The New Generation

Chapter 1

Three days... Three days until their freedom would be taken from them, and all manner of fun would be forgotten; school was coming.

For Bright Eyes and Starlight, it was a chance for them to learn how to adapt, but for the rest, it was just sitting in a classroom while one pony stand at the front of the room and talks. Right now, seven ponies gather at the bar of a particular ice cream shop.

The pink pony working the counter was Starlight. She had on a green T-shirt, jeans, white tennis shoes, and a white apron. Her yellow hair was adorn with a white hat that was made to be worn with her uniform. She was considered the leader of this group because of her influence on the others.

Melody had the same fur color as Starlight, but her hair was blue. She too wore jeans, but had on a black tank top, and white tennis shoes. On her wrist was a bracelet that had the name of her favorite singer, Chain Link. She doesn't always think before she acts, but she usually learns from her recklessness.

Patch had orange fur and pink hair. She wore a black sweatshirt with the Wonderbolt logo sewn on, blue shorts, and athletic tennis shoes. Formerly an orphan, she is the one girl among her group to have wings and has a tomboyish attitude.

Bright Eyes, an aquamarine pony with orange hair, was the smartest among her friends. The frames of her glasses matches her hair and she wears a white t-shirt and khaki pants. In her hair behind her ear is a pencil. She jumps at every overt unity to learn something new.

Bon Bon was the only pony in her group to have the same name as her mother, but that wasn't the only thing she shared with her mother; she also shared her mom's love of baking. She was yellow with violet hair and wore a white sweatshirt with blue jeans and black tennis shoes.

If anyone were to be thought of an angel on earth, it was Sweetheart. Like Fluttershy, the only member of the mane six who remained in Ponyville, she was gentle, and saw the good in everyone, even the school bully, Teddy. She was white with pink hair, and wore a red T-shirt, black skirt, and tennis shoes.

Last, but not least, was Clover. Despite her clumsiness, she was the luckiest pony around, not to mention a rising ballerina. She wore a black T-shirt, jeans, and high-tops.

"So... what should we do now," Melody asked.

"Well, my parents said that we could sleep over at my house tomorrow night," Sweetheart answered, "If you want to come, we'd be happy to have you."

"Sounds fun," Bright Eyes replied, "Hopefully I can make it after my studies with Ms. Zecora."

"I wonder how you be able to continue your studies with her when school starts," Clover said.

"We plan to do it after school. I mean, I'm only going to be there for an hour."

"Oh, makes sense," Clover replied, taking a sip of her soda.

"Well, at least you'll make it to our weekly meetings," Starlight said.

"You know I won't miss them." Just then, Bright Eye's watch went off. "Time for me to go."

"Okay, see you later," Sweetheart said.

"You too." With that, Bright Eyes turned to leave the ice cream shop, but almost ran into a certain pony on the way out. Bright Eyes blushed when she realized who it was, Lancer. He was blue with red hair and wore a red collared shirt, khaki pants, and tennis shoes. Lancer belonged to a rich family, but he never let the money go to his head. In fact, he was kind and most of the time pretty shy, but he often played peacemaker with the girls, most of the time though he did that when the boys clashed with the girls. "Oh, h-hi Lancer."

"Uh, hey Bright Eyes, h-how are you," Lancer asked.



An awkward silence came between them for a few moments, until, "Hey Bright Eyes? Shouldn't you be getting to Ms. Zecora's," Patch pointed out.

Bright Eyes' eyes widened, "Oh my gosh! I have to go!" She ran out of the ice cream shop, nearly knocking down Ace and Teddy.

"What's eating her," Teddy asked. Teddy was a light blue pony adorned with an orange mohawk. He was wearing jeans, a white T-shirt, blue jeans, a jean jacket, and tennis shoes. Mounted on his forehead are a pair of black sunglasses. He was the last pony anyone would want to be around because of his reputation as a bully, though Sweetheart seems unphased by him. The reason why he acts so tough is still uncertain.

Ace was a tan pony with blonde hair. He was wearing a blue and white jersey with matching shorts and tennis shoes. Ace was the star player on the school's soccer team. Not once did he miss a game and not once did he miss a goal. He is also the dream pony of every girl at school, except Melody that is.

The boys joined the girls at the bar. "Hey guys, what's happening?" Melody asked.

"Well, we just finished a quick game of soccer," Ace said, "Gotta be ready for the first game of the year."

Patch just had to ask, "You do know that soccer practice is Thursday, right?"

"Yeah, but don't you remember those ponies from Trottingham High? We almost lost to them."

"I know, you said that about a hundred times. I've been practicing myself, but still..."

"Anyway, I think we have a shot," Lancer said.

Ace merely glared at Lancer.

"I was just saying."

Ace then turned to Melody. "So Melody, are you going to be cheering me on in the games?"

"Depends. I have band practice on certain days," Melody answered, "Practice makes perfect."

Starlight felt a little uneasy. Melody was one of Starlight's friend, but Starlight has a crush on Ace. The only problem with that is he has a crush on Melody while Melody could care less about him. It was confusing, but the reality was pretty obvious.

Teddy meanwhile looked over at Sweetheart. All those girls annoyed him, but Sweetheart was the least annoying. "So… Three more days before we go to back to the jail."

"You...mean school," Sweetheart asked.

"Yeah, that. So are ya doing anything tomorrow?"

"I'm actually going to have a sleepover with my friends."

Teddy faked a yawn, "Sounds lame."

"Maybe because you aren't a girl."

"Oh hardy har har..."

"Thank goodness," Ace muttered, "but then Lancer always sides with them…"

"Not true," Lancer said.

"Oh really," Ace sneered, "Name once."

"That one time when… Um… What about… Uh… I got nothin'."

"It's ok," Starlight grinned, "WE appreciate it."

Lancer blushed. "Um… Thanks, I guess."

"You're welcome," Starlight sneered.

Bright Eyes eventually came to the door to Zecora's tree cottage, and she knocked on the door. Soon, the zebra answered the door, "Ah, greetings, young one. Come, we have much to get done."

"Okay, sorry I'm kinda late, I just-"

"No need to apologize; your presence is enough, Bright Eyes."

"Thank you. So what will we be covering today?"

"I've decided we shall go over potions of romance, if you'd like the chance."

"Romance? Wouldn't it be blank love if a love potion is used?"

"Yes if certain potions are used, but there are ways to use potions in your love life without the abuse."

"I see..." that made Bright Eyes think for a moment, "I guess it wouldn't hurt. I mean, maybe some of them might pay off."

Zecora raised an eyebrow.

"I meant in the future. I'm not dating right now."

"I see, but maybe someone comes to mind? It's hard to hide your feelings about the one you find."

Bright Eyes began to blush. "Well, there is this one… but I'd rather tell you about it later when I'm ready to start."

"I understand, but remember this: only by the condition of his heart should you be his."

"I know, and I feel that he is a good match, I just don't think now's the right time."

There was an awkward silence.

"So, shall we start on the lesson?"

"Yes, it is an interesting subject, for it will only be real love potions that will be the object."

Bright Eyes took out her notepad and grabbed the pencil from behind her ear. "Let's do this."