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Pairing: KagaKise, AoKuro, ImaZuki (Imayoshi/Izuki), Akashi/Furihata.


Hyuga had taken it personally, that it was a captain's duty to be aware of the shifts that happen with his members. Yet, he couldn't do anything when it all happened before his very eyes. Aiming to be number 1, they trained to be strong, stronger than their current selves. With victories and power, comes popularity.

Hyuga should have been suspicious. Kise, after focused more in his modeling career since his legs injury took months to completely healed, always popped between their practices. But that wasn't weird. The weird thing was the changes in his greeting. First, it was "Good afternoon, Kurokocchi!", then "Kagamicchi! Good day!", and now "Taigacchi!" Complete with a hug.

The Seirins sweatdropped and bewildered at the same time when it first occurred. Moreover, Kagami's face was almost as red as his hair when Kise hugged him. But he never shook him off and only mumbled "Stop it, Ryouta."

Next came Aomine with his tsundere acts. He came just to bicker with Kagami. At first, Hyuga misinterpreted it and thought it would be a problem if Kise knew. But not long after that, Kise appeared with his usual greeting. And the room still filled with "Bakagami!" and "Ahomine!" Until Kuroko intervened.


Oh, right, he forgot that guy. And yup, Aomine became nervous a little with Kuroko's unnerving gaze which shredded his wall apart.

It just took four hours for Kise to set them up. Awesome.

The alarms in everyone's heads went off simultaneously when Imayoshi, the four eyed ex-captain of Touou, came to visit them with Aomine saying that the Touou's ace needed to be chaperoned. Hyuga's eyebrow twitched. Something. Is. Going. To. Happen.

And the answer came to the captain when he saw Izuki, pressed against the corridor wall, being kissed oh so vigorously by the creep.

... Wonderful.

Hyuga had enough. He massaged the bridge of his nose and heaved a long sigh. Hopefully these couple thingies wouldn't affect their practices and performances.

And he couldn't do anything but stared, when a certain lion approached him and asked (demanded) to see a Chihuahua.


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