Author's Note: So, I'm coming down to the last few chapters I wanted to add to this ficlet collection. I would love to add more but I'm running out of ideas –to be honest- and quite frankly, I have other ideas in mind I wanted to do. At least two of those ideas are Kiliel related (one of them will serve as a prequel to the Kiliel fic I'm writing now) and the other one will be a re-write of Durin Strong because I realized I wanted to make that mostly Thorin and Dis related and I don't think it worked out as well. No telling when I'll be doing that though.

With that said, y'all are likely looking at one of the last two chapters I'll be writing for this story. I had this particular idea in my head for a while but every time I went to write it, something else popped up. When I was working on something for He Lives in You, another idea for this chapter popped up into my head and I thought that after I posted iTunes Challenge – pt 2 that I just had to work on this one

Kiliel Ficlets
Braiding Hair
written by milady oakenshield

One thing Kili loved to do as a young dwarfling was braiding others' hair; whether it was Thorin's, his mother's, or Fili's – and sometimes he'd dream up the most intricate of ideas. He even braided Thorin's and his mother's hair together, once; oh, did he get a scolding from that, once they'd manage to get themselves unhooked. His mother had this lengthy black hair that trailed to her hips. Sometimes she'd find it quite difficult to do up so he'd have her sit, then he'd pull up a chair, and he'd plait her hair.

Kili loved long hair. And Tauriel had a lot of it. She wasn't a dwarrowdam either, which meant her hair was much longer than he was used to. Still, he quite enjoyed the thought. There was a feast tonight, to which he was invited, and he thought it'd be nice to do her hair up pretty. It was the first time ever he'd seen the inside of her room – or any female's room, for that matter – but it is where her hair products were, and for some reason she insisted upon it.

Tauriel sat in front of the mirror of her vanity, and Kili stood behind her. He undid the braids currently in her hair, then he reached for a wide-tooth comb to brush through her red locks; remembering to get underneath the nape of her neck to ensure any knot did not remain. He sectioned off the top third of her hair, dividing this section into three parts. He began twisting the hair towards the back of her head; after the first pass, Kili began working the outside pieces over each other. When he reached the last part of the first braid section, he dropped the strand of hair.

He continued this waterfall look by picking up the next section of hair located beside the hair strand he just dropped, and then continued braiding by cascading the braid toward the middle of Tauriel's head. Kili repeated these steps a few times over and then did so with the other side of her head until both plaited strands came together in the dead center. He braiding these two together until he ran out of hair to braid then he finished it off with a clip.

Kili gave a whistle as he stepped back. The elleth gave herself a once over in the mirror, to admire his handwork, and she smiled. "You have done fine work, Kili," Tauriel complimented. Their eyes met through the mirror until she had spun away from the chair with the comb in hand. "Sit. You must have your hair done as well."

"A- Are you certain?"

The elleth blinked. "You are to join me for the Feast are you not?" He said naught, and she guided him into the chair in which she previously sat, having him turn to face the mirror, as she had.

He definitely was not to attend the feast as thus. She'd dress him appropriately if she had clothes to fit him but these under clothes of his would have to do; it was his hair she was mostly concerned about. Now that he sat in front of her, Tauriel put a finger to her lips as she contemplated what she were to do with his unruly mop of hair.

The elleth grabbed for the comb placed on the vanity and started carding it through Kili's hair. This eliciting many groans, and yelps, and some "not so rough" from him. He caught her sneer and realized she must be enjoying this torture. Maybe if he took a brush to his hair once in a while, it wouldn't be so knotted and tangled. He had a really thick head of hair, too. And once she managed to rake out all the knots, Tauriel replaced her comb on the vanity. At least Kili had stopped his whining.

Taking a small bunch of hair from one side of his head, and another bunch from the other, Tauriel began to twist both, equally, until they turned in towards each other and came to meet in the center, where she twisted them together and trailed the one long strand down the back of his head. Whilst pinching it in place, she reached for a clip then secured it. As she took a step back, Kili had a chance to admire her work and he quite liked what he saw.

"This is good work," he commented. "Do elves admire hair as much as we dwarves do?" If the products on her vanity were anything to go off of then he probably just answered his own question, or made himself look like a complete ass in the process.

"Not all of us," she answered, which earned her a bewildered stare. "It depends on the situation which determines the amount of time we spend grooming ourselves," Tauriel paused to give some thought to those elves who would spend more time in front of their vanities than others. "Although, I can name a few who are an exception. I am normally quite satisfied with a few braids here and there though if there is a feast or a banquet or some regal affair then I take more time in my preparations."

"It is the same with me."

Tauriel's nose twitched. "Would that might just include only bathing on those occasions as well?"

"Well, I- " He stopped when he caught what she had said, actually processed it and not just glanced it over, and that's when he caught her smirking; Kili shot her a glare. "Hey now! Not cool. I'll have you know that I bathe quite regularly. My mam insists on it."

"Is this because you always reek?"

"I will have you eat those words, elf."

She rolled her eyes. "As you wish, dwarf." She gave him a good poking in the ribs, and he yelped, then the elleth started smiling all over again. "Come. We have a feast to attend."

"Right." Kili stood.

As the pair wandered out, he made the off-handed comment under his breath about the way she smelled compared to him, and somehow this turned into a contest about who smelled the worst, and the loser would have to bathe immediately following.

Suffice it to say, Tauriel won that argument.