A Christmas Partnership



Summary-What happens when Bella resorts to unusual methods to catch the attention of Edward, a shy and slightly oblivious co-worker?



"Bella," Alice warns. "This isn't one of your brightest ideas."

"I know, but I'm at a loss here. Hot as hell partner-ward doesn't even know I exist. Since he became a partner at Masen Incorporated, he hasn't looked up from his computer long enough for me to catch his eye. I know he's widowed and doesn't have anyone special right now. I know he has grown kids. I've heard him on the phone with his daughter and he's very protective. He's always giving her sage advice and telling her to be careful. I know he won't be able to resist a damsel in distress. Me!" I say excitedly. I'm confident my, although unorthodox, plan will work. Alice, however, is not convinced.

Alice is shaking her head. "This is nuts, Bella. Pretending to be drunk at the company Christmas party is risky. You're also a partner with the company. This could damage your career or at least cause you to lose the respect of some of your colleagues."

"Give me some credit, Alice. I'm not going to be the slutty drunkard at the party. I'm going to be the fun, in need of a friend, drunkard. Much more respectable."

"Couldn't you just ask him for coffee? Get his attention the normal way? You and I know that about half the time your schemes don't go as planned."

"Pffft." I wave her off. "I have a good feeling about this." I've really had a good feeling about Edward since the day he joined the company. A good feeling as in I can't stop thinking about him. He exudes such authority in board meetings, in his dark suits and silk ties, his messy bronze hair on the edge of out of control, strong jaw, dark rimmed glasses and piercing, green eyes. His charismatic way commands attention, but in a humble way. Then when he retreats to his office, which is right next to mine, he's quiet and all business. So much so that we have never talked, I mean never more than a hello or a goodbye. If I didn't know better I'd think he was ignoring me, but the truth is, he ignores everyone. He's very focused and professional, a man of few words.

A/N This is a light, short Christmas story. I will post multiple chapters each day.

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