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Warnings: Alternate Universe - High School, Alternate Universe - Human, Swimmer!Castiel, Coach!Dean, Teacher-Student Relationship, Slow Build, Bottom Castiel, Top Dean

Late as usual, Castiel Novak sauntered into training. He had been on the swim team for his entire time he had spent at the high school and was a legend for what he did. He had arrived in town at the age of sixteen after he emancipated himself from his abusive and controlling uncle and decided a fresh start was exactly what he needed. Zachariah Alder, Castiel's uncle had offered to take Castiel in when his parents, Jimmy and Amelia Novak, died in a car accident when Castiel was only seven years old. At first, Zachariah had been kind and loving towards Castiel but that soon changed when he was fired from his job and turned to the drink. As his uncle's alcoholism continued, his anger and need to control grew and he took it all out on an eight year old Castiel. When he turned fifteen, he had decided enough was enough and sought out legal counsel.

When he had first arrived at the school, he had been somewhat of an introvert and shielded himself away from the other students. He had his head down and did well in his school subjects. No one knew of his past and that was the way he intended to keep it. As far as his fellow students knew, he lived happily at home with his parents. Only the principal and a select few of the staff, particularly the school guidance councillor knew different. As soon as he found out that the school had a swim team, he signed up and never looked back. He had always been a keen swimmer but had never done anything competitive but their coach, Old Man Singer, had quickly shown him the ropes and Castiel was away. The water was where he was free. No one could judge him on how he was socially inept or how he kept his head down and didn't speak to anyone. No one could see anything but the speed and grace at which he swam and more often than not, won.

As he started to get noticed in the pool and won every race at their meets, Castiel became noticed in the school. People who had ignored him when he first arrived would come up to him and pat him on the back in congratulations for his most recent win and many would want to be his friend. He learned early on that most of the people that came up to him were just out to be popular but soon he was dragged into being friends with none other than Meg Masters. Meg was a short girl with long, curly brown hair and pale skin who had a way of getting Castiel to do whatever she wanted him to. Castiel resisted at first but soon enough, he just let her have her way and went with the flow. It was nice to have at least one friend in the school. Even though Meg was manipulative, Castiel soon got the hang of handling her.

Meg dragged Castiel to many parties and gatherings of college students where they would get drunk or stoned together before they wound up back at Castiel's studio apartment and would relieve their sexual frustrations. Castiel never found sex with Meg to be utterly mind-blowing but it helped burn off steam that he would gather after a week's worth of school and practice and Meg never complained so he just went with it. However, at the end of their junior year, Meg unfortunately left the school and moved across the country which left Castiel alone. With Meg gone, Castiel usually found himself out clubbing in the local bars and clubs with his fake ID that Meg had given him, searching for a good time.

His parents had been incredibly rich and had left Castiel a trust fund which would give him an allowance each week which allowed Castiel to pay for all his expenses as well as leave a lot of money left over which he usually blew on alcohol and weed. However, through all the drugs, alcohol, and partying, Castiel still kept his body in peak condition and in the lead up to any meet he would make sure he was completely free of any illicit substances. He never wanted to be hung-over for a race as that would mean letting himself, Coach Singer, and his team mates down. He would look after his body for the races and then after, he would party until he dropped. Everyone on the team knew what he did, even the coach, but no one ever tried to stop him. If they did, he wouldn't have listened to them anyway. He did what he did because he wanted to forget and swimming and parties were the only way that allowed him to do that.

Having Meg as a friend changed Castiel. He learned how to be manipulative and became more self-absorbed over the time he spent with Meg. Turning up late, was something Castiel always did after he'd met Meg. He was a legend, and he knew it. He knew he was good and Coach Singer had tried to reprimand him for his tardiness but it never stuck and he soon gave up. He didn't have the option of kicking Castiel off the team because without him they wouldn't win anything. Castiel had revived the school's passion for swimming and because of that, he was untouchable. Giving him the punishment of doing extra laps never worked because Castiel usually did more work than the others anyway. If he wasn't in class or off partying, Castiel would be in the pool working on his technique to make himself faster and sometimes even in the gym working on his cardio, core or legs to gain further strength. All the records that the school held were broken within two months of Castiel signing up to the team and their trophy cabinet had become increasingly full over the years that Castiel had been there. The teachers loved him and he always worked it to his advantage.

What Castiel didn't expect when he arrived at training was a younger guy standing next to Coach Singer. He looked to be in his early twenties, was tall with light brown hair and broad shoulders that looked just like a swimmer's. He was dressed in navy blue tracks and the customary white polo that the team wore on competition days and Coach Singer wore all the time. He was well built and filled out the polo well and Castiel had to lick his lips. The man was gorgeous and Castiel could feel his arousal building the more he looked at the man.

"Ah, Castiel" Singer greeted "Glad you could join us" he continued sarcastically. The greeting brought the attention of the new guy to Castiel and his arousal only grew as he got a look at the guy's face. He was a pretty boy with soft almost feminine features. He had bright green eyes and plump pink lips with the facial structure of a god.

Castiel had a smile across his lips as he replied to the coach while he ignored the stare of the new guy "You know me coach, things to do, people to see" At the roll of Singer's eyes, Castiel took the motion to strip off. He could feel the eyes of the mystery man on him as he moved over to the pool side and removed his swim team shirt that he had been given when he signed up. It was a large as it was the only one that they had left at the time but Castiel had grown fond of the shirt. It hung loosely on his swimmer's body but it wasn't too baggy. It had their school logo and swim team written across the front in a blue font. He pulled the shirt over his head to reveal his tattooed back.

When he had first been emancipated, he had the strong urge to take advantage of his new found freedom and the first thing he did was get a tattoo. When he was younger, his mother had told him all about where his name had come from. She told him how he was named after the Angel of Thursday as he had been born on the weekday. His mother had always been devout in her following of the church and she had been extremely fascinated by the angels and their names and origins that she started researching them all. As a young boy, Castiel loved hearing the stories his mother knew and instead of reading a typical bed time story, Castiel would beg his mother to tell him of some exotic angel or a retelling of the tale of Lucifer's casting from heaven. Castiel saw this tattoo the he desperately wanted to get to remind himself of the love he held for his mother and took his name origin as inspiration. He decided that getting wings of an angel tattooed was what he wanted. They were realistic and covered his entire back. Some of the feathers wound round to his ribs on his side as well as covering his upper arms and shoulders. The tip of the feathers extended low on his back and dipped below the waistband of his jeans that he still had on. It had been a long couple of weeks of recovery just for the outlines only to be repeated once again for the shading but the end result was worth it. He loved his tattoo and the people he let see it up close usually agreed.

Once he had put his shirt away, Castiel stripped off his jeans and folded them to put away in his bag before he dug out his towel, swim cap, and goggles. When his towel was sitting on top of his bag, swim cap on his head, and goggles around his wrist, he turned around and adjusted his swim trunks. He tied the drawstring and tucked it away before he glanced up to find that the new guy had his eyes were on him. When he noticed that Castiel was looking at him, he promptly looked away and Castiel smirked. This was going to be easier than he had expected it to be.

Castiel made his way over to pool side and watched his teammates warm up for a few moments as he leant down to wet his goggles and put them on before jumped in the free lane that he was always left for him. He always got the middle lane after he had proven himself to be a strong competitor. When he had first joined, the team had made him swim in the outside lanes which were usually for the weaker swimmers but when he showed that he was the fastest on the team, Singer had changed his position and put him in the middle lane. From that point on, the lane was always left for him even though Castiel was hardly ever on time.

As soon as Castiel hit the water, he felt all his worries and stresses fade away as he propelled himself through the water. He took slow strokes at first just to let his body warm up and get used to the movements. When he had first started, it was hard to get into the rhythm of pacing himself for warm up so he didn't over exhort himself but now it was easy. He knew exactly what his body was capable of and when to push or when to hold back. Even though he had started at least fifteen minutes after the rest of the team, he finished his warm up at the same time as the rest of them and moved over to where Coach Singer was stood talking with the new guy.

"Alright, now that we're all here," Singer started with a glare at Castiel once the whole team was present "I'll get started. Now as you know, I'm not gettin' any younger" There were a few chuckles around the squad and a shout of 'got that right old man' from one of the other seniors which earned a scowl from Singer "As I was saying" he started again once the team calmed down "I'm not gettin' any younger and I'm going to retire soon so I've found my replacement to look after you grommets" He gestured to the man next to him "This is Dean Winchester and you will treat him with the same respect you treat me. This boy is practically family so if you give him any trouble you will be answering to me. He's been swimming since he was just a youngin and he's decided to come and coach you so you better treat him well. You hear me?"

Everyone answered with a 'yes coach' but Castiel was too caught up in staring at the man – Dean – before him. He looked utterly nervous to be stood in front of a group of teenagers about to start to train them. Castiel smirked as he looked up at him. They were going to tear him apart.

"Alright then. Let's get started" Singer spoke "Take it away Dean"

Castiel bit his lip as he watched Dean. The man blanched at the fact that Singer was effectively throwing him in the deep end and made him take training straight off the bat. "Uh…" Dean thought for a moment before he came to his own and realised that he was a swimmer himself and knew what to do "Start with 200 free while I write up the rest over on the whiteboard over there. By the time you've finished, I will have written up the sequence. If you need further instruction don't hesitate to ask for it but I'm sure you all know how to swim and read. We clear?" Once again everyone spoke their confirmation with a 'yes coach'. Castiel didn't miss the small smirk of satisfaction that came as everyone answered in unison. "Alright then, get to it"

Castiel stayed put and waited for Dean to glance down at him. He sent the man a wink and a small smile before he pushed off the wall and turned himself so he could duck under the lane rope and make his way to his lane. He pushed all thoughts of the guy stood on pool side out of his mind and got to work on his training. He needed to push himself that little bit further so he could prepare himself for their next meet that was in a few weeks. It wasn't their biggest one of the season but it was an important one because it was the first in a long run that lead to Nationals. If he did well in those and showed his competitors that he was a force to be reckoned with it would make for a decent Nationals campaign.

His swimming ability had grown unmatched to many of the schools they competed against and found that he was constantly winning. If he showed through all the meets that he was good then hopefully, it would push those guys that much more to train harder and make the competition that much more competitive come Nationals.

Castiel finished everything Dean had written up on the board well before everyone else and sat at the end of the lane to catch his breath. He removed his goggles and placed them up on his head before he looked up to where Dean was stood on pool side. When he looked up, the man quickly looked away but Castiel could see the faint tinge of red that graced the tip of his ears. Castiel shook his head with a small smile across his lips while he splashed water on his face to cool himself down before he wiped it off again. Dean was too easy.

"Hey coach" Castiel called out to get the attention back on him.

When Dean turned to look over, Castiel felt a small tinge of disappointment that the blush had gone.

"Yes?" Dean asked his voice was steady and unshaken.

"What do I do now? I've finished all that" Castiel called back across the pool as he indicated to the whiteboard. Dean hadn't moved from where he was stood at halfway so he could see everyone as they swam. He would occasionally stop a swimmer and give them a tip on how to improve but he hadn't stopped Castiel once. Castiel thought it was either his technique didn't need improvement or Dean was just too flustered to stop him. He hoped it was the latter.

Dean bit his lip before he looked at his wrist watch and then back to the board. Castiel knew he could just carry on with his own regime but he really wanted to test Dean and see if he was any good.

"How 'bout we do some time trials with you. See how fast you can get?" Dean asked "There's only twenty minutes left of training so I want you to do your best 50 sprint followed by 100 and then 200 sprint. Make sure you're taking your time at the end of each to catch your breath. I don't want you to push yourself too hard"

Castiel nodded his head so apparently this guy wasn't just a pretty face. Dean seemed capable of doing the job and Castiel looked forward to actually being coached by him.

"Sure thing Coach. You going to time or should I just follow the clock?"

"I'll time. Be more accurate that way" Dean answered. Castiel nodded and pulled himself out of the pool to get onto the starting block. He glanced over at Dean one last time before he placed his goggles back on his eyes and stepped up onto the block. He readied himself and took a deep breath before he heard Dean bellow out,

"On your marks, get set," and then the whistle blew and Castiel launched himself into the water. He pushed himself hard as he wanted to prove to the new coach that he was fast. It wasn't just about showing off though. He had a goal in mind, this year he was going after the national records. He wanted to show he was the best and the only way to do that was to push himself hard.

He knew he wasn't at his fastest as he headed into the turn as he had already done a lot of swimming that afternoon but he was still up there with his personal best. He pushed off the wall hard and swam back the other way to try and get himself up to where he normally would be. He felt good as he hit the last 10 before he hit the wall and looked up to Dean panting.

Dean was staring down at his watch with his mouth gaped. Castiel smirked obviously Coach Singer hadn't told Dean how fast he was.

When Castiel had caught his breath back he called out "What is it, Coach?"

Dean blinked a few times as he still stared down at his watch before he looked up at Castiel with his eyes wide an mouth agape.

"What the fuck" Dean breathed "Dude, you got 21.14."

Castiel just smirked before he shrugged "It's not my best but I'm a little tired after your workout. I can do better than that though"

"I don't doubt it" Dean called back. "Catch your breath then up on the start block when you're ready and we'll start the 100"

Castiel did as he was told and followed Dean's instruction. Castiel flew his way through the freestyle sprints and made it within a couple of seconds of his personal bests in all them. Dean had been gobsmacked after each sprint and Castiel really couldn't keep the smile off his face that he had impressed Dean. He was looking forward to the year with him as their coach. When Castiel finished his 200, the rest of the group had finally finished the session Dean had set.

"Alright team, easy 400 warm down and then that's us for today. Great job everyone and I'll see you all next session"

Castiel quickly finished his but made sure to take it easy. When he was done, he climbed out the pool on somewhat shaky limbs. He hadn't over done himself but his muscles had started to protest on the last 50. While still on pool side, he stretched himself out to make sure that he wouldn't be sore the next day. As he stretched, Dean wandered over.

"So Castiel," Dean spoke "You did well today but you need to show up on time next session. I know Bobby is a push over but I aint like that so you turn up on time or I will punish you"

Castiel smirked "Coach Singer tried that. It didn't stick"

Dean just looked him up and down before a small smile spread across his face "Yeah well I'm a bit more creative in my punishment so if I were you, I'd be on time"

"Whatever coach" Castiel snarled as he stood and made his way over to his bag. He discarded his swim cap and goggles on the bench as he picked up his towel. He ran it through his hair and mussed it up to dry it off before he wiped down his torso. He didn't once turn his attention anywhere but the wall in front of him as he was kind of pissed that Dean was already trying to reprimand him for being late. He thought that he had made it quite obvious that he didn't need to be on time. Castiel was a strong swimmer he didn't need to be there on time. He could turn up fifteen minutes late and still finish before the majority of the squad.

Somewhat angry, Castiel wrapped his towel round his waist and made his way to the locker room with his bag slung over his shoulder and swim cap and goggles in hand. He went straight to his locker and opened it to find his spare clothes to get changed into. He really didn't want to get back into the clothes that he had worn all day to school. He placed them on the bench in the centre of the aisle before he collected his special shampoo and soap that got rid of the chlorine and made his way to the communal showers. A few of the boys were already in there and smiled over at Castiel as he entered.

"So what you think of the new guy Castiel?" a short brunette by the name of Gabriel asked. Gabriel was known as the school trickster and was the squad captain. Castiel had never been offered the role even though he was the best swimmer on the team. Castiel knew it was because his lack of punctuality but he really didn't care. He was the best on the squad and he didn't need a crappy title of 'swim captain' to tell him that.

Castiel offered a shrug of his shoulders as he made his way over to a free shower. He stepped out of his trunks and kicked them away as he turned on the tap. He relished in the fresh water that ran over him. "I don't know" Castiel said after a moment "Seems like he knows what he's doing"

"Also seems like he might have your number" Another teammate, Balthazar, chimed in "He gave you a decent warning as you were stretching. You going to pay it any mind?"

Castiel just shook his head "You know he won't be able to tame me Balthazar. If Coach Singer couldn't what makes you think he can?"

Balthazar just shook his head and didn't reply. There was a small smile on his lips as he turned away from Castiel and finished his shower. The rest of the group offered their thoughts on the new coach and Castiel had an ear out to listen to it all. They all seemed to share the same opinion that he had potential to lead them to Nationals. Maybe this time they would be able to break some records while they were there.

After he had washed his hair and body free of chlorine, he made his way back to where he left his clothes. He slid into his tracks and pulled his hoodie over his head. He packed away his gear and left the locker room with a wave to his teammates over his shoulder. Keys in hand, he made his way to the school student car park where his blue 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback was parked. The car had been his father's and was left to him when his parents past. It hadn't been the car that they had been driving at the time of the wreck and Castiel was somewhat grateful for that because if it had been, he didn't know if he would have been able to handle driving it around. The car was always well looked after and ever since Castiel could walk, his father had taught him how to clean her and keep her shining. When Zachariah had taken him in, the car had been put in storage until Castiel was able to drive. As soon as Castiel was of age, he got his driving permit as he knew as soon as he was free of the man, he would leave in the Mustang with everything that he possessed piled in the boot and that was exactly what he did.

Castiel unlocked the trunk and threw his gear inside before he made his way to the driver's door. He slid into the seat with a sigh. His body was tired and he really just couldn't wait to get home and sleep. He started his car smiling at the familiar sound of the engine that always reminded him his childhood with his parents and made the short thirty minute drive to his apartment. He pulled into his parking spot and removed his gear from the car before he made his way up to his loft. It was a huge apartment and Castiel found that the area was quite large for just him but he really did like it. It gave him space to entertain the few friends he did have and if he did bring someone home after a night out, it gave him something to show off as well as give the appearance that he was older than he actually was.

It was two stories with the kitchen, living and bed downstairs all in one room. When entering the front door, the kitchen was to the left and to the right was a spiral staircase that led to the second floor. Upstairs was where Castiel had a spare bed for when his friends need a place to crash. There was a door that led out to a terrace that overlooked the city landscape where there was also a spa where Castiel escaped to the private space to smoke his weed and his cigarettes. Once he was through the door, he quickly made his way into the bathroom to chuck his wet gear into the dryer before he walked back to the kitchen to find a snack. He was too tired to cook anything and he did have some homework to do but he knew that he will be sorry in the morning if he foregoes dinner. It was times like these that Castiel was glad that he bought frozen dinners.

He found a box of mac' 'n' cheese in the freezer which he set in the microwave for the allotted time before he went to the couch. He picked up the remote as he passed and flopped onto the couch. He was home just in time for the news and flicked it on to catch up on the current events. He was about to drift off when the ding of the microwave woke him up. With a sigh, he picked himself up off the couch again and got his meal out of the microwave. He collected a fork from the drawer before he made his way back to the couch to eat. He waited a few moments before he shoved his fork into the plastic container. His forkful was still steaming even after he had waited so he blew on the mouthful before he swallowed it down. When he was done, he stood from the couch and went to the kitchen to dispose of the rubbish. Castiel was no slob, he made sure his apartment stayed clean and everything was put away in its correct location.

With the trash away, Castiel turned off the kitchen lights and wandered through to where his bed was. He flopped onto his king sized bed and shuffled under the covers. Castiel groaned as he realised he had forgotten to turn off the television as well as the fact that he had homework. After he resided to the fact that he wasn't going to do the work, he remembered that he had two remotes for the television; one which was placed on his bed side dresser. He flicked the television off and snuggled back into the sheets where he fell into an exercise induced sleep.

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