"Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas."

The doors to the monorail shut and Emma heard the toot of the horn just as they started moving. It had been a long day - a long vacation - but a good one. She rubbed her fingers along Henry's arm who was stretched out across her's and Neal's laps with his head in Regina's.

"He's out cold," Snow said smiling as she watched her daughter and grandson across the aisle from her.

David chuckled and put his arms around his wife. "Looks like he might have had too much fun."

"I don't think there's any such thing as too much fun," Belle chimed in, her Minnie Mouse ears and Rumple's Mickey Mouse ears lying in her lap. "Especially at Disney World." She leaned her head on Rumple's shoulder and linked her arm through his. "Thanks for being such a good sport, Rumple," she added, tapping his hand with hers.

"Yeah, thanks, Papa," Neal agreed. "It meant a lot."

Rumplestiltskin sighed, flashing the slightest of grins. "Anything for my family." He looked at Belle. "Just don't ever take me on those spinning tea cups again, Belle. Once was quite enough."

"That was, probably, the funniest thing I've ever seen on this trip, Gold," Regina laughed. "That or your face on the Tower of Terror," she said pointing to Snow.

Snow hung her head back reliving the most harrowing five minutes of the trip. David gave her a side-arm hug and a kiss on the head.

"That picture is pretty priceless," David admitted.

"Ha. Ha," Snow uttered sarcastically.

The group sat contently with smiles on their face as the monorail made its way to their hotel. Regina ran her fingers through Henry's hair as he continued to sleep. Emma caught her eye and smiled.

"I'm glad we did this, Regina," Emma said. "All of us. It was good for Henry to have a vacation with his entire family."

Regina smiled. "Yeah, it was."

"Can we make this an annual journey?" Hook asked eagerly.

Emma raised her eyebrow at the pirate. He was sitting next to her father still wearing his pirate-themed Mickey Mouse ears and clutching a toy sword in his hand.

"Weren't you the one who wasn't excited about this trip?" Neal questioned.

Hook shifted in his seat, catching his bag full of souvenirs before it fell off his lap to the ground. "I may have been a bit quick to pass judgement," he confessed. "I wasn't aware I'd be crossing paths with this Captain Jack Sparrow though. He certainly is an interesting character."

"It's ok to admit you had fun, mate," David chuckled, elbowing his friend in the side.

"This won't be our last trip, Hook," Snow said. "And we'll be sure to get the Fastpass for Pirates of the Caribbean so you won't have to wait in line."

Neal peered out the windows behind him. "Looks like we're coming up on our stop." He shook Henry's legs gently. "Hey, buddy, time to wake up."

"Henry," Regina said softly, tapping him lightly on the tip of his nose. "It's time to get up, my little prince."

Henry stirred at the sound of his mother's voice and looked around at his family. "Do we have to go home tomorrow?"

The monorail pulled into the station of the Grand Floridian Resort as the overhead announcement came through the speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you're standing, please hold onto the handrails and stand clear of the doors until the monorail stops completely and the doors open. If this concludes your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, we hope you had a wonderful time and will return home safely."

"Come on, kid," Emma said standing up and taking Henry's hand. "We'll be back soon. I promise."