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Not so distant Futuretake


I see her walk into the building just as I enter the elevator. I hold the door making sure that there is room for Bella in the crowded lift. "Miss Swan," I say, nodding in her direction.

"Mr. Masen." She smiles wickedly. "Did you have a nice weekend?"

"I did. The best." I smile, feeling slightly nervous at my declaration.

"Mine too. Very exciting," she adds with a wink. That wink goes right to my groin, and I swallow hard trying to regain control of my body.

She giggles, giggles, fully knowing what she's doing to me. I groan, closing my eyes. Working with her is going to be harder than I thought...much harder.

Bella requests a meeting with the other partners that morning to discuss the situation with Mike. When she explains to them what happened, both times, and I corroborate her story, the consensus is to fire him. Legal is brought in and the proper papers are documented and filed. Before the end of the day Mike is escorted out by security, a cardboard box of his belongings in hand. We don't witness it, but there is a buzz throughout the company about his vocal protests and then his forlorn look of resignation. He is told to never contact Bella or any other woman from the company or risk being charged with sexual assault. It will be difficult for him to get another job in the area without a good recommendation from us, which pleases me immensely.

Two days, we work together only two days before we break for the holidays. In those two days I don't get much work done. My body is hypersensitive to Bella—her scent, her voice, her movements. I find myself anticipating her every move. I live and breathe for her walks down the hall, even more so than before. I think she's doing it more frequently, just for me. This thought alone has me uncomfortable and hard, behind the large wooden desk most of the day, with the goofiest grin and feeling of satisfaction knowing that swaying ass is going to spend the holidays with me, albeit at my daughter's house.

Looking out of the corner of my eye I can she her fidget uncomfortably; this is new. Confident Bella is nervous. I take her hand in mine and rest them on the center console. Our eyes meet my reassuring smile, resulting in her unsure one.

"They're going to love you," I say, giving her hand a squeeze but keeping my eyes on the road.

"But...I just...damn." She stops and takes a deep breath. "Let me get this straight. Leah lives in the house that she grew up in, the one you shared with Kate for how many years?" Fear and shock lace her words.

"Fifteen, give or take a few. But, Bella, it's been completely remodeled. It doesn't even resemble the house I used to know. I moved out shortly after Kate died. It sat empty for a few years, and when Leah and Sam got married I gave them the house. I don't see it as the same house. So much so that I didn't even think to mention it before now."

"She died there?"

I nod. "In the sunroom, which is no longer a sunroom but is now an outdoor living room with a fireplace. See, not the same at all."

"I wish you would have told me this sooner. I feel so...unprepared." She stares out the car window. Concrete buildings fade away to green tree lined roads as we leave the city behind.

"My girls are so excited to meet you. They aren't thinking about that, the house, or my marriage to Kate. They just want me to be happy. They're good girls. You will see."

"This is big, Edward. Like make or break big. And to find out it's your marriage/family house I'm going to be staying at with you and them. Ughhh," she says with frustration, putting her head back on the seat and closing her eyes.

"It will be fine. Trust me please," I plead, holding her hand more tightly. Her response is a resigned sigh, making me realize I fucked this up and we haven't even gotten there yet. Awkward Edward strikes again.


"Daddy!" a young lady yells, hurling herself at Edward. She has beautiful, long dark hair, fair skin, and when her face turns to me, she has his green eyes. "Bella." She smiles at me, pulling me into a hug almost as fierce as the one she gave her father.

"Um, hi. You must be Leah. Thank you for having me," I say smoothly, my nervousness hopefully not evident.

"I'm so glad you're here. You have no idea how excited we were when dad said he was bringing someone. A special someone." She beams, linking arms with both of us as she leads us into the house. I can faintly hear Edward chuckle nervously as we walk with Leah between us.

"Sam's still at work and Bree isn't here yet, but they are due anytime. Daddy, I'm putting you and Bella in the den."

Edward brings all of our luggage in and gives Leah another hug, their love for each other evident in how they interact. It makes him even more appealing, if that is possible.

"I'll let you two get settled." She winks before turning quickly, closing the door behind her and leaving Edward and I alone.

I look around at the spacious room. It's a library/office/den with dark wood, built in shelves, leather furniture, thick rugs, a fireplace and a large bed. It's warm and comfortable. "When you lived here, what was this room for?" I ask timidly.

He comes up behind me and puts his arms around my waist, resting them on my stomach. "It was smaller. They knocked out some walls and made one big room. Part of it was my old office."

"Did you and Kate, you know, have sex in here?" Something I need to know, because I am not repeating history, his history.

He coughs out a chuckle, the question taking him by surprise. "Um, no, not to be disrespectful to her or anything, but Kate was an in the bed, missionary position type." He turns abruptly to face the book lined wall behind us, like it holds a sudden interest to him.

"Edward, that's nothing to be embarrassed by. Everyone is different. She wasn't very adventuresome."

He shakes his head. "No, I wanted to be, but she didn't. She made me feel like a deviant at times, for wanting...more…different."

"Was she your only?"

He nods. "Yeah. Until you." He turns, bringing me close to him. "You make me adventuresome," he says, burying his face in my hair. He runs his nose along my jaw and kisses that sensitive spot below my ear. I sigh and melt into his touch. I feel his growing erection between us, and I rub against him with want.

"Daddy, they're here," Leah yells from somewhere in the house. He growls with dissatisfaction, resting his forehead on my shoulder. His reaction causes me to giggle.

"Later, baby. We can do more of this later," I say, kissing him soundly on the mouth before I pull away and straighten my hair and clothes.

"You're perfect," he says with reverence.

I smile, his comment causing me to blush. "Let's do this."

Without hiding it, he adjusts his hard on and then his glasses. It brings tingles to my lady bits to see him touch himself. It takes all my strength not to jump him and claim this room. Before we walk out the door to meet his other daughter, he laces his fingers in mine.

"Daddy!" A small, curvier girl leaps into Edward's waiting arms.

He chuckles. "Always so excited to see me." He embraces her in a big bear hug.

"Bree, I want you to meet Bella," he says, untangling from the girl and pulling me into his side.

She greets me with a smile, her expression not quite as open as her older sisters. Instead of a hug, she offers me her hand in a more formal manner.

"Nice to meet you, Bree. Your dad has told me wonderful things about you and your sister."

"He talks highly of you too," she says pleasantly but cooly. "Oh, this is Jane, my roommate," motioning to the tall, slender girl standing off to the side. "Jane, this is my dad, Edward, and Bella."

Our eyes turn to her, but Jane's full focus is solely on Edward; mouth open, eyes wide, she shamelessly takes him in.

"Jane," Bree laughs, rolling her eyes. "Say something."

"Oh, hi, um...Edward is it?" She steps closer to him, a flirtatious smile plastered on her makeup covered face.

"Hi, Jane. I'm glad you could join us," Edward says cordially.

"Hi Jane," I add, although she has yet to look in my direction. When she does, her fake smile fades into another type of smile. I can't quite pinpoint the emotion, but it makes me uncomfortable. When Edward's arm rests on my shoulders and he pulls me into his side, all thoughts of Jane vanish.

Sam joins us just before dinner. He and Leah seem to be very in love. They talk openly about starting a family and even complete each other's sentences a few times during dinner. Edward and Sam talk finances and about the house renovations. Their relationship is comfortable, and you can feel the mutual respect they have for each other. Bree and Jane are...annoying. Well, Bree really isn't annoying unless she's talking with Jane. Otherwise she's articulate and funny. Jane seems to bring out her immature, sorority girl side. His daughters ask me questions about how Edward and I met, about where we work, about me. The don't ask anything too private, but when I offer that I've never been married, they seem surprised.

Jane, who has been rather quiet up until now, wails, "You've never been married? Aren't you like forty?"

I'm taken back by her attitude but answer honestly. I have nothing to hide and am not ashamed of the choices I've made until now. "I'm actually thirty-four, but I've been focusing on my career, which didn't allow me to date much or meet people for that matter. I guess I haven't found the right man yet." All eyes are on me by the time I finish my response. I look to Edward to see his reaction to my statement. His warm smile lets me know he likes my answer.

"God, Jane. That was so rude," Bree exclaims, making Jane shrug with disinterest.

"It's okay, Bree. It's a legitimate question."

The only discomfort throughout the evening is from Jane. She watches Edward like he's something to eat. Leah and I make eye contact over the table, her expression telling me she notices it too. She makes a quiet comment to Sam who then looks between Jane and Edward, and then to me, giving me reassuring smile. Edward is absolutely oblivious to her attention and seems to be only interested in his girls and me. He touches me under the table throughout dinner; either our legs are touching, or his hand is on my knee, or his arm is around me. His touch is comforting, like he's trying to include me even if the conversation doesn't. I love watching Edward like this—calm, attentive, supportive of his children, the obvious patriarch. It makes me wish I could have seen him with the girls when they were babies and young girls.

That thought triggers some kind of pang deep inside me, like my uterus is reacting. I dismiss it as gas or something, because my biological clock is on hold, indefinitely.

After dinner Sam steals Edward to show him some things around the house. The women, except for Jane, help in the kitchen. She feigns needing to make a call, but I know her type, skirting any responsibility. I don't mind actually. I prefer she's not around, and it gives me time alone with Leah and Bree.

"We are so happy that Daddy finally found someone, Bella. He seems to really care about you. We've never seen him like this," Leah offers.

"It's so cute," Bree adds.

"Your dad is something special. I've never met anyone like him."

"How do you feel about him being older with grown kids? I mean, you're closer to my age than his." Leah asks, no accusation in her voice.

"Our age difference doesn't bother me. It's only twelve years. I'm very mature for my age, and Edward, he's just...right."

Both girls smile at my answer.

"What about kids?"

I laugh—children. Do I want children? Do I want children with Edward? Would Edward want to do it all over again? "Our relationship is so new, we haven't discussed things like that yet."

"Just keep making him happy and it will all work out," Leah says, giving me a side hug.

We play some board games after dinner. Edward makes sure I'm next to him, keeping our connection. Jane weasels her way into the spot on his other side. She takes every opportunity to touch Edward, either while passing him the dice or putting her hand on his arm. He stiffens every time. I almost get up and sit between them, but I don't want to cause a scene. Bree is watching her friend closely, and I can tell even she is annoyed by her behavior.

As it nears midnight Edward and I excuse ourselves to go to bed. Everyone else seems to be thinking the same thing. I get ready for bed in the bathroom across from the room we are staying in. It's the only bedroom and bathroom downstairs. Everyone else is upstairs, which I'm very happy about. I don't want either Edward or I to have to be quiet.

When I return to our room Edward is no where to be seen. I straighten my suitcase, and when he has yet to return, I go to look for him. I head towards the kitchen first because Leah's mud pie dessert was to die for. I'm silently willing him to be getting us a piece to share in bed.

I stop just outside the door when I hear her grating voice. "I knew you'd look so much hotter without your glasses." What the hell? I move so I can see them but they can't see me.

"Jane," he says firmly, grabbing her hands which are around his neck. "This is highly inappropriate." He releases her hands at her sides and reaches for his glasses which are sitting on the counter.

"I've been watching you all night. I see someone hot and sexy under this nerdy exterior," she says, motioning to his body.

He steps back from her, shaking his head. "I'm here with Bella. You are being extremely disrespectful to her and me and to Bree."

She takes another step towards him. "No one would have to know. Just a little hot sex between consenting adults."

"No, Jane," he states, partner-ward voice and demeanor in full force. "I am not interested in anything you are offering, now or ever. I will not do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Bella."

"Oh, really? That old woman can't give you what I can," she says, making a move to touch him again.

He side steps her, grabbing the plate of slightly melted dessert he apparently served up while I was in the bathroom. "Don't ever talk about Bella like that," he says angrily. "I am going to go to bed now, with the woman I want, the woman I love. If you can't respect that then maybe you should leave." He turns from her abruptly to exit the kitchen, leaving me no time to flee or hide.

The distress and anger in his expression fades to shock and embarrassment when he sees me just outside the door.

"Bella, I…" he starts.

I shake my head, grab him by the hand and pull him towards our room. I firmly close the door and lock it, checking it twice for good measure. When I turn he's standing in the middle of the room, holding our melted dessert, panic in his eyes.

I take the plate and set it on the desk. "Sit," I say, motioning to the desk chair. He does what I ask quickly. Such a good boy.


She's angry. Did she think I came onto Jane? How much did she hear? Did she hear me say I love her and she's freaking out? I can't tell, so I do what she says, exactly what she says and fast.

She steps between my parted knees and looks at me, her guarded expression softening, her dilated pupils more so. Her hands move slowly to the sides of my face. Unable to move, I watch her anxiously.

"Edward, I like you with your glasses. I like you just the way you are," she states, bringing her face close to mine, her fingers gently rubbing as she talks. "And that quite possibly was the sexiest thing I've ever seen." Her lips touch mine, parting, our tongues gently touch and taste each other.

"Sexy?" I squeak against her lips.

She nods, kneeling in front of me. "Partner-ward makes me wet," she says breathlessly. Her hands trail down my body to the top of my pants. "Partner-ward makes me want to kiss him, lick him, pleasure him." Making quick work of my button and zipper, my cock is released, hardening quicker than it ever has.

"Um, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to make you come...with my mouth," she says, looking up at me with her big doe eyes, hooded and dark.

My only response is a loud swallow and a nod.

Her warm hand on my cock is still such a new feeling, her hands on me anywhere for that matter. Wanting to savor this moment I watch her intently.

"I love your cock, so thick, hard yet soft. I bet you taste amazing." She smiles. Her tongue pokes out and tastes the leaking tip, and her eyes flutter closed with pleasure as do mine. I, however, moan like an injured animal as well. The sensation so foreign but perfect.

"You like that?" she asks, her eyes on mine as she licks the underneath from the base to the tip, her tongue circling the tip. My hands grip the arms of the chair.

"Has anyone ever done this to you?"

I shake my head. "No."

"Is this a fantasy of yours, Edward? To have someone do this to you while you sit at your desk? At work maybe?"

I nod, unable to speak. Her tongue continues to explore my painfully hard cock.

"Tell me," she says, raising her head.

"Um. You. I've fantasized about you doing this, but I never expected it."

"What else?" she asks, her hand moving lightly up and down my cock.

"I want you on my desk. Your legs on my shoulders while I make you come with my tongue." Her grip tightens as I speak. "I want to pound into you while you lay on my desk, your tight little skirt hiked up around your waist, bent over my desk with those fuck-me heels still on."

Just before I finish voicing my desires, her hot mouth envelops my cock. The need to thrust nearly overpowers me. I groan, close my eyes and grip the chair with more force.

She releases me with a pop. "Watch me."

With my eyes on her, she takes me in her mouth again, sucking, licking and bobbing. The pleasure is unbelievable. Noises come from me without thought or censorship. I'm ready to blow quickly, the sight of her seemingly enjoying sucking my cock, the sensations indescribable bringing me to the brink too soon.

"Close," I manage to grunt, wanting to warn her.

She pulls back, leaving me on the edge. Smiling while appraising my cock, a single one of her slender fingers traces the ridge. It's enough to keep me on edge but not push me over. I watch, completely at her mercy, wanting her to end it, but not wanting it to be over. Her other hand cups my constricted balls, rolling them gently in her small hand. I groan from pleasure and frustration.

"You like that?"

I nod, unable to speak.

She continues with light touches until I'm calmed down a bit. How she knows this I have no idea. She takes me in her mouth again, the one hand still cupping my balls and the other firmly at the base of my cock. She starts with light suction and a gentle grip but increases both steadily, and before long I'm babbling incoherently. The feeling of both of her hands on me and her hot little mouth is too much.

"Oh, Bella! Stop," I pant. She stops, looking at me with concern.

"Come here, woman," I demand, helping her up to sit her cute ass on the desk, my cock bobbing between us. I rub her knees, which I'm sure are tired from kneeling. "That was incredible." I kiss her mouth. Tasting myself on her tongue is unfamiliar yet triggers something primal within me. "But I want to have you on this desk." I remove her clothing until she's bare before me, a sight I will never get used to. "You're beautiful."

After carefully clearing the desk—it's not my stuff after all—I lay her down and admire her beauty laid out in front of me. "God Bella. There are so many things I want to do with you, to you."

"Touch me."

And I do, my mouth finding her tight nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling each equally.

Her moans of pleasure spur me to continue, kissing down her toned yet soft feminine body. I kiss each curve and dip. The lower I go on her torso the more she writhes and moans, letting me know she wants more. "What do you want, Bella?" I ask, wanting to hear her say it, hear her desires.

"Make me come, Edward, with your tongue."

The rasp in her voice reveals just how turned on she is. I smile and dive in. I use her cues and what I've seen on porn to bring her to climax, her body pulsing around my fingers as I lap up her tangy sweetness. It tastes better than I thought it would, but maybe that's just Bella. When she shivers and pulls on my hair I remove my mouth from her hot center and raise my head. I'm greeted with her arms beckoning me closer and a satisfied smile from my girl.

Surprisingly, she pulls me in for a kiss, her flavor still on my lips and tongue. Just when I think this woman is perfect she does something even more, better. For the first time I'm with a woman who wants as much as me, who doesn't shy away from sex. And damn if it isn't amazing.

My hard on, which hasn't waned at all while I pleasured her, pokes her in the stomach while we kiss. Her warm hand encircles it and rubs it against the smooth skin of her stomach.

"I need to be inside you." Standing, I pull her legs up against my torso, rubbing from her thighs to her feet. I place one on each shoulder and pull her ass to the edge of the desk. Before I'm even inside her, she's kneading and pinching her own breasts and it's the hottest thing I've ever seen, but then each time I'm with Bella it's hotter than the time before.

I slide into her warmth, causing us both to moan at the sensation. The angle, so tight, like I'm hitting places within her I haven't touched before. It's not long before I'm on edge, our lovemaking too good, too perfect.

Gathering wetness from where we're connected I start rubbing her clit. Her body arcs off the desk at first touch. "Can you come for me, Bella?" I grunt.

She nods. "Just keep doing that."

Within seconds she's quivering around me, pushing me to the point of no return. I release inside her, her body constricting around me intensifying my orgasm.

I collapse on top of her, my head on her chest, both of our bodies damp with sweat. Her hands lazily run through my hair as our breathing returns to normal.

"That," she says, blowing out a breath.

"I know...perfect."

We put the desk back how it was, after Bella disinfects it. I think to myself that we'll be using that desk again while we're here so why bother, but I don't say it out loud.

Once in bed, we take a few minutes to get comfortable, both of us new at this sleeping with someone thing. We settle for me spooning her from behind. One of her hands lays on my thigh, one of mine around her middle.

"My girls love you."

"They're great. I really love seeing you with them. You're a great dad."

"Thanks," I mumble, slightly embarrassed by her assessment.

Bella's breathing evens out, making me think she's asleep. I watch her silhouette for a few minutes before I kiss her hair and rest my head back on the pillow.

"I love you, Bella," I whisper, hoping someday soon I'll have the courage to say it to her when she's conscious.

When I'm almost asleep, her small hand tightens on my thigh. "I love you too, Edward. So much."

I smile, not caring whether she's awake or asleep saying that she loves me. I know in my heart she does, because I could never love someone as much as I love Bella if it wasn't meant to be, fated. No matter how unorthodox our coming together was, I know it's a partnership that will last forever.


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