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Rolling In The Deep



"How could you do this to me..?" she yelled as she started running out of his house..She couldn't believe what she saw..The guy she loved ..The guy she thought who loves her was sleeping with someone else..

"Enough..Your making a scene.." he hissed running behind her until he finally managed to grip her arms to make her stop..caroline turned to looked at the guy who she thought was the perfect one for her..her eyes managed to turned around and saw that the people who were gathered for the party at his house where watching the whole scene..

"I don't care" she hissed back trying her best to get his grip on her arm loosen.. "how could you do this to me..i thought you love me..?" she whispered as a silent tear fell down her cheeks..Klaus raised his eyebrow at her and let out a scoff..

"Love you..? Didn't I told you once love is weakness" he said letting out a laugh..

"But you said you love me.. and you-" she started saying but Klaus words interrupted her

"and you believed it..?" he said scoffing a bit.. "Sweetheart just so you know you were nothing but a rebound for me..and may I say a bet I made with your friends who were kind of sure that you won't get seduced by me..and I guess I prove them wrong" he adds watching how Caroline face turned form anger to sad then in shock at the revelation of his exact intention with her..Caroline was about to say something but she saw her best friend coming out of the house towards her..Caroline ran towards her..

"Tell me what he is saying isn't true..?" caroline asked Elena ..elena opened her mouth to say something

"Yea sweet Elena..tell your friend how you made bet with me" Klaus said making his way towards the girls..caroline stood ignoring Klaus as she kept on staring at Elena..watching her friend standing stood with nothing but guilt written all over her face..caroline back away in shock

"Caro-" Elena started saying but Caroline stopped her

"How could you.." Caroline asked tears falling down her face..

"How could you do this to me…" she yelled at her making Elena take a step back away in fear..Katherine ran towards Caroline..but Caroline stopped her

"Did you knew about this too..?" she asked Katherine..

"What..? no.. ofcourse not.." Katherine protested..Making her way towards Caroline as she wrapped her arms around her.. "I won't let something like this happen to you" Katherine said softly as she gave a death glare to Elena..

"Caroline I was going to tell you-" Elena said

"Stop" Caroline begged

"No you have to listen..i was going to tell you-"

" I said stop" Caroline begged again..she rubbed her temple in order to shut Elena mouth but it was impossible there was something going on with her brain that was making her cry out loud , was making her weak..she looked at Elena and all she could see was blur..before she could think about what was happening her knee back down making her fall …the last thing she saw was Katherine concern face yelling for her name and then blackness

She opened her eyes only to see herself been stare by her friends..she could see a smile started forming on their lips when they saw her awake…

"Hey.." Katherine said as she sat besides Caroline it was then she realized that she was not in her room she was in hospital.

"Why I'm here..?" she asked only looking at Katherine and no one else...Caroline could see that her question made Katherine nervous..she saw Katherine trying to ignore her contact but staring at Stefan once a life..

"kat. Please tell me what is it..?" Caroline said in fear not really understanding the sudden fear in Katherine eye for her.. but instead of Katherine it was Stefan who answered her question

"You and Elena were arguing then you yelled her to stop.." Stefan started saying as he made his way towards the other side of the Caroline bed..Caroline gave him a nod

"Yea I remember it..we were arguing over kla-' she was about to take his name but stopped herself she closed her eyes for seconds trying to control the tears that were ready to fall.. "we were arguing ..then I told her to stop..after that I don't remember anything other than Katherine yelling my name" Caroline added looking at Stefan as she wiped the tear that had fallen out of her eye..

"Yea you kinda fainted..so kla-" Stefan started but stopped looking at Caroline was in urges of tears. "he brought you here for checkup.. "

"Where is he now..? is he still here..?" she asked looking at Stefan and Katherine… a smile started forming on her lips thinking about what Stefan said.. did really Klaus brought me here..? He still cares for me..? Loves me..?

"No" Katherine answered watching how the smile of caroline lips was vanished .. caroline gave a nod without saying anything..what they expect her to say..? it was her fault to believe in Klaus.. Klaus did what he always did hurt me.. and this time I was the one who allowed him

"Caroline.. reason that you fainted.." Katherine started saying but Caroline voice interrupted her

"I'm pregnant" caroline said without any emotion on her face..Katherine and Stefan looked at her in shock..

"How you know-"Stefan said but Caroline small laugh interrupted him

"I got to know it just few hours ago..and that was the reason i came to see Klaus today to tell him about him becoming a father but instead I saw him fucking someone other than me.." Caroline replied without any emotion…Caroline was so nervous when she got to know about her pregnancy but she was sure that she and Klaus could handle it well..

"He was here right..? he did knew about me been pregnant..?" Caroline asked Stefan..Stefan could hear the fear in her voice..

"yes." He answered

"What he said..?" Caroline asked..she knew he was not ready for it because if he was ready he would be the one standing besides her not Katherine and Stefan..she already knew the answer but still she wanted to hear it..

"He gave this.." Katherine said in bitter voice as she showed her an envelope making Stefan snarled under his breath..Without even asking what is it..Caroline snatched the enveloped from her hand..her eyes got widen in shock when she saw what was in it…

"I don't understand.." she said pulling out the money that were there on envelope

"He said that he wants you to abort the child" Katherine said.. " and that's the reason he gave this money saying that he don't want anything to do with you or the child…Elijah messaged me saying that klaus left the town 15minutes ago without saying anything to them either" Katherine added

Caroline sat there staring at the money Klaus left for her..he doesn't want anything to do me with me..? he wants to kill our child..? how could he..? he left me..? Klaus wasn't the same guy she fell in love with and he wasn't the same anymore..how is he even ready to kill his first child..? Caroline closed her eyes resting her head back into the pillow..she could hear Stefan and Katherine whispering something but that didn't matter only thing matter was that Klaus left her..he left not only her but also their child..how she supposed to raised a child alone..? her grip got tighten on the money Klaus gave

"Call the doctor" Caroline said still keeping her eyes close..

"What..?" Katherine asked

"I said call the doctor" Caroline said making Katherine and Stefan look at her in worry..it was Stefan who went forwards holding Caroline hands in hers

"Okay " he said not really liking the thought that caroline might actually abort the child " but Care.. We just want you to know that we are here for you..and will always be here for you.." Stefan said wiping away the tears that were falling down caroline face

"Yea..carebear we will always respect your decision" Katherine said as she went out to call the doctor..

Four years later

"What the hell is wrong with him I don't understand" bonnie yelled as she slammed the door behind her making her way towards her friends..katherine and caroline looks at her then at each other exactly knowing what is she talking about..

"I mean he says he likes me..then out of nowhere he goes asking the other girls to dance with him.." bonnie said as she walking back and forth in the living hall.. "I mean who the hell does that..? you guys don't know how difficult it was for me to tear him away from that girl and send him with away with rumi" she sign in frustrated kicking away the empty boxes that were lying on the ground..Katherine dodged the box that went right besides her head..she turned looking at Caroline with widen expression at bonnie outburst making Caroline let out a giggle..

"You know what you were right" bonnie said making her way towards Katherine..Katherine looked at her in confusion

"Right about what..?" she asked looking at bonnie then at Caroline..Caroline simply shrugged her shoulder

"About men will always be men.." bonnie said … " you were right I shouldn't have given him the attention that he needed.." bonnie continued not even caring where the girls were listening or not.. " I can't even stand him anymore" she said signing in frustrated.. " I think I should ignore him like he is ignoring me now..? or I could make him jealous the same way he does..?"Bonnie said a smirkle started forming on her lips.. she turned to look at her friends waiting for their respond for her plan but she saw them already busy with eachother looking at something in Katherine cell..bonnie grabbed the pillow an hit Katherine with it making her yelp in surprise

"What..?" she sign rubbing her head where the pillow hit her..bonnie stood there crossing he arms tapping her foot on the ground..

"What..? You asking me what..? I have been talking o you guys and you guys weren't even listening to me" bonnie snapped making Caroline chuckled but a glare from bonnie made her chuckled dead ..Caroline held her hands up in defence

"Sorry but we were just checking out the dresses bekah sended us.." Caroline blowing a kiss for bonnie which she easily accepted

"And the second thing is we didn't wanted to be caught between you and your lover.." Katherine said rolling her eyes.. "not because we are sincere but because we didn't like the fact that at the end you always take his side" Katherine scoffing abit.. Bonnie shake her head at Katherine comment but didn't said anything

"So when is bekah coming back..?" bonnie asked making herself comfortable on the couch between caroline and Katherine..katherine showed her the pics bekah send her

"Tonight" caroline answered with a bright smile..

"Really aunt bhekah is choming thoday" a small and soft voice said making everyone turn their head towards the door ..smile started forming on everyone smile..

"yes baby.. your aunt bhekah is choming.." Katherine said in the adorable childish way as she pick up the toddler in her arms kissing the child cheeks until she left red lipstick mark on the skin..

"you allwashys dho thath.." the small girl said rubbing her cheeks as katherine lowered her on ground..the girl giggle and ran towards her mother..

"mommy.." she giggle running into her mothers arms..caroline hugged her daughter tightly as she giggled

"how was the day my baby girl..?' caroline asked pulling away from the girl as she started fixing her daughter flower hair band..

"fun.. me and uncle kol were taking a swing at the garden and uncle fell down on his face" the toddler giggle keeping palm on her mouth to stop laughing..

"is kol afraid of swings..?"Katherine asked bonnie for which she just shoke her head

"no I don't think so" bonnie said

"then how can he fall down from a swing…?" caroline asked letting out a chuckle

"because I thold him he hash spider on his head" The small girl giggle making everyone laugh..katherine and bonnie was about to say something but the second voice from the doorway made them stop

"your daughter is a devil" they turned to look at the doorway the voice was of no one else but kol who was standing there his face covered in mud..katherine and caroline kept their hands on their mouth from laughing..bonnie giggled as she made her way towards kol bringing him inside the house..

"Come let's get you clean up" she said as they made their were making their way upstairs

"bye uncle kol" child said to kol sticking her tongue at him funnily which made kol shake his head in laughter..he waved her bye as he disappeared upstairs with bonnie

"how about you sit here with your aunt and I bring you something to eat.." caroline said kissing her daughter forehead as she went inside the kitchen

"So rumi came here..tell me what you today..?"Katherine asked enveloping rumi in a hug

"Nothing meh and uncle kol were playing" she said smiling widely at Katherine.. they both started talking among themselves ..Katherine started giving rumi ideas about how to scare kol more which made rumi more excited..rumi smiled kissing Katherine on cheeks but started laughing as Katherine started tickling her..

Caroline stood there at the kitchen door watching her best friend and her daughter smiling and laughing..a genuine smile started forming on her lips watching how happy her daughter is.. a silent tear fell down her cheeks thinking about how 4years ago she was not sure how to raise a child ..how to be a single parent ..but now she Is proud of herself for raising a daughter by herself..

"You're a great mother" a voice said making caroline turned her head towards the side..

"How long have you been standing there…?" she asked wiping away the tears

"Long enough to see my mother crying" the small boy said making his way towards her mom as he simply hugged her like Katherine does..caroline hugged him tightly towards her kissing his cheeks

"You are a great mother you know.. we are happy to have you.." he said as he backed away a little to wipe his mother tears..caroline smiled

"I should be the one wiping away your tears not the other way around nick" caroline said letting out a laugh

"well that's my duties to handle two beautiful girls specially when I'm the only boy in the house" he chuckled making caroline laugh

"Aren't you mature enough for the age of 4..?" she asked raising her eybrow at him… nick placed his hands in his pocket as a smirkle started forming on his lips

"I got it from best" he said making caroline giggle..

"Come on..lets go out before rumi comes yelling that I steal you away from her.." nick said rolling his eyes as he hold caroline hands making their way towards the living area were Katherine and rumi were still busy planning how to scare kol..they sat in living room for hours laughing and smiling..telling nick and rumi all the scary thing they could do with uncle kol.. caroline smile watching both her twins smiling and laughing ..she just hoped that they could stay like this forever

He placed his bag on his shoulder as he made his way outside the airport..he turned looking around his surrounding until he saw the person he was looking for ..he made his way towards the person who was carrying the board with his name on it..

"Well mate , that me.." he said pointing at the name on the board..the driver gave him a nod as he throw his bag harshly in the drivers arms and went forward making his way towards the car backseat..the driver kept the bag into the car and went to the drivers seat and started the engine making their way outside the airport

"Here I came Mystic falls" he said a smirkle appearing on his lips

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