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The acts that had taken place in the darkness of the night before had turned out nothing like she expect. The lovemaking she had shared with her husband had always been slow, gentle, and her husband had paid special attention to her to make sure she came before seeing to his own pleasure.

The Dark One, on the other hand, had been quick, rough, and cared not if she had enjoyed herself or not. He had mounted her like the animal he believed himself to be and taken what he wanted from her. The things that had taken place in his drafty bedchamber had meant it as rape, so it had shocked him when she begged for more of the same. It had been his name she had called out on the brink of her own release. He'd taken her even more franticly, spurred on by the cries of pleasure she'd let out as he sank into her over and over.

It had hurt though, that he took her like a common whore and in such a position. Their joining had been the first she'd felt since he'd last filled her. She was unused to the exercise after being so long without it.

She also found herself sore whenever the morning light finally came streaming in through the window. It hurt her to move, for her husband hadn't allowed her time to readjust to him. She had fallen asleep in his arms, but had awoken by herself in the chamber he had indicated were hers.

Entering what she assumed was the dining room, she was surprised to find Rumpel and Bae already gathered at the dining table.

"…then that blasted Hatter showed up from who knows where, and we got out of there before the townspeople could through us on the fire with the broomstick!" the new father told his son, using his hands to help him tell the story.

Bae burst out laughing, tears falling from his eyes.

"What happened after that Papa?" he demanded, reaching up to wipe away the moisture with a grin.

"Then I made Jefferson give me back my gold for losing such valuable artifacts. The witches I was crafting them for weren't too pleased with the wait, I can assure you," Rumpel answered, reaching for his teacup. Belle was surprised that he didn't seem to react to being called "papa."

"Ah, I see your mother is awake," her husband said in surprise, looking at her over the edge of his cup. The very same cup that she had chipped the day before, as it happened.

"Aye, I am," she agreed, coming to set across from her son, who was seated on Rumpelstiltskin's left. The imp waved his hand, causing a loaded plate to appear before her.

"Please, eat," he told her, gesturing with his cup.

"Very well," she replied, reaching for her fork and taking a bite of egg. Almost the minute the food hit her tongue, she wanted to spit it out. The eggs, while they looked correct, they had no taste whatsoever.

"Yes, that is one drawback of magic… you must always pay a price when you use it. In this case, when one makes food with magic, one must sacrifice something that goes along with it," Rumpel explained, taking a sip of his tea. "That's why I always prepare tea by hand."

"He also cooked for me Mama," Bae said, taking another bite of his food.

"That was very nice of his sweetheart," she smiled, trying her best to swallow her mouthful of breakfast.

"So how did you sleep dearie?" her husband asked with a smirk, leering at her over his glass.

"Just fine, thank you for asking," she answered, choosing not to look at him.

"Where were you Mama?" Bae asked curiously. "I woke up from a nightmare last night, but you weren't in your room."

"She was most likely in the library," the boy's father answered, "as I seem to remember she always had a fondness for reading."

"She does," Bae agreed. "Lord Gaston and Lord Maurice were always complaining about it."

Rumpelstiltskin considered the boy for a moment before quietly asking, "Why don't you call him 'grandfather' lad?"

"I used to call him that, but he hated it. Told me to start calling him 'Lord Maurice' when I was old enough to understand," Bae answered.

"His Grace was convince Baelfire was a bastard child, most likely conceived by rape," Belle further explained for him. "He felt that it would be an insult to his lineage for such a slight to be allowed to continue. He wanted me to give my son up to a childless couple to raise. He and Gaston were very angered when I refused and kept 'parading around my shame' around the townspeople."

"So what are you going to do today darling?" she asked her son, changing the topic of conversation when she noticed the dark mood that had descended over them.

"May I go and play with the horses again today?" he asked in excitement, already half rising.

"Yes, you may go… just be back in time for lunch!" she called after his already retreating form.

"Ye ma'am!" he replied, turning to look at her over his shoulder as he disappeared through the door.

"What of your plans for the day, my Lady?" the Dark One questioned.

She smiled in answer.

"Perhaps you can point me in the direction of that library you mentioned?"


Their new routines quickly took shape around them as time went on.

Belle spent a vast majority of the day cooking and cleaning the Dark Castle. The magic of their new home only cleaned rooms that were used frequently, and the food it prepared tasted horrible. She spent her evenings reading to her son in her library and her evenings, after Bae had gone to bed, was spent in her husband's bed.

Baelfire found all sorts of things on the grounds to amuse him, from the horses in the stables to the long unexplored abandoned hallways in the vast keep. He always had something to occupy his days. He fell into bed early every night, exhausted from the days playing.

Rumpelstiltskin, when not off making deals or experimenting with magic in his tower laboratory, was most likely to be found at his spinning wheel. He could also sometimes be found making up for lost time with his son, teaching him swordplay or just listening to him prattle on about some new subject. In the dead of night he loved nothing more than to enter his wife's body over and over, making her scream as he took her to new heights.

But although he would love to keep her in their bed twenty four hours a day, everyday… he kept to his promise of letting her decide when she came to him. His Belle did as she was told in coming to him at least thrice a week, but he would be lying if he didn't long for more.

"Belle…" he called out, almost like a prayer as his voice echoed around the large chamber. He was touching himself in the darkness of his bedroom some weeks into their new life.

The majority of his blood had been occupied somewhat south for a better portion of the day, no matter what he did to try and relieve the tension. Tight leathers weren't the best thing to wear when one had a raging hard on.

Potions had no effect on his problem, for he had already tried magic, and spinning was out of the question. He'd been avoiding his wife and son since before breakfast, even though he knew a certain curly headed beauty was the solution to his torment. He couldn't go to her thought, for it went against the deal he had made with her that first day.

It also went against her wishes, for his problem kept him from sleeping. He'd been wondering around the castle earlier on in the night, and had come across the sight of his beautiful Belle curled in one of the chairs in her library. She had been without her heavy velvet dress, her skirt drawn up over her knees so that she could easily reach her own pleasure spot.

Her soft groans had rushed down his spine, hardening his already erect member. He licked his lips as he watched her fingers move in and out of her dripping center, wanting nothing more to move towards her and taste the juices straight from the source.

"Please!" he heard her whimper, and he paused in his task thinking for a moment that she had seen him.

But she continued on in her pursuits, he knew he was safe from discovery.

"Right there, just a little more!" Belle whispered, almost to herself as she did her best to imagine it was her husband strong fingers she was riding into oblivion instead of her own. "I'm almost there!"

She would give anything for it to be him causing such sensations to course through her body, but she had already reached her limit for the week. It was always a struggle for her to decide when it was a good time to use one of her three nights to visit him, and she was usually able to hold off for a few days.

This time around however, she had used her nights up early in the week. Yet in the days left of the week, she still longed for his touch. Taking care of herself just wasn't the same as his warm touch. But he had made it clear he was only using her to satisfy his own needs, and his needs only required her presence three times a week. She was on her own for the rest of the time.

So the spinner was not alone in his longing, but they suffered by their selves because they refused to beg their partners for a night of the other's time. The image of his lover fixed firmly in his mind as she tried to get rid of the burning in her loins by herself proved to him that his wife only put up with him because he had threatened her son.

Sometimes he wondered what she must think of him, if she believed he could actually harm their boy. The child was proof of the love they once had for each other and there was no way he could ever mar that.

He came into his hands with a breathless cry, all the while longing for the woman down in the hall that wanted nothing more than to be secure in his arms.


Sir Maurice and his heir paced back and forth in front of the fireplace in the War Room, trying to come up with a plan to get Belle back from the dark imp.

Now that her bastard was gone, she would be the perfect match for the future Duke. Even though she was already spoiled, he didn't care. She had already proven herself able of bearing strong sons, a trait he wanted in his future spouse. Regardless of the fact that it had been the Dark One that had taken her innocence, in the minds of the people it equaled nothing. He was not a true man and therefore not able to deflower a maiden. They believe he used magic to impregnate the Duke's only daughter. While it tainted her, she could still be cleansed with the help of the clerics.

"My Lords," one of the knights of the fiefdom said, sticking his head through the door. "Forgive me for interrupting you Sirs, but her Majesty is here to see you your Grace."

A relieved look crossed Maurice's face, a burden visibly lifted from his shoulders. They had sent a missive to their late liege Queen Regina, widow of the old King Leopold, to beg for help in retrieving Belle. The loyal vassal had serve the Lady's husband faithfully and felt that his daughter had no right to his service. Not after what she had done to the gentle king to gain the throne.

"Maurice, my dear friend, I came as soon as I heard!" Regina said sympathetically as she swept into the room, her vast black skirts swishing as she moved.

"Your Majesty, thank you for coming in our time of need," the Duke said. "I must ask, how is your esteemed father?"

"Daddy is doing well, and sends you his regards," the Queen answered with a smile. "He sends his hope that we are able to rescue your daughter before it is too late."

"It is our hope that we can rescue my betrothed as well Milady," Gaston said, joining in.

"What of her boy… Baelfire is it?" the Evil Queen asked curiously.

"He is of no concern of us," Maurice admitted, "but more of a thorn in our side. The Dark One is welcome to him if it means I can have my daughter back safely."

"What of the girl's… purity, if I may ask," Regina continued. "You must understand, the beast has most likely been rutting her. What if she is with child again?"

The Duke paled at the thought as he and Gaston exchanged worried looks.

"If there is something Milady can do to rid of her of the potential pregnancy that won't harm my future bride, it would be most welcome," the knight admitted.

The Queen smirked in reply, "Leave everything to me good sirs, and you shall have your girl back in no time. If all goes to plan, we shall all be rid of an enemy as well."

"Thank you, your Majesty," Maurice spoke for the both of them, motioning for one of the guardsman to come into the room.

"Tell Mrs. Potts to prepare a room and meal for our guest, I'm sure she's very tired from her long journey," he instructed the man, following him from the room.

"I thank you for your hospitality Your Grace," Regina called after him, but her eyes trained on the other knight in the room.

"Sir Gaston," she all but purred, "it is a mystery to me how your fiancé could take up with that creature in the first place when such a magnificent body was in front of her for the taking."

The sportsman smirked in response, bowing before his queen.

"Many thanks for such a compliment Milady," he answered, "but no one could compare in looks next to your loveliness. May I escort you to your room?"

The queen smiled coyly and took his offered hand, "I believe it would be most welcome my dear."


Grace, daughter of the portal jumper and mushroom gatherer, walked cautiously through her foster uncle's stone hallways. Papa always told her to be careful when visiting the Sorcerer because one never knew what they would find in his home. It had been some time since she had last come to the Dark Castle, and it was the first time she had come without her papa. But her father had always told her to come to her Uncle if anything ever happened to him, and she hadn't seen him in almost a week. Papa was never gone that long.

Lost in her musing, she realized that she didn't know exactly where in the castle she was. She had visited often enough, but she had never had the chance to really explore like she wanted to. She couldn't remember ever being in this particular corridor.

"Hello?" the gatherer's daughter called out, almost frightened as she prayed her uncle heard her.

"Who's there?" an unfamiliar voice called back, follow quickly by the form of a boy about the same age as her… maybe he was a few years older now that she thought about it.

"I'm Grace," she admitted. "Who are you?"

"Bae," he answered, "but what are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for my unc- Rumpelstiltskin. Is he near?"

"He is in the Dining Room, spinning, I think," Bae admitted, pointing the way he had come.

" I didn't know Uncle Rum had a servant…" she muttered to herself, realizing to late that she had let slip her pet name for the Dark One. He had told her never to reveal her connection to him, even if he was only her adopted uncle.

But it had to alright, if this boy was his servant… Uncle Rum would have made sure that he couldn't tell of anything that happened in the Dark Castle!

"Uncle?" Bae asked curiously.

"Your father has been my Papa's best friend ever since I can remember. He's basically my Uncle, and right now I need his help," she admitted.

"Well what are we waiting for, come on!" the strange boy said, suddenly excited as he grabbed her hand and began to run down the hallway. "Let's go find him!"

The boy led her effortlessly through the many dusty passages, so many twists and turn that she wondered how he remembered them all. Before she knew it though, she was in familiar territory- otherwise known to her as the trophy room.

Rumpel was in his usual corner working at the spinning wheel. He had paid her father with the gold thread he magically spun from that wheel many a time. She used to love playing with the thin yellowish string of metal that had once been plain straw, like that that made up her mattress.

"Uncle Rum!" she called, breaking away from her new friend as she hurried toward the scaled man.

"Gracie, I didn't know you were coming to visit!" the Dark One said in happily, abandoning his work to catch her as she made to jump into his waiting arms.

"What are you doing here sweetheart? Where is your father?" he demanded suddenly, looking around to notice a certain mad portal jumper wasn't anywhere to be found.

"I don't know," she admitted into his shoulder, where she had laid her head. "He started acting weird when the Feather Lady came and visited us. He made me hide in the woods while he talked to her. Then a week ago, he said he was going on a job and he left with a weird shaped box. I haven't seen him since, and I'm worried about him! Papa's never been gone this long before."

"It's alright dearie, we'll find him," he assured her, patting her on the back as she began to let out soft sobs.

"Rumpel?" Belle asked quietly.

He looked up to see her standing in the kitchen doorway, a dusting rag in hand as she watched him interact with the little girl.

"Have the castle prepare young Grace's room… it's the one decorated in pink two doors down from Bae's," he instructed her. "Then send a meal up for her to the North Tower, if you will. I imagine she'll be quiet famished by then."

"Yes, of course…" his wife agreed, curiosity plain on her face.

"I'll explain later dearie," he said in answer to her unspoken question, taking his new charge in his arms and disappearing in a cloud of purple smoke.

"Mama," Bae asked curiously, "how come Papa hugged her, but he never touches me?"

"I don't know sweetheart," she replied, "I don't know."

She hesitantly knocked on his door that evening, for she both wanted his touch and wanted to talk to him about their guest.

He answered after a few moments, only opening his door enough so that he could stick his head out.

"Belle!" he said in surprise when he saw her in his doorway, moving the door slightly wider as he stepped out. She was able to see the girl curled up in one of the chairs by the fireplace before it slammed shut again.

"Tonight isn't a good night dearie," he told her, his face impassive. "I believe it would be a good practice to stay in your own rooms after Baelfire has been put to bed as long as our guest is here. Don't worry, no harm shall come to the boy."

"But-" she began, only for his to hold his hand up to silence her.

"Go on dearie," he instructed her, turning to re-enter his chambers. "We'll speak about this no more."

"Who is she?" Belle demanded suddenly.

"What?" he asked, turning to face her.

"I asked who that little girl is that she receives more attention than your own son!" Belle snapped, suddenly angry. "Why is she so special?"

"Her father is the closest thing I have to a friend," he admitted, "and he's Grace's only living parent. Jefferson has gone missing after making her a promise, a promise I know he would never willingly break. Bae has another parent to look after him, but Grace? That little girl is alone in the world, and I'm the closest thing to family she has right now."

"I understand that Rumpel," she admitted, drawing her shawl tighter around her shoulders, "but does Bae? All he knows is that the little time you spend with him during the day was ignored today, and it's all because of that little girl."

She turned and began walking away, only to be stopped when he yelled after her.

"It's my fault!" he yelled, his voice echoing off the stonework. "My fault that that Bitch went after Jefferson!"

"What?" his wife asked curiously as she stopped and turned to hear what he had to say.

"The woman that took Grace's father… she's a monster of my own creation, and this is all my fault. I have to set it to rights," he admitted, making his way over to her as he encircled her waist.

"Who are you talking about love?" she asked. He placed his nose into the groove where her neck and shoulder met, breathing in her sweet sent. She reached up to entangle her fingers in his wild hair, softly moaning his name when he sucked her at her pulse.

"I can't think when you do that dearie," he whispered into the curve of her neck, delivering a gentle bight to her soft skin.

She pressed herself into the cradle of his hips, grinding into him as she felt the hardening proof of his desire on her thigh.

"Belle, we can't…" he whispered, moving up to claim her lips. "Not here-Grace!"

"Then we go to my room!" she answered, reaching down to grasp his hand. "It has a bed just as yours does… isn't that all we really need?"


The two made their way to her room, shutting the door firmly behind them as they each began removing clothes that would soon just be in the way. She began walking backwards, her hands dragging her husband with her as they made their way to the bed.

"Belle…" he breathed happily, bending down to nip at the pebbling tips of her breast.

She arched into his touch, allowing him to take more of her nipple into his mouth as his hands traced strange shapes down her stomach. His fingers dipped still lower, parting her legs to slip inside her body and caress one of her most sensitive places.

"Rumpel, please!" she gasped, feeling her body rushing toward the precipice and all but ready to plunge into the waiting gorge below.

"That's it love, come for me!" he told her gleefully, abandoning her breasts to focus his attention on her lower half. His head dipped down, his ruff tongue joining his calloused fingers in their searching for new sweet spots.

He was flooded with her taste as he happily lapped at his wife, wanting nothing more than to stay here forever. For just a little while, he forgot that they had ever been separated. He forgot that she had almost been joined to another man, that he barely knew their son, that his best friend was missing, and most importantly… he forgot that he was the Dark One.

They allowed themselves to join together in a time old dance, letting the feelings of love carry them away.

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