How long had it been? Two, three weeks? Gally didn't care, she was here. Ido was here, she was happy. That was all Gally cared about, she was happy being there with Ido. "Ido, what have you been doing around here?" Innocent enough words, but for her, they would tell her everything she has been longing to hear.

"Well, Gally, I work as a cyborg Doctor." Ido smiled another of his warm smiles as he sipped his drink, "I've done this for as long as I've been here, sort of a hobby now, more then a job."

Gally smiled at Ido, saying nothing, she sat there, content to be with him. "Gally," Ido began, "you've been here quite sometime," Gally was anxious, what was he saying?? "When are you planning on leaving?"

Gally heart sunk, 'He doesn't want me here after all.' Gally put a false smile and face as she replied. "Actually, I was planning to leave this afternoon." Gally couldn't believe it. Ido, HER Ido, wanted her to leave. Was she just a burden to him? It couldn't be true.

Gally went the room Ido had let her use while she stayed there, and cried into the pillow. Why didn't Ido realize she loved him? It wasn't fair, she'd longed for him for so long, been through hell to avenge his memory. And now that she found him, he was pushing her away again. "Damn you, Nova, damn you and your fucking experiments!"

Nova, that's who caused this, Desty Nova. Damn him, and damn Salem. If he weren't dead, Gally would have headed for him by now. "If Ido doesn't want me, I'll go back to my old life. I'll hunt again, and bring in the bounties." Why does she want to be hunter-warrior? Ido was a hunter-warrior, was that it? Did she want to be like him if she couldn't be with him? "Maybe I'll just keep working for the company. It doesn't matter, I've lost Ido." Gally buried her head into her pillow, and cried softly.

In her doorway, Rei watched softly, "Poor thing," she thought, "she's lost something valuable." Closing the door for Gally, Rei let her cry.