Okay, so let's get some things straight here. It might spoil the story but I don't want to disgust potential readers. Dimitri and Rose truly believe they are brother and sister but they aren't. So it really isn't incest. Now on to the story! Enjoy! (:

A Forbidden Love.

Chapter 1

I was in my room doing the typical thing you do on a school night. Studying. Well not typical for me anyways. I hate school and I really don't put much effort into my work. Unlike Dimitri. I roll my eyes thinking of him. I swear he was some super genius kid.

So I'm studying, or well trying. I have the attention spam of a 3-year-old on a sugar rush. So I was listening to music and studying at the same time. I know, distracting but whatever. I was still in my school uniform even though it was like 8:00. My uniform consists of a white button down dress shirt,a plaid skirt that I rolled up till mid-thigh, a tie the same pattern of my shirt, and a black blazer that I chucked off when I came home.

Though I was supposed to be studying I got lost in the music and wasn't aware of my surroundings. Out of nowhere something jumps on my back and covers my mouth. I scream and start thrashing around. I flip over and see Dimitri laughing his ass off beside me.

He was wearing something like what I was wearing. He had the same dress shirt, the same tie, same blazer, but instead he had black dress pants on. Like me he threw off his blazer as soon as he got out of school. The sleeves of his white button down shirt were rolled up to his elbows like mine.

I sit up and pull the ear phones out.

"What the hell was that! I swear you almost gave me a heart attack!" I say

He was laughing so hard he couldn't reply.

"Stop laughing it wasn't that funny!" I yell.

I shove him on the shoulder a little harder than I meant too and we both end up toppling off the bed. Eventually I joined him in his round of laughter when we fell on the floor. After about a good five minutes of laughing our laughter dies down. I then notice that I lay on top of him and that his arms were circled around my waist.

Both aware of our compromising position we freeze. I look up into his eyes and he stares back at me. I notice that he had a piece of hair in his eyes. Without realizing it I lift my hand up and push it back. He continues to stare at me. Unconsciously my eyes dart down to his lips.

Man this was getting fucking weird. So I do the only thing I could think off. I slapped his arm.

"So are you going to tell me what the hell you were thinking?!" I ask getting off of him.

It was getting a little hot in here so I walk to my vanity and grab a hair tie and start putting my hair up into a ponytail. I see Dimitri sit up on the floor and lean back on my bed.

"Well I noticed that you were awfully quite so I came to check on you. Imagine my surprise when I see you studying!" he says in mock astonishment, I just narrow my eyes," So I knew this person couldn't be the real Rose. I had to check my theory though."

I roll my eyes, "By jumping on me?"

"Yes." he says confidently

I just shake my head," Oh by the way Janine called." Dimitri says.

I raise my eyebrow, "What did she want?"

My mother was rarely around. She liked to party and drink. A lot. So she was almost never home. Which sucked because I had three other siblings: Eddie, Mason, and Mia. I swear I was more of a mother to them than her.

" She wanted you to cook dinner, she says she might not make it home tonight."

I shrug," She hasn't been able to make it home for a week."

Dimitri sighs,"I know Rose but we can't do much."

I nod, Dimitri gets up and starts to leave the room but then he stops and turns back around.

"Did anyone ask you to homecoming yet?"

I shake my head, "Just one person."

"Who?" he asks.

"Adrian" I say simply, Adrian has had a crush on me for a long time but I don't want to lead him on.

"Did you say yes?" Dimitri asks.

"I don't know yet." I tell him

"Good, say no."

"What? Why?" I ask

"Because he want's to get in your pants." I laugh and roll my eyes.

"Okay, how would you know."

He shrugs," I listen when guys talk about you, which is more often than you would think. I'm just trying to protect you Roza." He says smiling.

I smile back," Well it's your job isn't it?"

"As you brother it's my duty." he says and walks out.

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