Finding a Mate

Chapter 13: One more time

Tsukune held his breath, he could feel his body shake. The room was filled with a silence that if anyone broke it would mean death. It had been three months since Tsukune had gotten beaten to save Kokoa from her home, they had moved out of the Shuzen castle and Kokoa now lived with Tsukune in the human world.

Kokoa's hand reached for a knife that was close by, she gripped it tight and quickly moved it to Tsukune's throat. Tsukune swallowed fear in his body and gave a cocky grin to Kokoa, "checkmate!" Tsukune yelled at the top of his lounges.

Kokoa dropped the knife and buried her face in her hands, "WHY!" she began to cry as Tsukune stood on top of the chess board they were playing on. Tsukune wiped the sweat from his face and began to crouch down with a cocky grin on his face.

"Hey…" Tsukune asked as darkness began to surround him. Kokoa looked up from her hands with tears in her eyes and snot coming out of her nose. "You have to cook dinner tonight…" Tsukune took Kokoa's hand and began to drag her to the kitchen.

"YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" Kokoa yelled as she kicked her feet and tried to break free from Tsukune's crazy grip. It was only three months but Tsukune and Kokoa could never be happier. They moved to the human world so Tsukune could see his family and Kokoa could meet them.

They had not decided yet where they wanted to live forever but for now it was all just perfect. Kokoa had stopped pouting, she grabbed her hair and put it up in a ponytail as she began to prepare their food. After everything they had been through it was nice to finally have some alone time and some time to relax.

Tsukune closed his eyes and fell backwards onto the floor, he let out a big yawn as he began to fall asleep. He was happy he had been kidnapped into loving her, he wouldnt have it any other way. Kokoa turned around and walked towards the refrigerator, she needed milk for what she was making as soon as she opened the fridge she saw an empty milk container.

Kokoa pulled the milk container out of the fridge and looked over at Tsukune with a mad look plastered across her face. Before she could yell at him she noticed he was sleeping and smiled, she turned the stove off and put on a coat. She walked over to Tsukune and kissed him on his forehead, "I love you.."

Kokoa smiled as she walked out into the night to get some milk, it was only down the street what was the worst that could happen. It was a cold winter night, all the lights on the street had just began to light up. Kokoa could see her breath as she walked, only the thought of Tsukune smiling when she made him dinner was passing through her mind.

Kokoa had made it to the store grabbed some milk and began to walk back even more excited than before, she couldn't wait to wake him up and give him some warm food. She began to imagine her feeding him the food, "Say ahh~"

"So what's a little girl like yourself doing walking all alone?" Kokoa snapped out of her fantasy to pay attention to what was going on. Two men at least three times the size of her had stood in her way, "Did you get us something there doll face?" One of the two men asked making both of them laugh.

Kokoa held her fist back, she was going to break every bone in their body. She could do it to, humans are a lot weaker than you think. Kokoa smiled as she reached her fist back, "Actually that's for me." Kokoa recognised the voice, the two large men turned around and saw Tsukune standing before them.

Before either of them could say a word Tsukune had already began to run towards the men. Tsukune ran at the biggest one first, he dodged as the larger man swung his fist towards Tsukune. Tsukune lifted his fist up into the larger man's ribs, as he did so Tsukune could feel the man's ribs snapping and breaking. The larger man fell to the ground holding his ribs writhing in pain.

Tsukune looked down at his fist, "Maybe that was a little to hard?" Tsukune looked at the other man who was now freaked out that Tsukune had dropped his friend with one punch, the man turned around and began to run away. Before Tsukune could chase after him Kokoa stuck her foot out tripping the man, he hit his face on the ground and knocked himself out.

"My hero!" Kokoa said jokingly as she stepped over the two unconscious men. Tsukune rubbed the back of his neck and laughed a little.

"I just didn't want you killing anyone." Tsukune said as he wrapped his arm up with Kokoa's. They both started walking back home, Kokoa had put her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah i probably would have.."

Sorry for updating the story i just felt like maybe it needed something to polish it off well