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Chapter 11: Resolution

It was a mess, everything was.

Elsa had a realization that the answer to the weather problem was love, and it had been love since the beginning.

As she worked her magic, the snow and ice was sucked out of Arendelle, bringing back the July weather once more.

The citizens trusted her at last, and she was looked up to as the queen of Arendelle.

As for the 13th prince of the southern isles…

The dignitaries, despite the restoration, were unhappy with the way Kristoff had killed him. The ice harvester had protested, over and over, that it was out of anger and he could not control himself, but they would hear none of it.

That is, until Elsa stepped in.

"A commoner should, under no circumstances, be attacking, or, for God's sake, killing a royal at any cost – "

"I mean, we do agree there should have been a punishment for Prince Hans," the Spanish dignitary interrupted. "But death was not an option."

Elsa did not want anything to happen to the harvester; after all, she loved him, didn't she?

The queen had made up a story on the spot:

"Kristoff," she said, placing a hand on his shoulder, "is…Arendelle's Official Ice Master and Deliverer." The man raised an eyebrow, and Elsa sneaked in a wink.

"He isn't just any commoner; his…business has him delivering ice to the castle quite often."

"Queen Elsa," another royal began, "you do have the powers to create anything out of ice – surely he wouldn't be needed – "

"No one knew about my powers," Elsa interrupted. "I wasn't planning on revealing them to anyone either, so…" She raised an eyebrow. "After all, he…he helped me and protected me from any sort of danger – sort of like an escort."

The luminaries, after a brief moment, sighed. "We will send a message containing these details to the Southern Isles," one spoke up. "If they have any problems, they do have the right to contact you immediately."

And that was that.

"Elsa," Kristoff said, walking by the queen's side. "T-that was dangerous! You lied to keep me safe – "

" – and it was worth it," she finished for him. Cupping his cheek, she stood up on her toes and kissed him softly. "I couldn't stand losing you…not after what happened."

The ice harvester was given a room to stay in within the castle walls, although he often was out and about, chopping up ice and continuing his business.

Elsa did not lie completely – a few minutes after their conversation with the royals, Elsa had thrown on a medal around his neck, smiling.

"Made for the Official Ice Master and Deliverer," she told him, giving him a kiss.

"Wait, so…" he scratched his head. "You were being serious?"

"Well, how else could a 'commoner' be with the queen?"

Kristoff couldn't argue.

As they watched the ships leave the harbor one by one, Elsa sighed contently and leaned against Kristoff's shoulder.

"What a journey this has been," she said, chuckling. "Who knows what would have happened if I had never met you – "

"I wouldn't be here right now," he responded. "I wouldn't know you, or talk to you, or be in love with you…so I try not to think about it." Through gritted teeth, he added, "That bastard deserved to die."

"Kristoff…" Elsa turned to him. "Hans did bad things and he had bad intentions, but…he didn't deserve to – "

"He hurt you," Kristoff interrupted. "Anyone who hurts you…"

Elsa wrapped her arms around him, putting two fingers to his lips. "You're so overprotective," she commented through a laugh. "But it's sweet. Just…promise me you won't…kill anyone anymore?"

"That depends on whether or not they cause you pain," he replied, but he managed to end up with a smile. "I promise."

After a few minutes, Kristoff sighed. "Well, I hate to break it to you, but if I don't get a head start, I might never be able to make the business a success.

The queen's eyes widened, and she turned to him. "Wait…you're leaving, already? But it's been so – "

The harvester held her softly. "I know, but I think it'll be best if I resume everything immediately: after all, I'm the official deliverer, aren't I? I've got expectations," he said, chuckling.

"But…" Elsa frowned. "There's going to be a ball tonight, and I'm going to have to dance with someone…"

Kristoff raised an eyebrow. "…Oh?" He shrugged. "Couldn't you just refuse to dance?"

"I could, but…" a smile grew on her lips. "I was hoping I'd be able to dance with you."

The mountain man blushed slightly. "God, Elsa, I don't know…I mean, I guess I could stay a night or two, but I don't know how to – "

"-dance?" Elsa's eye twinkled mischievously. "What are we waiting for? I'll teach you!"

Before Kristoff could protest, Elsa had grabbed his hand and they were in the castle in an instant.

"This is not fair!"

"I know!"

"Elsa, I really don't – "

"Would you rather have me dance with someone else?"



The gates hardly ever closed after that – Princess Anna, after so much isolation, wanted them to be open as much as possible.

She encouraged the public to come visit her, and one visitor in particular she fell in love with – a young man named Casper Aadland.

It was not love at first sight – she had learned from her experience with Hans – but it was love nonetheless.

Elsa, on the other hand, had countless queenly duties to attend to. Day through night, she would look over documents and sign them. Rinse and repeat.

It could be tedious at times, but remembering the wonderful, accepting kingdom she was doing it for, she told herself it was worth it. She also got to look forward to the weekends…


Elsa had just gone through the largest stack of papers she'd ever seen before – it was quite possibly the most tedious thing in the world.

Sighing, she leaned back and wiped the sweat from her brow.

It's five o'clock… Elsa thought, a smile overtaking her exhausted features. Kristoff should be here any minute now –

As if on cue, the door opened up slowly, and there stood a tired but happy looking ice harvester.

"Kristoff!" The queen exclaimed, running over to the man.

The man chuckled, ruffling her hair gently as she pecked him on the lips. "Hey, you," he said, laughing.

The two were out of the castle and onto Kristoff's sled in almost no time at all.

"Where are you taking me this time?" Elsa giggled – she rarely did so, still. Leave it to Kristoff to make her.

"We're going to stop by the cabin for the night," he started. "And then, we're off to see our dear friends the trolls." He shuffled with something behind him. "Close your eyes!" he ordered, slipping out a plastic wrapping from a small box.

Elsa laughed once more, her eyes now closed. "Kristoff, what are – mmph!"

The man had slipped a chocolate ball – caramel, Elsa's favorite – into her mouth, laughing as her eyes widened in surprise.

Popping one into his own mouth, he grinned. "I got some for Anna, too – "

"No," the queen whined, pouting. "Mine."

And then she frowned. "Well, we can buy Anna some on the way back, but…"

Kristoff laughed. "Of course," he replied. "But as of right now, there's no rush."

Elsa nodded, smiling as she rested her head on his shoulder. "No rush…that sounds good, for once." She patted his chest affectionately. "Thanks for this, week after week…you don't know how much this helps."

Kristoff grinned down at her. "Anything for her Majesty."

Not five minutes later, Elsa was fast asleep, humming adorably as her chest rose and fell.

Kristoff smiled to himself and shook his head. With everything as it currently was, it seemed all right.

Elsa was happy, and so was Anna – and Kristoff was happy, too. Sven neighed back at him, Kristoff shrugged. "Yeah, buddy," he said slowly. "It's still going to happen. I'm ready, and I hope she is too."

Reaching into his back pocket, he confirmed the safety of the object by patting the area – inside was a black, velvet box. Perhaps there was a ring inside as well.

Thinking about popping the question in just a couple of days was already beginning to get the Kristoff. He began to sweat and he shook his head, shoving the thoughts out of his head.

"That's not yet, Kristoff; just chill out." He glanced to his side and smirked. "It should be a lot easier since you've got the snow queen on your shoulder, heh…"

As they arrived at the cabin, Kristoff lifted Elsa up with ease and carried her bridal style into the building.

Setting her down on the bed she had first slept in a while ago, Kristoff leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"I love you."

He really did – after all, in a couple of days he would be expressing just how much he loved her through the process of kneeling down and presenting a ring.

He hoped that Elsa would respond with a "yes". He hoped that she would be just as excited as he was about their new life together. He hoped that he could slip the ring on her finger, knowing that they would love each other for the rest of their lives.

They did.