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On the eve of the first day of competition, Castiel was a nervous wreck. He was pacing his room annoying Balthazar to no end who would not let Castiel hear the end of it. The teen wished he could be as cool as his roommate but he just didn't have it in him. He wanted desperately to go to Dean and just wrap himself around his warm body for the night where he knew Dean would relax him into sleeping but Dean had told him to stay away for the night. Castiel had grumpily agreed knowing it wasn't worth the risk right before competition to get caught.

Eventually, Balthazar managed to get Castiel into his bed and settled him with his music to try and calm him. It worked enough for him to stay in his bed and not get up to pace some more but it wasn't enough for him to get to sleep. He had never been that nervous before a competition before but with his future in the balance, he was on edge. Over the sound of his music, he could hear Balthazar snoring and felt a pang of jealousy in him. In the back of his mind, he knew he needed to sleep but he just couldn't put his thoughts at rest as every bad scenario went through his head as to what would happen in the morning.

His music faded for a moment half song confusing him for a moment before he felt his phone vibrate in his hand. He pulled his hand free of the covers so he could check the screen squinting slightly at the bright light. When he saw who sent him a message, he couldn't help but grin.

[Dean: Stop worrying baby. You're going to do great. I know you want to be with me right now and I always want you to be here but I don't want to risk something going wrong. After this is all done we will be able to be together without any worries but for now we just have to survive. So close your eyes and relax to the tunes of Zep and don't think about tomorrow. You're amazing and I love you. Get some sleep Cas. I'll see you in the morning]

As soon as he finished reading the message through for a third time, Castiel felt himself relax enough for his body's tiredness to take over. He put on one of Dean's favourite songs and lost himself in the familiar cords feeling a happy smile spread across his lips. Castiel snuggled into the covers a little more and finally fell asleep.

When he woke in the morning, he was rested enough that he didn't feel tired but if he could he would've just gone back to sleep. When he remembered why he had set his alarm at a ridiculous time in the morning and he was up out of bed in a heartbeat. He whipped his head around to see Balthazar still sound asleep and jumped over to him to shake him awake. The Brit grumbled at him but eventually he was up and getting ready along with Castiel. They packed their duffels for the day before they headed out of their rooms to meet up with the rest of the team.

Everyone was rather quiet as they sat down for breakfast all in quiet thought as to what the day ahead would hold in store. When Gabriel came down, a full half an hour after everyone else, the tension in the room eased somewhat with his lame jokes and cocky attitude. Everyone was looking at Castiel to retort which he did easily. It was easier to ignore the nerves in his gut and fall into the excitement and cockiness that showed up when Gabriel was around. As the morning progressed, he was no longer ignoring the feeling and was just excited about the day's events.

The team and supporters piled into the vans to head to the venue now quite familiar with the place after a couple of days of swimming there. It was a huge arena that could hold thousands of people in the grand stands which Castiel no doubt would be pack come finals. Crowd numbers were always a little scarce during heats as a lot of people came and went especially with the amount of heats they needed to get through.

Once they had been processed, the team made their way to the stands to find a spot for everyone to sit together. There were a few other schools already gathered and there were more filing in as they settled themselves. The people who were competing first went off to get changed while the rest of them stayed where they were. Castiel sort out Dean as soon as he was seated and felt his body relax even further as Dean smiled warmly towards him. Their eye contact was broken when a parent called for Dean's attention and Castiel wished that they could just sit next to each other hand-in-hand and not have to worry about anyone else. After Nationals, that would be possible but for now, Castiel had an event to focus on.

Castiel pulled out his headphones and put on the playlist he had created to help him focus on the events and to just block out everything else. It helped that he had found a seat at the back of the group where he could lean his head back against the wall and just lose himself in the music. It helped to keep the nerves at bay and soon enough he was completely relaxed. Happy, he opened his eyes to see that he was just in time to see the first heat of the day that involved one of the girls from their team. It was the 200 butterfly and Castiel was confident that their teammate, Heather, was going to make it through easily to the finals. She was the best in their team by far and had never lost a butterfly sprint in the time Castiel had been at the school. As predicted, she won her heat settling her in second seed for the finals.

As the Women's butterfly came to a close, it was time for the Men's. Castiel watched with intrigued interest in the race as he knew most of these competitors were more than likely going to be going up against him in the individual medleys. He had wanted to compete in every single event and just win as many trophies as he could but Dean had wisely made him pick a few events so that he would be able to compete in the entire competition and not bail out after the first two days from exhaustion. It had made training easier to know that he would be able to save his energy and to give the National records a real crack.

When it was Balthazar's turn to compete, Castiel sat himself in front of the glass balustrade and leant over it with his arms rested on the barrier and his chin rested on his folded arms. His music was still playing as he watched his friend's race and when he came in a close second, in a very quick race, Castiel clapped and cheered loudly for his friend along with the rest of the team. Balthazar shot them a wink and a cocky grin before he climbed out of the pool and made his way over to where Dean was stood to congratulate him.

Castiel resumed his meditating with the race over not bothering to move to the back of the stand again. When his phone vibrated in his pocket, he scolded himself for not putting it in his bag so he wouldn't be distracted but when he saw who was calling, he didn't hesitate to answer.

"Meg!" Castiel greeted cheerily.

"Heya Clarence, how's it going?" she asked.

Castiel pulled his headphones completely out so that the music wouldn't distract him as he spoke to his friend, "I'm a little nervous but nothing I can't handle."

"Naw then what am I meant to do now if you're all sorted now I'm here?" Meg joked. It took a second for Castiel to realise what Meg had said but once he had he quickly stood from his seat and whipped his head around the room.

"What?" he shouted, "You're here? Where?"

Meg chuckled through the phone. "Just making my way through the front doors now. Where you seating? I'll come sit with you."

Castiel hastily gave her a description of where they were and hung up the phone looking towards the front entrance where he knew Meg would appear any moment. When she did, Castiel waved his hands in the air as his best friend looked around the room. She spotted him and nodded her head to indicate she'd seen him and then made her way to the stairs. Castiel placed his stuff on his seat so he could go over to the stairs and greet his friend as soon as possible. As soon as she was in reach, he pulled her into his arms hugging her close. She chuckled in his hair and called him a sap but she hugged him back just as hard.

"I'm so happy you're here," Castiel admitted into her brown curly hair. "I've missed you so much."

"I missed you too, Clarence."

The pair finally pulled themselves apart and made their way over to the rest of the group. Most of the girls all gave Meg an evil glare whereas the boys were indifferent about her appearance. Castiel sat in his seat he had been in before behind the balustrade with Meg settling in beside him. They talked for a while about Meg's trip and what possessed her to make the trip over to which she scoffed and told Castiel she wouldn't have missed the event for the world. When Castiel pointed out Dean to her, she did an appreciative whistle and thumped him on the shoulder.

"You did well Clarence. I taught you well," she smirked causing Castiel to glare at her which soon faded into a smile. She pulled him into her side wrapping her arm around his shoulder as they watched the start of the heats. Eventually, he had to pry himself away from her to get ready for his race. He grabbed his duffle and headed towards the stairs. Dean was waiting for him at the bottom with a smile on his face.

"You'll do great babe," Dean whispered as he passed and Castiel felt a smile spread across his face.

Dean was correct in his assumption and Castiel easily made it through to the finals along with Balthazar and Gabriel.

Without another event until the relays started, Castiel collected Meg and decided to head out to find some food. Castiel had his own lunch already sorted but Meg hadn't brought anything along. The pair made their way down to pool side where Dean was standing. He eyed them warily confused as to who Castiel had with him. Castiel smiled brightly at him as he stepped toward him.

"Dean, this is Meg," Castiel introduced. Dean smiled politely but his eyes held mixed emotions at meeting the woman that potentially ruined their relationship.

"Hey Dean-o. Nice to finally meet you," Meg replied as she eyed him up and down.

"I would return the sentiment but seeing you nearly broke us up, I can't say I want to," Dean snarled.

Castiel's face contorted into anger as he glared at his boyfriend. "Dean stop being rude," Castiel hissed.

"Yeah Dean-o, aren't you supposed to impress the best friend? I mean if I don't like you then that puts poor Clarence here in a bit of a mess."

Dean rolled his eyes at Meg which just caused Castiel to become angrier. "Whatever Dean, I'll talk to you later." He turned to Meg and pulled her by the hand, "Let's go." Castiel didn't spare a glance back to Dean as they left the building.

Throughout the rest of the day, Castiel didn't speak to Dean more than he had to. He would answer his questions with the least amount of words possible and then leave to hang out with Meg. He could tell that Dean was annoyed with him for doing it but he had no right to be. Dean was rude to his best friend and therefore he had to suffer. Meg had tried to reason with him telling him it was fine and she had kind of expected it but Castiel didn't agree with her. Dean was in the wrong.

When everyone returned for the evening session, there was a nervous energy floating around the arena as to who would get the first medals. Castiel sat with Meg and the team the entire time waiting for his heat pointedly ignoring Dean the entire time. Castiel cheered for his teammates as they swam in their finals and as predicted, Heather won her Butterfly easily almost setting a record in doing so. When Balthazar's race was up, the team was once again cheering their lungs out for their friend. Much to Balthazar's disappointment he finished second however once the rest of the team offered their congratulations, he cheered up slightly.

Once it was time for his first final, Castiel found himself distracted by Dean. His thoughts were not on the race ahead and more on the fact that he was mad at his boyfriend. Dean had come over to him to tell wish him luck to which Castiel had brushed him off and now he felt a little bad because Dean's entire face had fell and he looked crushed. He tried not to dwell on it but as he warmed his muscles up he failed to not let his eyes drift over to where Dean was stood leant against the wall inspecting his fingernails and looking a little disappointed. As soon as the race was over and he had won, Castiel would make it up to him but right now he needed to focus.

It was a close race, but Castiel made it through to the final without much effort. He knew that it would be different in the actual final and seeing he had seeded second, he would be in one of the middle lanes. Gabriel had just missed out on a final spot finishing fourth in his semi and having a mere tenth of a second off the person who qualified before him. Balthazar had missed out altogether which he was seething about but they calmed him down with the thought of him beating them all in the relays.

Castiel patted Gabriel on the back with a smile and wished him luck to which the smaller man returned the sentiment. They made their way to their respective lanes blocking out the rest of the arena and just focussing on the race ahead.

As soon as Castiel hit the water, everything disappeared as it had every other time he swam. All he could think about was his strokes and his breathing as he pushed himself through the water determined to beat the record. With nothing to lose and everything to win, Castiel pushed himself as hard as he could pushing off the wall in his turn hard and going into the last 50, he was in first place with half a body length to spare. When he hit the wall, he was panting hard but with a look at the screen to see his time, he grinned as wide as possible. He'd beaten the record by three tenths of a second.

Before the teen could react, he was pulled out of the water by Gabriel and Balthazar and wrapped in a hug which he eagerly returned. They offered their congratulations and he thanked them with a smile. When he glanced at Dean, he saw the man smile at him but he could still see the pout in his eyes that they were still in an argument. Castiel nodded his head in the direction of the changing rooms and mouthed two minutes to him to which Dean understood straight away. Meg was next to bundle him into an embrace telling him how proud she was of him. Castiel kissed her on the cheek in thanks before whispering in her ear that he was going to talk to Dean. She patted him on the ass telling him she'd cover for them if anyone asked any questions if they were gone too long. The teen rolled his eyes but smiled in thanks anyway.

With a sigh, Castiel walked into the changing rooms which still held quite a few swimmers who were either getting changed having finished their events for the day or were about to have an event. Castiel looked around the room not seeing Dean anywhere but he knew the man wouldn't want to be seen talking to him intimately just yet so he would more than likely be in one of the private cubicles. Slowly, as to not arouse suspicion, Castiel made his way over and knocked lightly on the only locked one. It was hastily unlocked and Castiel was pulled inside by his shoulders.

"I'm sorry," Dean said as soon as the door was closed, "I know Meg is your best friend and I should be nice to her but she broke us up with her stupid meddling."

Castiel crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at Dean. "Dean, she's my best friend. If it weren't for her I don't even know where I would be." Dean's arms wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him in regardless of his wet body and kissed him on the top of his head.

"I know and I'm sorry I was mean to her. I'll try and be nice."

Castiel smiled as he wrapped his arms around Dean's waist. "That's all I can ask of you," he smiled before he leant up and pressed their lips together in a tender kiss.

"We better get back before someone notices," Castiel resided as he pulled away.

Dean nodded in agreement and let Castiel go so he could unlock the door and step out.

"Hey," Dean called to him as Castiel moved out of the cubicle causing Castiel to turn around and look at him. "Congratulations by the way. I knew you could do it." Castiel smiled brightly at him and stepped towards him again and quickly pressed their lips together.

"Thanks," Castiel replied before he made his way out of the changing rooms to watch the women's relays.

The girls managed to win their relay final by a land mile much to the excitement of the rest of the team. However, when it was the boys' turn to race, their competition was much fiercer. It was neck and neck the entire race and when it came to Castiel to finish it off for them, he met his match. The other competitor that was swimming against him had finished second in their freestyle race earlier that day and was obviously hurting as he was pushing himself hard. It made Castiel have to push himself harder than he would have liked on the first day of competition. They came out on top and even though they didn't break the record Castiel had set earlier in the day, they came quite close.

Overall day one was a success.

Day two was a lot more relaxed than the day before. Castiel had been utterly exhausted after the first day and as soon as he had finished his meal he had hit the sack and was out like a light. He was happy with how the first day had turned out and he was eager for the next day but his nerves were nowhere to be found. The sleep he managed to catch up on paid off as on the second day of competition he managed to win his 200 Free final and the team finished in second of the 200 Free Relay with Castiel breaking the record in his 200. Balthazar managed to get his first gold medal with his 200 backstroke and Gabriel won his 200 breaststroke final. The girls did better than the boys with their school getting second and third in the Freestyle. Heather managed a record in the 50 butterfly and two of the other girls managed to make it to the finals narrowly missing out on a medal in the backstroke and breaststroke.

Day three Castiel competed in the 400 medley and was then finished for the day. He managed to finish second, his butterfly letting him down and he wasn't able to make it up. He and Meg sat in the bleachers watching the rest of the races and cheering on his teammates as well as joking about the other competitors. Meg was cruel in her taunts but Castiel couldn't help but laugh at the reactions she earned. There was a smile on his face the entire day as he sat next to his best friend doing things they used to do back when they were together nearly twenty-four seven. Castiel would watch Dean from afar and give him suggestive looks just to see him blush under his gaze and the awkward stance he would take when there were people around. Meg would spur him on then cackle in his ear at how Dean would do the most stupid of things afterwards like walking into the female changing rooms. Castiel knew he would pay for it all later but at the time, it was the funniest thing they had done all week. The girls once again showed their skill and won their 200 relay easily setting the fastest time for the event.

On day four, Castiel had his 400 Freestyle event as well as the Medley Relay. His body was starting to feel its toll of the week a lot more noticeably now that they were nearing the end. He was glad that Dean had told him to cut down on his events so that on day three he had only one event because he was sure that if he hadn't, he may have been completely exhausted. Dean of course had been there the whole time during their warm-ups and warm-downs ensuring they were all eating right and weren't abusing their bodies. Castiel was grateful for it all but he still felt incredibly groggy as he got of bed. When he got to the venue, he was glad to find the other competitors looked just as bad as he did. Meg was still around and greeted him with a hug and a kiss to the cheek and as Castiel looked at Dean over her shoulder, he could tell he was a little jealous that he couldn't do the same. Castiel felt exactly the same but they only had two more days then Castiel was officially free to do what he liked without ties to the school.

Even though his body was protesting, he managed to finish first in the 400 Freestyle. It was a tight contest with all the swimmers within contention until the last few metres when Castiel managed to pull away and win it. Gabriel won second place in his breaststroke and Balthazar first place in his backstroke. When it came to the 400 Medley relay, the boys were on their game and even though Samandriel was the youngest team member in the final, he managed to get a lead for the team making Castiel's job a lot easier and brought it home for them even with his butterfly being a little behind the time. Once again, the girls were unstoppable with gold medals in all the events for the school as well as a bronze in the Backstroke and Freestyle.

Day Five meant Castiel had most of the morning off as he was only competing in the 200 Medley and the 50 Freestyle sprint. The Freestyle sprint was easily his favourite event and he was eager to put all his energy into it and try and set the record. When he got to breakfast that morning, he stocked up on the food that would give him the energy he required for the day. Dean wandered in just as he finished and Castiel felt himself drawn to the other man. It had been a week since they had done anything more than kiss and even then it was only for a few minutes in the cubicle after their disagreement. Dean stared over at him longingly and Castiel felt exactly the same. Subtlety, Castiel rose from his chair and made his way towards Dean brushing their hands together as he passed him as he headed to the bathroom looking over his shoulder at Dean as he opened the door. He grinned as he saw Dean's eyes dilate before looking around the room to see if anyone noticed and quickly made a move to follow Castiel when nobody was watching him.

As soon as Dean was through the door, Castiel pulled him close kissing him as hard as he could. It took a moment but soon Dean was kissing him back just as hard. Castiel pushed him back against the door locking it, thankful that no one had been in the restroom at the time.

"I miss you," Castiel breathed against Dean's lips. "All I want to do is just kiss you all the time and I can't."

"I know," Dean replied. "I feel the same."

Castiel smiled at Dean their eyes locked before their lips met again. Castiel couldn't help but groan into the kiss, Dean's tongue was so talented and knew exactly how to make him weak at the knees. The teen repositioned himself so that he was straddling Dean's thigh and thrust his hips forward so he could grind against Dean's thigh. There was this burning need deep in Castiel's gut that he had been ignoring in favour of focussing on his events but with it being the final day, he figured he could give in even if it was just for a little while.

Castiel pulled away from Dean only to lean forward so he could whisper in his ear, "When we get home, we are not going to leave our bed for hours. I want you to just fuck me until I can't take it anymore and then I want you to fuck me anyway." Castiel relished in the groan that fell from Dean's lips as their hips ground together once again. Dean's hands found their way to Castiel's hips pulling him forward so he could grind up against him.

Fed up with the lack of skin to skin, Castiel removed his hands from Dean's hair and started to undo his jeans. He slipped his hand inside pulling Dean's member free and stroking him just how he knew Dean liked. Castiel smirked as Dean's groaned before he planted his lips over Dean's to silent him not wanting others to overhear them. As he continued to move his hand over Dean's cock, Dean undid Castiel's jeans pulling him out too. Castiel's head fell forward to Dean's shoulder as Dean worked him over pushing his hips up into Dean's hand as Castiel continued to stroke Dean.

When Dean's free hand slipped down the back of his pants and his fingers traced over his rim, Castiel lost his rhythm unable to stroke Dean and thrust his hips at the same time. Dean took them both in hand as Castiel just tried to focus on his breathing and the feeling of Dean's hands on him. His hips thrust back against Dean's fingers playing with his ass before they moved back into Dean's hand groaning as his dick slid against Dean's in the most delicious way. He was a complete mess in Dean's hold barely able to hold himself up as Dean worked him over.

"Come for me Cas," Dean panted obviously just as strung out at Castiel. A handful of strokes later as familiar fingers played with his rim, he did just that. Dean stroked him through it as Castiel groaned his orgasm out into Dean's shoulder biting down to keep the noise at bay. Dean followed him over the edge moments later burying his face in Castiel's neck barely holding back on leaving marks.

As they came down from their highs, they kissed lazily with dopey grins on their faces. If they walked out right then, it would be completely obvious what they had been up to so instead, they decided to make most of the time they had and continued to kiss. When the flush that had graced their cheeks left, they parted and started to clean themselves up. With one final kiss, Castiel left leaving Dean behind in the bathroom to leave a few minutes after him.

When he ran into Meg at the venue, she knew exactly what had happened and gave him a smirk.

"See you gave into those desires," she purred as she looped her arm through Castiel's. "Never been one to keep it in your pants."

Castiel rolled his eyes before he gestured at Dean who was talking to one of the officials, "Can you blame me?" he question.

Meg looked over at Dean and nodded, "Yeah I guess not."

Lucky for both of them, no one knew Castiel as well as Meg and no one looked twice at his wider than normal smile or how he was a little more relaxed than he normally was right before a race.

Day Five was yet another success for their team with at least one competitor through to the finals in every race. They managed a Silver in the 1500 Women's Freestyle as well as Bronze in the Women's 200 IM with Castiel getting Gold in the Men's IM. Gabriel won Silver in the 800 Freestyle but didn't quite get a good enough time to make it to the 50 Freestyle sprint. It was the last event of the competition and quite easily the most fierce. Everyone was on edge as they stepped up to the plate for the Final. The girls had already won second and third for their school with only the boys to race and try bring home another medal. It was in this race Castiel was determined to set a record.

He was nervous but once he was in the water he would be able to change that into pure adrenaline and get himself to the finish with a gold medal and the record. There was nothing else on his mind but the win. Balthazar was also in the final with him but he paid him no mind as he knew the other teen was doing exactly the same thing. Once he was on his mark, he was in the zone crouched over ready to die just waiting for the hooter to sound so he could win the race. As soon as it went off, he was out like a shot and into the water surfacing and pushing himself through the water as fast as his body was able. He kept his head down as he swam not caring about where anyone else was but him. When his hand hit the wall, he knew he'd done it simply due to the fact that the wall surprised him when he got there. With a glance at the big screen, his suspicions were confirmed and a huge grin broke out on his face as he saw in black and white that he had beat the record clocking in 22 seconds on the dot.

Dean was the first person to him pulling him out of the water and into a huge hug and Castiel was so caught up in it that he almost kissed him but managed to hold back just in time. Balthazar was on him in no time pulling him into a hug too and congratulating him. Castiel was a little in shock as everyone came over to him and congratulated him. He smiled and thanked them before Dean came over with his towel and he hastily wrapped it around himself suddenly feeling the chill. He smiled gratefully at Dean who returned it with warm eyes that Castiel couldn't wait to get himself lost in when they got home.

Once all the medals for the events of the day had been given out, there was a special medal given out. The award went to the athlete that had the most outstanding performance of the competition based on a point system. Castiel was ecstatic to find out that he had been the one that had won the medal. Dean had given him a knowing smile with a wink mouthing 'I told you so' as he did so. Castiel couldn't stop grinning the entire walk up to the stage where he shook hands with the event's sponsor and was given his medal. Photos were taken before he was allowed to leave and go to his team.

As he was on his way, he was stopped by and unknown man whom he had seen around the event but had assumed he was just a parent of a swimmer.

"Castiel, may I have a word with you?" the man asked his voice deep and soothing. When Castiel nodded, the man continued, "My name is Martin Gray I'm a scout for Texas University swim programme. I'd like to talk to you about joining us for next season on a full scholarship studying whatever course you decide as well as a place in our training squad. Is that something you would be interested in?"

Castiel's jaw dropped he had no idea what was going on as he tried to comprehend what the man had just told him. Needing to see Dean, he looked over the man's shoulder to see Dean staring over at him with a smirk on his face before he nodded. Castiel returned his attention to the man before him and couldn't help but nod.

"Of course!" he blurted a little too loudly. "I mean obviously I would like to talk this through with you more but yes! I'm definitely interested in that."

Martin smiled at him as he chuckled at Castiel's excitement. "Great," he said. "Well I'll let you continue your celebrations. We will be in contact in a few days to talk about details."

Unable to hold back, Castiel ran to Dean and enveloped him in a huge hug. "You knew didn't you?" Castiel asked as he pulled back. "You knew this whole time they were going to offer me a scholarship and you kept it quiet? God, you're such an asshole!" he growled with a playful slap to his shoulder.

Dean chuckled still holding onto Castiel by his waist. "Of course I knew," Dean admitted. "They rang me to ask about you and I told them everything I knew and they told me their plans to see how you went at the comp and when it was over, they'd talk to you. They were going to sign you win or lose because they know how good you can be."

Just as Castiel was about to lean in and kiss Dean, he remembered where they were and pulled away. At Dean's hurt expression, Castiel voiced his reason, "Not here. Wait until we're home and are no longer on school time."

Dean nodded in understanding and pulled away from Castiel.

"There's actually one other thing they asked me about on the phone when they rang about you," Dean said stepping back into Castiel's personal space.

"Dean what are you doing?" Castiel asked with a hand to Dean's chest trying to hold him back but with the way Dean was built, it was easier said than done.

A smirk crossed Dean's face as he looked down at Castiel's hand before flicking back up to his face. "Well," he drawled, "They offered me an assistant coach role."

"What?!" Castiel yelled, "Are you serious? Oh my God Dean I'm so-" he continued only to be cut off by Dean.

"I told them that I couldn't take the role if they were going to sign you on because I'm in a relationship with you and I don't want to have to hide that anymore and I definitely don't want it to end." Castiel was gobsmacked at the confession before heartbreak crossed his face because Dean had turned down his dream just so he could be in a relationship with him. Tears pooled in his eyes at how Dean could just so easily give up everything he wanted for those he loved.

"Dean I can't let you do this," Castiel whispered as he gripped tight at Dean's shirt balling his hand into a fist. "You can't give up your dream for me. Not like you did for Sam."

"I didn't," Dean laughed as he stroked Castiel's cheek with his thumb his hands framing Castiel's face.

"What?" Castiel asked looking into Dean's eyes through his tears.

"I didn't. They gave me the job saying they would agree to our relationship given there is no unfair treatment which I'm pretty sure we can agree that I won't ever go easy on your ass." The double meaning had them both laughing as the tears fell from Castiel's eyes. "I told you I'd follow you wherever to go and now I can while doing what I want to do."

Castiel laughed unable to stop as he stared deep into Dean's eyes.

"I love you Dean," Castiel breathed as he leant forward their lips almost touching.

"I love you too Cas," Dean replied before closing the gap and kissing Castiel with everything he had.

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