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I as thirteen when the Dark Lord attended a party hosted, but even as an adult it that night still haunts me.

Neither I or my sister Andromeda cared whether he was attending or not, but our eldest sister Bellatrix she cared a great deal.

Him attending was the only reason Bellatrix had agreed to attended; She been obsessed with him for a while at that point.

If my mother or father knew about her obsession I do not know, but if they did neither of them tried to stop it.

The day of the party Bellatrix spent the entire day getting ready in her, both Andromeda and I tried to speak to her and to get into her room, but she refused to let us in.

Even then at thirteen I knew to fear my eldest sister. She may have only been sixteen then, but Bellatrix knew how to a lot of damage to people; so it only took one refusal to keep me and Andromeda at bay.

When the guests began to arrive and there was no sign of Bellatrix I thought that maybe she had come to senses and gotten over what ever it was that was making her obsess over him.

I was wrong she just wanted everyone gathered there so she could show of how great she looked. She did look great; great enough to gain every man's attention including that of the Dark Lord's.

He was still handsome then at least on the outside, but looking closely I could see a monster in his eyes. A monster

that was looking at my sister as she was his prey and he were a wolf.

That was the scariest thing about him to me; not how much power he had, but the way he stared at my sister.

Bellatrix lapped up his attention and I wanted to scream at her to see the monster within him, but she didn't and by the time she could she was to far gone to care.

That night Bellatrix danced with several boys she danced so close to them, teasing them and trying to see how the Dark Lord would react.

He reacted just the way my sister wanted him to react by asking her to dance; the way their bodies moved together as they danced was as if they had danced a hundred times before and would dance a hundred times again.

When they finished dancing my sister had this strange look on her face as if she had found inner peace for the first time.

That look said it all to me that night; that my sister would only ever be happy by the side of a man who had monster inside his eyes .

My sister danced in the arms of a monster and then she became one.