Finding a Mate

Chapter 1

A/N: So I'm back for real this time see new story and everything, I am so glad to be writing for you guys again! Anyway.. I know this isn't how Vampires find their mates or anything but I thought it would be a nice story besides you guys love nice stories! Yes it is a TsukunexKokoa fanfic I haven't written one in a while so blah. I hope you guys like it!

Kokoa was once a free happy Vampire, she would enjoy lazy days at her family's castle and wouldn't have any sort of worries in the world. That was until one day she had to find a mate, "Why I don't understand why I have to find one! I can take care of myself I don't need someone to bug me anyway!", Kokoa yelled at her sister. She was determined not to have any sort of relationship with anyone, she would live alone forever! Moka and Kokoa were sitting in the dinning hall of the castle, rather large and in the middle was a long wooden table big enough to set thirty people.

Moka was on one end of the table with her legs resting on top of the table. In her hand she had an apple and was slowly taking bites of it, "In other words you know no one would want to be your mate." Moka was always a tease to her sister, her silky silver hair matched the nice velvety dress she wore. Kokoa blushed but was very mad, "T-Thats not it at all, I could get hundreds of men to worship me I just don't want them too that's all!" Kokoa crossed her arms and pouted away from Moka, who was at the other end of the table.

When a Vampire decides upon a mate not only do they spend their life's together, before they become mates they are sent out into the world to test how strong their connections with each other are. They are sent into a place that is isolated from the rest of their families and are sent to survive with each other and only each other for three months. Moka hadn't done this yet, she had decided to wait but when she noticed how carefree her sister was she had decided to tell their father that Kokoa wanted to do it.

"You only have the rest of the day to find a mate so if I were you I would hurry and find someone.", Moka had a smile on her face when she looked at her nervous little sister. "I just wont find a mate! Its not like its that big of a deal!", Kokoa said as she slammed her hands down on the long wooden table. "like I said, you just know you wont be able to find anyone who would want to be nagged by you.", Moka laughed a little when she saw how mad Kokoa was getting.


"Ahh, you beat me again!", A teenage boy said as he looked over the edge of the arcade game he was playing. The person that was playing against this teenage boy looked to the side of the game with a smile on his face, "I guess I've just had a lot of practice!" The winner wore a black school uniform, he stood up from the game and grabbed a cup of soda that was on top of the game. "Maybe you'll get me next time!", This boys name is Tsukune Aono. He failed his high school entrance exam so he had to take it a second time, this year he would pass it and join the rest of his classmates in high school.

It was a goal he had and he was working hard at it, well hard enough. Everyday after school he would go to the arcade and play for a little while, after that it was right home to study then fall asleep. This boy wasn't anything special, he had average grades and average looks the only thing really special about him was that he managed to fail the high school entrance exam.

He walked with his book bag hanging over his shoulder, the sun was beginning to set and he wasn't that far from home. He began to walk up some steps that lead to a bridge which would lead him home, he always wondered who he would see once he had reached the top of the stairs. When he finally made it up the stairs, just at his eye line he saw nothing. There was no one on the bridge just like the usual, he sighed and continued walking. He stopped half-way through the bridge and looked over the edge of the railing, underneath him was the highway. He watched as the sun began to set beyond the skyline, it was really a peaceful sight and it was so calm.

Until he heard something that would knock anyone out of their daydream. Cars below him were honking their horns at something, Tsukune looked over the railing and down at the highway. Standing in the middle of the highway and looking both ways was a redheaded girl. "I'm trying to walk here!", The girl yelled as a car passed her by honking its horn. She was really scared to walk across the highway, it looked like she was afraid of getting hit.

Tsukune dropped his soda and ran back down the stairs to help the girl, he ran as fast as he could even after he dropped his book bag. He had reached street level and looked over the railing that prevented cars from crashing and leaving the highway. "Stay there!", Tsukune yelled as he hopped over the railing and waited for cars to pass before he ran to her side. Tsukune was shaking, he couldn't believe that he had just ran into the middle of the highway to save some girl he didn't even know. "What are you doing here, are you stupid or something?", Tsukune yelled as he wrapped his hand around hers, "Says the idiot who came to save me!" Tsukune pulled the girl but her legs collapsed on her.

If she couldn't walk then he would have to carry her, he blushed even thinking about it but they needed to get out of the middle of the highway. "Whats your name?", Tsukune asked as he knelt down to The girls level. "Kokoa.. why?", She asked as Tsukune put his arm underneath her legs and began to lift her up. "Let go of me!", Kokoa said as she began to hit Tsukune in the chest, he didn't think twice when he began to run through the traffic.

Kokoa looked over his shoulder and watched as a car came straight for them. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Tsukune's neck. She buried her face into his chest and listened as cars passed them and the wind carried the sound of the cars honking. It seemed like forever when Tsukune was carrying her, "You can look now..", Tsukune said as he sat down on the other side of the protective railing. Kokoa let go of his neck and moved her face away from his chest and looked around, "I made it!" Kokoa then began to slowly look at Tsukune, "PERVERT!" Kokoa began to slap Tsukune, he hid his face and she jumped off of him.

Kokoa began to dust herself off and didn't look over when Tsukune started back up the stairs to go home. "H-Hey wait up where are you going!", Kokoa yelled as she began to run after him with her hand out telling him to wait. "I'm going home, I've had enough excitement for today!", Tsukune said as he reached down and picked up his book bag. "My name is Tsukune by the way, and your welcome.", Tsukune put his book bag over his shoulder and continued up the stairs to get to his house.

Kokoa stuck her tongue out at him and looked away from him. "I don't understand why this vampire would want to live in the human world.", Kokoa looked down on a piece of paper. It had an address written down on it and underneath the address it said love Moka. Kokoa followed the instructions her sister had told her and finally made it to a large mansion. The mansion had a large gate surrounding the entire area, Kokoa couldn't help but be impressed. She jumped over the gate and began to walk to the front door.

The door was rather large as well, "Looks like hes doing well in the human world." Kokoa knocked on the door and waited for a minute before someone opened the door. Behind the door was a handsome tall man with dark hair, he looked very fit and wore a tuxedo. "Are you Sir Hamilton?", Kokoa asked with a smile on her face. The man simple shook his head and gestured for her to come in, the man shut the door behind her and stood next to Kokoa.

The mansion was really big, on both sides of the large room that they were in was a staircase that lead to a room at the top of it. The doors at the top of the staircase opened up wide, "Ahh, you must be Kokoa Shuzen." A rather large fat man walked out of the doors, his glasses sparkled when he walked into the light. Kokoa couldn't believe her eyes, this man was so fat how could he be the man that was supposed to be her last chance to find a mate.


After Kokoa beat up the fat vampire she was feeling down, all of the vampires that she had tried to get had already had someone. She really couldn't get one vampire to become her mate, her head was down and she was going to head back home. The sun had finally set and she was all alone, it didn't help that she wore cloths that weren't for the night time. She was wearing a nice blouse and a skirt to go alone with it. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going, she just kept walking to keep warm. She began to climb up stairs and eventually made it to the top of them.

"Oh, its you again.", Kokoa looked up from the ground and saw Tsukune about half-way over the bridge, he was covered up in a jacket and looked warm. "Just leave me alone pervert..", Kokoa said as she continued to walk until she got next to Tsukune. She had stopped when Tsukune put his jacket in front of her, "Your gonna catch your death if you keep walking around like that. I wouldn't want you to die after I saved you." Kokoa was a little angry at first, but she slowly reached her hand out and grabbed the coat.

Tsukune started walking again, he had made it to the stairs and began to walk down them. Kokoa put the jacket on after Tsukune couldn't see her anymore, "Damn that human, being nice and saving me of all things.. who does he think he is..." Kokoa's eyes widened, she had a devious plan and had no idea if it would work. If she couldn't get a vampire to be her mate maybe she could get the human to do it, if they found out he was a human they wouldn't let her find a mate anymore. It was perfect, but if they do find out he is a human then they would probably kill him.


Tsukune had went to the store and had made it back home. He was a little chilly without his jacket, but he felt good knowing that homeless girl had something to keep her warm. Tsukune fell into his bed face first and stretched his arms out. He was happy to be home, he had studied before he went to the store, for some reason he felt a little weird. It was like he wasn't in his own bed, he looked up and to his surprise he wasn't in his own room.

Tsukune jumped off the bed and looked around almost scared to death, he had closed his eyes and ended up somewhere different. "Where am I?", Tsukune asked himself as he looked around at the room. The room was lit up and everything looked golden, the lights that made things look golden was just candle flame. He was laying on a be that was twice as big as the one at his house and the room was twice as large as well. Looking around he noticed a window and a large wooden door, he ran over to the window to see where he was. "Maybe someone kidnapped me, or maybe this is a bad dream.", he looked outside of the window and had no idea where he was. Outside the window was a forest that he had never seen before.

The forest looked dead but there was so many trees, "Oh, your awake." Tsukune turned around surprised and put his hand up to his heart. "Kokoa?", he was about to have a heart attack his heart was beating so fast. "Where am I, who are you... where am I?", that's the only questions that came to his mind right away. "Your at my house, and I need you.", Kokoa walked over to her bed and sat down. She didn't really want to look at him because it was embarrassing to talk about becoming mates with someone.

Tsukune followed her example and sat down on the bed with her. "I am a vampire and when we choose mates we have to go survive with them for three months, I couldn't find anyone so I kinda took you..", Tsukune just stared at her for a moment before he began to laugh. "Hey! Whats so funny, they will kill you if they figure out that your a human you know that?", Kokoa yelled. She was mad that he was laughing at her. "So, I'm your mate?", Tsukune asked as he wiped a tear away from his eye. "NO, of course your not I would never be a humans mate!" Kokoa said crossing her arms and looking away from Tsukune.

He stood up and walked to the door that Kokoa had entered from, "Well good luck with that.", Tsukune said grabbing the door handle to leave Kokoa's room. When he grabbed the handle Kokoa had grabbed his hand, "Please.. there was no one else I could choose.." Tsukune looked at Kokoa seriously, "Your not kidding are you?" Kokoa looked up at Tsukune and didn't look happy when she began to get on her tippy toes. Tsukune's eyes widened, 'Shes telling the truth..' he felt Kokoa's fangs dig deep into his neck.

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