger than the usual ones."

"Well you said two months. Thought you'd need something a bit more heavy."

"Yeah..." The euphoric look on Dean's face was far more lewd than intended, but that amused Roman all the more. The nurse just ruffled Ambrose's hair and stepped towards the door.

"Don't leave this room until your body calms down a bit. I don't want any other nurses tending to you."

Ambrose chucked harshly. "Possessive, huh? That's hot."

Roman didn't feed the idea, turning serious quickly. " They wouldn't know how to manage you like I do. But, hey..."

Dean's heaving chest settled a little, his eyes cracking open.

"Don't let them treat you like this again. If it takes you so long to tell me next time, I'll be angry." Reigns scowled heatedly before making his way out.

Ambrose exhaled a small "yeah" before cradling himself and lying down on the bed. He attempted to even out his breathing a bit, but feeling his innards trembling was laboring his inhalation and exhalation. It felt so good. Too good.

He didn't even realize he had nodded off until a knock on his door woke him. He clenched his eyes shut once more before opening them to adjust with the light. When had he fallen asleep?

"Mr. Ambrose, it's time for your medication."

Ambrose immediately snapped back to consciousness. There was no way he was taking any medication. All the injections made him too nauseous to even eat.

Swiftly, he slipped on his sneakers and dashed out the door, purposely knocking the tray from her hands and onto the floor. He didn't turn to gauge her reaction. He just kept fleeing down the hall.

After a few minutes of busting through a fair amount of rooms, Ambrose came to a halt. Gaining his wind against the wall, he felt his breath hitch once again. Because he woke up so abruptly, he didn't realize that his body was still housing small tremors. "Sesus," he whispered softly. He'd definitely heed Roman's warning about going so long now. He shook away the little buzzing in his stomach, and continued forward as he recognized where he was in the building. He was so close to the only other person he actually liked in the place.

"You know, you're actually pretty good at this."

"Oh, that's good. It's my job."

Dean rounded the corner and leaned against the wall to listen closer to the amusing conversation.

"We would make a great couple too." The short bouncy Latina lady spoke matter-of-factly as she shifted weight from foot to foot.

"Aren't you dating someone already?"

"...So? I'm sure all three of us would get along." A finger was jabbed towards the man. "Why choose?"

The young man before her calmly shook his head. "Even still, you know the policy on dating patients." He smiled politely at the young woman and poked her nose.

"Yeah..." The girl mulled it over for a while. "But-"

"AJ, No buts." The man patted her head and ushered her off. "You have Tamina waiting on you, remember?"

"Tamina? Oh, right, lunch!" The spunky half pint smiled brightly and started skipping on her way. "I'll see you next session, Rolli." In a matter of seconds she was off down the hall and luckily out of the other man's hair.

Dean took this as his opportunity. "Lying to a patient, Dr. Rollins? That's no good." He skated as smoothly as he could into the other man's sight and held a knowing smirk.

"I wasn't lying. The policy isn't written but it is implied."

"When you have to explain it with those technicalities, it's probably a lie."

"Always giving me a challenging time..." There was a sigh from the doctor. "Hello, Dean."

"Hey, Seth." Ambrose followed behind Rollins as the other went back into his office. Like usual, Ambrose made himself comfortable in a chair, ignoring the quakes still shaking in his body.

Seth rubbed his temple very carefully before sighing once more. He flashed a quick smile to Ambrose and went to work on some files. He stopped after a few minutes as Dean watched him intently. Seth looked around a slight skeptical. "Yes, Ambrose?"

Dean's deep eyes scanned Seth before shrugging. "Nothing."

Rollins chuckled and sat his papers aside. "Nothing?"

"No, nothing." Dean stated.

Seth chuckled slightly harder. "So you're looking for attention?" He reached into his drawer and pulled another file folder. "I don't mind unscheduled sessions for patients I like, you know."

"You keep my folder in there?"

"Mmhmm," Seth hummed as he opened the file. "You're a special case for me, Ambrose." He rolled up his sleeves, pulling out pencil and notepad after. The young man folded his arms on his desk."So, what do you want to talk about?"

"I told you," Ambrose shrugged, growing a little agitated. "Nothing."

"Okay then what we need to talk about is why you've gone two months." Dean grew silent and stared heatedly to the doctor. Seth kept his calm demeanor and flipped through some papers.

Ambrose sneered at Seth. "How would you know that?"

"You're wearing the patches today. The last time you wore them was exactly two months from last Monday. I have it written down here." The doctor pulled out his calendar. "Now why would you do that?"

Dean's tongue rolled around slowly in his jaw before he shrugged. "Why not?"

"Maybe because you have an addiction? Maybe because if your withdrawal gets too bad it could kill you." Dr. Rollins folded his arms over the papers once more. "Or just maybe because you're a patient in a mental hospital who could've easily ended up an inmate on death row if your lawyer hadn't saved you." He could see something snap in Ambrose's attitude. "If you can't show that you can give up addiction by healthy means, you'll never leave this place. You'll just end up like all the other nut jobs."

There was a brief silence, the clock hands tics and tocs the only sound.

Then Ambrose jumped to his feet, clutching Rollins by his white collar, up and onto the desk between them. The crashing noises were loud but not unexpected, the fact evident on Seth's calm but slightly pained expression. All of Dean's 225 lbs. were pure muscle after all. Ambrose breathed over Rollins' face with heated anger. His eyebrows knitted together in fury. "You act like you know so much about me. Well know this: it wasn't just a threat to kill you last time. As a nut job who could've ended up on death row, I'll actually do it."

Seth inhaled deeply and gripped Ambrose's wrists. As calmly as he could he agreed. "I know very well what you're capable of doing. I expect you to kill me one day, but you know what, that'll be the day I lose all respect for you. Wanna know why?" He didn't get an answer. "Huh? Wanna know why?!" Rollins raised his voice this time and Ambrose just gripped tighter, attempting to stay intimidating. "I'll tell ya why. The day you kill me will be the day you let those dark urges that you fight against hold you down, bend you over, and take control. That'll be the day where you admit to the world that you're not stronger than it, that you follow the path it laid out for a guy like you. You'll be exactly where they want you: in an electric chair. If my blood is on your hands, you're essentially taking your own self out." Seth lowered his hands to his sides. His eyes held more determination than any angered fire. "And I won't let you do that, Dean. I promised."

Ambrose's grip loosened as his eyes softened. Scoffing, he looked away from the man. "You can't save everybody, Seth."

"I don't promise everyone that I can save them." Seth smirked playfully. "Only clients I like."

Dean's cheeks turned a light shade of red and he released the hold all together. He ruffled his own hair, sighing heavily. "Clients you that's what? Like four or five people?"

Seth fixed his clothes and cleaned the papers from around his desk. He laughed at Ambrose's jealous expression, showing off his slightly gapped teeth. Dean couldn't ignore how much he liked that smile. "No, Dean." He patted the man's shoulder and began to usher him out. "One person. There's only one person." He smiled even harder at the smirk making its way over Dean's face. "That stroke your ego enough for today?"

Seth always gave him what he needed to hear. Ambrose nodded. "I think so." Peacefully, he allowed himself to be escorted out the door. He turned in appreciation towards the doctor, before starting his walk back to his room.

Yes, Dean liked Dr. Rollins for one very good reason; the man was so bluntly honest with him. And only him. Sure he was obviously attractive, but so were a number of other staff and patients. Actually besides his nurse, no one was nearly as beautiful. Great personality, great attitude, and great looks...bonus points, he guessed.

Generally, between Roman and Seth, he found some comfort in the asylum on the edge of the world. The duo treated him well. They were the only thing keeping him from actually attempting escape because they were here to help him escape- while avoiding any possibly fatal repercussions. In the nurse and doctor, he had some one to care for his body as well as his mind. What more did he truly need?

Dean's thoughts were incomplete as he suddenly felt weak. His knees buckled under his weight and immediately his stomach turned, feeling nausea and emptiness. As he collapsed into a puddle on the floor, Ambrose groaned loudly but swore softly. He'd have to remember to avoid going so long next time. The withdrawal was no joke. He enjoyed the sting of it when he was comfortably in his room or alone on the roof. The hallways were not the place to malfunction- especially not with people like AJ, people who cared nothing for him filling the building. Roman's station was in completely different wing, and Seth's office was a good ways behind him now, so he doubted they would be the first to gather him up. "Why here?" he sighed shakily. At least the tiles teasing his abdomen were cool against his scorching skin. "Why here?"he sighed once more before allowing himself to pass out. Someone would come get him eventually. What kind of condition he'd be in when he woke up in that cesspool was his only concern.

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