Title: Nothing Comes Close to You

Author: ButteR

Chapter: Prologue

A/n: Hope you like it! R/r please ^ ^

Nothing Comes Close to You


Her brown flowing hair trailed down over her shoulders, making obscure patterns in the wind. Her searching blue eyes captured the light from the sun for just a single moment before falling back into darkness- the shadow of her loss. Her pale cheeks, tinted lightly with pink, glowed through the wetness of her tears. In anguish and desperation she flung the horrible, beautiful golden band off her finger into the ocean, watching the waves sweep it away to remain forever submerged in unknown heartless depths. But it wasn't just the ring that was washed away by the salty, powerful wavesit was the broken shards of her heart

Rory Gilmore knew what she had to do. She had known since she had walked into her plush-carpeted, over air-conditioned, large windowed office. No, she had known even before that. She had known what she had to do from the first moment she woke up that morning, when she found herself alone in her bed. Again.

That was why she was walking so hurriedly to that little park on the corner of the busy road. It was a small island between buildings that had little more vegetation than the Sahara desert, not including the pitiful tufts of grass that surrounded the muddy puddle which the council liked to call a pond'. The minute pond was not the beautiful, sorrowful nirvana that she had envisioned for such a monumental chapter in her life story, but it would have to do.

Am I really able to do this? She thought suddenly. Do I have the strength to throw away my entire marriage?

What marriage? Another voice sounded in her head, this time filled with anger. What kind of marriage involves you sleeping alone on the queen-sized bed that he bought? Why doesn't any other wife have to force herself to tell her little boy that his daddy will come home, that he does love his family, even when she doesn't believe it herself? No one else's husband would take off one day without warning and be gone for weeks on end. What kind of husband would do that?

One that doesn't deserve marrying.

Rory whispered the answer to her own question bitterly.

As Rory's high heels touched the first shreds of grass, she wondered for the first time if her husband was safe. She hoped he was. Although he had put her through so much pain, although he ripped her heart apart, she still loved him. She knew it was pathetic, but she couldn't help how she felt.

Sliding the golden band off her finger, she stepped forward and let the tears fall. The ring glimmered in the sun, and Rory had to look away. Averting her gaze, she caught sight of what was in front of her for the first time.

Where's the pond?

There wasn't even the slightest trace of moisture on the ground in front of her. All that was there was a brown, muddy ditch.

Rory couldn't believe it.

There's not even a pond! she exclaimed out loud to no one in particular. What am I supposed to do now?

Rory felt a small vibration against her thigh. Her mobile phone was ringing. With shaking hands she took it out from her pocket, then suddenly threw it into the murky depths of the would-be pond.

Can't I throw away my engagement ring in peace? she screamed, frustrated and despairing. Red blotches were forming on her cheeks and the tears came down in huge, uncontrollable streams, splattering onto her white blouse and black designer jeans. Her body was wracked with sobs, and she felt like she would never feel loved again. There was nothing she could do, nothing that she would do. She couldn't even get rid of her engagement ring. Was she bound forever to a loveless marriage?

Wiping away the tears with one hand, she stood up and blindly walked. Not to her office, not to her car. Not even to the coffee shop. She just walked. Anywhere. Images of her and Dean's marriage raced through her mind. His voice kept repeating over and over in her head. The words were those that she had once rejoiced to hear but they were now a binding, a prison of her own making.

I love you Rory. Promise me that you'll never leave me.

I promise.

Rory stopped walking immediately as that one memory automatically replayed itself in her mind. Wrapped up in her own thoughts, she failed to realise that she was standing in the middle of a road. An extremely busy road.

Cars screeched to a halt. A man driving a smart-looking maroon Ferrari wound down his window and hollered out, You idiot! Get off the road! Horns beeped and headlights flashed, but for all the notice they got, they might as well be non-existent. If it weren't for a reassuring pressure on her arm pushing her forward, carefully guiding her as she walked numbly towards the non-descript, grey concrete footpath, she probably wouldn't have noticed if a car had knocked her over.

Safely on the footpath, Rory turned to see the person that had helped her. It was a man, about half a head taller than herself. He was wearing a smart looking, broad rimmed black hat that was tilted at a jaunty angle, covering his eyes and most of his hair. He had a tidy, navy blue business suit on, and a grey tie with the word Hero' imprinted on it in silver. Looking down, Rory saw that his shoes were made of beautiful, polished leather, which looked well cared for. Slowly lifting her gaze again, she saw that in his hand he carried a medium sized, brown leather bag. He was the average New York businessman. As her piercing blue eyes met his shadowed ones, she felt a pang of familiarity, like she should know this person, but no one in her past bore any resemblance to this figure.

she mumbled, suddenly coming to her senses, realising that it was rude to stare.

You're extremely welcome, Miss. Any time. Rory was sure that she had heard that smooth, deep voice before, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. When Rory didn't reply, the man took closer notice of her red-rimmed eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

A penny for your thoughts? he asked lightly.

Hold out your hand. Rory said suddenly, out of nowhere. The man was obviously confused, but held out his hand obligingly. Rory slipped the golden ring into his smooth palm, and closed she closed his fingers over it.

I can't take this.

Give it to the woman that you love, and never leave her.

Then Rory was gone, walking off quickly around a corner. The man stared off after her, the expression on his face unreadable.

What happened to you, Mary? he asked quietly, before walking away.