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"Would you like to come over? We can hang out and I can make us dinner later?" I offer when we're settling the lunch bill. I'm not ready to let her go.

"Are you asking me on a date?" she teases.

"Yes, I am. I've learned to cook a few dishes and I just might impress you." I smile, feeling more confident and comfortable with her.

"I'm all yours," she answers, tucking herself into my side as we walk towards my place.

"Edward, this place is phenomenal. The windows, the view," she says, standing in front of the wall of windows. In this instant I envision her naked and pressed up against the window while I have my way with her. The thought sends a thrill down my spine, directly to my stirring cock.

"You have that look again."

"What look?"

"The look you had when I first got to the restaurant earlier. That reminds me, you said you'd tell me later whatever you were thinking about."

"Bella, it's kind of embarrassing."

Walking up to me, her arms go around my neck, her fingers scratching lightly at my scalp. She looks up at me with genuine interest. "You can tell me anything, Edward. Anything."

She's impossible to resist so I kiss her perfect pink lips. When we separate, we're both breathless.

"Earlier I was thinking about how I enjoyed kissing you in public, and my thoughts went to other things we could do, you public."

He eyes widen, her mouth forming a little O before it morphs into a sexy grin.

Pressing my body to hers, she can feel my desire for her hard against her hip. "And just now I was thinking about how I'd like to take you against the window, where everyone can see your naked body and what I'm doing to you."

"Damn, Edward. Please bring partner-ward out to play more often. That was hot."


"That's my nickname for what you are like in the boardroom, commanding and sure of yourself. It's so sexy," she says, rubbing herself against my thigh. "Tell me what else you'd like to do with me."

"God, Bella. Everything. I want to do everything with you, but right now I want you in my bed, naked." With my hands on her tight ass I lift her. Her legs wrap around me, her lips kissing my neck, as I carry her to my room.

I remove each piece of her clothing slowly, tasting and learning each freckle and line as I go. By the time she's naked, we're both breathless and needy. My cock, still confined in my pants, is weeping to be released.

My lips claim hers, our tongues languidly moving together. Her hands make quick work of my clothes, while mine find their way to the apex of her thighs.

"You're so wet, Bella. Did I do that to you?"

"Yes, only for you. Just you." Her hands wrap around my cock and start pumping. Instinctively I thrust into her hand, but I stop before I come too soon.

I help her move onto the bed. I take a second to admire her naked beauty, laid out for me, in awe of this amazing woman I only dreamed about having here in my bed.

"Come here." She opens her arms to me, and I go like I've been called home.

When I enter her, it's like nothing I've ever felt. But it's more than just the intense physical feeling of our joined bodies or her encouraging whimpers spurring me on, it's deeper. Sweat dripping from my brow, I give her what she asks for. Her body tenses and pulsates around my cock just seconds before I burst, coming harder and more intense than I thought possible..

Needing to lay down, I collapse next to her, pulling her with me. Face to face and freshly fucked, her skin glistens with sweat, her cheeks pink, eyes bright, looking at mine with such emotion. I can't think of a time I've ever felt more content.

"Bella, I hope it's not too soon, but I want to spend Christmas with you. I know your parents aren't close by and you haven't said anything about traveling for the holidays. If you don't have any other plans, I want to take you with me to meet my daughters."

"Meet your family?" she asks cautiously.

"Yes, I want you to meet my family. I want them to meet you. Please think about it. I know this is very new between us, but I have a really good feeling about us." I smile reassuringly.

"I don't have to think about it." She pauses, just long enough for my heart to stop. "I would love to spend Christmas with you and your family."

For hours we lay wrapped in each other's arms. Between making love and dozing we learn as much about each other as we can. Everything I learn makes me want her even more, my feelings for her intensifying with each story, each anecdote. And with these feelings, my confidence grows. I tell her things about myself that I've never told anyone. Knowing that she accepts me for who I am—the socially awkward nerd, the corporate partner, the father and now the boyfriend—is an incredible feeling. And if she's lucky, partner-ward will come out and play...often.

The End


I hope you aren't disappointed with the ending. Anyone who has read my writing knows I don't like to tie everything up in a nice package at the end. I like to leave the possibilities open and let you use your imagination.

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