Hey everybody! So...One Eye was probably one of my favorite dragons from the books, right up there with the Deadly Shadow and...that other one. What's his name? I think it's a he, but I don't remember...IDK. I think I'm thinking of the third head of the Deadly Shadow...Arrogance or whatever his name was.

He still hated humans, just so you know. He loathed them with everything in him. He was going to tear every single human being apart one of these days and show them that he and his proud dragon brothers were not made for chains. He was going to show everyone someday. One Eye the Saber-Toothed Driver Dragon hated humans with everything he had. He could hardly stand that little red-haired boy who acted like he was so clever all the time, he hated the way the boy spoke to him all the time, like he wasn't just an animal, like he…like he was an equal

Okay. So maybe One Eye kind of liked being treated with respect from that boy. But that was it. That was all.

Or at least, that's what he told himself until he watched Hiccup fall back on the bed, stiff as a board and his freckled cheeks flaming. He watched the little boy gasp for breath and mutter incomprehensibly, straining his eyes and trying to turn his head to see Fishlegs.

One Eye closed his single eye in sadness, trying to tell himself he was only sad because that revolting little boy hadn't managed to get the potato to help the dragons. Of course that would be it. Why should he care about any single, stinking human on this horrid earth? They enslaved the dragons. They hated dragons. Dragons hated humans. There was no middle ground.

But, as he gazed down at the boy's fever-red face and stiff mouth, hanging half-open as he frantically tried to move his tongue, he felt a single tear drip from his eye.

Maybe… he thought, maybe this is one human that I care about.